tagBDSMHoH Servant Training

HoH Servant Training


"Do you understand the contract for which you are entering to become a servant in My house?"

"I think so."

A loud Slap across the young girls face, Sir knew how to make the sound without too much pain.

She jumped back, stunned.

"I think so, what girl?"

"Sir, Sir, I think so Sir."

"Let Me reiterate girl, if you do not understand, stop me by raising your hand."

"Yes Sir, I will Sir."

"My name is Don Brown and you will always refer to me as Sir."

"I am a Dom but not in the way most people visualize a Dom."

"I do not have much BDSM interest, in fact, very, very little indeed. I do not tie girls, except for restraint if they struggle during a punishment."

"This house is run to a strict Domestic Discipline regime."

"My house title is HoH, which stands for Head of Home, which means I run the household very strictly but also very fairly."

"To maintain discipline we have 3 levels, maintenance, correction and reminders."

"The recipient, that's you, has the title, TiH, which translates to being Taken in Hand."

"I have a set of house rules which you will always abide by, have you read and learnt them girl?"

"No Sir"

"No sir, and pray tell, why would that be?"

"I forgot Sir."

"Oh, you forgot, maybe I will give you something to help your memory?"

"Oh thank you Sir."

"STRIP girl, everything off and lay over table."

On unsteady legs the young girl removed her blouse and went to undo her jeans, Sir Don stopped her and told her that her bra came off next.

How He loved to see young breasts swinging and bounce as a girl removed the rest of her garments.

He could also judge their excitement by the swelling of their nipples, thus giving Him the correct measures and hardness to use.

She undid her bra, a front fastener and allowed each breast in turn to be free.

He was not disappointed, not as big as others but the ideal size for a young girl in her late teens, her young pink nipples rising to show her excitement, or was it fear?

As she reached and undid her jeans button Sir reached up and cupped her breasts, at least she came with some knowledge and her hands shot behind her head and her back arched.

He squeezed and tweaked her nipples to protrude to their fullest, almost raising her off the ground. For some minutes He played with them, stretching, cupping, even the odd slap.

His hand went to her open jeans and pushed down to go inside her Knickers.

His skillful fingers fingered her, raising her more than generous clit well away from its hood, the young girl could not hold back, she came in seconds, pulling out He showed her His glistening finger, he raised his hand to her mouth, she instinctively opened and he inserted one finger after another, "Sweet isn`t it girl, have you ever tasted such nectar?"

She nodded no as she tried to stop gagging as his fingers went further into her mouth and into her throat.

He removed his hand slowly.

"You will be punished 10 with the cane for that girl, you will always ask before you cum, now continue to strip."

She undid her button and seductively lowered her zip whilst shaking her chest to make her girly breast bobble and bounce; she lowered the jeans and stepped out of them.

Her mind concentrated on making the last part of her routine pleasurable to Sir as her hands reached up to her tits and she tweaked her pink nipples taught.

She slipped a thumb at each side of her pink lace knickers and firstly pulled them tight, thus ensuring the crotch wedged into her slit, thinking that Sir would enjoy seeing them stuck and then released as she lowered them to the floor, she was not mistaken and Sirs cock twitched in his boxers.

She made for the table and lent over, "Grip the other side girl; we do not want stray hands on your bottom, do we?"

"No Sir" she gasped the far edge of the table and laid her head facing Sir.

Sir went to the old wooden cabinet standing behind the entrance and opened the right hand door, He had already decided on the lightweight junior. She did not want hurting, or scaring for that matter, but a girl needed to learn.

"You will receive 10 strokes of the cane for not asking before you pleasured yourself. You may cum as often as you wish, but always ask first."


"Yes Sir, and I am very sorry Sir, I do deserve to be punished."

"Please Sir; may I speak without being spoken to?"

"Ah, so you did read a little then."

"Yes Sir, a little."

"You may speak."

"Thank you Sir, Sir, i have never been caned before and do not wish to cause you more trouble and anger if I cannot bare it."

"Then how were you punished girl?"

"During the day when I was naughty my mom would take me to my room, stand me in front of her, lecture me, then lower my shorts and knickers to the ground and I would step out of them and lay across her knee."

"She would then spank me with her hand or grandma`s old hair brush that she was spanked with."

