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Hobson's Choice

byAlan D©

Hobson's Choice

Friday, May 11, 5:10 pm

I actually heard it. Not that it was loud, but there aren't that many sounds where I live, in the middle of the Minnesota woods, a very long way from anyone, and with only a country road passing my house a few hundred yards away. First, I dismissed it as a figment of my imagination, but I decided I had better check it out.

I guess they would have found me sooner or later. They were in pretty good shape, only a couple of cuts and bruises. The car was well and truly out of action, but what do you expect when you go over an embankment, over some rocks and smack into the low hanging branches of a big old tree?

They were standing outside the car, a bit shaken and very unhappy when I got there. A minor argument had broken out, but their hearts weren't in it, - they were too stunned by what had happened. It was pretty obvious what had happened, and it was the wrong time to start worrying about why. I had to do something about these four girls, though. I could see some cuts and bruises, and they were clearly in shock and needed some care, warmth and rest. The evening was getting cool and the drizzle didn't help

'We need to get you inside and take care of those cuts', I said.

They noticed me for the first time, and broke out in Babel of questions and pleading, mixed with some crying and huddling together. "Wh-wh-who are you?" said one of them finally - a stunning young redhead. "Where did you come from?"

"Relax," I said. "My name is John Hobson and I live here."

"Here? - Where?" Not an unreasonable question, - we were in the middle of the woods; at least it looked that way.

"I have a cabin just behind those trees," I said, pointing behind me, "and we really do need to get you there."

"What about the car, and all our stuff?" said another of the girls, a petite black girl with a mop of curly hair.

"We'll worry about them later," I said. "I'll come back and get most of your stuff after we have gotten the four of you taken care of. The car isn't banged up much, but there is nothing we can do without some serious towing equipment and that won't be for a while. Don't worry, no one ever comes this way anyway, so there is no danger of anything getting stolen."

They followed me quietly, walking close together in a group, not dressed for the cooling and damp weather, and starting to shiver. We made it to the door before it occurred to them to worry about my motives and character, and they were quite polite about it, but they stopped outside and looked questioningly at each other.

It wasn't hard to read their mind, so I said "Look, we need to get you warm and dry and to look after those cuts and bruises. Do I look like someone who would molest four lovely ladies like you? Besides, you girls look like you could take me one-on-one, let alone four of you." That got the first giggle out of them, I suspect is was the comment about lovely ladies, since that wasn't exactly the appearance they gave just then. They were very pretty, though... really pretty.

In the end they shrugged and followed me inside. They were obviously surprised and a little impressed when they got inside. The cabin is actually very spacious, since I had made the whole space into one big room, and built on a couple of bedrooms and a bathroom on the back of the house. I had used old reconditioned timber, dragged from the lake, for the refinished walls and floor and the broad beams in the high ceiling had been there for almost 100 years. I like woodworking and most of the furniture was solid, rustic and comfortable, with wide deep chairs and a large sofa in front of the huge fireplace. Add the Indian rugs, the dining area and my 'office', plus my pictures, and it didn't look too bad, if I have to say so myself.

"Wow! - This is beautiful, - I never expected..." were their first words, and they seemed to calm down a bit.

"Lets get you sorted out here. Are any of you hurting?" The two girls that hadn't really talked to now both nodded.

"My knee and thigh are sore," said the tall girl with long brown hair.

"My stomach hurts," said the blonde.

"Any bleeding?" I asked. They all shook their heads, but it was obvious that they hadn't had a good look at themselves.

"We'd better have a look at that cut on your forehead," I said to the blonde, "and clean up that scrape on your arm" - this time to the black girl. .

"I can't keep calling you 'you' all the time," I said. "What are your names?"

They were Alya, Karen, Sandy and Alex as it turned out.

"Well, girls, - sit down and I'll get some things organized," I said. "Alex, - since you're not hurt anywhere, you get to be my helper. I'll get a band-aid on your cut, Sandy and clean off that scrape of yours, Alya. There is a first-aid kit in the bathroom through there. Alex, can you get that for me and I'll get some hot water. I'll turn up the hot water while I'm at it so you can all take a shower and warm up. Then I'll get a fire going and get the place nice and warm." I could see them relaxing as the reaction from the shock started to wear off.

