HLA: Hot Lesbian Anal Ch. 02


Breaking the kiss and releasing Stephanie's tits, Trish sits upright and starts to slowly pull out of Stephanie's ass. Stephanie begins to groan at the thought of the dildo being removed from her ass, but her groaning turns to moaning again once Trish shoves her dildo all the way back into Stephanie. Trish removes an inch of the dildo from Stephanie's ass and pauses for a minute, looking at the beautiful art she has created with her strap on and Stephanie's ass hole stretching out. Almost in a trance, Trish's mouth waters at the sight she has created, and her mouth is not the only thing getting moist either. Soon Trish pulls out 2 more inches, before pushing back in 3, stuffing Stephanie's ass once more. Trish continues her slow and steady pace, torturing Stephanie.

"Enjoying yourself bitch?" Trish asks playfully.

"Mmmmm, Mistress..." Stephanie moaned, trying to find the right word to please her Mistress.

"You want it rough Stephanie? Does my bitch want me to tear her ass hole into shreds and turn it into a gaping crater?"

Stephanie nods her head yes frantically.

"Then tell me Stephanie, why should you deserve such a privilege of a hard ass fucking from your Mistress?"

"I don't, I don't deserve anything unless you say so!" Stephanie screams out.

Trish is surprised by her answer, "That's right you little bitch! You get whatever I want to give you, and right now, I want to give you an ass fucking you'll never forget!"

With that, Trish pulls Stephanie's legs towards her and puts them over her shoulders. Stephanie continues to spread open her ass hole for Trish and her strap on as Trish slowly but surely increases the pace of the butt sex. Her hips start to move faster, as she clutches onto Stephanie's legs, pulling her in more, as inch by inch of her strap on pushes in and out of Stephanie's ass.

Stephanie moans like the anal whore Trish has turned her into as her Mistress began tearing into her ass hole like she was trying to rip it in two, not that Stephanie cared. Trish could tear Stephanie's butt hole apart and ruin her rectum forever and she would still worship her like a goddess. No part of 'the dominant female of the WWE' was still inside Stephanie, all that was left was a whimpering little bitch who was eager to please her owner with her ass hole. The advantage for Stephanie of course was that every bowel destroying thrust felt like pure heaven to her, her ass hole on fire with pure pleasure that was sending her to cloud nine.

As Stephanie looked up at the woman she now worshipped she was even more amazed about how confident and dominant Trish looked fucking her up the ass in this position.

Trish's hands had slid down Stephanie's legs to her hips which she now held in a powerful grip which let Stephanie know who's in charge, as if a 12 inch monster of a dildo plowing through her pooper wasn't enough to remind her of that. Stephanie's legs were resting firmly against Trish's shoulders, the blonde women's champion looking down at the Billion Dollar Princess with a smile of justified superiority as she sodomised her bitch.

For a submissive slut like Stephanie this was heaven, her goddess of a Mistress dominating her so completely with a nice, rough butt fucking.

Stephanie didn't think things could get better, but little did she know they were about too.

Without a word of warning Trish grabbed Stephanie's hands, which had been spreading her butt cheeks this whole time, and pulled them away from her ass. In almost the same instant Trish leant forward so she was face-to-face with her bitch, Stephanie's legs getting carried by Trish's shoulders to the point where they were being pushed over Stephanie's head. The second after that Stephanie's hands were forced down either side of her head, Trish now folding her body in half while towering over her with her 12 inch strap on still buried in the deepest part of her bowels.

Grinning down at her bitch with a look of complete power and dominance Trish began to savagely slam fuck Stephanie's shit hole with the intent of either making her slave cum or ruining her ass once and for all and Trish honestly didn't care which of these two things happened she just wanted to pound some ass.

And pounding ass is exactly what Trish did.

Trish pounded Stephanie's ass so hard and viciously any professional porn star would have been proud. Hell, any professional porn star would have been jealous.

The WWE women's champion watched the look of blissful submission on Stephanie's face as she brutalised her bitch's butt hole, the Smackdown general manager staring up at her with worshipping eyes. Those eyes didn't change even when Trish spat into her face and slapped her around, Stephanie's face becoming almost as red as her ass from all the blows she was taking on it but the bitch clearly didn't care, Trish had done to good a job of breaking her, not that Trish was in anyway upset about that. The blonde Canadian revelled in her conquest of the Billion Dollar Princess and was already looking forward to conquering the other WWE divas as well.

