tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHoliday Blackmail Ch. 01

Holiday Blackmail Ch. 01


Tis the Season

I fought my way through the teeming crowds at the mall, inwardly disappointed that I had chosen to subject myself to the hell that is Black Friday shopping. It was 4:30, after work, and a sea of people milled through the mall, some wandering aimlessly and others marching with a purpose in search of specific items to cross off their Christmas lists. I was one of those, in search of the Bigfoot of toys, an elusive scooter that my nephew simply couldn't live without. I had volunteered to help out my single-mom sister by tracking down the toy for her while she worked two jobs to pay for it. Unfortunately the hunt had proved much more difficult than expected. Though I didn't really think I'd find it on the craziest shopping day of the year, I decided I should at least try since she really couldn't afford the toy without a discount.

I had tried several likely stores without luck, and was about ready to give up by 5:00. I wanted to get home in time to make supper for my husband, whose work had kept him so busy that I rarely saw him of late. I could only hope he would actually make it home for the wonderful meal I planned to make him. I had seen so little of him in fact, that I couldn't remember the last time we had made love, or even fooled around. Pushing aside those thoughts, I recommitted myself to the hunt, hoping against hope that the fourth time would be the charm in the busy mall.

I held no high hopes as I entered the store, seeing a swathe of empty shelves in several toy aisles. The store was so emptied out that it wasn't even busy, and even the employees looked bored. I turned down the aisle for bikes and scooters anyway, and was dismayed to see an empty rack where the one I wanted should be. As I started to turn away, a box caught my eye. Up high on the top shelf, in bright blue letters, I saw the chimera: a Razor A Kick Scooter, brand new and still in the box (some assembly required). As I walked towards it, I saw a man come around the corner at the other end of the aisle. Time moved in slow motion as I saw the disappointment register on his own face at the sight of the empty rack. I willed him to move on, but to my dismay, he looked up, and saw the same miraculous box I had. Before I could call out a official "Dibs!" aloud, he reached up, and with the tips of his fingers, began to bring the box down.

"Excuse me!" I said, in a minor panic. "I was actually just about to get that."

He looked at me in confusion. "Well... uh, obviously so was I."

"I know," I argued feebly. "but I did see it first."

"And I touched it first." He said, stubbornness entering his voice.

Quickly seeing that I wasn't going to convince him my taking my current tact, I began to explain to him the trouble I had gone through already to locate this particular toy, and how much it would mean to my sister and her son if he let me have it. Despite what I thought was a compelling and sympathetic story, I saw his eyes begin to glaze over while I told it, and caught him taking a rather unsubtle peek at me, up and down. Glancing down myself, I became very aware of our close proximity, and actually faltered as I noticed an unmistakable lump in the front of his pants. Both horrified and a little flattered, I reminded myself that I was a married woman, and began to sum up my five-point argument for why I should get the toy.

Little did I realize the day this particular guy had been through already. My pleas were falling on deaf ears, as he contemplated nothing but bending me over and fucking me in all manner of positions. Unfortunately for my convincing arguments, the poor man had been teased by his own wife all day with promises of sexual favours later; promised which history had proven to be likely to fall through when the moment came. She had even gone so far as to coax him into entering her briefly before he left the house on his shopping errand, bending over the end of their bed as she changed out of her gym clothes. He had pummelled her, trying to finish as quickly as he could, before they were inevitably interrupted by the sounds of fighting between their kids downstairs. Without a second thought, his wife had pulled herself away and rushed down to be the peacekeeper. Resigned, angry, and filled with pent up horniness, he had zipped up and stormed out of the house, knowing that by the time he made it home she would have developed a headache or other convenient symptom to avoid the deep dicking he desperately needed to give her. Needless to say, he was in no mood to play the sympathetic benefactor.

Thought I didn't know all the background details, I did quickly detect that his patience for my pleas were running out. I was beside myself, wondering what I would do if I lost this chance to secure the toy of my nephew's dreams. Without thinking, I found myself reaching back into my past for a solution; using a tactic I had used for many years before my marriage in order to secure the willing participation of men in my plans. Not even fully considering the implications of my actions I dropped to my knees on the hard tile of the store floor, and began to run my hands over the obvious hard-on jutting from the front of his pants. Without realizing what I was saying I made my offer.

"I'll suck your cock for it."

