tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHLA: Hot Lesbian Anal Ch. 02

HLA: Hot Lesbian Anal Ch. 02


Author's note

This story was co-written with another author called Vintage.


Lillian Garcia was very nervous.

She'd been informed by her boss Eric Bischoff that he was unsatisfied with her work as RAW's ring announcer and until further notice she was a backstage interviewer again and her first interviewee was none other than the new WWE women's champion Trish Stratus who had a special announcement to make.

Becoming a backstage interviewer again was a step backwards for Lillian, but the job change didn't bother her even half as much as the thought of interviewing Trish.

Until last night's PPV Lillian would have been happy to interview Trish, who she had previously got on very well with, but after watching Trish sexually dominate and humiliate the Smackdown General Manager Stephanie McMahon the thought of talking to the Canadian blonde bombshell was not a pleasant one.

What if Trish tried to do the same thing to Lillian that she had done to Stephanie?

Lillian had no problems with lesbians or bisexuals or anything like that, it's just that she wasn't one and she didn't want to be made to do any of those things that Stephanie had been forced to do on the PPV. Or at least that's what she kept telling herself over and over, desperately trying to block out how watching those things had made her feel, and how the thought of Trish forcing her to do those things was making her feel that way again.

Forcing herself to concentrate Lillian took a deep breath and knocked on Trish's locker room door, the door which had moaning sounds coming from inside it, very familiar moans, moans which had been echoing from the room when Lillian had passed it earlier and according to the camera guy had been doing so all day.

"Come in." Trish called out over the noise of the moaning.

Opening the door Lillian walked into the room followed by her camera crew and was shocked at what she saw.

There sitting casually on a couch was a fully clothed Trish Stratus with a naked Stephanie McMahon bouncing up and down on her lap. On further examination it was clear to see that Trish was wearing either another strap on or the same one she wore last night and Stephanie was shamelessly impaling herself on it.

"Lillian, great to see you, please, sit down." Trish said, patting the spot next to her on the sofa.

Still staring at Stephanie fucking herself on Trish's strap on Lillian barely heard the other blonde and her words certainly didn't compute.

Stephanie looked like hell, her bouncing boobs were red and swollen, as was her pussy and her skin was covered in thousands of bumps, bruises and various different types of marks which Lillian couldn't identify, and she was panting, puffing and sweating so much the Billion Dollar Princess looked as if she was about to pass out from exhaustion at any moment but still she slammed herself on the dildo.

Even though Lillian Garcia and a camera crew had just walked in Stephanie didn't even try and cover her naked body or make any attempt to stop from bouncing on the strap on cock.

"Just ignore my bitch." Trish said, snapping Lillian out of her trance, "She's not important until the second part of the interview. Till then, just imagine she isn't here."

It was impossible to ignore Trish's bitch, but Lillian did her best, walking over and sitting down next to the WWE women's champion, trying to ignore the look of mindless bliss on Stephanie's face and the sorry state of the Billion Dollar Princess's ass, which looked so red and bruised Lillian could only imagine the type of savage beating Trish had given it, and the even sorrier state of the brunette's ass hole, which looked so damaged Lillian doubted whether it would ever return to normal again.

"I know you must be wondering what my announcement is, right Lillian?" Trish asked, trying to get the interviewer to look at her and not at her bitch's thoroughly torn apart ass hole.

"Erm... yes... would you, would you like to tell us what it is?" Lillian stammered, trying to focus on the interview.

"I'd be glad too. You must be aware that the wrestling world is buzzing about HLA, how amazing it was, and when will it happen again. That's the question everyone seems to be asking. When can our viewers see some more HLA. Well, Eric promised the fans could tune in tonight to find out all about it, but we both agreed it would be best for all concerned if I was the one to tell our fans about it, so that's what's going to happen. So, WWE fans around the world, and any casual viewer interested in perverted lesbian sex, it brings me great pleasure to announce that next week, live here on RAW, you will get to see me defend my women's title in the first ever HLA match." Trish paused and waited for Lillian to ask a question, but it was clear that the interviewer was to stunned to speak so she asked herself the question she wanted Lillian to ask her, "What's a HLA match? I'm glad you asked Lillian. A HLA match is an anything goes contest, which means there is no count outs or DQs, and the only way to win is by pin, submission or anal induced orgasm. Whoever loses the match becomes the winner's bitch for a week. And as for my opponent, she will be someone with arguably the best ass in the history of professional wrestling, Stacy Keibler."