The little things were quickly taken care of. I thought I would feel like a father getting their little injuries seen to, but I didn't feel very fatherly, even if they seemed almost young enough to be my daughters in their bedraggled state. The fresh soft skin and the grateful looks started the first stirrings in my groin. "Down boy," I thought to myself. "They'll really get worried if you start coming on like that." Sensible words, but not very helpful.

"OK, Alya and Alex, - you get the first shower. It's big enough for two, but you can flip for it if you want. I'll check out these hurting ladies. There are some t-shirts and pants in the closet for you to wear while your own clothes dry out. My shorts and jeans are really too big for you, but I have some belts to cinch in the waists so you should be decent at least, even if you don't win any fashion contests. Take what you want, and we'll sort out your own clothes later."

My beginning erection got worse when I looked at Karen's knee and thigh. She hesitated a little, and blushed before she slid down her long pants, covering her panties as best she could with her t-shirt. I tried to make my touch impersonal and professional, and I must have succeeded, because she didn't flinch away, just sat there while I felt and prodded gently. There was obviously no break, but the leg was tender and there would be a sizeable bruise coming up in time. She had beautiful tanned skin, disappearing up under her t-shirt. I could just see the vee of her thin pale yellow panties, with a dark shadow of her pussy hair underneath. No hair was escaping on the side, so I guessed she had trimmed it.

"So what are you four doing out here in the woods?" I asked while I prodded Karen. "Aren't you too young to be out here all by yourselves?"

"We're going to a college Cheerleader Camp." Karen looked at me with a frown. "And I'm nineteen, and quite capable."

"Oops, - Sorry," I said with a grin I hoped was disarming. "I didn't mean to offend you. I thought I had rescued some bedraggled kittens, and here you are cats instead, and with claws at that." Karen and Sandy had to smile.

"That's OK," said Sandy. "I guess we don't look our most mature at the moment."

My groin problem was rapidly getting out of hand. Since Karen was constantly pulling down on her t-shirt, it was also obvious that she had very large breasts, with prominent nipples under the thin material. I caught her glancing down at my dick. She quickly looked away, but a tiny drawn breath and a blush gave her away. I blushed too, but pretended neither of us had noticed anything. At least she didn't jump up screaming for help against this pervert.

"You're fine," I said a quickly as I could. "It will be sore for a while, and you'll have quite a bruise, but nothing is broken. Just go get a shower and warm up. Sandy, - your turn."

I was actually a bit worried about Sandy's stomach, - there are some very sensitive organs that can easily be damaged. She lifted her t-shirt up to the underside of her breast, bringing them out in full profile. Yes, I had to revise my age-estimate upwards yet again. This girl was truly well endowed. Tight tummy and more soft, clear skin, and just the hint of the bra-covered underside of those fine breasts. No chance of quietening down my ever-stiffening cock. Sandy was ticklish, which didn't help. As soon as I touched her midriff, she jumped. I did to, and was amazed at the firmness of those lovely breasts - just a brief contact, - but enough to keep me interested. More blushing, - me first this time. "I'm sorry," I said.

"No, it was my fault," said Sandy. "I'll try to sit still." I probed gently some more, and was relieved to find that nothing seemed damaged, just some sore stomach muscles.

"You're in great shape," I said, poking her stomach muscles gently.

"Cheerleading," she said, "We're on the same squad and we're going on a trip together before we go back to College. You'd be surprised at how fit you have to be to be in the top squad."

"I can see that," I replied. "Must be hard work. You'll need to take it easy for a few days now, though, and let those stomach muscles rest up. Some massage every day would be good, too. That goes for Karen as well, actually, - tell her that." She nodded. "Well, off to the shower, if it's free. I'll see about some food for us."

In the meantime I called Gordon at the garage to get a tow truck out. "No way Jose," he said cheerfully. "From what you're telling me, my little truck won't get that car out. We need Sam's big one way over in Lawrence, and Sam won't come til' Monday, seeing he's away with his missus for the weekend." I tried to persuade him, but he was adamant, and to be honest, I agreed with him. There was no way he could get that car out with his truck. I would just have to put up with the girls for the night - hmmmm. I made a mental effort and put those naughty thoughts behind me....

