Holiday Breakdown


He blinked, "Which part?"

"The part about me being the most amazing woman you've ever met?" She said surely as she wiped her nose with her wrist.

Brandon's tongue felt suddenly leaden, "Well, I... I mean... yeah," he resigned himself to his fate as he admitted it, though he was unable to look directly at her.

She took a deep breath and stepped closer to him, "Fuck me, Brandon."

Brandon looked down at her in shock, "What?!"

She swallowed hard as she trembled, "I'm serious... fuck me right now."

Fantasy and reality blurred for a long moment as Brandon's head span. He looked down at his watch and blurted, "We have to open the store in seventeen minutes!"

"You need that long?" She stammered as she reached out to him. Her eyes were filled with longing, and Brandon shook his head fervently.

"Yolie, there are like, a hundred people lined up outside!" He said desperately as his voice cracked.

She looked up at him hungrily, her cheeks still puffy and red from crying, "Please... just hearing you say that you want me...I'm already wet."

Every part of his logic was completely overridden by her brown eyes and her dark hair. His erection strained against his khakis as he became instantly hard, and his chest heaved as he struggled to fight against his lust.

In the end, there was too much negative in his life, and the young woman in front of him was overwhelmingly positive. Before he could think twice, he grabbed her artlessly and kissed her lips hard.

Yolanda opened her mouth with a gasp as she swept her arms around him and hugged him tightly. His tongue was touching hers a second later, and she was kissing him back, her hands already moving over his zipper.

Brandon grunted as he flipped her suddenly and shoved her down onto the breakroom table. Her white tights did little to hide her curvaceous bottom, and he grabbed the material at her waist and yanked them down, panties and all.

Yolanda yelped as she felt herself being exposed suddenly, and she parted her legs as she leaned forward, "Fuck me, Brandon," she repeated as she tilted her hips upward, "Do anything you want to me."

Brandon hissed through clenched teeth as he stared down at his co-workers smooth ass. The song overhead changed to some variation of Jingle Bells, but he didn't notice as he slapped both of his hands down onto each of her cheeks and slid his hands downward slowly. He parted her curves and saw that she wasn't lying: her smooth pussy was glistening and ready. He reached down to his zipper and yanked out his straining cock, not even bothering to undo the top button. He couldn't remember the last time he was so hard as he gripped his length and leveled himself down to her.

"God...yes...fuck!" Yolanda shouted as she felt him penetrate her. He felt warm and full inside of her, and she smiled widely as she braced her palms against the table.

Brandon was incapable of easing into it, and as he felt the hot walls of her pussy around him, he groaned once more and began to fuck her earnestly.

Yolie's eyes rolled as she swayed herself down onto him, urging him to go faster and harder, "Ah, yes!" She bit her lip as her dark hair was tousled about her face. Fresh tears began to stain her cheeks, but they were shed for an entirely different reason. As she bounced on his cock, the tiny bells at the fringes of her skirt jingled rhythmically, and the sounds of her moaning projected loudly over the music.

Brandon leaned over her and thrust himself deeper inside of her. He reached one arm around her torso and grabbed her breasts as he rocked forward. Even through the thick material, she felt incredibly soft, and he squeezed harder as he felt his climax approaching.

As he groped her, Yolanda licked her lips and howled, "It feels so fuckin' good in my tight pussy, Brandon! Please don't stop!"

He didn't want to, but he knew he wouldn't be able to stop his impending orgasm, "Y,Yolie...I can't..." he gasped as he continued to slide in and out of her.

"On my ass! Cum on me!"

Her command threw him over the edge, and he slammed her back down onto the table and pulled out of her. With heavy eyes, he groaned as he squeezed his cock tightly. The opening around his zipper was soaked in both of their fluids, and he could feel his balls straining behind the material as he unloaded in her. His cum sprayed her big ass as he moaned. The thick liquid ran down her supple skin, and he fired the last few shots right onto her cute little puckered asshole. Even as he was still shuddering, his mouth salivated at the sight, and a mania came over him that he couldn't control.

He'd never thought about, never fantasized about it either, but Yolanda's ass looked so amazing, and her little asshole looked so inviting. Before he even knew what he was doing, he reached out with his index finger and gently wiggled it inside of her.

"Holy fucking shit! B,Brandon..." she shivered as her mouth hung open in pleasure and surprise. "What are shit, yes!" She shook as she felt he pussy clench.

Brandon was still rock hard, and even though he'd just climaxed, he wanted her again. He wanted to make her scream and he wanted to be all of the things for her that her boyfriend wasn't. He removed his finger slowly and took hold of himself once more. Drawing forward, he pressed the tip of his dick between her ass cheeks and eased it into her ever so slightly.

" did you..." she winced as a string of drool fell from the corner of her open mouth. "Oh...fuck my ass!"

There was something about those three words that made Brandon's mind melt. Yolie had always been sweet, and though he knew that she wasn't a virgin, he never expected to hear those words come out of her mouth.

His cock went into her tight hole a little more easily than he thought it would. His semen acted as a lubricant, and it gathered around his girth as he cried out. It was a different feeling, but no less pleasurable, and when he'd pushed himself in about halfway he stopped and took a deep breath.