Silence filled the room, and then Lillian finally said, "Stacy? You're going to wrestle Stacy?"

"Yes." Trish confirmed.

"But... but she can't wrestle to save her life. She won't stand a chance." Lillian rightfully pointed out.

"Now Lillian, while it might be true that Stacy doesn't have much in the way of wrestling ability she has all the motivation in the world to win, because if she wins not only does she win the women's title but she gets to avoid getting fucked up the ass on live TV." Trish said, smiling wickedly as the thought of fucking Stacy Keibler up her perfect ass filled her mind, "And if that's not enough to motivate her to victory, well then maybe a little public ass fucking will motivate her to try harder in the future."

"That doesn't sound very fair." Lillian said.

"Believe me Lillian, it's much better than what Eric had originally planned." Trish said, "He was going to just blackmail the other divas into doing HLA with me, threatened to fire them if they didn't go through with it, or something equally as stupid and unnecessary. So I came up with the idea for the HLA match, and every girl on the roster should thank me, because at least this way they get the chance to save their asses."

"So the other divas are going to be involved in this?" Lillian asked.

"Oh yes, one by one me and Eric are going to make sure each and every diva is going to be involved in HLA, and even though I've pointed out they all have a fair chance of winning, this is the part of the interview where I send a message to them and that message is that this women's title is mine, and it's going to stay that way, which means soon all your asses will be mine, starting with your ass Stacy." Trish turned from talking to Lillian, to talking directly into the camera, "I've got a confession Stace. The truth is I've fantasized about your ass since the moment I saw it, fantasized about groping it, spanking it, of sliding a nice big strap on up that tight ass of yours and tearing it apart. I've fantasized about taking your ass and making you my bitch for a long time now Stacy, and next week live here on RAW, those fantasies are going to become a reality. And if you don't believe me, if you don't believe that next week I'm going to fuck you up the ass and make you my bitch, well, then take a good long look at what I did to the high and mighty Stephanie McMahon."

Trish turned her head and faked a disgusted look as the camera followed her gaze to fall upon Stephanie who was still happily impaling her ass hole on the blonde Canadian's strap on, not even showing the slightest hint of slowing down even though all focus was now suddenly on her.

"Stephanie, get off my dick and spread your ass for the camera so Stacy can see what I've done to you." Trish commanded.

With out a moment's hesitation Stephanie stood up, the dildo being pulled out of her poop shoot with a soft 'popping' sound, before turning her back to the camera, bending over, reaching back and spreading her ass cheeks right in front of the camera, showing the whole world what Trish had done to her and her ass hole. Not that Stephanie's ass hole looked much like an ass hole right now, it looked more like a gaping crater where an ass hole should be, the audience getting to see deep into Stephanie's bowels as the broken brunette obediently spread her ass for the camera.

Going on his instincts the cameraman slowly zooms in on Stephanie's horribly misused ass hole until it was the only thing on screen.

After a few seconds of focusing on the shot the director yelled, "Cut."

"No. We're not done here." Trish said.

The camera crew looked at the director for guidance. The director nodded and they kept filming.

"Stephanie, get on your knees and suck my cock." Trish commanded.

Without even the slightest hesitation Stephanie spun around, dropped to her knees and swallowed almost all of the monster strapped around Trish's waist in one go.

Having fellated Trish's strap on countless times over the last 24 hours Stephanie had become an expert at taking the beast of a dildo in her throat. Not only could Stephanie now take the giant dong in her throat with little or no pain, she had grown to love every trick there was to possibly know when it came to giving head.

After pushing her mouth further down on Trish's dildo so all of it was buried in her throat Stephanie waited a few glorious minutes so she could savour the feeling of Trish inside her mouth, before she began lovingly sucking on the massive intruder, making sure to drool heavily all over it to get it nice and wet for its inevitable re-penetrating of her butt hole and making sure she got every drop of delicious ass juice off the dick.

