tagBDSMHitting the Bottom Ch. 08

Hitting the Bottom Ch. 08


Author's note:

Thank you to my co-creator and editor, the ruggedly handsome Brit!

In previous chapters: Dan, a cop, had attempted suicide after assaulting his ex-wife/sub, and ended up at the hospital, where he met Nurse Sandra. Their relationship grew over the weeks following his release until finally they became lovers. Sandra wanted Dan to dominate her, while Dan struggled as he feared it would put Sandra at risk. After talking to his shrink and establishing limits with Sandra, they finally played for the first time - and yes, it was awesome! :)

In this chapter: the road to recovery is full of twists and turns.


Soft caresses over my chest coax me slowly to wakefulness, late on Saturday morning. Sandra is on her side, propped on an elbow, smiling at me.

"Good morning, sleepyhead." Her amused eyes squint as her smile curves up. I yawn and stretch with a deep grunt before settling back and grinning sheepishly up at her. "Good morning, beautiful. Or is it afternoon already?"

Sandra shakes her head apologetically at me. "I'd have loved to let you sleep in, but we have a lunch to go to, remember?"

"Ah. Right." The family lunch. I roll over to sit at the side of the bed, my back to Sandra, trying to hide my unease. "How long do we have?"

I hear her shuffling closer, and in the next moment her warmth surrounds me as she kneels on the bed behind my back, and hugs me close. "They're all going to like you, baby. I promise." She starts pressing small kisses along my shoulders, her hands sneaking under my arms to stroke enticingly down my belly. "Maybe I could show you how much I appreciate you coming with me today..."

Some of the stiffness drains from my neck, flowing southwards to pool at my balls, making my morning wood twitch. I let my head rest back between Sandra's warm breasts, and allow her hands to roam freely. She strokes up and down my torso, moaning appreciatively in my ear as her hands find my full, rigid dick and wrap around it, lightly squeezing and starting a slow, maddening pumping motion. I relax back further, and after several long moments her thumb starts moving, too, stroking sweetly over the glans, smearing the first drop of pre-cum that had seeped from my slit all around the sensitive head.

My cock twitches and jumps inside her firm grasp and she giggles breathily behind me. Ohh... so she thinks she's got me under her thumb, does she...? The said thumb makes its sweet gliding motion again, and I gasp. Another giggle tickles my ear, and I growl in mock warning. She's enjoying her power over me a bit too much, I think.

I grab my pillow and throw it on the floor between my legs, and then turn to issue a quiet order over my shoulder: "get on your knees, babygirl."

I hear the quick catch in her throat at my words, followed by a soft moan as she scrambles around me to settle down on her knees, looking up at me wide-eyed and expectant, her lips parted, her breath quickened. My cock twitches even harder. That's more like it.

"Good girl."

She breathes in deep, soaking up my approval. I smile. I love how her hair is still all messy from sleep, making her look vulnerable, unguarded, and I reach out to tuck it behind her ears. "You're so pretty like that, baby. Now hands down on your knees and ass down on your heels, please; and keep your eyes on me."

She settles in position, breathes in and blows out slowly to calm herself down, and I smile and gently stroke her face. "Beautiful." I say, and let my fingers trace her slightly-open lips, her breath tickling my fingertips. "Now, I want you to get real messy when you suck me. Can you do that, babygirl? Use lots of spit; make it all wet and slippery?"

Sandra smiles and licks her lips provocatively. "Oh yes sir, I sure can!"

She works up some saliva in her mouth and leans forward slowly. At my nod she closes that last inch separating her lips and my cock, and spreads her spit up and down my shaft using her lips and tongue, first one side, then the other, then the underside. My swollen dick rolls over her face, sliding wetly against the soft skin of her cheek. It feels so good I hiss. She smiles wickedly up at me, and wraps the head with soft, wet lips, then lets it glide smoothly along her tongue, sinking deeper and deeper inside. Her pretty blue eyes never leave mine, and I can swear there's still laughter in their corners as she starts moving slowly, sweetly, up and down, swirling her tongue around the head with every out stroke.

The picture before me - this beautiful, curvy blonde, on her knees, worshiping my cock with her mouth, looking up at me in horny submission, with just a hint of sass twinkling in the depths of her baby-blue eyes - it's absolutely perfect. I inhale sharply and let it wash over me, soaking it up. God, this feels right.

