Holiday Home


One of our friends was horrified when we told them that we have not been on holiday for over a year. Moving jobs and house we had little time or money left to book anything. They took pity on us and very kindly offered us a week staying at their holiday home which is situated in a little village in Devon.

It is a lovely old house with a large garden; the village is not too far from the sea so we accepted, arranging to go the following week. Steve had to work up until late on the Friday night so I took the train on the Thursday with the intention of stocking up with food and wine, as I travelled down he phoned to say that he would not be able to set off until the Saturday morning because of problems at work so I resigned myself to a long wait for my husband to join me.

It was a glorious sunny day when I arrived so I decided to leave the shopping until Steve joined me and take full advantage of the weather, lazing in the garden and working on my tan. First though I quickly changed so that I could make a quick trip to the village shop for a few essentials, I wore my favourite summer dress, cool, short and low-cut with a full pleated skirt that swayed about my thighs as I walked.

As I went down the little path that ran down the side of the house I could hear voices, stepping out of the garden and onto the road I looked to my left and could see there were two young men sitting on a bench in next doors garden, they were about nineteen or twenty and if a little skinny, not bad looking.

As I walked past they momentarily stopped what they were doing and watched me I gave them a little wave as I passed and at this moment the breeze caught the hem of my dress raising it above my waist. I was wearing a thong but I am sure they got a good look at my naked buttocks because they were opened mouthed and bright red.

Still it's a small village so I suspect they had to get their thrills where they could.

Returning from the shop shortly after I gave them a smile as I walked past, abruptly ending their conversation as they gave a shy "hello."

They were lounging on the grass and I just knew they were looking at my smooth legs as I sashayed past, I was feeling a little naughty so when I was a few feet away from my garden gate I came to a stop and bent forward from the waist pretending to adjust my sandal, knowing that from where they were lying they would have a sneak peek up my dress, the breeze again flipped the edge up ever so slightly giving them a better look than I had anticipated.

Putting my shopping away I took a large beach towel and laid it down in the back garden ready for an afternoon of sunbathing. I returned to the house to fetch my book, fix a drink and change into my bikini. As I passed the bedroom window I saw the two guys from next door scooted down by the fence on the opposite side to where my towel lay.

They had obviously seen me placing the towel out on the lawn and were peeking through the slats hoping for a glimpse of me sunbathing.

Being an exhibitionist this was too good a chance for mischief to pass up.

Why sunbathe alone when I could have fun teasing the teenagers next door?

Without changing I quickly returned to the garden, placing my book and drink by the towel I turned my back to where they were hidden and lifted my dress slowly up over my hips, pausing for effect before pulling it over my shoulders and up off over my head, bending over to fold it and place it in a neat pile.

As I bent over the lads would have an amazing view of my bum in thong panties.

I could just hear their hushed whispers as I stood for a second or two clad in only my white lacy bra and panties and stretched with my arms above my head arching my back and pushing my chest out so my hard nipples would be visible, showing dark against the thin material.

I had been dead horny all week and it would be another day until Steve got here so there would be no harm in giving myself a little relief while at the same time giving the guys a show that will be just as exciting for them.

Wanting to be able to see if they were still paying attention I lay down on my stomach facing towards the fence, I could just make out movement by the gap where the slats were slotted into the posts so, sure they were still watching me, I undid the straps of my bra and pulled it from under my chest, placing it neatly on my dress.

Only a small portion of my boobs would be visible as they were pressed against the towel. I pretended to read my book but each time I turned a page I exaggerated the movement of my arm so that one of my breasts would be partially exposed.

Because I was wearing sunglasses they couldn't see that I was looking at them as they stared through the gap, waiting with anticipation for each time I moved my arm. Wanting to keep them interested I reached over and picked up my drink propping myself up with one hand and turning my shoulder, giving them a good peek of the whole of my left breast including the hard nub of my nipple

"Fuck me, look at that," I heard one of them whisper.

Making a show of trying to shade the pages of my book with my hand I pretended that I was uncomfortable with the glare of the sun.

