tagBDSMHitting the Bottom Ch. 10

Hitting the Bottom Ch. 10


Author's note:

Thank you to my co-creator and editor, the Brit.

In previous chapters:

Dan, a cop, had attempted suicide after assaulting his ex-wife/sub, and ended up at the hospital, where he met Nurse Sandra.

Their relationship grew gradually, until finally they became lovers. Dan was reluctant to dominate Sandra, but with his shrink's blessing they did start playing. It was all fun and games, until he forgot the condom in the heat of the moment...

Now Sandra is pregnant, and some big decisions need to be made. Dan wants her to keep the baby, but Sandra isn't sure - so for now, they've agreed to give it more time and thought.

In this chapter: building trust in play - but is it enough?


She wants to play, too.

Her willingness, her need for me, for this, even with that yet-to-be-made decision looming dark in the background, means the world to me. Gratitude and need churn in my belly.. I'm going to make this one so good for her. I'm going to give her a taste of one of her wishlist items; one I told her I won't be able to. But I've thought of a way to make it work...

I've been playing this session in my head on-and-off for weeks; have thought of little else all day today, after I'd purchased my props. Still, I wasn't sure she'd be in the mood for actual play, things being as they were. Now, I cannot wait to start.

"Go run a shower then, babygirl. I have some setting up to do."

Her eyes light up. "Wow... setup? Really?!", she counters cheekily, her smile stretching across her upturned face, and I swear I can feel my heart swell in my chest.

Who knew I'd love her sass so much? I think, but manage to contain my answering grin. This wouldn't be as much fun if I went all squishy-soft on her...

"Are you questioning my instructions, babygirl?" I ask mildly instead.

She gasps, "Oh, no sir!", and I chuckle and turn her by the shoulders so she is perfectly situated for my smarting, open-palm spank on her cotton-clad bottom. Sandra squeals and scurries quickly towards her bedroom; I hear the door to her bathroom open and close, followed by her shower head spray spurting to life.


Grabbing my bag I set out to work in her room, stripping her bed from all its blankets and pillows, folding and piling them all on the dresser instead. Then I move to take out my latest purchase from the bag: several coils of purple, soft cotton rope.

I chuckle at my own choice of color. I know she'd appreciate it, would know I'd chosen it because it was her favorite. Plus, it's going to look sensational against her skin.

Sandra's bed has no posts or bars to secure the ropes to, but that's not a problem - I've got enough rope to work with. Bending low, I tie one length of rope to the top left leg of her bed, then bring it up to lay it over the mattress, pointing towards the center. Moving to the next leg I repeat the process, working my way around the bed so that when I'm done there are four stretches of ropes laid out on her bed, forming an incomplete X-shape.

I then move on to tie a ring knot at the end of each rope, using my own body to estimate the right measures. Working methodically it takes only a couple of minutes to complete the job, and then all that's left to do is place one firm cushion at the very center of the bed and cover it - as well as the ring knots - with a large, fluffy white towel fetched from her closet.

If I play my part right, by the end of tonight this towel would be soaked. I feel my dick twitch inside my jeans at the thought.

Taking a breath to calm myself I look around, then move on to the second part of my preparations. I pick up the pile of pillows and blankets from the dresser and carry it over to the living room, and dump them on the sofa. Next, I clear the two small nightstands on both ends of the bed, stuffing Sandra's book and her cell phone and charger into a drawer. From my bag I take out the half-dozen candles I bought, each filling its thick glass holder almost to the brim, and place them around the room, then finally light them up one by one.

Soon, their light scent drifts and curls as it mixes with the cool breeze coming from the still-open window. I walk over and close it, then draw the curtains shut. The room is thrown into deep shadow, softened by bright circles of light around the flickering candles.

I cannot wait to see her naked in this light.

The shower stops running.

Right. Just on time.

I inhale deeply and then release the air slowly, letting my tension go with it, leaving pure excitement behind. My body feels charged, alive; my muscles ripple with energy. I flex and release my fingers to let some of it go, and when that's not enough I shake my arms, hard. Yeah, that's better. Phew. The door slides open.

