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HM 4000


No fucking way! I thought to myself as I received the video transmission from Earth. The news was bad for me, worse than I would have even feared.

“But the transport has already made orbit around this planet,” I told the mission controller back on Earth over the video feed. “Surely there has been some kind of mistake made here,” I pleaded.

“Negative. No mistake Delta Base Ten. You are not to be recalled to Earth,” with the confirmation of my worst fears my heart sank. I felt vaguely nauseated. “Sorry Delta Base Ten,” the mission controller back home added with a hint of empathy in his voice.

I sank back in my chair and lost all interest in the video screen before me. I looked out the window at the bright lights of the mining camp outside. The high wind gusts of the planet blew a crumpled sheet of paper mournfully down a side street and my gaze caught on this, followed it until it had blown out of view behind one of the power plants.

“Management wants you to understand that you will receive the standard time and a half pay for this over extension of your contract. We also want to offer you our thanks for your loyalty and continued service to the corporation,” the mission controller was saying over the video feed and I just caught about half of it.

“You and the rest of management can go fuck yourselves,” I told him. “In case you didn’t know already I am not offering you loyal and continued service. I’m not even doing it for the over time pay. I’m trapped on this godforsaken planet. I’ve been trying to get off for the last year and a half now, and you pricks keep delaying me. I’m beginning to think you’re never going to take me back to Earth.”

“I know how you must feel Delta Base Ten…” the mission controller started but I cut him off.

“The fuck you do!” I shouted. “I’m all alone up here. I’ve been here for two years my man. That wasn’t in the contract. I was coming up here to stay for six months. Remember that?”

“We’re just asking for another six months Delta Base Ten…”

“Or what’ll you do to me if I decide I don’t want to work out the contract anymore? Send the police by to arrest me? I don’t think so, considering there are no police on this planet… There isn’t one living thing on this planet other than me. I am the law here.”

“We’re sending you a Help Mate. It’s on the transport that you picked up coming into orbit. The help mate will assist you from now on in all phases of daily life. It’s the new 4000 model, equipped with all the extras. We haven’t let you down on this one. Trust me Delta Base Ten, the next six months will fly by for you and you’ll be back on Earth before you know it.”

Ok, I guess I should back up and explain my situation to you. I was a computer systems engineer and working for one of the biggest companies on Earth. This company was so big they had actually sprawled off of Earth and purchased mineral rights to about a dozen newly discovered planets on the far reaches of the known universe.

I had been offered a sweet deal by them; a six month contract for an enormous amount, plus the chance to come out here and work with some of the most high tech systems in existence. And before I left Earth I had a sort of hunger to go out into space and see it and feel it for myself. So I was a real happy camper when the corporation told me I was being offered the contract and blasted me of Earth for the outer galaxy.

My first six months weren’t too bad. At first I relished the idea of being alone on this dark and desolate planet. It seemed like a vacation, but one I was being paid for. The accommodations in the “Hotel”, as it was called, were excellent. I was in charge of everything. I could do whatever I wanted. I could experiment with their systems and there was no one standing over my shoulder to criticize me. I could set my own schedule working all night and sleeping all day, or taking a few days off just because I felt like it.

I lived like a king in the “Hotel”, which was the company’s name for the engineers living quarters. It was a big five-story building that had everything one could possibly want. Any kind of food I wanted was at my disposal, and I had programmed the computer in charge of cooking to prepare my food exactly like I wanted it. There was a huge indoor swimming pool, a park to stroll through replete with plastic trees and a little putting green so I could keep up on my golf game. No, for six months this wasn’t a bad place to work, considering the pay was excellent.

However, my stay at Delta Base Ten was destined to be longer than six months – a lot longer. Space travel this far from Earth was still kind of a risky venture. After my first six months were over, on the morning the transport was to bring my replacement and take me back home, I received a message from the company that no such transport was on its way.

