tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHoliday in Cancun

Holiday in Cancun


It was a sultry evening as the plane touched down on the Cancun airstrip, and the eager couple deplaned for a week of revelry and holiday in the tropical resort community. This was to be the tropical adventure they often fantasized about, but was soon to turn into a sexual adventure beyond their wildest imaginings. The taxi whisked them from the airport to the resort where they checked into their 8th floor room with a thrilling view out across the bay.

Being quite late there was just enough time to stop down to the hotel restaurant for a quick bite before turning in for the evening. Even so, the air was thick with the scents and sounds of the tropics. A local band playing gentle calypso tunes lured them into the lounge for the tasty flavor of a margarita or two before turning in for the evening. This pair from the northlands of Montana, USA was a little taken aback by the casual dress of the other vacationers and the locals in the lounge and restaurant. White or colorful floral prints were the colors of choice, but those beautiful tanned bodies virtually glowed through the filmy material the dresses and blouses were made of.

"I can see I'm going to have to hit the local shops and pick out a whole different wardrobe," Sensia murmured giving Logan a sly smile.

"Mmmm," Logan responded. "I swear I don't think that senorita has a thing on under that cute little cotton dress with the flowers."

"I wondered if you'd noticed that," Sensia replied. "Those flowers are strategically located to hide her short hairs in the front, but that's all. You'll notice though, she's not the only one in the lounge that left her panties in her room, my, my, my. I suddenly feel conspicuously over dressed," she laughed as she subtly slipped her own panties off and tossed them to Logan to put in his pocket.

"... and we're going to be here for a whole week," Logan chuckled to himself. "We will have to get you a whole new outfit, but we won't have to spend anything on underwear I guess," he quipped to Sensia.

"Really," Sensia responded, mesmerized by the swirling dancers, the exotic music and the margaritas, "this is going to be a delightful week."

"As they say, 'when in Rome...'" Logan added, laughing and marveling that he could see the pretty ladies tits at the next table.

"Well, come on, wild man, let's go get some sleep," Sensia prompted. "I'm exhausted from the trip and we need to be fresh on the morrow for this scene." At that they eased out of the lounge, margaritas in hand, to their room for a night's welcome rest.

Waking around 9:00 the next morning the eager pair made delicious leisurely love. They then greeted the brilliantly sunny tropical day for their first outing to the beach. Finding a suitable spot they settled in a few yards from the clear blue waters lapping gently on the white sandy shores.

"Ah me, this has to be life at its best," Logan remarked. "That water is a perfect temperature, and the sun doesn't seem to be real hot either. For a weekday there are a lot of people out here, but then, in a paradise resort, everyday is a holiday I suppose."

"No shit Sherlock," Sensia replied, "In a place like this it's vacation all the time. I love it. This is wonderful, like I'd pictured tropical vacation - white sandy beaches, sun beaming down, clear gentle blue waters, women and best of all, men with hardly a thing on. I'm glad I got a good tan before we came."

"Oh, you can bet we'll be incredibly tanned quick hanging out here," Logan added. "Here, I'll put some lotion on your back. I suspect we could burn even with a base in a place like this."

Sensia stretched out on her stomach on the towel and Logan leisurely applied the lotion starting at her shoulders and working down to her pretty bottom. "I'd better put some on the backs of your thighs too since they're not as tanned." He applied the lotion spreading it on her thighs. He slowly worked his way up to the tantalizing cleft where her lovely thighs meet her sweet mound, covered by a narrow band of material.

Sensia encouraged his casual explorations, spreading her lovely thighs, allowing his access to her tenderness. Casually spreading the lotion to the thin strip of her swimsuit, he fondled her sweet mound through the material. The caress lasted only a moment, and Logan sat back to apply lotion to his own arms and body.

"See that over there, hon'. That's what we're getting for you to wear," Sensia smiled, directing Logan to a pair of tanned young fellas stretched out on towels about 10 feet up the beach. They, as many other men on the beach, wore a bikini swim trunk that literally cupped their balls and cock in the minimum of a triangle of material. "Oh my, look at those pretty bare tanned buns on that guy," she quipped. "You don't see swim suits like that on the beaches back home. Don't you think you should have something like that while we're here? You're always running around in as little as possible anyway."

"Ha, ha, my dear, I wouldn't dare," Logan laughed. "What would I do with a hardon? There's no place for it to grow, and that little strip of material between the cheeks must be uncomfortable, no?"

"Oh come on now, be a sport," Sensia chided. "Those boys don't look like they're worried about a hardon. Oooooh, in fact that one is about half erect as it is. I can't believe it," she murmured, "I think I can even make out his cock head and the ridge down the front. This is wild. It would be fun to tease one to a full hardon and see exactly where the whole thing does fit. We have to go shopping later."

Logan chuckled thinking about the great swimsuit shopping effort before they flew down to this tropical paradise. Sensia ended up with two suits, one of them a one piece, relatively modest but quite attractive. It had a fair amount of openness in the back, right down to the crack between her pretty cheeks. The other had been ordered by her disgusting companion, with a white band across her top to just cup her bountiful, pretty tits. Below a white band went around her waist and a thin white strip dropped from below her navel, barely concealing her pubic area, freshly shaved for the occasion. It narrowed to just barely cover the sweetness between her legs. A thin strip then made a line up her backside between her pretty, and sweetly bare bottom cheeks.

Up in the northlands a suit like that would have been an absolute scandal. As they stretched out on this gorgeous beach in the sun, it was evident minimal was the norm and only much older or truly out of shape wore one piece outfits. Prior to departure on this odyssey, Sensia worked out like a fiend at the Club. She wanted to be sure she bared her ultimate hard body, tight buns, muscular legs, flat tummy, perky tits, all so lithe, pretty and ready to display. On this beach in fact, many of the pretties just barely covered the bottoms and pretty tanned tits were unabashedly out for all to enjoy.