Trish's mind briefly wondered to her fellow divas, how well rounded Torrie Wilson's magnificent tits were, how plump and pump-able Molly Holly's cushy tushy was and how wonderfully tight and firm looking Stacy Keibler's perfect ass was, and all the wicked things she'd like to do to those girls before she was awoken from her imagination by a deafening scream as Stephanie came.

Focusing on her bitch it was obvious to Trish that the brutal butt fucking had made the once mighty Stephanie McMahon cum in many multiple orgasms from all her screaming and writhing but Trish didn't really care. She wasn't ass fucking Stephanie for the Billion Dollar Princess's pleasure, she was ass fucking Stephanie for her own pleasure, and until she got off this pooper pounding was far from over.

And so Trish butt fucked Stephanie through orgasm after orgasm, the whole while concentrating on her own pleasure which she was receiving from her clit stimulator and of course the dominating feelings of fucking another woman up the ass.

When she really started to focus it didn't take long for Trish to reach the peak of an orgasm but right at the last second she thought of something. Whenever she came fucking a girl with her strap on Trish like to use the squirting mechanism in her dildo to fill that bitch with her cum which was stored in the toy's fake balls. Over the course of the last 24 hours Trish had lost count of the number of times she had filled Stephanie's rectum with her sticky goo, and while she took great pride in the fact that Stephanie will probably spend the rest of her life shiting out her cum, and if Trish had anything to do with it that was exactly what was going to happen, the fact remains she had squirted her cum up Stephanie's ass five times already since arriving at the arena and looking at Stephanie's beautiful face Trish could already think of a new home for her cum which was just as good as Stephanie's bowels.

Moving quickly Trish pulled her dildo from the gaping canyon which used to be Stephanie's ass hole, shoved Stephanie's legs from her shoulders, grabbed Stephanie by her hair and stood up, shoving her bitch's face towards her crotch as she did so.

Instinctively Stephanie opened her mouth in preparation for a throat fucking but instead Trish began viciously slapping her face with the fake cock almost hard enough to leave bruises before beginning to rub the shaft all over her face, covering it in her own ass juice and then swapping in between slapping Stephanie with the dick and rubbing her dildo all over her bitch's face.

The plan was for Trish to masturbate herself while doing this to get off but as she continued to abuse her bitch another thought came to her and she decided to go with it.

Reaching down Trish grabbed two handfuls of Stephanie's luscious tits and squeeze them together before pushing her dildo in between them and beginning to titty fuck the Billion Dollar Princess.

Immediately getting into it Stephanie stuck out her chest, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue so the tip of the dick was pointed directly down her gullet.

Daddy's little girl has obviously done this before, Trish thought to herself with a wicked smile as she fucked Stephanie's tits just as hard as she had fucked her ass.

Just then Stephanie looked up at Trish with a look of pure submission and want, a look that told the women's champion that Stephanie wanted her to 'cum in her face' which completely send Trish over the edge. Trish came with a loud scream, her body shaking as she grabbed the fake balls of her strap on and squeezed them tightly, the first squirt of her cum firing directly into Stephanie's mouth and down her throat.

Pulling away from Stephanie's tits Trish painted the Billion Dollar Princess's Billion Dollar face with her cum, covering her cheeks, forehead, nose, chin and of course into her cum hungry mouth. In addition Trish saved some of her cum for Stephanie's tits, so when she was done giving Stephanie a facial the women's champion covered those Billion Dollar puppies in her girl cream.

"You're tits look really good covered in my cum bitch." Trish said, reaching down and rubbing her cum deep into Stephanie's boobs.

"Thank you Mistress." Stephanie said as she lifted her chest upwards to give Trish better access to her tits.

"And you're face looks really good covered in my cum too." Trish said, smacking Stephanie in the face with her strap on before thrusting it against her bitch's lips.

"Thank you Mistress." Stephanie said again before swallowing the head of Trish's shaft and quickly sliding it down her gullet so she could begin bobbing her head on it like a good little cock sucking bitch.

Trish smiled widely as she watched Stephanie suck her strap on, proud of herself for reducing the Billion Dollar Princess to her cock sucking bitch.

Reaching down Trish began to stroke her bitch's head as she bobbed on the dildo, the blonde thinking to herself she'd quite like to feel those lips someplace else other than her strap on.