Friday, May 11, 6:30 pm

One by one they came trundling out, and my clothes had never looked so good. Big t-shirts and rolled-up shorts with belts drawn tight. They looked good enough to eat! I noticed Alex's figure for the first time and was almost speechless. She had that peaches-and-cream complexion, soft and generous all over, almost, but not quite plump. Glorious red hair and startling green eyes, high cheekbones and a large mouth with full lips topped a body with large, heavy breasts, hanging down a bit in their fullness, but with no sag.

Sandy bounced into the room, bubbling with enthusiasm, - seemingly oblivious to their situation and her outfit. "This is sooo neat", she exclaimed. "What a great place you have here, - you must be rich!"

"I like it too," I replied. "It has been in my family for a long time, and I guess I'm pretty well off, even if I wouldn't say I'm rich exactly." Sandy plopped down in the sofa.

"Seriously, - thanks for your help," said Alex. "We feel so much better now, - it was so sudden and we all felt so lost and helpless and hurting..." She trailed off, looking at the others.

Karen had become very serious again after her smiling entry. "The car," she said. "Do you think it is badly damaged? My dad will kill me for this!"

"Relax, it didn't look too bad, and he'll be happy you're OK, or I'll have a long talk with him!" I said in a mock stern voice.

She smiled. "I bet you would, too," she replied.

"Can we get our stuff from the car?" said Alya. She was the smallest of the four, with a cheeky smile and large brown eyes. I could see now that they were all very fit, Alya's backside was tight and shapely and her legs were slender and strong. Her breasts weren't large, but set high on her chest and just as perky as her personality.

"I can go and take a look, but it's raining and I'd much rather do it in the morning." It suddenly dawned on them that they weren't going anywhere that night. I broke the news about the car. They protested a bit, but there obviously was no point in talking about it much. Nothing would change the fact that they were stuck there.

"Oh, one more thing, - is there anyone expecting you that we should notify that you won't be there tonight?"

"No one is expecting us until Sunday night," said Karen. "We were just going to find a motel room when we got tired of driving.

"We could call the camp," said Sandy.

"I don't think we should," interjected Alex thoughtfully. "Not until we can find out about the car and how long it will take us to get there."

"I have two bedrooms," I said. "You can share those and I'll sleep out here on the sofa. We'll all be very comfortable, you'll see.

"Would you like something to drink? Some soda for you girls? - Oops, - sorry 'Ladies'.. I'm opening this bottle of wine for myself, but I don't know about you girls drinking. I don't think any of you are 21 for one thing, and I certainly don't want it said that I got you drunk and took advantage of you."

"Drunk on a little wine?!" Sandy giggled. "You obviously don't know what goes on in the world. Some of that Beringer Reserve Cabernet will be very nice, thank you.

"OK." I capitulated. "But don't say I didn't warn you when I get frisky." Gales of laughter followed, but also some thoughtful looks.

So we opened the wine and sat down comfortably. I wanted to know what they were doing so far from anywhere and what had happened with the car, - they wanted to know what I was doing in this place and what I did for a living. With input from all of them in turn, I figured out that this was supposed to be a shortcut to where they were going and that an animal had suddenly appeared and startled Karen, the driver, who lost control. I then proceeded to get Sandy into trouble when I told them that his road wasn't going anywhere and that they were approximately 120 miles off course and going the wrong way. "I told you this was the wrong road," shouted Alya.

Karen and Alex calmed Alya down and cheered up Sandy while I was just sitting there watching them. Changing the subject, I told them a little about myself. I explained about the company I had built and sold for enough that I could do whatever I wanted as long as I kept an eye on my investments. My attention was wandering a bit while I was answering their interested questions. Sandy had pulled her legs up under her and was obviously not aware of what that did to the legs of my shorts that she was wearing. Much too big for her, there was a wide gap, giving me a great view of her strawberry blonde pussy. She must have had it shaved a while ago, and it was just growing back in fine short curls. Her pussy lips were fresh pink and led my eyes up to a barely visible little nubbin.

I was mesmerized by the sight, and my dick got very interested once again. I crossed my hands in my lap to try to hide my condition, but Karen caught me again. Same reaction as before from both of us. I could see her nipples hardening under her t-shirt. "Her bra must be hanging up to dry," I thought. "They all are, I guess." With that thought in my mind, I had another good look, and decided that yes, - they were indeed hanging up to dry, at least none of the girls were wearing one.