Sandra steps out of the shower completely naked, her wet hair brushed back from her flushed face, her smooth skin damp. She takes in the transformed ambiance in her bedroom, scanning the candles burning all around us, though my body blocks her bed from view. Her blue gaze lights up before it meets mine and darkens, her obvious desire mirroring my own. The air between us seems to crackle with expectation.

"Come here, babygirl." My voice is low, thick; she smiles faintly and steps forward as I step back, then stop. She stands right in front of me, hands at her sides, chin up, shoulders back, breathing fast. She's excited. Knowing she needs this, wants this, makes my blood boil in urgency. At the same time, the added weight of responsibility centers me, stabilizes me as it settles low in my belly.

Here we go.

With a brief smile, I lift my hands to trail my fingertips lightly along her arms, and watch the goose-bumps flare on her skin in response. So pretty.

"My beautiful babygirl."

She smiles tentatively. I bend to place a light kiss on her lips.

"Ready to play?"

Sandra nods, and I level my look at her. "Words, babygirl. When in session, use your words to answer my questions."

She nods. "Yes sir. I'm ready to play."

I smile. "So am I." Taking her hand, I draw her over to the side of the bed. "Let's get you settled then. Up on the bed, on your back. Cushion under your hips."

She turns to do as told but then hesitates, biting her lip, and looks from the bed to me with a deep frown on her face. "Um..."

I raise an eyebrow questioningly, and she seems torn with some kind of internal debate, until finally she blurts out: "I - I thought you said rope was a hard limit for you?"

My belly drops a little. Damn. I should have explained. Taking her hands in mine I squeeze them lightly, reassuringly. "It is. Well, it was - but I found a way to make it work."

She raises her chin, still looking unconvinced. "How?"

"I -" I start, then think again. "Here, let me show you."

Turning her around to face the bed, I take out one of the ring knots from under the towel, gesturing for her to take it in her hands. She does, and then looks it over from all directions.

"What - what am I looking at, exactly?" she asks, her tone still guarded. I step closer and take the rope from her hands, pulling hard at the ring on one end of the knot, and the long tail on the other.

"It's called a ring knot. See? It won't tighten on you, no matter how hard you pull. Which means -" I tuck my thumb into my palm and wiggle my hand into it, and grab the rope above the knot. "Which means you get the sensation of being properly tied up, but at the same time -" Tucking again, I squeeze my hand out of the ring. "At the same time you can simply take your hand out if you need to. With your hands being smaller than mine, it would be even smoother."

"Oh, I see..."

Her voice sounds breezy, as if she'd just released her breath after holding it in for too long. I keep the small distance between us, keep watching her as she processes the idea in her head. Then she slips her hand into the ring, holds on to the knot, and pulls hard. That's right, babygirl. Check for yourself. She tugs the rope a few more times, and then slips her hand out, raising her face to me, and I'm thankful to see her smile growing ever wider with each passing heartbeat.

"So, babygirl... would you like for me to tie you up and have my wicked way with you?"

She giggles and nods enthusiastically. "Oh yes, please, I would, very much!"

I laugh, too, feeling my anxiety melt away at her expectant tone. God, I love this woman. I shake my head and take a step closer, cup her face in my hands and kiss her slowly, sweetly.

"Hmm. I'd like that very much, too." I murmur against her soft, pink, pouty lips. After one more quick taste I step back, needing a little space to gather my wits around me. For this to be as good as it can be between us, I have a role to play. I close my eyes and take a moment to regain my equilibrium. When I'm ready, I open them and re-focus on Sandra, who stands naked and expectant in front of me. I'd better not stall too damn long.

"On the bed, then, babygirl. On your back, cushion under your hips."

When she doesn't move immediately, just breathes in and stares at me with a soft smile, I fight my own grin, trying instead for a menacing scowl. "You had a good excuse to hesitate before, babygirl, Not anymore. If there isn't a very good reason for your behavior, young lady, I'd suggest you get your lovely ass on that bed, now."

I swear her choked 'Oh, yes sir!' sounds suspiciously giggly, but then she turns to climb up on the bed, and the sight of her luscious behind wiggling enticingly so close to my face is enough to make me forget anything and everything except the need to bury myself deep inside her.

I clench my fists and strive for composure while Sandra flips over and settles on top of the thick towel. The pillow causes her back to arch slightly and her pelvis to tilt, pushing her plump pussy up high, putting it on display for me. Without being told, she spreads her arms and legs wide and then relaxes into the bed, clearly waiting for me to make the next move.