Over the course of the last 24 hours Stephanie had grown to love the taste of her own ass and rejoiced in being able to suck her own ass juice from Trish's strap on, the nastiness of the act only adding to her desire to please Trish by sucking her strap on as hard as she could.

When her gag reflex finally kicked in and she began to choke on the dildo within her throat Stephanie stayed there for as long as she could before coming up for air, barely pausing before she began licking the shaft up and down, making sure to give the fake balls a few good licks and the occasional suck before taking that strap on right back into her mouth and begin savagely fucking her own throat on the monster dick.

Trish watched in amusement as Stephanie shamelessly sucked her strap on in front of Lillian and the camera crew, the once proud Billion Dollar Princess happily debasing herself for Trish's pleasure.

Thinking back to what Stephanie used to be, and then comparing it to the pathetic looking woman worshipping her cock it was pretty clear to Trish that after a night of nearly endless spanking, ass licking and butt fucking she had completely and utterly broken the former 'dominant female' and turned her into her bitch. But it wasn't enough for Trish to just know it. She wanted everyone to know it. She wanted everyone to know that beyond a shadow of a doubt Stephanie McMahon was now her bitch, and she knew just how she was going to prove it.

"Take your mouth off my cock and look at me bitch." Trish commanded.

Slowly removing Trish's dildo from her throat Stephanie looked up obediently into the women's champion's eyes.

"The 24 hours is up, which means you're free to go if you want, but if you do you will never know the joy of my dick inside your ass hole again." Trish told the brunette, "You will never again be allowed to clean out my ass hole with your tongue, never again be allowed the privilege of kissing my ass, or feet, or any other part of my body. However, if you choose to stay there will be no going back. No second thoughts. No changing your mind. You will be my bitch forever."

There was a moments pause as if Stephanie couldn't believe what Trish was saying, and then she began to break down.

"Oh God, please Mistress Trish, don't make me go, I don't want to go, I want to stay with you forever." Stephanie wept, tears running down her cheek at the very thought of no longer being Trish's bitch, "I don't want to go, I want to stay with you and be your bitch forever. I'm your bitch Mistress Trish, and I never want to be denied the pleasure of cleaning your beautiful ass hole with my worthless tongue. I can't bear the thought of not being allowed the privilege of kissing your ass and feet. I want to worship you with my unworthy mouth and tongue forever. And I'd rather die than live a single day without knowing the joy of your dick inside my ass hole. Please Mistress Trish, let me stay with you and be your bitch forever. I want to be your bitch forever!"

Trish smiled at Stephanie's submission and leant forward.

Thinking Trish was about to kiss her Stephanie smiled back through tear stained eyes and also leant forward. The brunette got a nasty surprise when Trish grabbed her by the hair, pulled it back so that Stephanie was forced to look upwards as Trish leaned over her menacingly.

"Are you sure Steph? Because after this there is no going back. You will be nothing but owned property for the rest of your life and I will own you completely. I'll own these big titties of yours and play with them every single day, just like I promised." Trish said, taking Stephanie's boobs into her hands and playing with them, "And I'll use that pretty mouth of yours however I see fit too. And your tongue. And your pussy, if I ever decide it's worth using. And of course, that ass. It will be completely owned by me. I'll own your ass hole bitch, is that really what you want?"

There was a moment's pause, allowing the camera which was focused on them to get an even closer shot of Stephanie staring lovingly into Trish's eyes.

"Yes, that's what I want, that's all I want." Stephanie said submissively, "All I want is to be your bitch Trish. I want you to own me, own my body, own my tits, own my pussy, own my ass hole, I want you to own me completely."

There was another pause, and then Trish smiled, leant forward and captured Stephanie's lips with her own.

Stephanie parted her lips and welcomed Trish's tongue into her mouth, her owner's tongue bullying hers into submission with ease, conquering her mouth and ruling it with an iron fist.

The kiss was almost savage, one woman practically abusing the other's mouth with her own, the camera catching every moment of the passionate embrace.

Pulling away panting Trish ordered, "Open your mouth and keep it that way."

Stephanie obeyed and then Trish spat into her mouth repeatedly, intentionally missing a few times so she could spit into Stephanie's face before leaning back on the couch.

"You want to be my bitch Stephanie, prove it by kissing my feet." Trish said.