Sandra grins at my obvious satisfaction and she reaches one hand up to firmly hold the base of my dick, starting to bob up and down more quickly. I groan with pleasure, but at the same time my fingers tunnel in her hair to fist at her nape and stop her movements. A moment later I tug her back, and my dick pops out of her mouth, which stays open in an adorable, surprised pout.

"Uh-uh. I said hands down, babygirl."

Sandra's startled look changes into a contrite little frown, and she hurriedly lowers her hands back to her knees, bites her lower lips as she peers up at me through her lashes. "Oh! I forgot... forgive me?"

Man, she's got that perfect pout down pat. It makes me want to fuck her senseless, right then and there. With effort I keep my tone calm and controlled, if a little gravely.

"Put them behind your back, babygirl; it would be easier to remember not to use them. Yeah, just like that..." I release my grip on her hair, instead letting my fingertips scrape along her sensitive scalp. Sandra shudders and gasps, goosebumps flaring down her neck and towards the tops of her breasts. I smile. "Now I want you to go deeper, baby. Gag yourself a little on my dick. I wanna see you work harder for it."

She nods, her eyes hazy, as if focused internally, and leans forward to take my dick back into her mouth. With her hands behind her she has to work her core muscles to keep from tumbling over, and her whole body moves back and forth as she blows me. Soon the head of my cock bumps into the back of her mouth with every stroke, making small squelching sounds. And with every almost-gag her mouth floods with drool and her tongue and throat flutter and squeeze against me, delivering unbelievable pleasure to my throbbing, swollen member.

I feel my face contort with pleasure as I fight the urge to throw my head back, determined to keep our eyes locked together. Hers are brimming with involuntary tears from gagging on my dick, and the drool that had pooled around my shaft starts to flow down her chin in twin little streams, dripping onto her sweaty, flushed breasts. And yet she keeps sucking me enthusiastically, taking only the occasional short break for a deeper breath before wrapping my dick with her wet lips once more.

I feel the tingling of approaching orgasm and my hand tightens in her hair to tilt her head back as I stand up above her, my other hand shooting out to the side, to hold onto the wall, and I start fucking slowly, deeply into Sandra's tight throat. Every millimeter of my cock is hugged and squeezed in wet heat, and my pleasure spikes, pulsing and throbbing along with my galloping heartbeat.

My new position above her throws Sandra slightly off-balance and I feel her lean her head heavily into my hand, trusting me to keep her from toppling back, while she submits fully to me, swallowing around me as I fuck her face.

Our eyes are still locked together when I feel my cum rush up my shaft, and then spill deep inside her convulsing throat in hot pulses. Unable to stop myself I finally tear my eyes away from Sandra's, throw my head back and shout my pleasure, almost howling with its intensity. Sandra swallows again and again, milking my cock and sending wild shivers cascading down my back, until I can no longer bear it and I pull back, popping out of her mouth and bending over, trying to catch my breath, while Sandra leans her damp forehead against my hip, breathing hard between small coughs.

I sit heavily back down on the bed and pull Sandra, still kneeling, into my arms. She cuddles close, melting into me, her nose nuzzling the crook of my neck, her quick breaths puffing softly against my sweaty skin. I squeeze her tighter, and then reach down to pick her up under her hips and roll her over me and onto the bed. She squeals and giggles, finding herself flat on her back with me looming over her, smiling and stroking her flushed torso, smearing the pool of mixed drool, sweat, and pre-cum that had gathered there all over her tits. God I'd love to fuck these gorgeous tits. Soon.

"Look at all that dirty mess, babygirl..." I murmur, and her giggles die with a soft gasp, while a deep blush floods her cheeks. My eyes fly up to meet hers and I catch her embarrassment - her humiliation, even - before she can conceal it. Fuck. She told me she didn't do humiliation. Back paddle, now. I let my fingers play in the wet slickness, spreading it further down her soft belly.

"I love you messy and dirty like that, babygirl. Do you have any idea how sexy you look right now?"

She bites her lip and shakes her head slightly. Holding her gaze I glide my hand lower. When it reaches her abdomen and keeps edging lower she hesitates for a moment, and I raise an eyebrow at her, waiting. She swallows hard, and then with a breathy sigh she spreads her legs wide, obeying my unspoken command. So perfect. I let my fingers glide over her folds lightly before sinking easily between them. Her pussy yields sweetly to my touch, coating my fingers with fresh, hot cream.