"I then had to strip off all my clothes and wait in my bed till Daddy came home."

"He would come up the stairs and I would jump out of bed and stand with my hands behind my head, then turn and bend forward so he could see what mom had done."

She paused.

"Carry on girl." Sirs twitching was beginning to get stronger.

"Yes Sir, I then had to turn back around and face him."

"Depending on how naughty I was deemed to have been, depended on what would happen."

Sometimes he must have thought mom had done a good job already so he would sit on my dressing table stool and pull me over his knee for a sound spanking, I was soon in tears, it hurt so much, but not as hard as the alternative."

"Which was what girl?"

"I would see daddy slowly unbuckle his belt, nearly always made me want to pee with fright, he pulled out the end from under his trouser loop, pulled the belt upwards for the pin to release then released it from the buckle."

"He would slowly pull it through the rest of his trouser loops until it was bent double in his hand."

Sirs anticipation of the story end meant he had to step behind the girl and adjust himself.

"I then had to wait to be told what to do Sir, over some pillows on my bed, over the stool, grasping my ankles or leant right forward with my hands on the floor in an arch after either option i had to stand with hands in the air ."

"I was then belted all over Sir if it was that naughty."

"All over girl"

"Yes Sir"

"Tell Me where?"

"Sorry Sir, yes Sir, Daddy said a naughty girl who needed his belt should not be able to have a good night`s sleep and should think of her miss-deeds until she realized her wrongs Sir, So Sir Daddy would whip my bottom, back, legs and front."

"And as your titties grew?"

"He loved whipping them Sir especially; Daddy said that doing my titties hard meant I could not sleep on my front."

"How often did this occur?"

"Oh, not too often Sir"

"Why, were you a good girl in between?"

"Oh no Sir, my mom did not always tell Daddy because he used to take the belt to her as soon as he had whipped me. So instead of Daddy`s belting me all over she had me lay over the kitchen table and after her spanking smacked my bottom with her wooden mixing spoon. It hurt bad Sir but not as bad as Daddy`s belt."

"At what age did it all stop girl"?

"Oh, it has not stopped Sir; Daddy says I will still be punished as long as I am under his roof."


Sir took in what the girl said and returned to the job in hand.

"Your job will now be two fold, count each stroke, and keep position."

The first 3 strokes, no problem but the fourth she never counted before the fifth.

"Five Sir" she sobbed.

"Unfortunately not girl, that was one, you never counted the fourth"

"Oh Sir, no Sir, please Sir"

"Two extra for arguing"

Whhoosshh ccrraacckk

"Two Sir"

On the seventh her hand had a mind of its own and sprang to her welted bottom.

Sir waited, when she gripped the edge of the table again, He spoke.

"Do you wish that to be one girl, it will be if your hand strays again"?

Realizing her stupid error her sobs burst into tears, "Oh sorry Sir."

"We will deal with your wandering hand when you are off the table."

"Thank you very much Sir and I am truly sorry."

Sir Don smiled at her innocence and as he was not a cruel man, laid the others on less harsh; he knew she was learning a valuable lesson, but also showed compassion.

"10 Sir, thank you Sir" she was crying and sobbing yet her pussy was telling her she wanted more, what was happening?

"Stay down and compose yourself girl, I will return in 5 minutes."

As soon as he left she let out a wail followed by a mountain of tears, she wanted to rub, but remembered that rule, and even though Sir was not in the room she was honor bound to respect that rule, little did she know He was watching through the side window.

Sir returned, "Now girl that is the end of the punishment but you will be given corner time, and after the corner time you will be spanked over My knee. It will be a reminder always to address your betters correctly and not to touch, now stand."

"Yes Sir" her hands to her head, as all bare breasted girls know, is the correct position. Her nipples were stretching her titties to almost bursting point having been rubbing on the table. Her clitty felt the size of a golf ball but she did not date touch either.

"In due course you will have your hood ringed, and a lead will be attached for me to guide you to the position I want you in. It will also be attached when you are dressed and will appear over the top of your jeans.

If I take you out you will be fastened by it to a dog ring outside any shops I do not care to take you into."

"Yes Sir, thank you Sir."

"In the meantime when I hook My finger so, He bent his finger up into a hook shape, your fingers will open your pussy lips and you will lift yourself onto it, do you understand?"