God, she's perfect.

"Very good, babygirl. That's more like it. Now let's get you nice and tied, shall we?"

She whimpers in response and my dick surges, even as I move to slip her right hand into the first ring knot. I note with satisfaction the fit is just right - loose enough for her to easily release herself, but still tight enough to provide the illusion of helplessness - and move on to her legs, then finally to her left wrist. When I'm done I step back, and the sight before me - Sandra naked and bound, spread-eagled by that purple rope, her hips pushed up invitingly, passion plain as day on her face - makes my heart slam hard in my chest.

I grind my teeth. Focus, Dan.

"How's that feel, baby?" My voice sounds hoarse, but I can't help it.

Sandra tugs at the ropes, and a slow smile spreads on her flushed face. "It feels - gosh! It feels absolutely freakin' amazing. Just - I love it!"

I nod. "I love it too, babygirl. You look incredible like that. Gorgeous."

It's an effort to keep my voice calm, and I'm damned proud with myself for succeeding. Moving closer I lean one knee on the bed next to her torso, and let my fingertips caress her face lightly, moving slow and gentle down her throat, and along the middle of her beautiful, naked torso. Sandra's lips part to allow for her quickened breath, curling upwards as she watches me watching her.

I don't try to hide my desire for her, and she soaks it up, her own eyes darkening, her cheeks colored by matching stains of blush. I can read her mind, right then. 'I'm sexy and I know it' is written all over her face, and I love it, love her for owning up to it, for reveling in her own body.

Absolutely freakin' gorgeous.

I continue the path towards her spread-open pussy but then avoid it, moving down one thigh instead towards her knee instead. She arches up into my touch and then slumps back when she realizes it won't be going where she wants it. I chuckle and repeat the journey up her body, then down again, moving in a slow, hypnotic rhythm. My touch is light, almost ticklish. I know she wants more, and thoroughly enjoy denying her. For now.

"Don't be greedy, babygirl... patience is a virtue."

She whimpers as she realizes my game, and at the same time her face softens into beautiful acceptance. I smile approvingly.

"Now, here are the rules: first, while you can release yourself anytime you choose to, you may not do it - for any reason - other than for your safety. So if you want to be untied not because you feel you are at risk, but for any other reason - discomfort, whatever - you need to ask and wait for me to do that for you, okay?"

"Yes sir." she answers softly.

"Good. Now I'm going to blindfold you in a moment, and although I'm sure you'd be able to remove it even without using your hands, I'd like for you to keep it on, and if need be - ask me to remove it for you."

Her eyes hold mine as she nods solemnly. "Okay."

Holding her gaze I can see her questions and doubts rising. For a moment I consider letting her struggle through them on her own, but then again, I suspect it's too soon. For now, at least, it is my job to help her with them. I stretch out on my side, my body close to hers but not touching, and cup her smooth cheek in my palm as I hold her gaze with mine.

"We need to practice trust, baby." I say quietly. "I need to see you speak up when there's anything wrong, and you need to see me taking care of it - of you - while we have that safety in place in case..." I stop, and am relieved to see her face clear as she nods slowly.

"Yes, sir. I understand." She bites her lower lip, and then rushes forward - "do - do you want me to use any special safewords?"

I consider her question. I know that I'd stop at any sign of distress, regardless of safewords. But I'm happy to practice using those, too. "Sure, let's go with the standard traffic lights - red and yellow. All right?"

"I - yes, please." Her mouth curves slowly upwards as she smiles at me from under her lashes, and then her lips part to allow her tongue a quick lick across them, almost making me forget my line of thought. I resist the distraction, just barely.

"Okay then. Red and yellow. Don't hesitate to use them, either. This is what practice is all about, okay?"

Her grin widens. "Yes, sir!" her eyes crinkle in their corners, and then she bites her lip and looks me up and down, considering me for a heartbeat before catching my gaze with hers. "Um, may I use green, too?"

I tilt my head, but nod. "Yeah, sure. Green is good."

She giggles and then throws her head back and shouts up to the room - "GREEN! Please, please I am so freakin' green right now!"

