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Ho Ho Halloween

bybarbarian queen 2©

I had the best job in the whole world. Let me tell you about it. I was a Hospitality Hostess. Sure, sometimes the hours were long but the perks were fabulous. There's no wardrobe involved and I got a lot of exercise. All of the Hostesses have our specialties. Some are good with their mouths. Some will take anything up the anus. Some like pain. Me, I just want the biggest, fattest penis slamming into me as far as it can go for as long as possible. And there's always at least one in every group that we serve. My life as a HoHo was very fulfilling. Then everything changed.

A selection of HoHos were hired for a special Halloween convention. We were part of the Haunted Sex Palace. Each room had a different theme. The fun started about 8 a.m. when the first men came through the door. They chose their rooms and went at it. Some of us got a chance to watch. I got soaking wet just watching and began hoping for a really huge penis soon. There was a steady parade of men all day. I had a couple of good sized guys, bigger than the others wanted but not more than I was willing to tackle.

I was feeling somewhat underutilized when a really odd group came in. Their costumes were fantastic. They were all decked out as a demon hoard and they were gathered around the biggest man I'd ever seen. His costume was perfect. The horns curling from his head looked real. His eyes were a deep, glowing red with slitted pupils. The makeup made his skin look rough. He wore only a plain black robe. They all looked us over. When his eyes met mine, he smiled. He even had fake fangs. He pointed a taloned finger at me and gestured for me to come to him.

I went and stood in front of him. I couldn't tear my eyes away from his. He nodded and gestured. The rest of the group dispersed, taking the other girls with them. He took my wrist and led me to a room done up as a dungeon. So far, he hadn't said a word. He looked over the room and pointed to a stone altar with chains at each corner. I went and arranged myself on it. He fastened my wrists and ankles. I knew the chains were fake and I could get free if I wanted to. Somehow, I really did not want to. Then he shed the robe. His penis was already swelling.

I felt my mouth go dry and my vagina get wetter as I watched his monster grow and grow. And grow. Suddenly, I was not so sure I could take him. I glanced up into his red eyes. His smile turned cold. He gestured. The candles flared and the chains binding me fused. That's when I realized he was real and I was in for quite an experience. He saw my sudden realization that I was not going anywhere until he was finished with me.

He leaned over and began licking my breasts, tasting me. His tongue was scratchy, like a cat. My nipples have always been sensitive. Now, as he licked them it was as if they were a direct connection to my vagina. I wanted the lovely sensation to go on and on. He soon had me arching up to his tongue. I moaned in disappointment when he stopped. A sharp talon flicked my nipple. The sensation was indescribable. Fire raced along my nerves. He flicked the other one. Another surge of heat through my body. Then he licked my clitoris, lapping at the folds of my labia like a cat with a bowl of cream, teasing, arousing. My hips were bucking up to his mouth as he licked and licked. He was taking me right to the edge. I wanted to climax. I NEEDED to climax. Finally, he sucked my clitoris into his mouth, his raspy tongue teasing it, his sharp fangs grazing the tender flesh. It was too much. My orgasm exploded.

I bucked against his face as wave after wave of intense pleasure poured through my quivering body and went on and on. The spasms finally faded, although they never really stopped. When I opened my eyes, he was crouched between my legs. His penis was now at least 18 inches long and at least 4 inches across. The head was a huge, man-fist sized knob of flesh. There was no taper to his penis, just a huge hard pole.

Grinning, fangs gleaming in the candlelight, he pushed the head of that monster against my vagina. He was burning hot! Then he lunged forward. I couldn't scream. He ripped deep into me, the pain sudden and excruciating, stealing my breath.

"Yeeeessss," he hissed. His first word was one of pleasure at my pain. His voice was deep and harsh. He thrust again, forcing more of his massive penis into my stretched vagina. I whimpered as I thrashed, trying to throw him off of me. All I did was stimulate him more. He pulled back and then slammed forward. My scream was shrill and long. He had forced his entire, monstrous penis completely into me. His back arched as he hissed in pleasure. His hot flesh filled me beyond anything I'd ever known. He began moving in me, in and out, using the entire length of that huge erection to batter my sore vagina. On and on until I shrieked in orgasm, the spasms intense and constant.

Still, he pounded at me, thrusting hard, forcing all of his massive penis into me with each powerful stroke. Another orgasm. The pain was now pleasure, hot and intense. Still, he thrust into me, taking my body higher and higher until all I could do was writhe and convulse in orgasm. Finally, he climaxed. His penis swelled harder and thicker in me and began to pulse stream after stream of his fiery ejaculate into my convulsing body. My orgasm increased, the spasms becoming hard, muscle staining convulsions that went on and on. He kept on pulsing into me, an impossible amount of burning fluid that filled me. His climax finally ended, but his penis was still massively hard in my throbbing body.

He began again. In and out. His monster penis ravaging my sore, tender vagina. I thought he would never get enough and I was getting weaker and weaker...but ohhh how good he felt in me!

Suddenly the candles flared again, making me close my eye against the brightness. When I opened them, he was gone and the chains were just props again. It took me awhile to recover and the rest of the night never measured up. I hope next Halloween is as interesting!

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