tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHogmanay Teasing Pt. 01

Hogmanay Teasing Pt. 01


Things have been a bit rough since mums death late last summer.

I have only really had a couple of naughty experiences since then.

One a fantastic gang bang that was part of a charity fund raising weekend we had down south (organised by Simon. Louise and Ron), and the other a foursome with Frank, Bill and my best friend Tracey.

I will write about them both as soon as I can, as we are now trying to get things moving forward with our lives, and our sex life is a very important part of that.

The experience I want to share today is a little about of teasing fun I had on Hogmanay (New Year's Eve for those of you not blessed with being Scottish.)

For some time now I had noticed that some of my sons friends had paid me a lot of attention. I had been ribbed mercilessly about it for a couple of years now by Frank, Mike and Bill.

Of course the last thing I have ever wanted to do was embarrass or put my son, (Ryan) in an awkward position.

A couple of his closest friends (Niall and Connor) had been seen taking lingering looks at my arse as I bent over, and both down my blouse at my tits, and up my skirt on various occasions.

This had been reported to me by both my husband Mike and by my two senior lovers Frank and Bill.

Now of course no one knows they are my lovers.

They are, to our family and friends, 'uncle Bill and uncle Frank,' two elderly gents that have come into our family circle due to Frank being a neighbour and Bill being his best friend.

It would shock, and I'm sure literally amaze the rest of the family, our son, daughter and their friends to know that both Frank and Bill have been fingering, licking, sucking, fucking and spunking all over me for a few years now!

Anyway it had been noted that both these lads had taken a bit of a shine to me.

Frank warned of being cautious, as the last thing we wanted was anyone getting the idea that I was giving my sons friends the 'come on'.

Bill, being a right dirty fucker, wanted me to show them as much as I could. He gets rock hard at the site of me dressing slutty and loves the oggles and leers I get.

So over the past year or so I have been discreetly letting the two of them see a bit of me when the opportunity arose.

Mainly they only come over when Ryan was home from school, they had all attended the same boarding school, until they left to go to University in the Autumn last year.

However on occasions the two of them have appeared when Ryan was away at camps or activities they weren't taking part in.

One such time was on the pretence of cutting the lawn for us.

Mike was away, the two lads knew this and Ryan was away in France on an extra curricular activity.

They both showed up having phoned to see if they could be of any help.

It was a gorgeous scorching day, yes we do have them in Britain from time to time!

They had asked if I needed any chores doing and I jumped at the chance to get them over unsupervised for some teasing fun.

They eagerly arrived and got to work on cutting our shared lawn.

Frank was in at the same time and he was really turned on, as was I, at the ensuing teasing fun.

As they cut the grass, both of them wearing shorts and t-shirts.

I gave them a couple of bottles of chilled beer and chatted keenly to them.

As it was such a lovely day I decided to wear very little!

I had put on one of my shortest skirts, a very tight top and a pair of shoes that were far too high to be practical.

My fucking fanny was dripping wet, the tiny panties I had on were sodden through and my cunt juice dribbled from me like a leaky tap as I paraded around.

In-between trips out to check on them I was being felt up, finger fucked and spent minutes with Franks tongue rammed down my throat in his apartment.

Each time I went out to chat with them I was feeling more and more horny.

My tits were aching and my nipples stiff and poking agonisingly at my tight top.

This went on for a period of about two hours. Me flaunting my legs, heaving tits and ass at the two of them.

The bulges in their shorts that they tried to hide from me gave me more than a little encouragement.

I bent over, easily showing my arse cheeks to them in the tiny, slut skirt I had worn.

At one point I lent against and adjacent wall, spreading my legs absent mindedly as I did so, trying to give them a view up the front of my skirt as they bent down to retrieve some grass cuttings.

I felt like a complete slag for doing this, and fucking loved every second of it.

At the end of the day I gave them each a fiver (five pounds,) and thanked them for being such good friends to my son.

A peck on the cheek made them both blush as they left.

I was blushing myself by the time I got inside to Frank, practically ripping his clothes off before having a fantastic rough standing fuck against the door.

"Oh I hope they saw my arse," I said as Frank pumped me full of his hard cock.

" I think they have seen enough of your legs, arse and tits to get them wanking for a week," was his crude and delicious reply.

Evidently I got away with it.

Nothing was said to me by Ryan at all and Niall and Connor both acted as normal the next time we all met up for family BBQ.

The New Years eve teasing had to be a little more discreet to start with, as both Ryan and our daughter started off at the apartment before we all headed off to a family organised party.

We had a few close friends over, naturally Bill and Frank, plus some other work friends and of course friends of both Ryan's and our daughters.

