Holding Caitlyn's Hand Ch. 01


He pulled Caitlyn's pussy open and went in as deep as possible. He paid special attention to her clit without neglecting the rest of her twat. He used his whole face to bring Caitlyn to a full boil. I can't describe how strange it felt to stand next to the bed, holding my wife's hand while another man brought her to the edge of climaxing.

She looked up at me, clenched my hand tightly, and said, "He's gonna make me cum."

She pulled her hand from mine and wrapped both of her hands around the back of Anthony's head, pushing his face into her pussy. A moment later she was thrashing around on the bed in orgasm. For the first time, I was full of regret as I looked on at Anthony working his magic on my wife. I couldn't believe it was really happening. How did it get this far? I must've been out of mind. It bordered on torture to watch Caitlyn cum, but my hard-on persisted.

Though she flailed wildly about, Anthony somehow managed to keep his face planted between Caitlyn's legs. I was overwhelmed with a variety of emotions and needed to sit down. After what seemed like a five minute climax, she finally settled down. Anthony pulled his head up from her pussy and the two of them looked at each other with big smiles on their faces.

"That was incredible," Caitlyn said.

Anthony continued to smile but said nothing as he stood up and pulled off his shorts. He then walked to the side of the bed, wearing only boxer shorts, and looked down at Caitlyn. Her smile grew wider as she realized it was time to return the favor using her mouth. She moved from the center of the bed toward Anthony. It felt like she had totally forgotten that I was in the room as she reached out and pulled down his boxers.

I had seen Anthony's cock in pictures, but it wasn't the same thing as seeing it in person. Though it was only semi-erect, it was easily longer and thicker than my fully erect cock could ever dream of. I was so envious. As Caitlyn took a hold of Anthony's cock, I just stared at it, wishing that mine was in the same league. The look on Caitlyn's face said that she was equally impressed with the cock that was dangling in her face.

She began her oral performance by licking the length of the shaft. She licked up and down the cock a few times and then lifted it up and concentrated on the balls. She gently tongued Anthony's sack for a minute before looking up at him, flashing him a naughty smile, and letting out a little wicked laugh. She then spent some time sucking on each of his nuts.

Eventually she pulled her lips away from Anthony's nut sack and turned her attention back to his cock. Though part of me wanted to stop her, I just watched as my wife's mouth engulfed the head and began to suck on the now fully erect cock. She started by taking only a little more than the head into her mouth. After a moment, she stopped, looked up at Anthony, and shook her head, obviously still dumbfounded by his size.

"Thata girl," Anthony said after Caitlyn had put his thick cock back in her mouth and began taking more of it.

It made me a little jealous that Caitlyn hadn't acknowledged my presence since Anthony's cock had made its appearance, but jealousy took a back seat to my arousal. Watching her suck another man's dick was more titillating than I could have ever imagined. I decided that it was time to drop my shorts and free my cock. It was a very strange mix of emotions that I felt as I sat in the chair next to the bed, stroking my little hard-on and watching my wife with a much larger cock in her mouth.

I now need to say a few words about Caitlyn and cock sucking. Some girls will only suck a man because they feel like it's their duty; not Caitlyn. She truly loves wrapping her lips around a piece of cock meat. She sucked me off on our first date and I'm sure that many other guys shot loads into her mouth before we got together. I learned long ago that the easiest way to make her pussy wet was to stick my dick in her mouth.

For a little while, Anthony was content to just let Caitlyn suck on him, but he soon decided that it was time to take control. He put one hand on each side of her head and started forcing more of himself down into Caitlyn's throat. It didn't take long before he was fiercely fucking her in her mouth.

There had been a few times that I had rammed my cock into Caitlyn's mouth in the same rough fashion that Anthony was doing, but I'm small enough that she can easily take it without gagging. However, this was most definitely not the case with Anthony's cock. I stroked myself furiously as I watched my wife choke and gag on Anthony's manhood with tears running down her face from her watering eyes.

I would have been concerned at the rough treatment Caitlyn was receiving, but she was clearly not distressed. Each time she choked, she would spit-up a little and pull her mouth from Anthony's cock, only to let him ram it right back down her throat as soon as she had caught her breath. I watched in disbelief as her face became coated with a slimy mixture of her own saliva and Anthony's pre-cum discharge.

As Anthony continued to fuck my wife's face, he became more savage. His handling of Caitlyn bordered on brutal, but the smile never left her face. Even so, I was about to ask her if she was alright when Anthony motioned for me to come over to the bed.

"Hold her hand," Anthony said to me.

