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Holiday Giving


It was Christmas Eve just before noon when Kathleen decided to go to the gym for a workout. Her boyfriend was tied up with family obligations and unable to join her, so she decided to make the short drive to the gym, spend about an hour there, then return home to begin getting ready for her drive to the city to spend time with her family.

Upon arriving at the gym, she noticed that the parking lot was nearly empty. Thinking that they might be closed, Kathleen walked up to the door anyway. Pulling at the door, she found it open. Swiping her membership tag, she noticed that there was only one other person working out aside from the lone female employee at the front desk. She had seen the blond working out previously at the gym and had been amazed by her hair and her body. Lean, sculpted, without being too much so for a woman, and an ass that defied description would be the way that Kathleen would describe this wonderful looking young woman. Probably in her early 30s, Kathleen often was mesmerized by her back side as the blond worked hard on the stair stepper. Kathleen would ride the bike, taking the stationary model directly behind the blond so she could admire the way her sweet derriere moved side to side, up and down, so well defined.

Kathleen was not in any way a lesbian, and had hardly ever even entertained the thought of entering a relationship with another woman. She and her boyfriend had sometimes talked about him watching her with another woman while the two beautiful women pleasured each other, but she never had seriously thought about being with another female while her boyfriend was not present. She never thought she could have done that, anyway -- she never thought that anything like that type of behavior would ever be in her repertoire of sexual experiences. Not until two days previously, that is, when she had been on the bike behind this blond beauty while she worked out on the stair stepper. Kathleen at that time could not help but have her mind drift to seeing, feeling, and pleasuring the body of this woman that she has seen at the gym. She was just so gorgeous with a smile that seemed so pleasant, blond hair that hung straight down her back, breasts that were not excessively large, but proportioned just right for her lean body, legs that were fairly long and muscular without being too large, arms with nice definition, and that sweet, sweet rump!

Kathleen placed her coat in the women's locker room and left to enter the gym. She headed for the treadmill as this is how she usually begins her workout. The blond was on a treadmill also, and Kathleen couldn't help but take a position on one of the "dreadmills" beside her. The two women had exchanged pleasantries as Kathleen approached and then started her machine. No other words were spoken for a few minutes as Kathleen settled into her routine. Kathleen then decided in her own mind, "What the heck, I'm going to try to start a conversation with this babe." And, she did. She learned that the blond's name was Martha and that she had two young children by a previous marriage. Martha had left them at home today to do some Christmas shopping with the man in her life with whom she and the two kids were now living. This had been the arrangement for the past year and a half and Martha explained that it was working well for everyone.

Kathleen had seen her at the gym several times with the guy, though she often thought that this young woman could do better than him. Oh well, maybe he has virtues and qualities that were much more important than just appearance.

After ten minutes on the treadmill machines, the lone employee came over to the two women and explained to them that the gym was closing in 10 more minutes. Kathleen thought immediately, of course, that she would have to end her workout very quickly, but then she heard Martha say to the employee, "Would it be OK if I closed up shop like I did a couple of weeks ago?"

"Of course, Martha, that would be fine. I will leave and lock the door behind me so no one else can enter. Then the two of you can leave whenever you are ready. I will also drop the shades on the front windows so that anyone else coming up to the door will think that we are indeed closed."

Kathleen added, "That's great, thanks for trusting us."

"Oh, no problem, I know that everything will be fine. The boss is out of town, so there's no chance of him stopping by."

Kathleen had noticed that new blinds had been added recently to the row of windows along the wall facing the parking lot. The fact that she is putting them down will ensure that there will not be anyone seeing her and Martha while they finished their workouts.

