tagGroup SexHoliday Fun Pt. 01

Holiday Fun Pt. 01


The holiday was going great, the apartment was fantastic, the food was good and we hadn't seen a cloud in the sky for the three days that we had been here. We spent all day relaxing round the pool and drinking. At about 5ish we would go back up to our apartment to get ready for dinner and a few more beers.

On this evening when we got back we decided that after dinner we would go out into town to see what the local nightlife was like and to see if we could find a club. We got ourselves ready, me in my usual t-shirt and shorts and you wearing a short black skirt and a tight fitting, low-cut top that showed off your huge tits to perfection.

After dinner we wondered down to the town and hit our first bar. The place was a little empty, so we just had the one drink and moved on. We found a couple more bars that were livelier and had quite a few more drinks in these while we chatted away.

At about half past 10 we decided it was time to try and find a club before they got too busy. We walked around for about 20 minutes looking and were about to give up when we heard music coming from down a side street. Off we wondered up the street and sure enough, there was a club!

'Wait a minute' you said, 'look at the poster!'

I turned to look behind me and the poster said 'Male Strippers - Here tonight!'

I said 'Well it doesn't bother me if you want to go in, I could do with a drink and I don't think we will find anywhere else.'

Inside the club was fairly quiet, in all I would say there was about 30 or 40 people in there, mainly couples, but a couple of groups of men and women. We made our way to the bar, ordered a couple of drinks and found a table about half way between the bar and the stage.

After a few more drinks the strippers came on. Typically muscular hunk types stripping off their clothes down to a black and a red thong and dancing up to woman in the crowd. By this stage you were starting to get a bit tipsy and you was cheering and shouting for them to take it all off along with a few of the other women, but they didn't - yet. Soon they left the stage and returned 10 minutes later in new outfits. They asked for a volunteer and arms went straight in the air at the same time that you asked me if I minded. One of the strippers noticed you and immediately ran over to us. He dragged you up onto the stage and had you sat on a chair before I could even answer your question!

The other stripper was doing the same with another girl.

It all started a little like a bit of fun with the guy stripping to his thong and straddling you. He made thrusting gestures towards your mouth and you laughed at him and said something. He took your hand and made you stroke his caged cock - wanking him through his thong. You looked over to me and shrugged your shoulders. I just smiled at you and nodded my encouragement. Next the stripper moved behind you and started fondling your tits through your tight fitting top. You moved his hands away.

Next, he came back around in front of you and had you remove his thong, unleashing a 9 inch hard cock. You just looked at it amazed. Pulling up your top in a quick move he pushed his massive member between your exposed tits. You were as red as a beetroot. He kept thrusting as you tried in vain to pull down your top. He stepped back and you managed to pull it down over your now hard nipples. He leant under the chair and pulled out a towel and wrapped it around his waist, moving back towards you, he opened the towel so that only you could see his cock and passed you a tin of squirty cream, which you squirted all over his hard cock, he pulled your head into the towel and held it behind your head. After a few seconds I could tell that your head was moving and I wondered if you were actually sucking his cock or just pretending, I didn't have to wait long to find out as the stripper let one side of the towel slip giving the whole audience a fantastic view of his hard cock disappearing into your mouth and down your throat!

All this time the other stripper was doing the same with the other girl.

After a little while of you sucking him he sat on your knee and grabbed your hand and made you wank his rock hard cock. You looked across at me a little concerned about where all this was going, I just gave you the thumbs up and blew you a kiss. You smiled back at me from the stage.

He took your hand and pulled you off the chair making you lay down on your back on the floor. I was certain that you had no idea it was going to turn out anything like this and nor did I.

The stripper sporting a raging hard on straddled you in a 69 fashion and pushed your legs far apart and pulled up her skirt - not that it needed much pulling up. A big smile appeared on the strippers face, and a few of the audience when they realised that you had no knickers on! Your pussy was on full view of everyone, and from where I sat it looked very wet, glistening in the stage lights. His cock wobbled from side to side just in front of your face and you reached one hand up and started to wank it again, flicking your tongue against the head.

By now the strippers head was between your legs moving around and around. His hands held your legs wide open mid-thigh as he seemed to suck and lick your pussy. Your eyes were closed and you weren't moving but your mouth was slightly open. Your back was arching more and I knew there was a good chance you would come because I could hear you starting to moan from where I was sitting. He really was going down on you - not pretending at all! You started to tense up and you pulled your feet up to your bum as the stripper continued to suck and lick. His fingers toyed with your clit. You started to moan even louder before guiding his cock into your mouth with your hand and then sucking hard on his bell end and wanking him.

You sucked him deeper and deeper into your mouth until you could take no more and started to gag. Letting his cock slip out of your mouth you continued to wank his wet, slippery shaft, going faster and faster the closer you reached orgasm. Just as you came, so did he, sending spurt after spurt of his thick white cum onto your face and all around your mouth.

After a few seconds, the stripper pulled away and stood up. You looked a little embarrassed when you sat up and saw all the audience sat there clapping what you and the other girl had just done. As you stood up some of the strippers cum dripped off your chin and went straight down your cleavage, you looked at the other girl who was in a similar state to you and you both headed off the stage straight to the toilets.

You didn't appear from the toilets for about 20 minutes. I was quite concerned, and was just about to ask someone to go in and check if you were alright when you came out the door all smiles and still looking a little embarrassed. You came over to me and apologised for taking so long, you said that his cum was everywhere and it took you ages to clean it all off. You asked if I was ok with what had happened, I just put your hand onto the front of my shorts so that you could feel my hard cock through them, that was all the answer you needed!

After another couple of drinks we left and headed back to our apartment. When we got back I grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge and we went out onto the balcony. As we sat down, we heard voices from the balcony next to us. We looked over and there was a young couple sat there with a couple of beers themselves just chatting away to each other.


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