Yolie reached down to her pussy and began to rub her clit as she whimpered, "Gonna cum... please..." she rubbed herself faster as she relished the feeling of being stuffed.

Brandon slid out of her before moving forward again. Slowly, he repeated the motion several times. The song changed as Yolie's legs began to tremble, "Shit," she whispered as she struggled to keep herself upright, "Brandon, I'm..." she closed her eyes as her words were cut off by an intense wave of pleasure.

The two were quite the sight as both of them approached climax; one elf standing over another with his dick buried in her ass. It had been easily less than three minutes since Brandon had unloaded on his coworker, but already he was about to explode. The sound of Yolie's panting was driving him crazy, and just the sight of his cock sliding in and out of her tight asshole was too much to bear.

"Yolie..." he said gutturally as he leaned over her.

"I know, it's okay...go ahead," she uttered with a tortured look of pleasure, "I...ah!" She yelped loudly as she felt a sharp, unexpected strike on her bottom.

Brandon had spanked her hard, and he was already raising his palm to strike her again. Yolie's brown skin was bright red where he'd struck her, and her soft flesh bounced as his hand crashed down on her once more. The song changed once more as his thick cock strained inside of her tight hole, and he wondered distantly how he got where he was. His day had started out so poorly, and the entire week might have been one of the worst of his life, but now... now he was going to inject Yolie's ass with hot cum. He was going to steal her away from her idiot boyfriend and he was going to help her get her grades up...and he was going to fuck her silly every chance he got.

His mind churned like a boiling cauldron as bing Crosby crooned out white Christmas, and he grabbed both of her ass cheeks and cried out as he forced himself all the way inside of her, "Goddammit Yolie, I'm cumming!"

Yolanda barely heard him as her tongue rolled out of her mouth. Her fingers were working feverishly at her wet clit, and when she felt him move deeper inside of her she screamed. Her orgasm assaulted her just as she felt Brandon's hot love filling her hole, and she fell forward and pressed the side of her face against the table as her legs shook.

The curled toes of Brandon's green shoes pressed against her ankles as he felt her pulsing around him. He panted over her for a long moment, wishing desperately that they had more time together. Then, he drew out slowly with a long groan before he winced down at his watch.

Yolie managed to peel her face away from the table, "W,what time is it?" She asked, still shaking.

"Five till," Brandon murmured as he staggered over to the sink. Clumsily, he turned on the water and began to wash his hands.

A moment later, Yolie stumbled up beside him, "I' the doors and make sure there's no trash," she said as she reached for the soap.

"Yeah...I'll get the registers," Brandon breathed his reply as he dried his hands.

Yolanda nodded while looking straight ahead, and Brandon tried to ignore her as she dried her haha on a bunch of paper towels before using them to wipe her bottom.

"Thanks for shopping at Menley's, good luck out there today!" Yolanda smiled as she handed a receipt to the customer standing in front of the counter.

"Thanks for coming in, have a great day!" Brandon stood several feet beside her at the next register.

There were a dozen people still in line waiting to check out, but Interestingly enough, both Brandon and Yolanda looked genuinely happy. As the classic Christmas music droned throughout the store, it didn't bother the young store manager as much as it had earlier.

Once they'd opened the doors, there had been a nonstop stream of customers that wanted to be in and out as soon as possible, so neither of them had left the registers for over an hour. In the rush, Brandon hadn't so much as had time to even look at his coworker, let alone say anything to her. Even so, the tension that had grown between them had seemed to dissipate, and the morning hadn't been nearly as terrible as Brandon had thought it would be.

The next customer in Yolie's line, an elderly woman wearing far too much foundation, stepped up to the counter and set a few toys down, "Oh my, look at you: you're just the cutest thing!" She exclaimed with a wide smile.

Yolanda blushed slightly as she began ringing up the items, "Oh, thanks," she laughed nervously.

The woman went on, "The store looks so great, and you two did such a great job setting things up. I'm going to tell Mr. Menley what a great job you two did!" Her wrinkles bunched up at her cheeks as she winced, "You know, I've seen Menley hire a bunch of lazy college kids over the years, but you two are by far the best, most professional pair he's ever hired!"

Yolanda laughed nervously as she shot a look over to her co worker. Brandon had just finished up with another customer and was overhearing the conversation, and his eyes met hers. He grinned widely, "Well, thank you, Mrs. Rierson, we try very hard."

The old woman smiled as she handed Yolanda a fifty, "Well, keep up the good work; don't you push her too hard now," she added, as she pointed at Yolanda.

Yolanda's face turned several shades of red as she completed the purchase and made change, and Brandon just nodded, "I won't, I promise. Merry Christmas, Mrs. Rierson."

The elderly woman took her change and her items as she waved, "Merry Christmas to both of you, good luck!"

"Merry Christmas," Yolie said quietly with a smile as the woman turned. She wasn't looking at Mrs. Reirson, however, but at Brandon.

Brandon gave her a queasy smile as he felt butterflies in his stomach, "Merry Christmas, Yolie."

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