"You know Stephanie, I meant what I said before." Trish said as her grip on the back of Stephanie's head tightened and she began forcing her bitch to deep throat the dildo at the base every time, "Your mouth is going to be even busier than your ass hole, and I'm going to be using your ass hole a lot, and now I think it's time that mouth of yours learned to pleasure me in other ways. Besides, you've been such a good little bitch today, letting me fuck you up the ass, taking my cum in your face and on your tits, admitting to the world that you're my bitch, I think you deserve a reward."

With that Trish slowly stripped off her top and bra, revealing her tits to Stephanie for the first time.

The Billion Dollar Princess stared up lustfully at the large bust of her Mistress from her place kneeling on the floor sucking on Trish's strap on. Stephanie's mouth watered from the thought of getting those huge things in her mouth, and her mouth continued to water when Trish stood back, pulling the strap on out of Stephanie's mouth, and taking it off, leaving herself naked before her bitch.

Sitting down on the couch Trish beckoned Stephanie forward who obediently crawled over and allowed herself to be guided to Trish is right breast, the broken Billion Dollar Princess eagerly taking Trish's nipple into her mouth and beginning to greedily suck on it.

Trish moaned and pushed Stephanie's face deep into her chest as possible, enjoying the feeling of her bitch sucking hard on her right nipple for a few nice long moments before guiding her slut to her left nipple, Stephanie eagerly giving it the same treatment as she did the right which got another moan out of the women's champion.

The blonde continued to moan as she guided the brunette back and forth in between her nipples, Stephanie stimulating those hard buds to the point where it was almost painful.

At one point Stephanie lifted her hands up to try and caress Trish's huge rack as she sucked on her owner's nipples but the blonde quickly smacked her hand away.

Trish ended up doing what Stephanie had been planning herself, but the important part of it was she was in control of it and Stephanie wasn't even getting the slightest bit of control. As an added bonus Trish got to use one hand to push her breast into Stephanie's mouth as she pushed her bitch's face deeper into her cleavage, practically choking her broken rival with her boobs.

As she suffocated the former powerful and dignified Stephanie McMahon with her huge almost watermelon size chest Trish began further debasing her new bitch by verbally humiliating her, rubbing her conquest of her in her face as she rubbed her face in her tits.

"Mmmmm, that's it Stephanie, suck on my big titties! Suck them as hard as you can! That's it tittie sucker, show me what you can do! Remember to use your tongue too! That's it, swirl your tongue around my nipple! Mmmmm, that feels good! Remember to use your tongue in a second when you're eating my pussy too. Oh yes Stephanie, I'm going to turn you into my pussy eater, my rug muncher, my carpet cleaner, my cunt licker, my lesbian whore! You're my bitch now Stephanie, and you'll be using that mouth on whatever I want and that includes my pussy, so in a second you're going to get your first taste of pussy! Are you excited? Are you excited to become my pussy eater? Are you excited to get your first taste of another woman's pussy you little dyke? I bet you are. I bet you can't wait for your first taste of pussy. And for that matter, why wait?"

With that Trish forced Stephanie's mouth from her tits and began pushing her bitch firmly downwards towards her pussy. Less than two seconds later Stephanie was face to face with her owner's pussy and Trish was shoving her bitch down to her horny cunt. She was about to order Stephanie to eat her pussy but before she could utter a word her bitch's mouth glued itself to her cunt, Stephanie hungrily sucking at Trish's pussy.

"Oh fuck yes, just like that, suck me Stephanie, suck on my pussy, that feels so good!" Trish moaned, digging her nails deeply into Stephanie's scalp, "More! Harder! Suck that pussy. Suck that pussy you pussy sucking whore! That's what you are now Stephanie, my pussy sucking whore! My pussy eating bitch! Eat my pussy you little bitch! Now use your tongue. Lick my pussy. Become my pussy licking bitch. Oh yes!"

Trish let out an extra loud moan as Stephanie slid her tongue up and down her pussy lips, the whole time never removing her mouth from her cunt.

Honestly Stephanie never wanted to remove her mouth from Trish's cunt.

It just tasted so good, so much better than she thought it would taste. The old Stephanie would have never done this, never experienced the joys of pussy eating. Stephanie had always thought it would taste horrible but it didn't. She loved it.