So my babygirl likes giving head, does she?

"Mmmm... look what I found, baby... I think you made an even bigger mess down here..." I make sure she can see and hear the teasing smile on my face. She blushes bright red, but smiles back at me. Good, I think I can push a little more then. I stroke up and down her slit, partly to keep her hot and bothered, partly because it just feels so damn good. "Tell me what turned you on just now, babygirl. I wanna know which buttons I can push..." I say, just as I start circling the tip of my middle finger lightly around her clit, and she arches her back way up, panting.

"Ohmygod! That's the one! Right there!"

I burst out laughing, and give her pussy a playful swat. "C'mon, babygirl, that's not what I meant and you know it! Now spill. Remember it's in your best interest to let me know exactly what makes you horny..." I bring my hand back to her skin, but not where she really wants it - stroking instead up and down the crease where thigh meets pussy. I can see her inner debate plainly written on her face - she knows I'll only touch her clit if she answers my question, but she's having a hard time saying the words out loud.

I decide to give her a bit more incentive, and slide my fingers down to her entrance, circling the rim, tantalizing but not quite delivering. "So what was it, exactly, that got you creaming yourself so prettily for me, baby? Having my dick in your mouth? Me tugging at your hair? Tell me."

She opens her mouth to start talking, but halts, apparently still struggling. I move my finger a tiny bit higher, inching towards her clit, but not quite there, and rub that sensitive spot just under her urethra in small circles. She gasps and starts panting more quickly. "C'mon, babygirl... talk to me... or I may decide to switch to other types of incentives... maybe you'd like those better?"

Her eyes widen at the idea, and it looks as if she just may take me up on it, but then she shakes her head, swallows hard, and finally admits softly:

"It - it was the way you told me to get down on my knees... the tone of your voice when you said it... it was like you flipped a switch in my head. Everything you did after that - telling me exactly how to kneel, how to suck you, being a little rough with me... it all resonated once I was already in that zone in my mind."

She bites her lip, as if shocked by her own admission, and waits with baited breath for my response. I smile widely, simultaneously bending to kiss her lips lightly, and moving my fingertips up to gently rub her clit.

"Good girl! I'm so proud of you for telling me, babygirl." I murmur into her ear, watching her writhe under my touch. "So, hearing my 'dom voice', my first command, had put you in 'sub zone', and then my telling you what to do and manhandling you, that's what got you all hot and bothered?"

She arches her pelvis up into my fingers. "Yes! Yes! Yessss!!"

I move my fingers away. "Is that 'yes' to my question or 'yes' to my touch?"

She whines in frustration and balls her fists, but she keeps her position - legs spread, arms above her head - and looks me pleadingly. "Please, it's 'yes' to both. Please, please, please don't stop touching me, pleeaasse!"

I glide my fingers lightly along her outer labia a few times just to watch her squirm, but finally go back to focus on her protruding clitoris. Its hood had peeled back to expose the hard, swollen pearl, and I capture it between two fingers and start rubbing side-to-side in short, quick strokes.

"Oh yesss, rightthere rightthere rightthere please don't stop rightthere...!"

My other palm comes down to press on her lower belly, feeling her abs clenching repeatedly under my fingers as she strains up, up, up... -

Her breath hitches and holds for so long her face actually becomes red before she blows it out in a rush of "ohmygod yesss! yyhhhhhesss... ohhhhhh... gaawwwd fffhhhuck yhhessss...", heaving and bucking under my fingers for long, glorious moments. I watch her orgasm, fascinated, and keep stroking her for as long as her body seeks my touch. She's so fucking beautiful when she cums.

Finally the tension in her body relaxes and she flops down to the mattress below, her breaths coming out in soft puffs and a smile curving her lips upwards.

I gentle my touch as her peak passes, and then finally withdraw from her pussy altogether when her pelvis jerks away from my fingers, indicating her sensitivity, moving instead to stroke gently along her torso to help her calm down. She breathes in and sighs deeply, a contented smile on her sweaty face. I grin down at her.

"You're freakin' breathtaking when you cum for me, babygirl." Her smile turns shy, the flush on her cheeks deepening. God. So sweet. I give her another quick kiss before sitting up. "Now I'm ready to face the day - and your family. Time to get up, young lady!"