After 30 minutes on the treadmill, Martha asked Kathleen if she would spot her while she worked with a barbell with some weight on it. Kathleen's heart skipped a beat as she said that she would be happy to do so. Kathleen followed Martha over to the weight bench, watching her sweet behind sachet as she walked. She noticed that Martha was wearing tights that hugged every inch of her fine ass and legs, and guessed that she was not wearing anything else underneath them. On top, she wore a spandex type top with thin straps on the shoulders that allowed her well-sculpted midriff to show. It plunged at the neckline enough to tempt the viewer with a bit of cleavage. Now that Martha was bending over to get a weight to add to the bar, Kathleen could see more cleavage and the fine, well proportioned tits that were beneath that workout top. Kathleen placed the other weight on the other end, Martha thanked her, and now lay her fine body down on the bench as Kathleen positioned her self at the head end to help her with the bar bell.

Kathleen was no slouch herself in the body department. A few years Martha's senior, Kathleen kept herself in fine physical condition. She had worn her usual workout sweats and a top that plunged at the neck a bit, but had short sleeves after she had tied her sweatshirt around her waist after becoming hot. And now she was becoming even hotter. As Kathleen looked down at Martha, she saw that exquisite body lying there as Martha reached for the bar. As she did reach, Martha looked up at Kathleen and smiled. It seemed that Martha was actually looking over Kathleen's fine body as she stood over her. Martha wondered if she was just imagining this or if it were actually occurring. At any rate, Kathleen could feel a special feeling building and ideas of sexual escapades filled her head. After all, the gym was their own for the afternoon!

As Martha hoisted the bar she saw her chest heave and her tits rise with her physical exertion -- they looked fabulous. She had her legs splayed apart to gain leverage and Kathleen couldn't help but stare at the "Y" where her two long legs came together. She saw her sweet bulge there and a hint of a camel toe in the tights and found herself wondering if Martha shaved or trimmed. How sweet that pussy must be, though she was certain that she would wonder forever, never to know for sure. After doing ten repetitions, Kathleen helped Martha replace the bar in the stand and the blond one offered to help Kathleen with her reps. Kathleen explained that she normally did not lift due to a shore shoulder, but Martha encouraged her by removing the plates from the barbell.

Kathleen positioned herself just as Martha had and lifted. Martha offered words to encourage Kathleen. As she lifted the barbell, Kathleen could see her new friend looking down at her. Wondering what she might have been thinking, Martha spoke and told her how great her body looked. Kathleen had her legs spread as she had seen Martha do and she could feel her "business" moisten as Martha said those kind words. As she looked up, Kathleen looked up at that body from her sweet pussy to her beautiful tits and wondered what she would taste like. As Kathleen placed the barbell back in the stand, Martha took a step forward to help and Martha's bulging pussy was now almost directly over Kathleen's face. Kathleen couldn't help but stare and then looked up into Martha's eyes. Martha was making eye contact with her at this time and had that beautiful smile on her face.

As Kathleen released the bar, Martha grasped her wrists and pulled her body further up the bench. Kathleen's head was now hanging off the end of the bench slightly while Martha straddled her head, her face. Martha spoke first.

"I've been watching you with your boyfriend here at the gym. You two are a hot couple. You both have great bodies and it's obvious you take good care of yourself, Kathleen. I've got to tell you that I've fantasized about you more than once. It's often while I'm making love to my guy. I've wondered what it would be like to make love to a woman, to make love to you specifically. Your hair, your face -- so beautiful."

"Oh, Martha, I've thought about the same thing. My boyfriend and I like to read sexy stories on the net and then share them with each other. One of our favorite categories is "lesbian" but I've never thought of myself in that category. Then, I saw you here at the gym -- Oh My God -- you are so beautiful that I told my boyfriend that one of my greatest fantasies is to make love to you while he watched."

"Oh, God, that is so hot and naughty! I love the thought of it."

While speaking those words, Martha lowered her tights encased pussy down lower toward Kathleen's face while still holding onto her wrists. Her bulging pussy was so close to Kathleen's face, that Kathleen could smell her musky arousal. Kathleen was thinking that Martha must be as wet as she is and that she wanted to taste her, to feel her as much as she wanted it. Martha released her hands, and Kathleen placed her hands on her new lover's tight ass cheeks. When she did that, Martha bent her knees further and placed her pussy on Kathleen's lips. Kathleen thought she smelled wonderful. But, Martha shuddered and broke away.

