tagIncest/TabooHole in the Wall Gang

Hole in the Wall Gang


Kink does not even begin to describe this Halloween treat.

If oral sex or water-sports aren't your thing, please be forewarned, there's a lot of one and a bit of the other in this story. It's also a bit tongue in cheek, so if you read on, I hope it brings a smile to your crotch. As usual, all characters in the story can vote.


I was excited. I was driving home from university and was looking forward to surprising my folks. They'd no idea I was coming and they certainly had no idea I had good news that I couldn't wait to share. You see, I'd been accepted into law school.

As the older of two children by a year and a half, my parents raised me to succeed on my own terms. I'd chosen my undergraduate classes by myself and for graduate school, I'd chosen law. It was the profession I'd dreamed of since I was a little girl when I watched TV lawyers put away bad guys.

My parents thought it was a phase, but I stuck with it. Though they encouraged both my brother and I to pursue our dreams, I think they secretly hoped one or both of us would take over their lumber yard. Mom had inherited it from her own parents and that's where she met Dad. He was a general contractor and bought all his supplies from the yard.

Politically and socially, they were liberal. Fiscally, they were conservative. Though I knew they were open with their sexuality (nudity and frank discussions about sex were acceptable practices at our house), as I was about to find out, they were also very kinky. And so I was about to find out, was I. It was to be the surprise of my life.

As I pulled into the driveway, I saw Mom's car and Dad's truck, but not my brother's jeep. We live on the outskirts of town and often my father and brother would be out hunting or fishing. I thought that might be the case this afternoon, but knew Ben would be home for dinner. If there was one thing that big strapping kid loved to do it was eat. I guess he needed the calories to fuel his insatiable appetite for activity.

When I walked into the house, I didn't hear anyone talking and there was no television or radio playing. I walked to the kitchen and looked out the window that overlooks our backyard patio and pool. It was then I saw something that made my jaw drop down to my collarbone. Mom and Dad were kissing. But that was not all.

They were in their bathing suit, which if you know my parents is itself unusual, as they are quite comfortable with nudity. But what was startling and surreal at the same time was what they were standing next to. By our patio bar and just in front of the diving board was a giant jack-o-lantern that looked to be made of orange and black crepe paper.

It had to be at least ten feet high and I knew right away, my father had built it. His hobby is building anything and everything that can be made from wood.

Then Mom undid the top to her two-piece and let it fall to the ground. Dad grinned, bent his head, and took one of her nipples into his mouth. Mom cradled his head in the crook of her arm and closed her eyes. Though Mom's boobs are not as big as mine, god love her, they still point up and look to have a nice heft to them. I was just about to turn away and go up to my room, when Dad dropped his suit and Mom grasped his turgid cock in her hand. She pushed his head away from her breast and turned to walk up to the pumpkin's face.

When she got up beside the giant orb, she pushed Dad right up to the mouth of the jack-o-lantern's face and then walked around to the side opposite of where I was standing. I saw the big orange pumpkin move about for a minute like someone was inside of it. Then, the funniest thing happened. Dad stuck his hard cock right in the hole that served as the jack-o-lantern's mouth. He reached up with both hands to hold on to the edifice's lower eye lids and just stayed still for a minute.

After about 45 seconds, he started moving his cock in and out of the jack-o-lantern's mouth. Then I got it. Mom was inside sucking his dick. OH MY GOD. Dad had built a Halloween glory hole and Mom was inside sucking him off. I laughed out loud.

Just then, a big hand covered my mouth and a strong arm wrapped itself around my waist. My brother had snuck in and came up behind me quiet as a mouse. I squirmed, but it was no use. He was way bigger than me and much too strong to get away from.

"What's up big sis?"

He let me go and I pointed to the backyard where Dad was moving his cock in and out of the jack-o-lantern's mouth faster and faster. I knew he was about to shoot his load.

"Mom's inside the pumpkin. Did you ever see such a thing?" I asked.

"Not really," he replied.

We both stopped talking as it became apparent Dad was shooting his goo into Mom's mouth. When he slumped against the jack-o-lantern, we knew he was spent.

"Way cool," Ben said.

"Yeah, no shit. Who'd a thunk, the 'rents could be this kinky?"

"Oh, you've been away too long. Mom and Dad are way kinkier than this."

"How do you know?"

"Just ask them about their club."

"What club?" I demanded.

"Just ask them. I'm going to my room."

"Ben..." I whined.

"Oh look. There's Mom. God, she's got great tits."