And not only was Stephanie getting to enjoy this wonderful taste but she was able to please her Mistress with her unworthy mouth, and she knew she was pleasing her Mistress because of the moans from Trish's mouth. Hearing those moans warmed Stephanie's submissive heart and encouraged her to lick and suck harder and faster, desperately wanting to give as much pleasure as possible to the woman who had broken her and introduced her to the joys of submission.

Stephanie was so grateful to her Mistress for breaking her and making her a pussy eating bitch, her pussy eating bitch.

As Stephanie once again rejoiced that her Mistress had broken her and turned her into her bitch Trish was doing the exact same thing, revelling in her victory over the Billion Dollar Princess.

Trish didn't think she could ever get tired of congratulating herself for turning the once high and mighty Stephanie McMahon into her submissive little slut, Stephanie happily proving Trish's point by pressing her face as deep into the blonde's pussy as possible, the brunette slurping away like the little cunt craving dyke Trish had turned her into.

However, a surprisingly well as Stephanie was at sucking her pussy Trish's new bitch wasn't doing a very good job of licking her out.

Stephanie's tongue only occasionally slid across her pussy lips and never inside her needy hole.

Trish wanted to get that tongue inside her so her new pet could worship the inside of her cunt in the same way she was worshipping the outside of it.

Luckily there was an easy way to get that tongue in her cunt.

"Get your tongue inside my cunt you stupid bitch!" Trish demanded, shoving Stephanie's face deeper into her pussy and then moaned loudly as her bitch did as she was told, "Oh fuck yes, that's it, shoved that tongue deep into my pussy! Deeper bitch! Mmmmm, that's it, bury your tongue in my cunt! Now fuck it! Fuck my cunt with your worthless whore tongue! That's it, harder, faster, shove that tongue in and out of me as hard as you can! Twirl your tongue inside me bitch, make me feel good. Oh yes, twirl that tongue as you fuck me with it! Don't forget to suck me either! Suck my pussy and swallow my juices like the little lesbian whore I turned you into! Yes, that's it, lick me, suck me, eat me, fuck me you fucking bitch!"

Stephanie used every ounce of her strength to obey Trish's commands in a desperate attempt to please her Mistress.

Nothing in the world mattered more to Stephanie than bringing pleasure to the woman who had enslaved her, her heart, mind, body and soul devoted to her beautiful Mistress, every fibre of Stephanie's being aching to bring this superior woman to climax.

The once proud Billion Dollar Princess pressed her face as deep into Trish's cunt as possible as she jack-hammered her tongue in and out of her pussy, swirling it around inside her, desperately trying to find the most sensitive spots inside the blonde's love channel and attacking them relentlessly with her tongue. The only time she paused doing this was when Stephanie was hungrily slurping Trish's juices down her throat, her mouth savagely sucking at the blonde's pussy lips in an attempt to bring her Mistress as much pleasure as possible.

Eventually Trish began to thrust her hips into Stephanie's mouth but rather than be put off by it the Billion Dollar Princess welcomed it. And why wouldn't she? This was her Mistress Trish Stratus showing her who's boss once again by fucking her face for her pleasure. Stephanie's Mistress Trish was using her for her pleasure and Stephanie couldn't be happier.

All that mattered to Stephanie was pleasing Trish. Everything else, even her own breath was secondary.

So Stephanie quickly adjusted the strokes of her tongue to match Trish's thrusts so she could get her tongue even deeper into the blonde's pussy.

This cause Trish to moan louder than ever before and dig her fingernails so deep into Stephanie's skull she probably wasn't that far away from drawing blood, which made Stephanie so happy.

Despite the pain she was feeling and the physical and verbal abuse she was suffering Stephanie was happy, because she was fulfilling her purpose in life, she was doing the only thing she was good for, she was pleasing her Mistress.

Stephanie was right, she was pleasing her Mistress, she was pleasing her very, very much.

Trish could have probably just got off on the sight before her, that of the once stuck up and proud Stephanie McMahon on her knees before her, desperately licking and sucking her pussy as she used her face as a fuck pad, slamming her hips against Stephanie's face over and over again.

The blonde could have also probably gotten off just from the feeling of power she now felt over Stephanie, of knowing that she had taken this stuck up rich bitch who had caused her so much physical and mental pain and completely broken her.

Of course despite the phenomenal amount of mental pleasure that Trish was receiving it was dwarfed by the feeling of Stephanie's mouth worshipping her cunt.

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