"Oh, my God, what is happening? I have never done anything like this before, have you?"

"No, never, but I am so turned on", blurted out Kathleen.

"Same here. That is why I am so surprised. I am so hot for you. I've never felt this way about another woman before. But, you are so beautiful and your body is so hot, your face so beautiful, your hair looks great and I want to feel all of you. How does that make you feel, Kathleen?"

"It makes me feel so turned on, that the fantasies that I've recently had about you are maybe coming true -- it's so hard to believe!"

Martha asked, "What fantasies have you had about me? Something here in the gym, maybe?"

"Yes, right here on this machine. Come over here, let me show you." Kathleen led Martha to the ab work out stand where the person stands with her arms on the padded bars and lifts herself up to swing her legs out.

"Nice," was Martha's only reply as she positioned herself in the stand. As she stood first on the platform with her arms on the padded bars, Kathleen placed her hands on Martha's hips as her feet were spread beyond shoulder width and moved her hands up and down Martha's hips and the sides of her body gently grazing the sides of her luscious breasts.

"Tell me again, have you ever done anything like this with another woman, Kathleen?"

"Oh," she said, remembering her question, "No. No, I haven't. But I want to do this for you."

Martha smiled, apparently pleased with Kathleen's answer. "Good girl." Martha shuddered with happiness and put her hands behind her head, as she stood on the platform with legs spread apart.

"Holy shit", Kathleen gasped as she ran her hands along Martha's sweet body. The receiver of this action, Martha, gasped and her eyes widened at the same time. She felt a tingle down her spine when she saw the smile on Kathleen's lips. But, Kathleen felt like she wanted to be more of the aggressor in this situation.

"Ok, honey, time to switch positions." Kathleen tried to protest, but Martha put her index finger to her lips. Instinctively, Kathleen opened her mouth a bit; Martha placed the finger inside her mouth and Kathleen sucked on her index finger. Martha began moving it in and out slowly. Martha responded by saying, "You really know how to tease a girl, don't you?"


The two bombshells switched positions and Kathleen couldn't help but think of her boyfriend, Diego. She wished that he was there just watching, not saying a word. She knew that he would be hard as a billy goat's pecker by now as they had discussed the fantasy many times of him watching and how he would respond to his Kathleen making love to another beautiful woman. She knew that at some point he couldn't just continue to watch but at the least he would have to release his sweet cock from his pants and slowly stroke himself as he watched. Kathleen had told him on numerous occasions that she loved to watch him masturbate, to stroke the meat, as she talked dirty to him. But this? It would be a fantasy come true to him and for her!

As they switched positions, Kathleen now had her feet spread as she stood on the platform.

As Martha positioned herself in front of her new lover, she in turn placed her hands on Kathleen's hips. Moving her hands over her body, just as Kathleen had done to hers, Martha had a feeling like she was creaming right through her leotards. She knew that a wet spot had to be forming there since she had worn nothing underneath to absorb it. The only thing she wanted to soak the juices of her cunt now was Kathleen's sweet tongue.

Martha hooked her thumbs into the waistband of Kathleen's workout pants. She slowly tugged at her pants as she looked into Kathleen's eyes and just smiled. Looking for a response, she only saw Kathleen raise her head backward and close her eyes. Kathleen emitted a muffled moan. She pulled her sweats down to her knees and untied her shoes, slipping them off her feet. She must have lovely feet, Martha thought. Tugging the pants off, she threw them off to the side. Her panties were light blue, and Martha dropped to her knees putting her sweet pussy in front of her face. Martha thought she could see a wet spot forming on her panties -- what an awesome sight. While on her knees, Martha raked her fingernails lightly across Kathleen's skin as her fingers swept her panties down in one smooth stroke. Down to her knees the panties went and then off her feet, as Martha flung those in the same direction as the sweat pants. In front of her, were the swollen pussy lips of her dear Kathleen. She could see the wetness on her smoothly shaved outer lips and a small landing strip of light brown hair, neatly trimmed, above her clit that was trying to peak out of its hiding place.