The problem, as I was later to learn, was that the company couldn’t find anyone to replace me. This was an important job to them. The entire mining operation was automated, and all though the base normally just ran itself, they needed a live person around to occasionally fix something that automations couldn’t handle alone. They needed someone who had close to my level of experience, and also someone they could trust. Because, all though I was starting to go stir crazy after two years on that planet, the company still knew they could count on me. Actually I wished I hadn’t been so trustworthy and dependable sometimes.

So on this day when my story starts, the corporation had screwed me for the third time and for the first time I was really starting to despair of ever returning to my old life on the Earth. I had never been a big fan of people and was glad to get away from them for six months, but after two years I had started to dream about the next time I would meet another human being face to face. I would have even liked to have a dog for company.

I got into my all terrain vehicle outside the Hotel and headed for the docking station where the transport was scheduled to land in a few minutes. This was the transport that was supposed to return me to Earth, and so I was more than a little begrudging of it as I pulled into the docking station and watched it set down on the pad.

The wind was blasting into my face as I got out of the jeep and made it across the docking bay and up to the transport. I eyed the ship enviously as I approached it. If I had only know how to pilot it I would have jumped inside and blasted off for home, but unfortunately I knew that if I tried a stunt like that I would just wind up killing myself so I pushed the thought from my mind.

The door to the transport opened and a green light came on above the door indicating it was all right for me to enter the craft. This was actually just a pilot less drone, with some supplies on board, but nothing more. I stepped up along the railing and stuck my head into the small dimly lit transport. There was nothing inside of any real interest to me at that moment. But I did see one large box that was labeled as containing the Help Mate 4000.

Soon I was driving back to the Hotel with the HM 4000 box in the back of the jeep behind me. I spent the rest of the day moping around the hotel and pounding a ball against the back of the racket ball court to let out my frustration. I tried to get in contact with Mission Control, but a large solar flare was making that impossible.

It wasn’t until the next day that I hauled the HM 4000 box over to one of the tables in my workshop and started to unwrap it. I had to read the directions three times before I finally found the right over rides to the deep hibernation the HM 4000 had been put into before taking its journey out through space and to my planet. At last I got the power pack charging and placed the HM 4000 into a corner. It would have to charge for twenty-four hours before I could flip its operation switch.

I was very impressed with this model. I really don’t know how to describe it accurately to you now. The HM 4000 was a human from all outward signs of its form. The flesh even felt warm and real when you touched it. As it slept on a table in the corner, its power pack charging, the chest rose and fell just like a human would.

This one had the shape of a young female, and what a nice shape its designers had given it. I thought at first of a mannequin standing in a department store as I looked down on the sleeping figure, but I realized quickly that was the wrong image. The thing before me was better than even a wax figure standing in a museum. It was life-like and made to be real. I had heard stories from Earth that this new model was able to fool the unknowing into believing it was actually a human being. I had never quite believed those stories until then. Looking down upon my very own HM 4000 I was struck with what a human quality it had. I gave much kudos to its architect and designers. They had truly fashioned the first artificial human being.

I tried again that next day to reach Mission Control, but the solar flare was still blacking out all communications with the Earth. The last time I’d had this kind of interference I had lost contact with my bosses back home for almost two weeks. I could see this was a pretty bad wave of interference so prepared myself for another long absence of communication.

I went to my indoor pool and swam for about two hours that night. I found myself expectant all of a sudden. I was waiting for the twenty-four hour charging period to be over so I could go upstairs and activate the HM 4000. What would it be like when I woke it up? Would it still fool me into thinking this was another human being that had come to share my desolate home with me?

I found myself unable to sleep that night and returned to the room I had left the HM 4000 within. It was lying quietly on the table, unmoving, but with the steady rise and fall of the chest that was an exact imitation of human breathing. I placed my hand up under its nose and found to my surprise what felt like warm breath issuing out of the nostrils. They even flared slightly as I carefully watched. What an amazing machine this was!