Raising myself onto all fours so that both boobs were briefly visible to them I shuffled around so that I was now facing away from the fence, giving them a good view of my firm buttocks, as nice as this might be for them I was feeling very naughty and had other ideas...ones that would excite them even more.

Slipping one of my hands down to my hip and grasping the thin strip of material there I tugged hard, knowing full well that the crotch of the narrow thong would disappear between the folds of my damp pussy.

At the same time I felt the soft material disappear into my crack I opened my legs,


Now they would be seeing even more than they bargained for.

The thought of them getting off on seeing me exposed like this was exciting, causing a little bit of moisture to trickle out over my pussy lips. However what I really wanted was to be able to see the effect I was having on them.

My chance came when the phone rang.

Jumping up I ran to the house, not bothering to cover myself, my tits bouncing up and down, my ass wiggling in the little thong.

Getting to the phone I quickly snatched it up just in time to take the call.

To my surprise it was Steve ringing to say he had finished work earlier than expected and would be with me later that evening.

I walked back into the garden with a bounce in my step, happy at the good news, my tits really were jiggling about and my thong was still hugging my pussy lips so that they were clearly outlined and partially exposed.

As I came level with the fence I could hear heavy breathing.

After getting myself so turned on teasing the two neighbours I now had the option of a cold shower and a long wait for my husband or I could continue with my fun and relieve my frustration right now.

There was no question of what I would do really because the thought of them getting excited while looking at my naked tits and ass made me want to do all sorts of naughty things.

I knew that it wouldn't take much to either entice them into playing further or scare them off, so pulling the towel over and positioning it by the side of the fence I dropped down onto it and leaned back so I was sitting on my knees, my firm breasts were now directly opposite them, right by the gap.

I began caressing my boobs and pinching my nipples.

I kept my eyes on the shapes moving by the gap as I said.

"I know you have been spying on me, why don't you come round here and get a closer look?"

There was silence so I quickly stood by the fence, stretching up on tiptoe so that I could peer over the top; they both looked up, panicky.

My eyes focused on their shorts, they both had a noticeable bulge, the blond guy was slyly rubbing his crotch trying to adjust himself while the dark haired one just stood opened mouthed as he realised his face was just inches away from my naked tits.

Smiling to put them at ease I said.

"Look I don't mind you peeking because I just love making men horny; it really turned me on when you were staring at my ass before."

I pointed at the tents in their shorts.

"And it seems you are more than a little pleased by what you have seen."

While they looked back and forth dumbstruck I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter. "I was hoping we could show each other how excited we are."

"So you want us to look?" one of them said with a leer.

In answer I ran my fingers along the thin fabric of my thong pushing it further up into my slit, my pussy tingled as the guys watched me touching myself.

"You bet, because I want you to watch me cum right now, then I want to see you touching your cocks while you look at my tits, ass and pussy, Ok?"

I rubbed my hand against my pussy and waited for them to make the next move.

They were soon coming up the garden path where they were met by the sight of me bent over on all fours, as they approached the towel I looked back over my shoulder at them and smiled arching my back and pushing my bum out towards them.

"Is this what you wanted to see?" I asked.

They were both rubbing themselves through their clothes, nodding to them I said, "Lose the jeans." They did as I asked without a moment's hesitation, dropping them at their feet and stroking their cocks without any embarrassment about seeing each other half naked.

"Were you stroking yourselves while you were looking at my ass?" I asked.

The blond one just nodded.

"I couldn't help it, its so awesome." the other guy said.

"And we could almost see your pussy at one point when your panties bunched up."

They were making me feel ever so naughty.

"Would you like to feel my ass cheeks?" I asked. "Its Ok you can touch them."

They both very carefully held out a hand each and placed them on my buttocks, lightly stroking the soft skin, uttering a quiet "Wow."

From their reaction I had the feeling they were both either virgins or very inexperienced, which meant that I could easily keep control and guide the situation as they would be grateful for any kind of contact however brief.