I turned to look out back and saw Mom walk back around and up to Dad. She bent to one knee and took his softening dick into her mouth and sucked it clean. Then she stood back up and they both started walking toward the house. Dad was without his swim trunks and Mom was still topless.

Ben left the kitchen. I sat down at the table and waited.

"Surprise," I said in a loud and cheery voice.

"Jesus H.," Dad exclaimed, trying to stand behind Mom to hide his dick.

"Oh hi honey," Mom said in a voice huskier than normal (she'd just been through a bout of tonsil tickling). "When did you get here?"

"About three minutes before the show started."

"Oh. That. Well, we didn't expect you and you know how we are about sex."

"Yeah, Mom, I do. But being open about sex and being kinky are two different things. Where on earth did you get the idea to build a jack-o-lantern cum glory hole?"

"Oh, I like that," Dad chuckled. "A cum glory hole."

"No Dad. Not cum as in that stuff you just shot into Mom's mouth. But cum, used as a preposition meaning a connecting word combing terms. And what's this club Ben told me to ask you about?"

"Oh dear," Mom said. "We really didn't expect you to come home before Thanksgiving."

"Well, I'm here and, oh yeah," I remembered. "I got into law school."

"Oh my god," Dad exclaimed, as he pushed past Mom and picked me up in a giant bear hug.

"Dad, Dad, you're naked. I can feel your dick against my knee."

"Oh," Dad said. "Sorry. I'm just so proud of you; I forgot I don't have any clothes on."

"You go girl, "Mom said, as she stepped forward and gave me a hug and a kiss.

"Mom, Jeez. I can smell Dad's cum on your breath."

"Now don't go and get all uppity on me. I know you suck cock and I also remember you saying you liked the taste of cum."

"Mom. Not in front of Dad."

"Why not?" Dad offered. "I think you're forgetting it was me who caught you blowing your boyfriend on prom night."

"Oh, god Dad. I did forget. It's just, I dunno," I stuttered. "I came home to tell you guys my good news and the next thing I know, I'm watching you stick your cock in a giant pumpkin."

We all broke up laughing.

"Honey," Mom offered looking at me, "let's have a celebratory drink and we can catch up on all your good news."

"Fine, as long as Dad put's that thing away before it goes off again," I said pointing to his rapidly inflating cock.

"It's all the talk about blowjobs and cum on your Mom's breath, that's got me this way," he explained.

Mom giggled, handed Dad the apron hanging by the oven so he could cover up, and then turned to get some wine glasses down from the cupboard.

Dad went to the fridge and got an unopened bottle of pouilly fume' and began to fuss with the cork. Mom got some crackers and sliced a pear for us to eat while we drank the wine.

After we toasted my good news we settled in to enjoy the wine and snacks. A minute passed before Mom spoke.

"How long are you planning on staying?"

"I don't know; a few days, maybe a week." I paused to think about my schedule. "I don't have any papers due before the end of term and I can take the exams whenever I decide to go back. Why? What's up?"

"Well, you see," Dad hesitated.

"It's like this," Mom continued. "Your father and I are hosting a Halloween party and, as we hadn't heard from you about your schedule, we figured you wouldn't be home until Thanksgiving."

"I can help," I offered.

"It's not that simple. You see," Mom went on, "this is a special kind of party, an invitation only party and I doubt you'd find it to be very much fun."

"Oh, come on now. I love your parties. Your friends are great and I'm sure I'll fit right in."

"Uh, don't be too sure," Ben's voice added as he walked back into the kitchen. "Mom, cover up your boobs. I'll get a boner if I have to sit here and look at those beauties too much longer."

"Jeez, Ben. That's Mom you're talking to. Show a bit of respect."

"Yeah, okay sis. Mom, please cover up your titties so I don't cum all over Janine's leg."

"BEN! God, you can be so obnoxious," I said, hoping to knock my brother down a notch or two.

"You think," Mom added. "Now Ben, don't tease your sister. She brought great news to this house today."

Ben turned to look at me cocking his head in a questioning manner.

"I got accepted to law school."

"Holy shit! That's great," he exclaimed picking me up from my chair and twirling me all around the kitchen. What's with the men of this household having to pick me up all the time? Oh well, deep down inside, I really do like it.

"Ben. Put your sister down. We've got some issues to discuss," Dad interjected.

Ben stopped spinning me around and put me back in my chair, standing over me with his hand on my shoulder.

"Have you told her about the club?"