I also noted for the first time that night as I watched the HM 4000 sleep, that it had not only a young female form, but also a very attractive young female form. It was wearing a tight fitting jump suit. Short, brunette hair adorned the head. Long eyelashes were over big oval shaped eyes. A cute little nose, nice full lips, and high cheeks made the face very pretty.

At fifteen hundred hours the next afternoon it was time to wake up the HM 4000. I spent a couple hours before perusing the instructions on how to stop power on the model. All looked pretty straightforward to me and I waited impatiently for the big moment. By the time I was ready to flip the switch I had just about convinced myself that when it awoke it would not be life like in its movements and actions. This would blow away all the perception of humanity that I got from it as it lay sleeping before me, and since it was the only remotely human thing on the whole planet I didn’t want that to happen.

I flipped the switch beneath the table and got an all systems functional display on the monitor next to me. I watched for any reaction from the HM 4000. I didn’t know what to expect. I had done some reading in the instruction manual about the model, but found it to be full of hype and marketing, nothing in the many books that were shipped with it really told me what I would have when it came to life.

It took a full minute, but finally its eyes began to flutter and came open. Under the lids it had deep blue eyes. I rose above it and looked down into those eyes. They looked so real! By god, this got better and better. I knew this was a machine automated by advanced cybernetics. In fact, being into computers myself, I even half way understood how it was put together. But I could not any longer think of the HM 4000 as an “it” or a thing or a machine as I looked into those eyes. From that point forward the HM 4000 became a person for me.

After she opened her eyes she slowly raised her head. Then she rose up from the table, sliding around and getting to her feet to stand in front of me. I was staring at her all the while in amazement. She looked up at me with her blue eyes and met my stare. I could see the barely perceptible raise and fall of her chest beneath her jump suit again.

“Thank you for purchasing me, sir,” she spoke for the first time. Though the content of her words was bizarre her voice was as believable as the rest of her. It was girlish and young and full of – well life, which of course she did not have.

She extended her hand to me. I found myself reacting as I would with any human who made the same gesture to me. I put my hand out to hers and grasped it. She had warmth to her skin, and softness. She was authentic all right.

“By what name may I address you, sir?” she asked after we had shook hands.

“Dan,” I answered walking about her and trying to pick out some kind of flaw, anything about her that would tell me she was only synthetic skin with a silicon brain. I saw nothing out of the ordinary. Everything I saw and heard, and even felt told me there was a young girl standing in front of me.

“How may I serve you, Dan,” she asked me in the girlish voice.

I didn’t answer her. I just circled her around the room, staring at her. What made me feel so funny at that moment? Was it having a cybernetic talk to me in the body of a beautiful young girl? Or was it having another thing (ah, person) talk to me in person for the first time in two years? Whatever it was I felt very strange at that moment.

She followed me around the room with her eyes, but never moved from the position she had taken on the floor. I think this went on for about an hour, my inspection of her from afar. My suspicion that she would reveal herself for the fraudulent person she was at any moment. At last, however, I could see she wasn’t going to move or speak again unless I did.

I went over to one of the user manuals that came with her, and flipped through it. Let’s see, I thought daily chores. I had a few of them to perform and had been neglecting them because I had been messing around with her all day. Maybe she could help me out. Everything on my list was a task the user manual said she could perform.

“Follow me,“ I instructed her. And she followed behind me as I took her around the hotel and went down the list of my chores, showing her how to do them, and then expecting her to be able to take it from there. I showed her the cleaning, the cooking, the washing, the supply depot retrievals, even giving her control of the jeep. The daily communications monitoring with Mission Control and the writing of the boring reports I was supposed to transmit back to Earth. I showed her all and she was as quick to learn as the marketing hype about her in the brochures said she would be.

That night I couldn’t sleep as usual. Insomnia was one of my worst symptoms after the two years of isolation, and on that night it was affecting me badly. Finally, having nothing better to do, I got up out of bed and went over to my desk to flip through the user manuals that had come with HM 4000.