Sandra giggles breathily, answers with a cheerful "yes, sir!" and rolls over to sit next to me, bumping my shoulder in camaraderie. "C'mon, big guy. Let's start with a shower."




We ring the bell at Sandra's parents' home at exactly 12 noon. I am usually punctual - no doubt the result of my strict upbringing, cemented by years of police service - and today the need to be on time feels almost overwhelming; I don't want to screw up before I even meet them.

Mrs. Matsakis opens the door on the second ring. Her lovely face - an older, plumper version of Sandra's - break into a wide smile when she sees us, and she opens her arms in welcome for her daughter even as her eyes move to check me out from top to bottom, coming back to meet mine over Sandra's shoulder while the two hug tight. To my relief, all I see is open curiosity - and maybe a hint of hope? - in her light blue gaze.

Both women turn to me when they finally break their hug. "Mom, I'd like you to meet my friend, Dan Moreno. Dan, this is my mother, Maria."

My friend. I realize we didn't discuss how she's going to introduce me, and while I can appreciate her wanting to keep it simple with her family, the title doesn't quite sit well with me. But I guess we'll clarify that one later.

I step forward, hand extended. "It's a pleasure meeting you, Mrs. Matsakis. Thank you for having me as your guest today."

Sandra's mom slaps my hand away and instead pulls me in for an affectionate hug, followed by a kiss on each cheek. "Oh, please call me Maria! I'm very happy to meet you, my dear. Any friend of Sandra's is always welcome in my home. Now come in! Everyone is out back already. We decided to enjoy this time outside before it gets unbearably hot. Come after me."


Sandra's father, Theo, is tall and lanky, hunched over a beautifully carved dark-wood walking cane, but his stride is purposeful and his grip is strong when we shake hands. His still-thick hair is a shock of silver waves with a full mustache to match, and his tan face is etched with deep wrinkles, attesting his many years under the harsh Mediterranean sun. He doesn't speak much, only nods and says 'welcome, Dan' upon our introductions, and then nods over, indicating we should go meet the others.

I throw a questioning look at Sandra. "It's okay", she mouths quietly. Walking out onto the back lawn we are instantly surrounded by a swarm of kids in various ages, all of them jumping up and down trying to grab Sandra's attention.

"Auntie Sandra, Auntie Sandra, look at me!"

"Auntie Sandra, check this out!"

"Auntie, who's that man?"

Sandra laughs as she bends down to kiss and hug each one in turn, picking the smallest of them up for a longer cuddle before setting the little girl down on her chubby feet.

"Hello, kiddies. This is my friend Dan. Dan, these are Stefan, Andreas and Ariana - my brother Lucas' kids."

"Hi there fellas. Nice to meet you guys" I say lightly, and step forward to shake their hands. The kids exchange looks, apparently trying to figure out what to make of me, but eventually they reciprocate, each one in turn, looking kind of pleased for being treated like grown-ups.

By the time I stand back up the kids' parents - Lucas and his wife, Chloe, have stepped closer, and so have Sandra's younger sister, Helena, and her husband, Giannis, holding a sleeping baby in his arms. Introductions are made all around, and by the time they're over I feel a bit dizzy trying to keep track of everyone's names and faces.

Sandra senses my unease and steps closer, grabbing my arm and pulling me over towards a shaded corner, where cold drinks and beers are stacked on a small table. 'C'mon, Dan. I'll quiz you on them all later. Now, can I get you a beer?"


I volunteer to mind the barbecue as soon as they get it going, which thankfully gives me a little break from all the small talk. I really am horribly rusty with this whole social niceties business, I think, and resolve to take this afternoon as an opportunity to improve myself. But for the time being I am left to observe Sandra and her family as they all pitch in to set up the long table on the wide back porch under a pale, striped fold-out awning.

They are all so comfortable with each other. As the only child of a small, aristocratic family, it's strangely painful to watch.

Sandra and her siblings and in-laws all laugh and tease each other as they work, following her mom's orders from the kitchen. The kids keep out of the way playing catch in the grass, while Theo sits in one of the lawn recliners, bouncing his now-awake youngest granddaughter on his lap, cooing and tickling her, making her squeal and giggle in delight.

I suck in a shaky breath, feeling an ache spreading around my not-yet-fully healed left ribs, followed by an acute sense of jealousy over the loss of my own family, that had never really been. Annoyed at myself I mumble a curse under my breath. Enough of that, Dan.

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