The plan was a little bit of light nibble food at ours, then we all had taxis arranged to take us to the family party organised by my eldest brother to help cheer dad up, and make this difficult first New Years eve without mum as nice as it could be.

At ours I had to be careful.

I wanted to try and get as much saucy fun in as I could, with both my senior lovers and if possible by teasing the two lads as well.

I was managing to slip away to our master bedroom from time to time for a snog and a bit of heavy petting with Frank and Bill.

I had worn a black dress, not ludicrously short,but short enough to be interesting, my high black stiletto shoes to add height to my legs and help show off my figure a bit as well, but under the dress I had put on my suspender style tights (crotchless pantyhose) and had decided against panties...what a slut eh!

This was allowing them both access to my increasingly wet and frothy cunt as we slipped away for our quick kissing and groping sessions.

They had both in turn, had four of their elderly fingers up me in the bedroom, me leaning against the back of the door, breathing heavily and biting my lip to stop me letting fly with my usual audible stream of filth.

I whispered under my breath to them.

"Go on fuck that cunt. It's yours. Make it fucking sloppy you dirty bastrards.Fuck I want to be your sex toy tonight."

This spurred us all on and I had a good handful of hard throbbing man gristle whilst we canoodeled.

When we rejoined the others it was as if nothing had happened.

Mike of course, was aware of what we where up to and he was doing a splendid job in keeping everyone away from us to let us have our lascivious fun.

Niall and Connor both looked smart in their tight suits.

Both have left the boarding school now and both have places at university. Ryan is staying on for another year as he is six months younger than both his pals (they are both eighteen now.)

They were socialising well with all the family and with our daughters pals too, I'm sure they all have crushes on them.

Our daughter is fifteen, sixteen this year, as she keeps reminding everyone!, and I know she in particular has a thing for Niall..Well if only she knew!

Get in the queue love, cos' if anyone was having his cock first it was mum!

As the early evening wore on, the music played and a few dances were had.

I managed to get a couple of slower dances in with both the young lads, much to the hoots of derision of Ryan.

"Careful with my mum now lads. She's getting on a bit you know!"

All the usual mickey taking banter at the parents expense.

The taxis began arriving and I managed to wangle an excuse to make sure I would be ordering the last one.

Surprise, surprise both Niall and Connor offered to stay and help tidy up, get the things I was taking to the party organised, and share the later taxi with me.

I could see Mikes, Franks and Bills eyes light up.

I think they knew that I was so fucking turned on and that this was the moment that I was going to try and take things on a wee bit.

With them being away at Uni, Ryan sees less of them and so any chance of gossiping about what happened was obviously much reduced.

Plus as they are now eighteen I figured they were fair game and frankly I had been fantasising about them for months. I have brought myself to crashing orgasms thinking of their tight young bodies and their thick, hard young pricks!

The taxis all carried everyone else away, me having had Franks whole fist up my literally sodden twat moments before he left.

"Go on love show 'em what a real fucking whore you can be," where his parting words of encouragement.

The first few minutes were actually taken up in getting things into bags, and tidying the living room up.

Once we had achieved that I thanked them both and I then said to them both, "Why don't we have a wee drink before we call the taxi? Just to give us a minute or two before we get going?"

This was positively accepted and so Niall made us all a drink, they both having the manly option of a wee dram of whiskey and me my usual Gin and Tonic.

"So what are you hoping for this next year then?" I asked them sitting down in a chair opposite them both,letting my legs cross nonchalantly and my dress riding up to display a fair bit of leg.

"Och the usual," they chirped in.

"Oh fun, frolics and lasses it is then," I laughed at them.

"Something like that Mrs C," they both quipped.

"Well I'm sure you will have fun. You have been such wonderful friends to Ryan over the years, and always such willing helpers for me too!" I again laughed at them.

"Oh he's sound as a pound is your Ryano," Connor said back to me.

"A great lad and a hoot, the things we could tell," Niall quipped back.

"Well I'm sure most of them aren't for his old mums ears eh!" I quickly replied.

"You're not old Anna," Niall said back. Starting me a little as it was one of the few times I had heard them call me by my first name.

Usually it was 'Mrs C' this or "Ryan's mum' that with them.

"I wish I was as young as you lot again," I said back. "By god I would have some fun, I can tell you!"

They both laughed and I noticed them both smirk a little as they definitely eyed my parted, easily on display legs up.

We chatted a wee bit more, each topic being punctuated with just a little bit of cheeky chat.

As I stood up I noticed a bit of mistletoe hanging over the doorway.

"I don't think I have had my Christmas kiss off you two yet," I brazenly blurted out.