I burst out laughing even as I roll over to straddle her hips. As I straighten up and loom tall above her bound, spread form, my amusement quickly dissipates, replaced with thick, hard lust. I am still fully dressed with my jeans and T-shirt, only my feet are bare; she is utterly naked below me. I am bigger and stronger and completely in control, and by God, the sense of power is intoxicating. I stay there, keeping my weight on my own knees and my eyes locked with Sandra's, and breathe it in, let it wash over me, into me, fill me up, until I'm steadfast and centered.

Yes... this is what it's all about. I look down at her, and slowly lean over and take her mouth in a slow, hot kiss. She welcomes my lips and my tongue, opens up to me, draws me in, arches up to try and rub her naked chest against my torso... I chuckle and draw back, all the way off her and up to my feet next to the bed.

"Oh no, babygirl... we've only just started. Now, where's that pretty silk scarf of yours..."

I turn to her dresser and find her lingerie drawer, figuring she may keep some other delicates there. Soon I find the long scrap of slippery lavender-colored silk... and under it, a real treasure. With a delighted chuckle, I grab it and turn around, waving the realistically-shaped, bright-purple silicone cock between us.

"Well, well, well... what have we got here?"

Sandra blushes beet-red and bites her lips, but then meets my eyes boldly.

"Ehm, Dan, please meet my very close, loyal and long-time friend, Dylan the Dildo. Dylan, please meet Dan, my Dom. I hope you two will play nice together."

My grin turns feral, exposing my teeth, even while internally I celebrate the title she had so easily chosen for me. "Tsk, tsk, tsk... still sassy, even when tied, spread-eagled and naked? I guess I'll need to do something about that, hmm?"

She breathes in, "Yes, sir", as she takes in the unveiled need in my expression, and her cheekiness melts away, leaving her vulnerable and aroused and expectant before me.

I take my time absorbing the sight of her. I've never seen her so beautiful. The candlelight flickers along her curves, accentuating their supple smoothness. With her hands tied up, her breasts are pushed higher on her chest, the shadows around them forming almost perfect circles while light accentuates their fullness, gleaming over her creamy globes. As my eyes roam her body, her dark-pink areolas tighten under my gaze, pushing her nipples out and up, begging to be touched.

Not yet.

I let my gaze trail lower, watching her midriff ripple with her excitement. Lower still, to her softly rounded belly, the darkened dip of her bellybutton rising and falling rhythmically, hypnotically... I watch it for a few more heartbeats until a gleam of moisture twinkles at me from between her spread thighs, pulling my attention there.

The triangle of blond hair covering her venus hill is almost transparent, and just below it, her perfectly smooth labia are pulled a little open, revealing her inner lips, red-pink and swollen, and her tight opening, already coated with her sweet-smelling girl juice.

My dick, swollen and heavy, tries to push itself out of my jeans, but I ignore it. My need to control Sandra, to play her body and her mind, to take her places she'd never been before - it is far, far greater than my need to just fuck her.

I breathe deep and slow, let that buzz flow through me, bring every cell in my body alive.

Sandra whimpers softly and arches her back, and I look up into her flushed face, and shake my head, softly admonishing her.

"Shh... lie still, babygirl."

She pouts a little, but does as she's told. I smile approvingly and finally move closer to kneel on the bed. I place the dildo on her torso, nestled in the valley between her breasts, and then hold her silk scarf in both my hands.

"Raise your head, babygirl."

She does, and I tie the scarf over her eyes, knotting it loosely under her, not wanting any uncomfortable lump to annoy her.

"There, how's that feel?" I ask when I finish arranging the silk folds over her eyes to make sure she is properly blindfolded.

"Ohh... feels good, sir. Thank you." She says softly, not a trace of sass remaining in her tone.

God, she submits so beautifully. I smile in awed satisfaction, knowing she can't see me. Out loud, I answer - "mmm. Good. Now, you mentioned you hoped I'd include Dylan in our play, didn't you?"

"Uh-huh - oh, yes sir!" She nods enthusiastically and I chuckle as I pick up the heavy, purple toy and start trailing it around her breasts. Sandra responds by arching up, and I withdraw, denying her contact.

"No... lie still, remember?"

"Oh - yes sir." Immediately she relaxes back onto the bed. "Sorry."

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