They had one dedicated to the work she could do for you. They had one dedicated to the computer programming she was capable of doing. They had one showing her driving a car, which from her handling of my jeep earlier that day I already knew she could do. Then they had one last one that I had been foolish not to pick up before then.

“Bodily functions of the HM 4000” was the title of the last manual I looked at. I opened it up and saw pictures of the myriad of different models they had. The anatomy beneath their clothes was fully compatible with the human anatomy. Among other human abilities such as sleeping, eating, drinking, sweating, crying, and the relief of bodily waste in the normal method, was listed sexual intercourse.

I had two thoughts that flew through my mind in rapid succession. How sick is society when people build machines in order to have sex with them was the first thought. This thought was quickly replaced by the second thought; that told of all of the possibilities suddenly opening before me.

I threw aside the manual and ran down the hall then up the stairs to the room where HM 4000 was resting for the night. When I entered the little room she was lying asleep on the table with the charging message displayed on the screen next to her table. Checking the read outs I found she was still at ninety-five percent power which was well above operating capacity. So I flicked the switch to wake her up again.

Again her eyes flickered open. They were as big and blue and life-like as I remembered them. She rose up on the table and got to her feet, standing before me.

“Good evening, Dan,” she greeted me.

“Hello HM,” I said, looking up and down her tight little body. “Would you do me a favor, HM?” I asked.

“Certainly, Dan.”

“Would you please take off your clothes for me.”

“Of course, sir,” she said, and without hesitation brought her hand up to the zipper of the jump suit and pulled down. She peeled the suit off her shoulders and shrugged her arms out of the sleeves. I saw her perfectly molded breasts for the first time. They were a firm C cup with fully erect nipples sticking out from the tops.

Then she pushed the suit down past her hips and stepped all the way out of it, holding it in one hand as if she didn’t know what to do next.

I came forward and took her single piece of clothing from her and threw it aside. I stood and stared at her body for a long while. She was perfect. Her hips were tight and firm. A thick silken patch of hair was matted between her legs. Her legs were long and nicely muscled, her milky white thighs riding up into the dark fur of her vulva. Walking around her I caught sight of the firmest and tightest little ass I had ever laid eyes upon.

Standing behind her I slowly reached to her shoulder and rubbed them for a long moment. The skin was soft and felt real to me. I think it would have to anyone. Her back was long and very feminine. I traced the line of her spine down her back and onto her butt. Then I cupped her two firm little ass cheeks in each of my hands. I ran a couple of fingers down between her crack and the feeling I got was warm and inviting.

“HM would you hop up on the table for me,” I told her.

“Yes sir,” she said and set down on the table, her feet coming up off the floor slightly.

“I want to have a closer look at your sex organs, HM. Spread your legs and let me see what’s between them.”

She did as she was told. I bent down to look at her pussy. Her vaginal lips were tight, the skin around them a dark pink. I spread them with my thumb and forefinger. There was a lot of warmth here and a hint of moisture between the lips. I reached my other hand between her and coaxed out her clit. Then I let my forefinger move inside of her and I found a snug fit that barely allowed my entrance. I had to work a little to get the finger moving up deeper in her.

I was standing between her legs in my underwear. I never wore many clothes around the Hotel. Why would I? No one was going to see me after all. Beneath the cotton of my shorts I felt my erection pushing out with some urgency. This feeling increased as I removed my finger from her vaginal entrance and brought it under my nostril. The fragrance I detected was authentic woman, and oh god how long it had been since I had gotten a whiff of that.

“HM,” I asked her. “Are you functional for sexual intercourse?”

“Fully functional sir in all aspects of sex. I know many positions and different things we can try if you would like.”

“Open your mouth for me, HM.”

She opened up and I looked down her throat to see saliva coating the walls. My heart was pounding like a kid’s.

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