Ho, Ho, Ho


With a soft sigh, Lindsey whispered, "That feels even better."

"I thought you would like it."

Lindsey chuckled and said, "I'm just wondering how you're going to get it out without tearing the handle off like the last time. I don't feel like a return visit to the emergency room."

Don chuckled at the memory associated with her sentence and then replied, "It's solid steel so I don't think that will be a problem. Although, those nurses were sure having fun trying to figure out ways to get that rubber butt plug out of your tight ass."

"Yeah, and some of their ideas scared the hell out of me."

Don chuckled again and nodded. "Me too, but that lady doctor sure seemed interested in the problem, or at least in your hard tight ass. She kept poking your asshole with her finger."

Lindsey groaned softly. "Don't remind me. She didn't realize how sensitive my asshole is and damned near made me come with that finger. That rubber glove felt kinky in a sensuous way."

"In any case, it came out in the end," Don said with a laugh.

"Yeah, two loads of antistaetic around the opening of my asshole with a rusty dull needle and a doctor and four nurses in the bathroom telling me to relax and push like I was taking a shit. Lovely memories."

"That could have been the shot heard around the world," Don said and laughed again.

Lindsey groaned and wiggled her ass. "More like a Champaign cork coming out of the bottle, followed by the splashdown of a space capsule."

Don laughed again and shook his head at the imagery. "The lessons we learn in life are sometimes hard on us or in us for that matter."

Lindsey wiggled her ass and whimpered. "This one feels so good when I squeeze it with my inner muscles."

Don pressed the button on the little remote control and the vibrations got faster and stronger on her clit. His ex wife jerked and then moaned deeply. "That should put a death grip on it," he said a few seconds later.

"Oh yeah and then some." Lindsey replied and then groaned deeply as the vibrations went up another notch. Her hips started to flex up and down slowly. The vibrator rocked against her clit, which made her groan even louder.

A moment later, she felt the head of Don's massive dick probing her slippery opening. The flexing of her hips pressed the head in and pulled it out. She shivered hard and pleaded, "Push it in deeper. Please."

Don pushed his hips forward slowly and entered her halfway. As he did, Lindsey gave out with a soft yell. He hit the button on the remote and rammed his dick the rest of the way in. Lindsey yelled even louder and rammed her ass back hard enough to rock him back.

Then he was fucking her with long full strokes, his hips slapping against her rock hard ass. Lindsey was coming, her insides would grab him and squeeze but she was so slippery he continued to move. She was so tight that it was only a few more strokes before he filled her up with his cum. As he did, he hit the button one last time.

The little vibrator was on max, Lindsey's pussy got even tighter as she yelled at the top of her lungs. Then her knees were sliding down and he was trapped by her grip on his manhood. He had no other choice than to follow her ass down until he was lying on top of her. He pushed the off button on the vibrator control and his ex wife whimpered loudly.


Lindsey groaned softly and then sighed deeply. "I'm... going... to sleep... for a week," she mumbled softly.

Don chuckled and then sighed. "In that case, Ho, Ho, Ho, and a Merry Christmas."

Lindsey giggled and asked, "Who are you calling a Ho?"

"Certainly not the woman who has a death grip on my dick, that's for sure." Don replied as he rocked his hips from side to side.

"I love you, even if you are an asshole," Lindsey whispered softly.

"Yes, Dear!" he replied and then yawned. "Do you think we can figure out a way to get in bed?"

Lindsey yawned and then sighed. "I thought you were comfortable up there."

"I am but...."

Lindsey laughed and shook her ass from side to side. "You ain't getting that butt plug back anytime soon."

Don chuckled and whispered, "You can keep it. I just want my dick back in one piece."

Lindsey groaned and wiggled her ass again. "If that thing would just get soft, you could have it back."

"That's not likely to happen the way your pussy keeps massaging it."

"But it feels so good in there," Lindsey whispered.

Don chuckled. "That's what the female musk ox said."

Lindsey laughed and whispered, "Asshole."

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