I turned my head slightly and watched while they kept their hands busy on my bottom, seemingly mesmerised by the soft globes.

They were both stroking their cocks all the time they were touching me and I was worried that they would not be far away from shooting their loads.

It was time for me to up the game so that I could get off before they did.

"I can tell you like my ass but who liked looking at my tits the most?" I asked.

Without hesitation the blond said.

"I like tits more than anything; they get me going all the time."

"He likes legs and ass." He added pointing at his mate.

"Have you ever touched a girl's bare breast before?" I said.

He went red and shook his head, "Only over a bra."

"How would you like to touch mine then?" I said.

With only a little encouragement he moved up by my shoulder and gently placed a hand on my left tit, he gave a little shudder of excitement as the palm brushed my nipple, letting my breast rest in his cupped hand.

"Go ahead and feel it while I watch you play with your cock." I said.

At that he began mauling my tits, his inexperienced fingers roughly squeezing my nipples as he investigated one breast at a time.

Although it was not the most refined of caresses it was however highly erotic.

His friend was still rubbing my buttocks using both hands, moving them outward in small circles, I suspected that he was trying to get a peek at my barely covered pussy as the cheeks eased apart, if only he knew how close he was because, without him realising it, the tips of his thumbs had been close to my pussy on several occasions, brushing the edge of my thong when his hands had dipped to the bottom of my cheek causing a tingle of excitement to run through me as I felt myself getting even wetter.

Being played with right here in public, in the back garden was so sexy.

The crotch of my thong was gently brushing my pussy as the dark haired one massaged my ass, both tickling and stimulating me at the same time and this along with the friction on my nipples from the blond guys as he rubbed and squeezed my tits was nice but I needed more.

Talking to the blond guy I said.

"What you are doing is nice but wouldn't you like to kiss and suck on them too?"

Wiggling my ass I said. "And as for you, why don't you stop trying to sneak a peek at my pussy, take off my thong and just have a good look?"

It didn't take them long to get the message, the blond guy dropped on his back under me and I dipped forward brushing his mouth with my nipples, he immediately grabbed my breasts and started sucking them while the other guy pulled down my panties and without any finesse stuck his finger straight in my pussy, holding it there for a second before pushing it roughly in and out making me arch my back and gasp.

They really did not have much idea what they were doing and it was a good job I was so wet from all the teasing otherwise it might have hurt, somehow though their amateur fumbling was all the more exciting because I knew it was probably one of their first real sexual experiences with a woman.

It reminded me of my first encounters long ago in the school bike shed, when lads would be happy for just the tiniest of peek of a breast or panties and to be daring was to allow one of them to touch you over your clothing. How we change.

While I was thinking this I rolled onto my back disengaging myself from both guys.

They were both short of breath, very excited and eager to continue.

"That was nice but I need to cum and I think you guys need some guidance." I said.

Taking hold of the dark haired guys hand I said.

"Finger fucking is Ok but what feels really nice is if you mix it up a little and gently rub here, on my clit." I placed the tips of his fingers to it and showed him how to touch me, I was so turned on by this time that I did not stop the blond when he shyly dipped a finger between my lips, running along the folds, fascinated as they covered his finger. Suddenly one of his fingers slipped deep inside my pussy, taking my breath. I took hold of his wrist and held it still.

"Don't just rub in and out, curl your finger and tickle inside, can you feel how smooth it is in there? Well it's very sensitive and girls will appreciate you going slow at first rather than just ramming away"

With that I loosed his hand and just let him carry on exploring, I was dying to come and their fingers were just what I needed right now.

While his mate practised rubbing his fingers in and around my pussy the dark haired guy used his thumb and forefinger to pinch and rub my clit vigorously, I moaned softly, shifting my hips, close to orgasm.

The blond one had his cock in his hands as he fingered me and was wanking himself with a frenzy, while the other guy was holding his shaft and rubbing the end with his thumb, seeing them fisting themselves sent me over the edge and as the blond guy plunged his fingers into me I humped back at his hand once again grabbing his wrist and guiding his movements, almost using him like a dildo, urging him to go faster.