I walked to the other side of the bed, so that I could hold Caitlyn's hand with my left hand while continuing to jackoff with my right. I sat down on the bed next to her and held her hand while Anthony forcefully used her mouth as his own personal fuck hole. He then looked down at me and asked me if I loved Caitlyn. I told him that I did.

"Then tell her," he said.

I must have looked at him with an uncomprehending look because he repeated his command.

"If you can tell her you love while she's suckin' my dick, it'll help her feel more comfortable about the situation," he went on to say, "...she'll know you've accepted your role."

She looked up at me with Anthony's cock in her mouth. Anthony's words didn't make complete sense to me, but I didn't think too much about it. I wasn't thinking too clearly at that moment; it all seemed like a dream. Caitlyn and I stared into each other's eyes for a second before I told her that I loved her. I expected her to say the same thing back to me, but Anthony kept his dick deep in her mouth, making it impossible for her to talk.

When Caitlyn looked back up at him he said, "Do you like suckin' my dick?"

She nodded her head, confirming what he already knew.

"Then tell your husband," he said to her, "...tell him how much you like suckin' me."

He pulled his cock out of her mouth and gave her a chance to speak.

She looked up at me with her hand in mine and said, "I love suckin' his cock."

As soon as the words were out, she turned her head back toward Anthony's prick and opened her mouth wide. It was almost like she was begging for it. He put his cock back into her mouth, but didn't thrust it down her throat. He let her do the work for awhile. I just continued stroking myself while I watched my wife sucking and slobbering on the thick piece of meat that was in her mouth. Anthony just passively stood there with his hands on his hips, letting Caitlyn deep throat him.

"You like seeing her like this, don't you," he asked me.

I wasn't sure how to answer, but the fact that I had my hard-on in my hand made it impossible to deny the allegation. I took a few seconds to consider the question, but said nothing.

"It's okay," he continued, "...lots of guys like seeing their wives turned into sluts."

I was absolutely speechless at that point. I had never thought that my wife was being turned into a slut. This was supposed to be nothing more than a one-time thing. We simply wanted to experiment with turning a fantasy into reality. A thousand thoughts of uncertainty ran through my head, but my cock was not affected; it remained fully erect.

Anthony then returned to his rough treatment of Caitlyn. He spent the next few minutes relentlessly cramming his cock down her throat. She spent the next few minutes choking and gagging. I spent the next few minutes sitting on the bed, playing with myself, and holding Caitlyn's hand.

When Anthony finally pulled his cock from my wife's mouth, we all knew it was time for the fucking to begin. He positioned her face up with her legs spread wide. I sat near her head and continued to hold her hand with my heart racing in anticipation of what was about to happen. She looked so erotic with her titties and pussy laid bare and her face glazed with a nasty blend of spit and spunk. Anthony got onto the bed and climbed between her legs. He rubbed his thick cock head against Caitlyn's cunt and they smiled at each other.

As Anthony eased his cock into her, Caitlyn let out a little whimper and bit her lower lip. She squeezed my hand tight, looked up at me, and said, "Ohhhhh.... Ohhhhh..... He's fuckin' me."

I'll never forget those words or the way her voice trembled as she said them. My wife and I maintained eye contact as she was stuffed full of her first extra-marital cock. It felt incredibly surreal and my heart was beating so fast that I thought it might explode through my chest. After all the build-up, we had reached the point where Caitlyn's pussy was being stretched to accommodate Anthony's thick piece of meat.

It didn't take long for Anthony to work his entire length into her. Her cries made it clear that she was starting to cum and I had to stop stroking myself to make sure that I didn't do the same. I didn't want my enjoyment to end so soon.

Anthony wasn't even fucking her that hard, but Caitlyn was soon squealing. I kept holding her hand, but she was completely lost in her climax. When it seemed like she was nearly finished cumming, Anthony began to fuck her harder. She was shrieking at the top of her lungs by the time his thrusts had escalated into full blown pounding. He was pulling his cock all the way out of her pussy and slamming the full length back in.

She was worked up into a frenzy like I've never seen. It was absolutely crazy. She was screaming so loud and Anthony was pounding her so hard that I was starting to get worried about her.

"Are you alright, Caitlyn," I asked.

She couldn't stop squealing and she certainly couldn't answer me. I was pretty sure that she was liking it, but at times it looked like she was having trouble catching her breath. I couldn't help but repeat my question.

"She's fine," Anthony said while maintaining his relentless hammering of my wife's pussy, "...she's just a little overwhelmed... aren't you, baby."