"Uh," Mom began. "We were just getting around to that."

"Yeah, what's this about a club? Does it have anything to do with Halloween?"

"Oh, does it ever."

"Ben," Mom said raising her voice in frustration. "Let me try to explain in my own way."

"Oh no you don't," my brother interrupted. "You'll just beat around the bush. Sis, it's like this. Mom and Dad are part of a group that uses national holidays as excuses to have kinky sex using various thematic glory holes Dad creates."

I just sat there not comprehending what Ben was saying.

"It's true. They call their club "the hole in the wall gang", after those outlaws back in wild west days."

"The hole in the wall gang?"

"Yup. The hole's where you put your mouth on one side or your gentitals on the other. It's done anonymously so you don't know whose pussy you're eating or whose dick you're sucking."

I still hadn't caught up with what Ben was saying. I think he was saying something about Mom and Dad hosting a party where people put their genitals up to the mouth of the pumpkin, and someone inside the pumpkin uses their mouth to get them off. I said out loud exactly what I had just thought.

"Exactly," Ben acknowledged.

I looked first at Mom and then at Dad. They had this "I just got caught with my pants down playing doctor" kind of look on their faces.

"Dad. Is this true?" I knew Dad never lied.

"Mostly," he said softly.


"Yup. I guess it is as true as true can be."

Then it dawned on me.

"Ben. How do you know all this?"

Ben puffed up a bit and answered. "Cause me and Becky (that's Ben's girlfriend) got invited to the last party on Labor Day."

"You let Becky suck anonymous dick?" I exclaimed.

"Well no. That party had the guys behind the miniature factory wall Dad built in honor of the holiday. The girls, Becky included, sat in a special seat Dad built while we all took turns going down on them."

"Oh my god. You guys are kidding, right? Or maybe I'm still asleep back at school and this is all a dream."

"Nope," Ben said. "Ain't no dream. Here," Ben said taking my hand and laying it on Mom's boob. "Does that feel like a dream?"

"Holy shit. No wonder you didn't want me coming to the party."

"It's not that we didn't want you coming to the party," Dad started to explain.

"It's just," Mom interrupted taking my hand away from her breast, "it's just that we didn't think you'd understand."

"Oh right. You invite my younger brother to a giant pussy feast and you didn't think I'd understand. Hell. I want to come. I love to have my pussy eatin'. Please, I'd love to snuggle up to the giant orange alien's pumpkin head in the back yard and have a bunch of friends and relatives have a go at me."

"Well sweetie," Mom said, kind of squinting her eyes a bit like she was just about to deliver the news there was no Santa. "This party is for the guys. We trade off every other holiday."

"You mean, you and Becks and Aunt Jean are all going to get face fucked on Halloween night and you thought to spare me the details?"

"Sort of," Mom answered sheepishly.

"To hell you are. I'm in. I'm here to tell you once, and only once. I'm in. I'm first in line, and last in line, and I'll be damned if you guys think you can out kink me.

Everyone just stared at me for a minute.

"I mean it. By now you all know I suck cock and though I've never come right out and had a discussion about it with Dad or Ben, Mom you know I like cum. Do you really think I'd pass up the chance to have my face stuffed all night long? To hell with that."

Well that was that. I'd tossed my hat in the ring so to speak. What else could they do but acquiesce. There really was not much of a discussion after that.

After dinner, I asked Dad to take me out to the pumpkin so I could see what it was like.

"Uh, oh," Ben said. "Dad's going to get his second hummer of the day."

I glared at Ben. "I just want to see what it's like inside the pumpkin, dunderhead."

"Hon, go outside and turn on all the lights so Janine can see what the party's going to be like."

Dad went out while I finished my wine.

"If you want to maybe, you know, give it a trial run, it'd be okay with me," Mom said.

"You mean, blow Dad?"

"Well, yeah, I guess that's what I mean," Mom admitted.

"Cool," Ben added. "Dad'll love that."

"Goddamn people. Who kidnapped my family and replaced them with these three perverts. I just want to see what it's like inside. Maybe I'll not like it. Maybe I'll chicken out and go back to campus tomorrow. I just want to see what I'm getting myself into before I make my final decision."

Right. Actually the thought of blowing Dad had crossed my mind a few times since he caught me sucking my boyfriend's dick.

Neither he nor Mom really said much about it and some may say, deep down, maybe I wanted him to catch me. You know, wanted him to see his little baby girl was all grown up.