Diving for Trish's feet Stephanie covered them in kisses, moving back and forth, from one to the other, slobbering all over them, shamelessly worshipping Trish's feet as the precious things they were to her.

"I said kiss my feet, not my shoes you dumb bitch." Trish spat, gently using her feet to push Stephanie's face away.

"I'm sorry Mistress." Stephanie muttered as she quickly took off Trish's shoes and began kissing the blonde's bare feet.

"You should be." Trish said, before turning to the cameraman, "Get a nice close up of my bitch, the mighty Stephanie McMahon, helping me show Stacy exactly where she's going to end up next week, grovelling at my feet."

Obeying Trish's instructions the cameraman slowly zoomed in on Stephanie kissing the feet of the woman who had broken her.

Trish waited a few moments after the cameraman had the best close-up view of Stephanie kissing her feet possible before she yelled, "Cut."

The cameraman glanced at the director who nodded his head.

Seeing the red light go off meaning that the camera was no longer running Trish said, "Ok, everybody out. I want some alone time with my bitch."

The cameraman and sound guy grumbled, as no doubt a whole lot of the viewing audience had done when Trish had yelled 'cut', but did as they were told, packing up their equipment as quickly as possible and leaving via the door.

"You too Lillian." Trish told the interviewer once everyone else had left, "I have some things to discuss with Stephanie which are for her ears only, and since she's been such a good little bitch and accepted her place as my bitch she's going to get a special treat which is just for her. But if you wanna swing by my hotel room tonight I'll be happy to let you watch me own Stephanie's ass as long as you want, and if you're a really good girl I might just let you know the joy of having this dick inside your ass hole too."

Lillian had been shocked into such a vegetable state watching Stephanie shamelessly debasing herself for Trish she hadn't even registered that everyone else had left. Trish directly talking to her had woken her up from that state, but she was sent right back to it by the idea of taking that monster in her tiny ass hole.

There was another pause and then Trish frowned.

"Seriously Lillian, go." Trish said, sounding a little annoyed, "Look, I promise to fuck you up the ass later, but for now I want a little HLA with Stephanie, ok?"

There was another pause, and then Lillian quickly got up and left, slamming the door shut behind her, getting out before Trish changed her mind and forced her into anal sex, and trying to pretend like that idea didn't make her practically cream herself on the spot.

Trish chuckled to herself as she watched Lillian run for the safety of her anal virginity, her eyes falling onto Lillian's retreating rear as she thought about how much fun she was going to have when she got round to popping Lillian's anal cherry, before getting up and locking the door behind the interviewer. She then turned to were her bitch was still kneeling on the floor.

"Lie on your back on the couch with your legs hanging over the edge." Trish commanded, as she advanced on Stephanie, who quickly obeyed her commands, "Good girl, now pull your legs up to your chest and keep them there."

Stephanie obeyed Trish again, as the women's champion knelt on the floor in front of her and pressed the tip of her strap on to her thoroughly battered back door.

"Tell me again what you are Stephanie." Trish ordered.

"Your bitch. I'm your bitch. I'm Trish Stratus's bitch." Stephanie said proudly, before groaning happily as her ass hole was forced open again, Trish sliding inside her bowels with ease.

After 24 hours of almost non-stop butt fucking Stephanie's pooper had been stretched out to the point were the Billion Dollar Princess didn't see how her ass hole would ever be tight again, but that didn't matter to her. All that mattered was she was getting to please her wonderful Mistress Trish Stratus with her unworthy ass hole, and from the smile on Trish's face as she slowly slid all the way inside her rectum Stephanie could tell her unworthy ass hole had once again pleased her Mistress, which made her heart flutter with joy.

Trish grinned in triumph as the fake balls of her strap on smacked against Stephanie's ass cheeks, confirming she had once again buried the entire length of her dildo up the Billion Dollar Princess's Billion Dollar butt.

As she grasped Stephanie's hips in preparation to pound her bitch's pooper yet again Trish's grin faded as Stephanie let go of her knees and began to lower her legs.

"No, keep your legs up against your chest while I butt fuck you Steph." Trish said.

In a flash Stephanie's legs were pressed so firmly against her chest they were practically crushing her boobs.

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