"Yes Sir, I do thank you Sir."

Sir Don hooked his finger and the young girl duly opened her pussy lips and Sirs finger was inserted into her wet slit. He noticed her clit had left its hood and stood as proud as her nipples so he made sure it was squeezed between His hooked finger and thumb.

He took her to the corner and released her pussy and played with her clitty. She faced him and he fondled her nipples, they soon took regulation nakedness form, bright pink and pointed.

He moved her to the wall, "Your nipples will not leave this wall until you are so instructed, if I see they do, the punishment begins again."

He turned her round and she arched her back, pushing out her cute breasts so her nipples touched the wall.

"Thank you for the punishment and the teachings Sir, I deserved them and appreciate the time you gave up to punish me Sir."

"Good girl" and he patted her stripped bottom as he left her in the corner and sat at his desk.

He admired His own handiwork, a stripe from the cane from her waist to behind her knees.

The girl, still in her teens had been won in a game of chance, Sir Don was not a gambler per say, but wanted the girl away from her charge so he could protect her. He trusted very little the man proposing to be her guardian.

She was a girl of around 5 foot five, honey blonde shoulder length hair, very slim with a tight toned bottom.

Her breasts were a perfect apple shape with the prettiest pink nipples, which by the way, responded at once to instruction.

She was not shaved, so a job he looked forward to doing, as humiliation was indeed an important lesson to learn, she had tiny flaps but a good sized hood and clit, and when aroused her lips puffed to the same color pink as her nipples.

Only her sobs made her move and Sir went to collect her, "Turn around lilone."

She responded at once, Sir hooked His finger and she latched on at once.

He raised her a little higher so she had to go on tippy toes, again, a vital part of her training in humility.

Sir sat on his chair and stood her to the right, still hands on head, "Over you go girl" he said in a quiet authoritative voice, and over she went.

"This will be a reminder, I will issue these as and when I wish, because I can, do you understand girl?"

"Yes Sir I do, and thank you Sir"

Once suitably draped, both hands on the floor Sir rubbed her bottom, very gently at first and he felt her begin to rub on His knee, as he increased the pressure the grinding became more intense and on his first spank she could hardly get the words out.

"Sir, please Sir, I want, can I, Sir I need"

"You may cum lilone, you may cum"

Sir spanked her bottom all over, even down the back of her legs, as he felt her cum he just rubbed and rubbed, and said "Yes you may."

She lay draped over him for some time until she was told to rise, and hands back to her head, Sir hooked and she latched on, a quick learner.

Back in the corner Sir erected her nipples again and she took up the same position as before.

"Tomorrow is Monday and will become one of your maintenance days. You will arise at 6.00 am and shower. You will then lay 3 pillows in the middle of your bed, and are over them as I enter the room. Your legs always just wide enough apart so your pussy lips open, your arms outstretched to grip the wrought iron headboard. You will then be whipped with My belt and caned."

"Yes Sir" she sobbed, her eyes never leaving his face.

He only left her 2 minutes or so before leading her to his large leather armchair where he sat her on his knee and she began to cry.

She does not know why, but Sir does, and Sir knew from that moment on He had the makings of a fine, loyal, trustworthy and respectful servant.

As she sobbed Sir began to use His property, he squeezed her nipples to almost bursting point his other hand opening her legs and playing with her girly pussy lips, she responded in a way which suited Sir, feminine and submissive, he cuddled and played and again brought her to pleasure as he lowered her between His legs.

"That's it, good girl", she needed no instructions in thanking Sir, in a way a good servant in a HoH household knows how.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/06/18

Wonderfully Intense!

Well written and draws you in. As a sub myself, I completely identify with the girls emotions. The balance of erotic and submission is great!

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by JaneRamsey07/03/18

Finishing School is my favorite!

I'm still reading back through your other ones but I absolutely love your Finishing School ones so far (again except the 'family values' parts :P).

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by DonBrown07/01/18


Hope you enjoy my other stories too Jane, all based on fact and truth somewhere in among them. Really please with my latest ones, Finishing School and Moved On.

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by JaneRamsey07/01/18

I'm always a fan of everything but the incest stuff...
Fun story

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by Anonymous03/31/18

I liked this story a lot ,it made me very horny. I would have liked her to go into detail about how her daddy whipped her titties and pussy though.

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