To his credit his friend took the hint and increased the pressure on my clit, working his fingers with small movements as I had shown him until I was gasping and bucking my hips, my juices flooding over the fingers buried deep in me.

I was so fucking horny and far gone at that point they could have done whatever they wanted with me and I think I would have happily taken them both.

They took their hands off my pussy as I started to catch my breath.

As I looked up at them they were both staring at the clear juices coating their fingers and trickling from between my legs, I trailed my fingers over the damp lips there and said.

"Is that the first time you've seen a woman orgasm?"

They both said it was.

"And the first time that you have seen and touched a pussy."

Again they both said yes.

"Stand up side by side facing me." I said, kneeling between them as they did so.

Their eyes were wide as I touched myself between my legs, running my hand back and forth, lubricating my fingers with my own juices.

"That was pretty good for a first time so now you can have your reward."

Reaching out I took hold of their cocks.

They jumped a little at the contact as I began working my hands up and down the shafts, with all the excitement of being allowed to see and touch me I knew they would not last long, from the amount of pre cum leaking from the swollen tips they needed to cum badly.

Their cocks twitched and throbbed in my grip as I worked my hands back and forth with a fury until the lads let out a gasp, their hard shafts pulsed in my fingers and they started pumping jet after jet past my body shooting their loads all over the grass until there was nothing left but a thin trickle dribbling over my fingers.

Suddenly the lads quickly pulled away, put their now limp pricks back in their jeans and hurried away without a word; I looked around at what had startled them and thought I saw someone at the kitchen window but could not be sure.

Wiping my hands clean on the towel I pulled on my dress and went to investigate.

As I entered he kitchen I was grabbed from behind, within seconds my dress was bunched up about my waist.

"Did you like those fingers inside of you?" a male voice hissed in my ear.

He pushed his hand between my legs, my pussy was still wet and juicy from my orgasm so that when he pressed a finger to my folds it went straight in.

"Were they as nice as mine?" he asked as he inserted another finger in my pussy and frigged them back and forth.

I could feel his cock, which was erect and poking out of his trousers, digging in between my naked cheeks as he fingered me.

"They were nice enough when they stuck them roughly in my pussy." I said, squirming in his grip as he pulled me close and turned me toward the kitchen table.

Bending me over it he leant his weight against me, trapped there as he pulled my dress up over my back, my ass now naked to the room. He gave it a sharp slap making the skin tingle then placed his hand between my legs, rubbing back and forth before

ramming a finger into me, he thrust it fast, deeper and deeper, a hand on my back holding me still as he assaulted me from behind, my tits pressed against the cool wood of the table.

Despite his rough actions I was moaning on the verge of orgasm when suddenly he pulled his fingers out of my pussy.

His hand was moving around between the two of us then suddenly I gasped as I felt the head of his cock push against my pussy. He drew it up and down my slit parting my damp lips with his throbbing erection as he held me firm with a hand on the small of my back, keeping me in place and preventing me from pulling away.

"I bet you didn't even know their names did you? But you still let them finger fuck you in front of each other you little slut." He breathed in my ear.

He reached round and slipped a hand under me to where he could finger my clit, making me gasp, then, before I could stop him, he pulled my pussy lips apart with his fingers and thrust his cock inside me, slamming me into the table.

He began to fuck me hard and fast but despite the sudden brutality of it I was losing control, he slapped my ass once more and continued to talk dirty to me.

"You would have let them screw you outside in front of everybody; I wondered how many people were watching you naked in the garden."

He hammered into me, harder and faster and deeper with each stroke, his balls slamming against my ass, I was trying to grind back onto him and had raised myself up slightly as I pushed back. My tits were bouncing up and down brushing against the table, I felt so good and naughty and dirty as I answered him. "Yes I wanted them to fuck me because it's such a rush to be touched in a public place where anyone might see me naked. I like the thought of strangers getting pleasure from seeing my body and watching me having sex."

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