Martha smiled and closed her mouth over her clit, flicking her tongue over it. She didn't know if Kathleen would like it, but Martha knew she liked sucking that nub. She just thought about what she would want if she were getting oral. Kathleen seemed very pleased, her body writhing as she stood on the platform. Martha pulled back for a second, her eyes taking in the beautiful sight before her. She went back to her pussy again, flattening her tongue and licking from her sweet pussy up to her clit. Kathleen let out a husky moan and her lover did it again. Martha could feel her juicy cum against her tongue and she loved the taste of Kathleen's cream.

"You've never ... done this before? ..." Kathleen whispered, holding Martha's hair to the side so she could see her tongue flick at her little man.

Martha shook her head with her tongue still in contact with her clit as Kathleen tilted her head back, just enjoying the incredible feeling.

"I want your tongue inside of me," Kathleen breathed, her body losing control.

Martha nodded and did as she was told. She pulled away for a moment, biting her lip as she opened her gently with her fingers before delving her tongue inside of her. It was really tight, and Martha couldn't fit her tongue in very far, but she moved it against the walls of her pussy and she seemed to like that. In and out, Martha bobbed her head as she kept with the rhythm.

Kathleen started trembling as she blurted out the only word she could speak, "My clit, please lick and suck my clit. Oh my God, I'm going to cum all over your face!"

Martha understood, moving to her clit and quickly vibrating her tongue against it.

As Martha sucked her hard nub, Kathleen pulled her shirt over her head and did the same with her sports bra. Totally naked while standing on the ab platform, except for her white socks, Kathleen moistened her fingertips and squeezed and tweaked her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. Her saliva made the contact with her fingers and thumbs feel so good as Martha worked her clit with the tip of her tongue. When Martha looked up and saw Kathleen working her nipples, she knew that she had to get one of her hands involved, also. Martha was getting so turned on; she had to have relief herself -- now! While her left hand was on Kathleen's firm, smooth ass, Martha put her right hand into her tights -- heading straight for her own engorged pussy lips and hard clit. She wanted to cum with her new lover.

"Oh my Good God, I'm going to blow it," Kathleen screamed while tweaking her two hard nipples. As Martha flicked at her clit and stroked herself in circles with her own right hand, Kathleen's body shuddered and shook as she now gripped the padded arm bars.

"Arggggggggggggggh, suck that clit, baby", Kathleen howled while thinking of Diego's sweet cock. She knew he would be stroking that big shaft now wanting to cum with his sweet one. If he were there, she would look over at him and again be mesmerized as he stroked it and she would tell him to come over and shoot it on her -- maybe on Martha's sweet ass while she sucked her pussy to orgasm.

Kathleen's body shook and she took her hands and held them on either side of Martha's head to be sure that she got all of that tongue until she finished the sublime orgasm. She looked down and saw Martha's hand working in her tights. "Work that sweet clit of yours, baby. Make it feel good like you make me feel. With that, Kathleen gently pushed her head away from her ultra sensitive clit and Martha sat down on the floor. She couldn't stop now, as she had to feel the orgasm overtake her after eating that sweet pussy.

"Lie back baby. Work your sweet cunt; pull on your hard clit. Cum for me."

"Oh my God, you turn me on so much," Martha called out as her body shook on the floor and the orgasm erupted within her. Kathleen watched in amazement as she settled down after what seemed like five minutes.

"Wow, Merry Christmas!" was all Martha could say as she propped herself up on her elbows and looked into her lover's eyes while Kathleen still stood in the nude on the ab machine.

"Next time, I do you, lover, " was Kathleen's reply.

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