Yeah. Like he didn't know what those colored bracelets we all wore in high school were about. The only ones I wore were the colors telling those in the know, I'd get naked and give oral, but no vaginal sex. Maybe I clued him in even before it was time for prom. Who knows?

I walked to the window just as the lights came on outside. The jack-o-lantern lit up in the most amazing, deep orange color, sort of like a new and full moon had landed in our back yard. It was really cool.

I walked out by the pool. Dad stood there beaming.

"Pretty cool, huh?" he asked.

"Way cool. Can I see inside?"

"Yeah, the door is over here." Dad took my hand and led me to the side of the giant pumpkin.

Inside was even cooler than I thought it would be. There was room for three or four people to sit comfortably.

Dad had built a bench with a padded covering that was covered with a very soft cotton sheet. This is where I'd sit or kneel if I went through with my overly bravado laden decision. This is where an unknown person's cock would poke through so I could service it with my mouth. Holy cow! Just the thought of a seemingly detached cock poking through the opening so I could suck it was making me wet.

Dad was explaining to me how he'd constructed the ribbing for the pumpkin out of balsa wood with glue and twine holding all the ribs together. As I watched him, I thought, even with something built for as kinky a purpose as this, Dad was still proud of his work. And I was proud of him. Oh, okay. I was proud of him and a bit turned on.

"Dad, if I wanted to give it a trial run, could you maybe go outside and help me out?"

"Wh...what. You mean put my thing through the hole?"

"Yeah Dad. That's exactly what I mean."

"But honey. You don't have to do that. In fact, I'll not participate on Halloween night so you don't have to do me if you go through with staying here."

"But Dad, if I'm in for a penny, I'm in for a pound. Besides, if Ben and Becky come to the party, there's a good chance I might do him too."

"Well, that's true. And your Mom and Aunt Jean both were in line when Ben was servicing the women."

"OMG. You mean Ben ate Mom's pussy?"

"Probably. If not your Mom's then Aunt Jeans for sure."

"That's too hot. Now I got to have a trial run. Go outside Dad. Go outside and stick that cock of yours through this hole so I can catch up with you guys and your kink."

"You sure?"


"Okay. But I got to tell your Mom."

"You don't need her permission."

"Oh. I'm not asking her for permission, I want her to watch."

"Jesus H., as you are so fond of saying. You guys really are kinky."

"Yeah, huh? Ain't it cool?"

So here I was, sitting inside a giant jack-o-lantern, waiting for my dad to get my Mom so she could watch me suck him off. Wow. And I came home to tell them I had a surprise.

Oh well. Sometimes you think you're going one way down the highway and then, just like that, a sign points to a national park you'd never seen and it's detour, detour, detour. I couldn't possibly describe this with any other term. It was a true detour on the highway I'd been traveling and the one I thought I was going take for the rest of my life.

"Hey hon," Mom said opening the side panel and coming inside the pumpkin. "You sure you're ready for all this?"

"God, Mom. I don't even have to think about it. I'm jumping in with my eyes wide open."

"And your mouth, don't forget."

"Yeah. And my mouth."

There was a gentle tapping on the rib outside.

"Ready when you are," I said through the pumpkin's mouth.

I could see just enough to realize my Dad was unzipping his pants. He reached in and hauled out his cock. Damn, I thought. He's got a beautiful cock. It looked like he shaved his pubes and his balls. Great! Just like I like it.

He pressed up against the opening and in flopped his dick. I looked at mom and she smiled a knowing smile.

"Nice, isn't it?" she offered.

"It's beautiful."

I leaned forward and lifted it up for inspection. The only way I could describe it is that it's meaty. It had such a nice girth. I couldn't wait to feel it in my mouth.

I licked the head and wiggled my tongue into the pee slit. It had a slightly acrid taste and I realized Dad must have taken a pee when he went inside to get Mom. I didn't mind. I thought it was fun and oddly, the word that came to my mind was scandalous.

Can you believe it? Here I was, inside a giant pumpkin, licking my father's cock while my mother sat next to me watching. What a life. What a detour. What a scandal.

I heard my Dad moan and smiled at the thought he knew his daughter was about to suck him off, but, because the pumpkin hid me from sight, he could only feel it.

I took him fully into my mouth, feeling his tube fill with blood. It was exciting. Taboo, of course, and that was a big part of it. But the real thrill came from knowing it was okay with Mom. No, I think it was more than that. I think the frosting on the cake, so to speak, was due to the whole kinky, bizarre nature of the encounter.

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