Holiday Ch. 02


The week progressed and I was still thinking about my secret Halloween fuckfest. I've always considered myself a straight male but my session seemed to keep popping up in my mind.

It was an unusual experience that not too many men can say they've had an opportunity to participate in and enjoy; which I surely did.

My dilemma was whether to tell my wife or not.

If I tell her...will she forgive me...was it really my fault...or was I a victim whether I enjoyed it or not?

I know Trish well; if I tell her she's definitely going to ask me if I enjoyed it or not, and that's a cause for concern.

Trish saw me, I was stoned out of my mind...but will she accept this as an excuse or use it against me.

To make matters worse, Trish just called and informed me that we were going over to her boss's house again for Thanksgiving dinner; I was totally shocked.

"Hey honey," Trish said as she walked back to the kitchen when she got home.

"You can't be serious?" was the first words that came from my mouth.

"Well, he said I was in the lead for the new management position and I should really considering on attending," she insisted.

"Did you tell him we had other plans?"

"Yes, but he strongly suggested that I really should consider attending due to all the new connections I could possibly make,"

"Seriously, how about my parents,"

"Just tell them it's a chance of life time for me, I'm sure they'll understand,"

""You can always find another job,"

"None that pays this kind of money though,"

"What kind of money are we talking about?"

"Two-hundred thousand for starters,"

"From an eighty-thousand a year personal aide to a two-hundred-thousand manager is a huge position/salary raise. What are you doing...fucking him?" I laughed.

She stood and stared at me.

"I'm sorry...bad joke,"

"My hard work and long hours has finally paid off and you're joking about it?"

"I'm sorry,"

"If I was a male aide and was in consideration for a higher position with more money would you ask the same question?"

"Sorry...really," I said as I hugged her.

"Don't count on getting between my legs anytime soon,"

"Same 'ol," I muttered.

"What did you say?"


" better not blow this for me,"

"I won't...what do you need me to do?"

"The party is a colonial theme and since everyone loved Pocahontas he wants you to be her again for Thanksgiving,"

Again, I was blown away but on the bright side

I did enjoy the benefits last time I was Pocahontas.

"Well?" she inquired.


"No argument?"

"No, whatever you need honey,"

"Thank you," she kissed me on the cheek, "but you're still not getting lucky due to that stupid joke."

"That figures,"


"I wouldn't expect anything less,"

"Shut up, I'm going out with Suzy tonight; don't wait up for me,"

"Are you doing Suzy too?"

"You're gross,"

"You forgot horny!"

"I'm going to change clothes and meet up with Suzy,"

"Where are you going?"

"Keeping tabs on me?"

"We always tell each other where we're going just in case..."

"We haven't made plans yet we're just going to wing it,"

"Have it your way but two can play that game,"

"What do you mean?"

"We haven't had sex in a while and now you refuse to tell me where you're headed,"

"I've just been tired that's all,"

"But not too tired to spend time with your friends,"

"I work all day, come home late, it's my one chance to get away from everything,"

"Fine," I said giving in again.

She was gone about five minutes before I grabbed a beer, then another, then another.

"Ding Dong," my cell phone rang.

"I'm coming cell phone...I'm coming,"

"Ding Dong,"

"Hello," I answered.

"Hello Pocahontas this is Mr Hutchinson," the voice said on the other end.

"Hello Mr Hutchinson,"

"I'm sorry to bother you but I have a job offer for you,"

"Thanks, but I'm happy where I'm at Mr Hutchinson,"

"Happy enough to turn down a half million a year?"

"Sounds too good to be true,"

"Why don't you come and we can discuss it,"


"How about now,"

"Well...sure, why not,"

"Great, but there's one stipulation,"

"What is it?"

"The deals for Pocahontas so if you could humor me and come exactly like you for the Halloween Party I would appreciate it,"

I thought about it.