It was still a few minutes before Caitlyn was capable of muttering actual words. Even then, all she was saying was "Oh, God" over and over again. Eventually Anthony's pace slowed down some and I thought she might be at a point where she could actually respond to me.

"Do you like it," I asked

She nodded her head, confirming that she was fine. She then laughed and spoke in a trembling voice while panting. Her words were choppy and she had trouble getting each one out.

"I...can't...believe it," she said, "...that was... incredible."

Anthony smiled and said, "You're such a responsive little slut... it looks like you've been needin' that for a long time."

I thought Caitlyn might get upset because she's never liked being called a slut, but she only smiled back at him. I guess that after you make a girl cum like that, you can call her anything you want. I was continuing to stroke my cock with my right hand, but still having to be careful not to lose control. Seeing Caitlyn smile after being called a slut, for some reason, was extra erotic. I had been overcome with jealousy at one point when Anthony was eating her pussy, but since then the jealousy and regret had taken a backseat to full blown arousal.

Anthony then pulled his cock out of my wife and there was an audible plop. She squeezed my hand and sighed quietly.

Anthony looked over at me and said, "Come over here... you gotta see her pussy."

I let go of Caitlyn's hand and scooted across the bed into a position where I had a better view of her pussy. What I saw was stunning. Caitlyn's cunt was gaping open. She noticed that Anthony and I were just staring between her legs and she got embarrassed. She quickly covered her head with a pillow and crossed her legs. Anthony grabbed a hold of each of her legs and forced them open. I could hear a little giggle come from underneath the pillow.

"You know..." Anthony said to me, "you gotta big decision to make."

I looked at him, but was unsure exactly what he was talking about. It took him only a second before he went on to explain himself.

"You're gonna have to decide if you're gonna let her be a slut-wife," he said.

I was not ready to have his conversation. I was hoping that Caitlyn might have something to say, but her face remained hidden beneath the pillow.

Eventually I responded, "I don't even know if she wants that," I said, "...we've never really talked about it."

"Oh, I think she's game," he replied, "...you saw how she came."

I was silent for a moment and then Anthony continued, "Now that she knows what a big cock can do, she's gonna need more," he said, "I understand that it's a hard decision for you, but it's clear that she was born to be a slut."

I knew Caitlyn could hear us discussing her future and I thought that she would provide some input, but that did not happen. She just laid motionless under the pillow with her gaping cunt on display.

"If you love her, you'll let her get what she needs," Anthony said, "... you'll never be able to make her cunt look like that."

I couldn't deny the last part of Anthony's statement. I could've fucked Caitlyn for hours and never accomplished that. I was simply not capable of making her gape like that.

"Go on... stick your cock in her, you'll see how different it feels," he said.

He let go of Caitlyn's legs and took a step away from her, makin room for me. I stood up and rubbed my hard-on against her pussy lips. She was more wet than I'd ever felt her. As I slid my dick into her, I realized that Anthony was right. Caitlyn's normally tight pussy had been stretched out so much that I doubted that she could even feel me inside her. She didn't move at all as I gave a couple quick pumps. I was only seconds from cumming, but Anthony stopped me.

"Here, now watch her reaction to this," he said.

I pulled out of Caitlyn and stepped away, giving him the opportunity to reenter my wife. As he slowly eased his large hard-on into her, she moaned loudly. After his entire length had been deposited into her, she pulled the pillow from her face and screamed.

"Oh, yeah... Fuck me," she yelled.

It didn't take long for Anthony to build to his previous pace. I had a wonderful view of Caitlyn's cunt being stuffed. It seemed like she came for five minutes before Anthony could take no more.

He turned to me and said, "I'm gonna cum all over her pretty face."

He didn't lie. He covered her face with the thickest load I'd ever seen. She just closed her eyes and happily let him turn her face into a glazed doughnut. As spurt after spurt of Anthony's thick cum coated my wife's face, I lost control. A tiny trickle escaped from my dick and ran down my leg.

When Anthony had finished cumming, Caitlyn opened her mouth and he put his cock in it. As she sucked any remaining semen from the head of his cock with a smile, he told her how pretty she was. She was a sticky mess, but there was no denying her beauty.

Anthony looked at me and said, "I think the little slut likes my cock... what do you think?"

I was speechless. Caitlyn had obviously loved the stretching and the cum bath that his cock had provided. However, my dick was turning soft and I began to feel sick to my stomach. I couldn't believe that I had allowed this happen; my beautiful princess was covered in cum and her cunt was still gaping like she'd been fucked by an elephant.

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