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Holiday Frustration


I am a very sexual person. My parents divorced when I was young. My father was an immigrant, and wished to achieve the American dream of being a millionaire. He worked ridiculous hours and did not have a lot of time for his children. My mother also worked. When she was home, she was more of a friend than a parent to my siblings and I. I was not given many boundaries, and therefore, I exploited that.

I slept with many men in my younger years. And I developed a fierce sexual appetite. I had olive skin and dark features. My Persian-side provided an exotic look that men desired. But I also had classic curves. Large breasts, a thick ass, athletic build. Men desired me, I desired them. I had needs.

And then I met my now-husband, Tom. When we first got together, things sexually were very hot and heavy. But as time went on, his sexual desires seemed to wane. At first, I wondered if it was me or if he was having an affair. He always insisted it was not me, and spoke of stress at work, or that he was not feeling well. It made me feel as though I was not sexually desirable to him.

Everything else was great, which is why I married him. But these frustrations only got worse in the first months of our marriage. It was only natural that I would fill that need somehow. There were many candidates. His best friend, a new male co-worker, our neighbor. All seemed to show an interest. But the answer came over this holiday from two unlikely sources, and ended up being one of the sluttiest days of my life.

It was important to Tom and I to try to visit both families over the Christmas holiday. My family was spending Christmas Day at my Aunt and Uncle's new home. My husband's family was going to be at his parent's house. So we made arrangements to visit my husband's parents earlier in the day and then head to my Aunt and Uncle's that evening. I picked Tom's clothes for the day. I chose a festive vest and tie to go with some light tan khaki corduroy pants. I chose a silk red blouse and black skirt that went to just above my knee with some glittery thigh-high stockings underneath.

When we went to my in-laws, we spent much of our time in their basement. They had finished it into quite the showcase. They had a full-bar with draft beer, a giant tv complete with sound system, a pool table, and a wine cellar. We were planning on having an early afternoon dinner, but in the meantime we ate Christmas cookies and opened gifts.

My mother-in-law was very domestic, but my father-in-law was a retired businessman who had been extremely successful. He had just retired this past year, and spent much of his time traveling to play golf with many of his best old work associates around the country. My husband had confided in me that he thought his father had cheated on his Mom many times, but they had never divorced.

I saw why he thought that. Tom's father, Big John as many called him including myself, was not just a titan of industry. He was extremely attractive. He was tall, 6'3". He was in incredible physical shape, especially for a man of 60 years. He just looked...virile.

At some point, Jane, Tom's mother, said the meat was probably ready and she was going to get the rest of the food ready. She asked Tom for assistance cutting the meat upstairs. "Are you going to be okay down here?" Tom inquired.

"Yes," I said.

"Why don't we play some pool?!" boomed Big John.

"Sure!" I agreed. Tom smiled and nodded and headed upstairs with his Mom.

Big John and I had not really spent a lot of time alone together before. Every time I did, I felt a little nervous. He was this extremely handsome, successful, older man. I tried to keep from thinking about him too often because, I really was quite attracted to him. I got the feeling, he knew that too. But it never stopped him from checking me out, even in front of his son and wife. He seemed to do whatever the hell he wanted, and I think that alpha-maleness attracted me even more. Especially now that my husband was not meeting my sexual needs.

Big John and I started to chat as he ran the table the first game. He smelled amazing, I was not sure what aftershave he wore but it was intoxicating.

"Well, I am warmed up. Let's play for something, shall we?" he declared.

"Umm, I don't really play much so you'll just win! Why would I play for something?" I asked.

"Why, indeed! 20 bucks a ball, then?" he bellowed.

"I'm not even sure we have enough cash," I answered.

"Well, we will figure something out," he said as he broke.

Needless to say, he ran the table again.

"We will play again after dinner, give you a chance to win your money back," he said.

"Big John, we're leaving after dinner," I replied.

"Oh," a smile crept across his face. "If you can't pay up, what do you say I get a look at those ta-ta's."

"Big John!" I laughed. "You can't be serious."

"Oh, you know I am."

He had a devious smile on his face. He looked devilishly handsome in that moment. And he was staring holes in my blouse.

"I guess...but right here? Tom or Jane could come down here at any minute."

"It will still be a few minutes for them, but come over in here," he was leading me back to a storage area they had in their basement. We got back there and he held the door open as he turned the light on. There was actually a lot more space in there then I thought. There were shelves lining the walls and Big John seemed to keep the area nice and neat.

"Well?" he said.

I began to unbutton my blouse as I maintained eye contact with my father-in-law. I was incredibly turned on and was not sure what was going to happen, but the possibilities were running through my mind like crazy. As I took my blouse off, my father-in-law was breathing heavier. "What about the bra?"

"Okay...I guess"

I reached around and undid the clasp as I freed my tits from my black bra. It landed next to my blouse on the floor as I was now completely topless in my in-law's basement in front of my gorgeous father-in-law.