For his part, he stood, aghast at my actions. For a moment, I saw his pause and consider what was happening, and in that moment I could have died with embarrassment. What the hell was I doing? Offering to blow a man I didn't know, right in the middle of a shopping mall aisle, and all over some stupid kid's toy? Even worse: what if he turned me down! Luckily for me, his wavering conscience lasted only as long as a few ragged breaths before he began to fumble with his own belt. My heart skipped a beat as he undid it, and then his zipper, pulling his pants open just enough to allow my hands to reach inside. I undid the button on his boxers, and reached in to pull out his already raging hard cock. As I leaned forward, I detected a strong and familiar odour. Before I could place it, he was pushing his hips forward, thrusting the head of his cock between my lips.

"Make it fast slut. Ahhhhh yes, just like that." he said.

Without wasting time, I went to work on his cock. I bobbed my head up and down his length moaning softly as I used my tongue to tease the underside of his shaft while I sucked. I reached into his shorts again to pull out his full and heavy ball sack, playing with them in my fingertips. For his part, he quickly realized this wasn't the quick and dutiful head bobbing of a wife and mother, but rather the insatiable worship of one who truly loves to suck cock. Watching an avid fellatrix slide her lips up and down on him was like watching a masterpiece work of art being created by an artist. He felt he was witnessing something truly remarkable, and yet with my well-practiced skills, it appeared to be only a pleasant but mundane task to me. In short, he stood in awe of my voracious mouth, forgetting for a moment that he was standing in the middle of a toy aisle in a department store populated by Holiday shoppers.

Entranced by my work, I never noticed when he reached into his back pocket to remove his cell phone. Working away on his cock with my slippery, sloppy mouth, I didn't realised when he started taping our encounter on it either. With my back to the end of the aisle by the main entrance to the store, I never even noticed when a woman entered it behind my back, taking five steps before realizing what was happening and rushing away with her hands over her mouth. It was only later, when Dave showed me the tape he had made that I saw all that. The only change I was aware of was immediately following that incident, when I felt a strong hand grasp the back of my head and felt him begin to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth without a thought to my comfort.

"Take it!" He commanded. "Take this cock you Christmas whore. Choke on it!"

I gagged willingly on his pole, allowing him to use my mouth, knowing he would cum soon. I moaned a little louder to egg him on, knowing that it would be best to finish up and get out of the store before we were caught. I felt his legs begin to shake, and knew that he was about to cum. Suddenly, and to my dismay, I felt him pull back, and before I could open my eyes or utter a word I felt jet after jet of cum rocket out to splatter my face. His first two shots were incredibly well aimed, plastering both my eyes shut, and his successive blasts proceeded to slather the rest of my face as well. To his credit, he managed to avoid dripping onto my clothes too much, moving in to squeeze the last few drops out onto my upturned face. I opened my mouth to speak, and felt the cum on my lips slide inside onto my tongue. I swallowed his salty seed and before I could say a word, he began to speak.

"Now listen closely, you dirty cum dumpster," he began eloquently. "I'm going to let you have the toy, but this was just a down-payment."

"What -?" I began, before he cut me off.

"If you do not agree to service me a total of ten times, any time, and any place I want, you don't get the toy."

"Okay." I agreed, obviously thinking to renege on the deal later.

As if reading my thoughts, he went on. "And don't think you can weasel out of this you slut. I know you don't realize it, but I just took pictures and video of our fun." Seeing the dismay on my face, he went on. "I can see from that ring that you're married, and I'll bet you don't want those videos making their way onto the internet, with plenty of ads on Craigslist to guide people to them."

"Ten blowjobs," I replied, fluttering my eyelids open to meet his gaze through a thick lens of cum. "and we're even, and I get to delete the tapes?"

"Now you got it." he said, holding out a hand to me. "Now give me your cell phone."

Still in a daze at the turn of events, I did, and he copied my number into his phone.

"When I text you, you'll have an hour to answer me. Remember, we meet whenever, and wherever I choose." He stipulated.

"Okay." I responded.

He leaned down and placed the box on the floor in front of me, giving me a condescending and patronising pat on the head as he stood back up.

"That was pretty damn good, but be ready to go longer next time, I will want to really take those lips for a test drive, slut." he said with a laugh before turning and walking out the aisle the way he came.

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