"It's a deal worth half a million,"

"It'll take me at least forty minutes to get ready,"

"I'll be taking a swim so I'll leave the door unlocked for you,"

"Sounds like a deal,"

"Oh yeah, just one more thing,"


"Don't tell Trish...let's talk about it first; she may get jealous,"

"No problem Mr Hutchinson,"

"Please, call me Rick,"

"Okay Rick, see you in forty,"

"Looking forward to it,"

We hung up.

I had forty minutes to shower, shave, dress, and do my makeup.

Once there, I made my way to the pool area where Mr, I mean Rick, said he would be. He was floating on his back as I entered the pool area.

"Rick," I called.

"Pocahontas!" he exclaimed as he exited the pool.

He was completely nude as he walked to grab a towel from a table. He was definitely fit and healthy; I couldn't keep my eyes off his semi-erect cock; it was bigger than mine.

"Glad you could make it," he said running the towel through his hair.

"Thanks for inviting me,"

"Please...the female voice if you would,"


"Better...would you like a drink?"

"Sure, straight rum would be nice,"

"Sorry, I like swimming in the nude when nobody is around," he said making his way behind the pool bar.

"I understand,"

"There you straight rum and the bottle," he said as he walked around the bar and handed me my drink and the bottle.

"Thank you," is all I could say at the time.

"Don't mention it; we'll be a while," he said as he put on a robe and grabbed a fresh drink off the edge of the bar.

"I'm really not the CEO type," I laughed.

"It's more of an advertising job actually,"

"I'm not really a salesperson either,"

"Let's move inside shall we,"

We walked into the great room where he took the chair at the end of two couches while I sat on the edge of the couch.

"Actually, I need a company face,"

"What does that have to do with me?"

"Well...I've decided to go into the tobacco industry and last night I thought...Pocahontas!

Pocahontas would be the perfect company name,"

"I still don't know what you would need me for," I said pouring myself another drink.

"I want you to be my spokeswoman,"

"What?" I laughed.

"You have the perfect look,"

"But I'm not a woman," I laughed.

"But you have the perfect look; would take too much time to find someone else when she's right in front of me,"

By this time I finished my second drink and was pouring my third.

"Your job description would be to tour and make appearances, make commercials and attend functions. All inclusive; cab fares, travel, lodging. You decide and the company flips the bill; what more could you ask for?"

"Wow," I said pouring a forth.

"Still, I'm wife..." I started.

"Let's face it, she's good, but she hasn't...let's just say...I don't think she's management material,"

"So it's doubtful she'll be moving up,"


"I understand," I stated as the alcohol started to wear on me.

Who was I kidding, I was wasted, a few beers and three straight rums. I was all smiles and couldn't keep my eyes off his crotch; and I think he knew it.

"Listen, there are a lot of female impersonators that can't hold a candle to you so what's holding you back?"

"Maybe I'm scared,"

"You weren't scared at the Halloween Party,"

I felt the smile on my face.

"Everyone was impressed by you; I'm sure Trish told you,"

I was mesmerized by his good looks and manliness.

"This ought to put things into perspective," he said handing me his phone.

It was a video of my Halloween performance...but

I could only smile.

"This is in no way a bribe,"

My heart sped as my head lightened.

"That and anything else that happens from here on out will only be between you and me,"

I looked at him, his robe was open, and he had a massive hard on.

"Everything else that happens from here on out will only be between you and me,"

My heart raced and so did my mind; I was sexually turned on by the entire situation.

"Our little secret,"

My knees hit the maple hardwood floor, my hands grabbed the chairs arms, and my mouth engulfed his large cock.

"That's it Pocahontas; enjoy the moment," he spoke softly.

"Mmm," I continued as my mouth rode his shaft.

He removed the phone from under my left hand.

I grabbed his cock with my right hand and stroked his shaft as I continued to suck him.

"Ah!" he exclaimed about twenty minutes into my exercise.

He was about to come and I didn't let up on him.

"Ah!" he screamed as he filled my mouth with his jizz.

His satisfaction excited me and I swallowed as fast and as much as I could.

"That was fantastic!" he exclaimed as I continued.