"May I?" he asked, as his hands reached towards my chest. This was the first time in our entire relationship Big John had ever asked me anything. He usually just demanded things. Quite frankly, I had never seen him ask anyone anything. The fact that the sight of my tits had this silverback in a position of submission was incredibly liberating for me and such a turn on.

"Might as well," I said as I got closer to him. He pulled up a stool from his work bench and sat on it as he caressed my tits. Just having your breasts mauled is not really a turn on, but the position I was in with my father-in-law, in his house, my husband upstairs with his mother, and this alpha male under my power, did. I was moaning every so often, especially when he started to play with my nipples.

He licked his fingers and was tweaking them. They were hard and it felt good. Suddenly, he pulled me closer and leaning his face close to mine. I realized the decision whether more was going to happen was now up to me. Me, who had been having sex once every couple weeks instead twice a day as my sex drive demanded. Obviously, I went in for the kiss. I was now making out with my father-in-law while topless.

His hands dropped from my tits to my waist, and started to pull down my skirt and g-string. I straightened my legs to allow gravity to provide some help. They joined my blouse and bra on the floor. His tongue exited my mouth, and he stood up from the stool. Suddenly, I felt tiny again. He pushed my head down as I knelt on the floor and I knew what was coming. He removed his belt, pants, and boxers and this beautiful cock sprang forth. I took hold of it with my right hand and kissed along its side as I made eye contact with my father-in-law. I moved to the side and took one of his beautiful balls in my mouth and sucked on it for a moment before moving to the head of his cock. I again, kissed it and then began to take him in my mouth.

I had not had a cock in my mouth in months, and it felt right. As I was feeling more lost in lust, he began to push my head into him, fucking my face. I started to sit up because I wanted him to fuck his daughter-in-law, but he pushed back down. I knew he wanted to coat my throat with his cum. I licked the underside of his shaft and then cupped his balls as I pushed him back between my lips. I was giving him just a little bit of friction with my teeth and I gained a rhythm. I began to feel him twitch in my mouth and then felt the first splash hit the back of my throat. I knew I needed to lap up every little bit, because we had no place to clean up. He tasted amazing, so that didn't matter.

When he finished cumming, I stood up and licked my lips. We made eye contact again, and the silverback responded. He turned me around and pushed me against the shelving. I stuck my ass out and felt his fingers explore my pussy lips. I was so excited for what could come next.

"Dinner's ready!" I heard from upstairs.

"Better get dressed," Big John said as he fixed his pants and walked out.

WHAT!??!?!?! After all of that! I needed my satisfaction and he was walking away. What horrible timing. I got fixed up and headed upstairs for dinner.

On the drive to my Aunt and Uncle's, I was so frustrated. After months of dissatisfaction, I had one of the hottest experiences of my life in my in-law's basement with my father-in-law and I still had not cum. I realized fully that our relationship's dynamic had changed forever, and he would be fucking me sometime soon, but that did not help me tonight. That did not help my needs at that very moment.

On the drive to my Aunt and Uncle's is when I decided to take advantage of a very special person that had shown sexual interest in me for a long time, my Uncle Steve. I had grown up spending a lot of time at Steve's. He had married my Aunt, and had several children. He was a police officer and was not in the best shape, but my Aunt had told me he was well-endowed in one of her drunken confessions. Now they had moved into a new home and were hosting the Christmas holiday. I had seen the house before they moved in and knew there was plenty of space to sneak away. I began to formulate a plan, to seduce him, but also to manipulate some alone time. I decided to take control of two factors: 1. our family's gift exchange, 2. Steve's annoying tendency to give tours to show off collectibles that we had all seen hundreds of times.

When we arrived, I volunteered to organize the gift exchange. Since I come from a family of non-planners, this was something people were all too eager to hand-off. Of course, all I had to do was make sure that Steve and I went early and my husband and aunt went late. Then, they would have to sit there all the way through, and I could ask Uncle Steve to see what he had done with the collectibles at the new house.

Sure enough, that is exactly what happened. However, my plan was still foiled. But in the best way possible. After we opened our gifts, I headed into the kitchen with Steve while the rest of the family was assembled in the family room.

"This is a lovely house, Uncle Steve," I said. "What did you do with the collectibles?"

"Actually, I sold them!" he replied.

"What!?" I gasped.

"Yeah, I need to be thinking about what I am doing post-retirement and I started going to massage school."

"Really," I grinned, liking where this was going.

"Yeah, so I sold the collectibles to buy a really nice massage table and for my tuition."

"Is your massage table here?"

"Upstairs, we've set up one of the rooms for it. I need to get a certain amount of hours as part of my training."

"I'd love to get a massage! Could we do one now?" I exclaimed.

"Umm," he peaked around the corner. "I guess, but it'd have to be quick. You could just come by another time?"

"Oh I definitely will come back another time, but I'd like to get a quick feel for it first if that's okay?"