Alya noticed me looking at their breasts, and she also noticed me looking up Sandy's shorts. She gave me a sly little smile and put her legs up under her in the sofas well! I couldn't believe it! She obviously did it deliberately, the little minx. Her lush bush was jet black, with just a hint of a reddish-pink slit. The skin around it was just a little lighter than the rest of her, so I guessed that was her tan-line. She knew I was looking - and she knew what I could see, but pretended to talk normally and only glanced at me now and again.

My condition had now become impossible to hide and the conversation slowed almost to a stop while all four girls were looking furtively at the sizeable bulge in my pants. Interestingly, none of them made any move to leave or complained. "Now' let's get a bit to eat," I finally said, ending the odd quiet.

Friday, May 11, 7:30 pm

I cooked up some steak and home fries with a big bowl of salad and we dug in. The girls had good appetite, and liked the wine as well. I warned them a couple of times, but Alex got the final word when she said, "Stop trying to protect us from ourselves, John. We have actually had a drink or two before today, and we know when we have had enough"

"Yeah, John," said Sandy, "and you're not our chaperone, and there's no point saying you'll molest us. You can't fool us. If you were the molesting kind, you would have started a long time ago, and you are obviously a very nice man who wouldn't dream of mistreating a young lady, let alone four!" I couldn't very well argue with that assessment, so we carried on.

"I saw you looking up Sandy's pants," said Alya suddenly out loud. Sandy looked up with a frown.

"I saw you pull your legs up deliberately," I retorted to Alya.

She giggled. "I wanted to give Sandy a little competition," she said, "and you didn't seem to mind."

"Did you really look up my pants?" said Sandy. "...but I don't have any...."

"Oh Sandy, don't think you'll get away with that. - I know you did it on purpose," said Alex. "You are soooo bad!"

Sandy burst out laughing, giving up her pretence. "I sure did, - and you enjoyed it too, didn't you John. I know a hard-on when I see one."

Suddenly relaxed, I grinned and agreed. "I like looking at beautiful girls', I said, 'and you four are the most beautiful girls I have seen in a long time."

"I bet you say that to all the girls' said Karen with a smile, but she was obviously pleased with the compliment.

"So you think we are pretty, do you, John?" said Alya. "Which one do you think is the prettiest?"

"Whoa there," I protested, "I'm not going there. How can I decide that when you're each so lovely in your own way."

"I know how you can decide," said Sandy. "We'll have a 'Miss Back-of-the-Woods' competition."

Alya jumped up enthusiastically. "Great idea," she said. "It'll be fun. Come on, girls!"

Karen and Alex were not quite ready for this, saying it was silly, and "how can you put John in a situation like that," but after another glass of wine they agreed to the little game.

"Sit here in this chair," said Sandy, "and we'll get up one at a time so you can have a good look." I let myself be led to the easy chair and the show began. "How are we going to do this," mused Alex. "Alphabetically or what?"

Karen was quick with a suggestion, her earlier hesitation forgotten. "We'll write our names on pieces of paper, then John can draw them one after the other."

I drew Alya first. She jumped up and strutted to a spot right in front of me. I had expected some posing and twirling around, but I guess I should have known what to expect from Alya after the pants' legs episode. She started that way, but soon pulled the t-shirt tight over her chest making her hard nipples stand out. I could just make out her large chocolate-coloured areolae under the taut fabric. She turned slowly and stuck her bubbly ass out at me, wiggling it like a stripper and running her hands over the firm globes. She pulled the shorts up into her crack and high on the sides showing off her slender, shapely legs. My erection had returned with a vengeance, and this time I made no effort to hide it. I figured she would see it as the compliment it was. She did, - grinning broadly as she looked at the outline of my large dick. Then she blew me a kiss and stopped, waiting for the verdict. The girls clapped and whistled, and I followed suit.

"I need some paper to make notes, I said. "I can tell this is going to be difficult!" Laughingly, they agreed and got some paper. I scribbled something on it, and pulled the next name. Karen was next, but she had suddenly got cold feet again. "I don't know about this," she said. "I don't care who he thinks is the prettiest."

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