Once his cock stopped convulsing I released it and lapped up whatever escaped.

"I want to fuck you now," he said softly.

I immediately turned, placed my forearms on the glass coffee table, and rested my head upon them.

"Good girl," he whispered.

I don't know how he knew he would get me into this position but he did. He spread lube over my rear door and then pushed some deep into my canal with his fingers.

"Yes," I muttered.

He mounted me and entered me, his huge cock slipping slowly past my sphincters and deep into me. He definitely took his time appreciating my willingness to please him.

I took a deep breath then exhaled as he began slowly fucking me.

"Oh yeah,"

"Mmm," I raised my as to meet him.

We kept this pace up until he could slide in and out of me easily.

"Yes," he moaned as he continued.

"Ah...ah...ah," I continued as the pace quickened.

His pace was steady when his cell phone rang.

"It's your wife; I think I'll take it," he said not missing his rhythm.

"Ah...ah..ah," I continued hearing him but not caring if I was found out.

"Hello," he answered.

"Mmm...mmm," I sounded in utter enjoyment.

"What is it Trish," he said as his balls started to slap my ass.

I giggled in enjoyment taking in the circumstances thinking Trish was fucking her boss when I actually am...or the other way around.

"Trish...Trish, you've worked hard just enjoy your time off.

"Mmm," I muttered as I pushed harder meeting his thrusts.

"I'm actually offering your husband a job with the company right now,"

I turned slightly to see his eyes beaming down; he never slowed down.

"We can talk about the offer later; we're just getting into the tail end of things now,"

"Ah!" I accidentally squealed loud enough for Trish to hear me.

"Bye Trish," he said as he hung up and tossed the phone on the couch then proceeded to pound me.

"Ah yes...yes...ah...ah...oh gauwd...yes...ah," I shrilled.

"Trish has no confidence to be in management,"

"Ah yes...yes...ah...ah...oh gauwd...yes...ah," I carried on.

"Not like you Pocahontas," he admitted.

"Ah yes...yes...ah...ah...oh gauwd...yes...ah," I expelled in excitement.

He fucked me relentlessly for at least thirty minutes before he came deep inside of me.

"Oh gaud," he yelled as he released rope after rope.

I came again hearing his excitement and was well spent, tired, and glad he invited me over for a good ass fucking.

"Thank you," he muttered as he pulled out from me and plopped into his arm chair.

I quickly turned and licked him clean as he rested his hand on the top of my head.

He laughed.

I finished and took a few sips from my glass between my panting.

"Did you enjoy yourself," he asked.

"Most definitely," I answered taking a few more sips.

"I would like to continue our little affair," he stated.

"Okay," I smiled just catching my breath.

"When are you free?"

"I'll make time,"

"Good girl; about my offer..."

"I'll take it,"

"There's more to the contract then..."


"I'm taking my company on a vacation, a cruise ship will take us to the lower islands, and it's actually a work vacation. They'll have to keep up on a few things but basically it's a typical vacation; a Christmas present from the company. There, you'll have to show yourself as Pocahontas; a symbol to the brand,"


"You'll have to get implants; Pocahontas will have to show cleavage,"

"Okay," I was wasted and wanted his cock inside of me again.

"Should I get the contract?"

"Can I stay tonight?'

"How about Trish?"

"She told me not to wait up for here; two can play that game,"

"The contract?" he smiled.

"Fuck me again?"

"I'll get the contract,"

"In the morning; fuck me!"

He did, he fucked me again, and again in his bed at sunrise. We had a hardy breakfast and another session before I signed the contract.

It was all there, everything he explained to me, including the five-hundred thousand a year salary.

He walked me to the door, gave me my first kiss, and told me he would see me Thursday.

Trish and I showed up as Martha Washington and Pocahontas. We mingled, ate, drank, mingled and then went home.

But the most exciting part of the night was when Rick and I sneaked out behind the bushes where I gave him a blow job and later behind the pine trees for another ass fucking.

Even without the contract I think I got the better deal.

I can't wait for Christmas!

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