"Sure, this way" as he led me upstairs.

Once we got upstairs, he led me to a room at the end of the hall that had been set up beautifully. It had a little fountain, and the windows were curtained off. He flipped the light on and the massage table sat in the middle of the room. There was a station for him with oils, etc.

"Uncle Steve, this is amazing! You wouldn't mind doing one quick 15 minute massage? Please! They're all going to be busy for an hour or so!" I said.

"I suppose. Why don't you get ready and I will step out for a minute? Towels are over there," he pointed towards the towels and closed the door.

I did not intend to leave my underwear on. He was going to caress my body and then he was going to satisfy my needs with that long, thick cock of his. This wasn't like before, about the attraction I felt to my father-in-law. This was about a man, I knew wanted me. That had the equipment to satisfy me. And he was going to be made to satisfy me.

I stripped naked and put the towel over my ass, but low enough on my hips so that he immediately would be able to tell I was naked. "I'm ready," I called.

He came in, and I thought he would swallow his tongue. This was his niece he had lusted over for years. His niece who would babysit his kids and tease him with her gorgeous body. His niece who came over to use the pool, but just laid out oiling her olive skin and beautiful, thick, athletic body for hours. His niece was now naked and about to be touched by him.

He tried to regain his professional composure. "Any problem areas?" he asked as he dimmed the lights.

"The top of my hamstrings," I confidently said.

"Oh," as he cleared his throat. He was caught between being insanely turned on and trying to remain professional in this new career of his. I doubt he had much experience with massaging women who looked like me.

"Quite frankly, since we only have 15 minutes, if you want to just focus on my hamstrings the whole time, that would be fine. I can come back another time for a full-body," I said.

"Okay, no problem," he put some oil on his hands and settled over my right hip. He began to work the oil into my right leg. I knew not to make a move right away, I would let him dig his own grave.

He then moved around my head, and began to work oil into my left leg. It felt great. For a beginner, he was doing a nice job. But this was not about relaxation. No amount of massaging was going to scratch my itch.

He then moved to the end of the table, and when he did I subtly spread my legs a little wider. As he began to massage my legs from the end of the table, there is no way he was not getting a view of my exposed pussy.

Again, he moved to the side of the table near my right hip. I looked up at him for the first time and smiled. "This feels great, Uncle Steve. You have great hands," I said.

"Thank you, you have a wonderful body to work with," he smiled.

I glanced down and saw he was hard and knew that I had him. He began to work my right hamstring. I asked him to go higher and he felt the towel move. With my left hand, I grabbed the towel away and said, "You really need to get higher, so we don't need to worry about the towel."

I had now completely exposed my ass to my Uncle and was completely naked and oiled in front of him. I glanced back at him. He seemed stunned as he stared at my perfect ass.

I sat up and was now completely naked in front of my Uncle. He was just staring at me.

"You've lusted after me a long time, Uncle Steve. And today, you will be servicing me." I pushed my pelvis forward and moved his face down towards my pussy as I spread my legs. He dove his face into me and quickly found my clit with his tongue.

I felt a surge of ecstasy. This man could eat pussy. He was lapping up my juices, but the real reason I had chosen him was to fuck that monster cock.

I pulled him up and moved off the massage table. I removed his pants and boxer shorts as the biggest cock I had ever seen sprang free. It was so huge it was almost disgusting. How the hell did this fat, ugly, beat-cop have such a monster? I bent over the table and spread my legs.

He moved between my legs and started to maneuver his cock towards my love box. I was not looking for love making. I was looking to get fucked. I looked back at him, "Be a man and fuck your niece, Uncle Steve" egging him on.

He did. He rocked back those hips and pushed forward with that thing. If I was not so turned on from the earlier days activities, I don't think he would have been able to push forward like that. But he did. And it felt amazing. He seemed to be hitting my cervix as he fucked me deep and hard.

Finally, I felt my orgasm approaching and needed him to continue. But as I did, I could also feel that he was getting close as he began to make those grunting noises you hear from a man who is about to cum and is trying to hold back. I needed him to continue and not hold back, this was months of frustration built up to this moment. I turned and said, "Cum inside your niece's pussy, if you're man enough."

I felt his cum begin to fill me up just as I climaxed. I bit my lip to prevent screaming and shaking the whole house. He spanked my ass hard as he came. I almost blacked out from the sensation.

I turned around as he pulled out of me, and said, "Thank you, Uncle Steve. I may be coming back for more another time." I kissed him and he kissed me back. The slut was back. I had an Adonis on one side of the family and a slave on the other.

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Dripping wet

I loved it... My pussy is so wet right now I am going to see if you have any other submissions... If not keep writing... I was great!!!

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Great story

Love to read about confident women who are not afraid to go after what they crave.

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She's a grad school level slut with a wimp hubby!!! She should bring guys home to Fuck so useless can watch.

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wow, what a slut... time for a divorce

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