They both laughed and blushed a little as they placed their empty glasses on the sideboard beside me.

"No I don't think we did,'" Niall replied.

He has always been the cockiest of the lot of them.

I have heard them talking about him being 'the longest in the shower,' and from the bulges I have seen him sporting when in his shorts, or the one time when I caught them looking at PC porn, I could only imagine what size his rigid cock must be.

"Well then, were all alone and so I guess no one would know eh!" I cheekily replied, twirling my hair like a teasing teenager again.

"Too right no one will," Niall replied.

"You can trust us Anna," he cockily added.

"Oh I hope so in some ways but not in others!" I laughed back the them.

Niall was the first to approach me and he wasn't messing about.

I'm assuming years of pent up letching and anticipation had made him steam right in and he wasn't going to miss his opportunity.

He smoothly took hold of me around me waist, pulling me into him.

I gasped slightly at his touch and then melted into his young, firm, rugby players arms.

He started off with a gentle peck on my right cheek, then moved his head closer and planted a soft kiss on my closed lips.

My eyes were shut to start with,I was feeling in an almost in a dream like state.

This was then met by me and I automatically responded by kissing him back with a soft kiss first, then I opened my mouth.

We kissed like this for a few seconds until I naturally slipped my eel like tongue into his young mouth and we began a deep, lingering snog.

"Fucking hell," Connor blurted out as he was watching on.

I very rapidly began probing my tongue into Niall's mouth and he responded, the kissing became more frenzied, our mouths swirling around, tongues lashing at each others, probing ever deeper.

I was now sighing heavily and my legs had parted ever so slightly.

He pushed his body into mine and I cold feel his firm cock hardening as we slurped away at each other.

We came up for air, both smiling and laughing.

"God almighty," he blurted out.

"I've wanted to do that for years," he laughed.

"Well it would have been rather improper of me when you were just mere teens wouldn't it!" I quipped back.

"I wouldn't' have minded!" he replied, only half jokingly.

"I bet you wouldn't!" I laughed with them.

We then re-embraced and a deep French kiss again ensued this time his hands roaming a little bit.

I offered no resistance and so he found his way to my arse and began lightly grasping it as we snogged.

I gently rubbed myself into his crotch to urge him on. His young cock was stirring nicely and it prodded it's thick length at me. I heaved slightly against him, wincing a little as my pussy rubbed against his engorged crotch.

Fuck I was on fire by this point.

The kiss ended and Connor quickly took his place.

A wet patch was clearly evident on Niall's trousers, obviously from my sopping cunny.

He started where Niall had left off, grasping my arse and feeling me up as we exchanged saliva and writhing tongues.

His body was soon pressed into mine and again I could feel his cock bulge growing.

Our tongues were wrapped around each other, and by now my legs had fallen widely apart, allowing him to get right in between them.

From this position our crotch areas literally ground against each other and my dress was riding so high up that the patterned tops of my suspender tights were on show.

During this snog, I writhed against him making it obvious I was up for just more than a snogging session.

I then lowered my left hand and began feeling his hard cock through his trousers. He moaned as I found it and began stroking his hardening member through his suit. Once it was obviously hard as a fucking poker, he got to work grinding at my fanny again.

At the same time as Connor was heaving against my wet cunt area, Niall had begun to play with my hair and tickle my ears.

I love having my hair played with, it never fails to get me fucking sopping wet and as he touched my ears I shivered.

At one point he actually had his tongue licking the outside of my ear lobe before gently poking into my ear, this had me gasping, panting and frothing cunt juice like a true fucking slut.

Connor was soon replaced with Niall again.

By now I was practically spread eagled and he slipped easily between my spread legs, his hard cock automatically nudging my wet cunt through his trousers.

"Oh fuck'" I gasped as I felt his hands roam down onto my legs and then slightly up onto my thighs.

Again I offered no resistance.

Like a complete fucking slag, I simply parted my legs wider allowing his left hand to find its way up my thighs, stroking me sensually as he did so.

"Go on," I urged. " I haven't any knickers on. Finger me out."

I was imploring my sons friend to finger fuck me and it felt amazing.

I again was grabbing at his hard crotch area, just as I had done with Connor and fuck me his cock felt huge!!

Connor had now started to feel my other leg up and I offered him my mouth as I turned away from Niall..

(At one point I was being snogged by them both in turn, had both my hands rubbing and groping their hard young cocks through their trousers, whilst they slithered their hands up my dress, all over my legs and up to my fucking aching fucktube.)

Connor then planted another wet sloppy kiss on my eager married whore's mouth, as Niall found my wet, creaming cunt for the first time.

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