"Maybe we'll go shopping later," Logan conceded, "and maybe I'll even get a little tropical slingshot, but I won't wear mine unless you wear yours. For that matter, we'll check out those cool filmy floral cotton dresses for you for our evenings out, too. Of course, we won't need to get any panties, ha, ha."

"Ha, ha, ha," Sensia laughed, "I do want something like that. They look so nice and cool - and kind of fun, like running around naked. Let's get some lunch and head out to the shops," she smiled nudging Logan along.

Later that afternoon Logan and Sensia reappeared on the Cancun sands decked out in their tropical finery, consisting of fresh tans and a few strips of material positioned to conceal areas of strategic importance.

"Oh, these cool waters are delicious on a scorcher afternoon like this," Sensia bubbled. "This is so perfect isn't it?"

"Oh yeah," Logan murmured as he drifted on his back in the refreshing waters, "I could stay here absolutely forever."

They splashed and floated and swam for a half hour or more. By then they both felt comfortable enough to come out of the water and settle on their towels without feeling outrageously naked in the tropical sun.

"It's really a matter of being here in this crowd long enough to realize that nearly everyone is running around equally naked or more so," Logan commented as a couple of guys his own age went by with the same kind of mini-swimsuits on.

"Yeah, when you're thinking about coming out here wearing something like this, you swear everyone will stare at you," Sensia observed. "Being here a bit, you realize no one looks at any one person in particular since all are nearly naked. Even the ladies without tops on are so many that they don't draw many looks either," she laughed pulling the string and letting her top drop to the towel, her marvelous tits bouncing free. "Of course, those two guys over there have rubber in their necks the way they gawk around every time bare tits go by," Sensia chuckled. "They're cute guys, probably fun to torment. You know, we should figure out where the nude beach is. It would be a rush to hang out naked with a whole beach full of people wouldn't it?" Sensia suggested feeling braver the longer she hung around.

"Ah, there is my wild side Sensia talking," Logan laughed. "Bet your boots, or your boobs, there must be a place to literally hang out in a tropical world where everyone is so nearly nude anyway. We'll check out what's on the other side of that little ridge of rocks that runs down the beach into the water tomorrow."


After a few more hours on the beach, Sensia and Logan gave it up for the day. Too much sun, surf, and margaritas for the newcomers sizzles the brain after a while, and besides, the dinner hour calls.

"Wow," Sensia exclaimed as she tripped around the hotel room. "I am toasted on those margaritas. I don't remember when I've been this high on drinks this early before, but then, I don't remember much right now. Here hon', what do you think of my new dress?" she asked as she twirled and tripped across the room.

"Oh boy sweet cheeks," Logan responded enthusiastically, "I love that, I just love that. That's perfect the way the flower prints unintentionally hide just those special features. Turn around and bend over and let me see how it...., oooh that's so sweet. Let me see the front again. Yeah, you can just faintly make out your short hairs that you didn't shave off through those flowers. I thought I actually glimpsed that on those ladies in the lounge last night, heh, heh, heh. My, my love, so sweet."

"Well, let's head on to dinner," Logan urged, and held out his hand for his lovely lady.

"Oh no," Sensia laughed, "I may be quite toasted, but I'm putting on panties anyway. I might be embarrassed having a stranger peeking at my pussy, even if I am pretty bombed. Here, I'll put on these string bikini panties. They just cover the details, and more than I covered on the beach all afternoon. Oh my, let's go. I'm so buzzed I need some food."

The toasted couple went to dinner in the hotel restaurant and ended up sipping more margaritas in the lounge. The pulsating music the band was belting out drew them time and again to the dance floor to shake it with the other paradise partiers. Lots of pretty ladies and their men were boogying down this particular evening.

The couple from the room next door showed up about halfway through the evening and joined Sensia and Logan for a few drinks. Jim and Sandy were pleasant enough, but Jim was a bit of a jerk, especially to his pretty lady. Sandy was a cheery lady and dressed and acted a bit conservative like Sensia. Of course by this point, that meant that their pretty tits were visible through the dresses as were the mini-bikini panties below.

"My, what fun," Logan smiled to himself as Sensia's sweet bottom bounced by boogying with Jim on the dance floor. He and Sandy sipped margaritas and chatted as the music had slipped by without them.

Back at the hotel room later that evening, Sensia commented on the "duck" that Jim was. "He hardly pays attention to Sandy at all. I can't believe it. Some guys either don't think about being attentive to their women or simply don't care about them. I can't believe anyone would be that way about Sandy. She's so sweet and easy to talk to. A lot of guys would pay a attention to her sweet body too. She has nice boobies and a pretty ass, don't you think hon'?" Sensia giggled dropping her dress on the night table and stepping out of her panties.

"Oooh mama, yes, she does have sweet tits and a tasty bottom," Logan moaned reaching out to Sensia's sweet naked body. "Sandy's are all right too, I have to admit," he chuckled. "This I hunger for and revel in," he murmured as Sensia stepped forward, standing feet apart encouraging him to cup her hot sweetness in his eager hand.

"Oh wow, I love this sensuous climate of casual nudity," Sensia purred as Logan eagerly spread her hot lips to explore the tender flesh between.

Logan chuckled to himself as he found her wet and eager. Something, or maybe everything, had her senses afire with a desire for sex, no doubt about it.

"I couldn't believe that Jim as we danced," Sensia laughed. "I mean, it was fun to be asked to dance as often as he did. I'm glad you asked Sandy to dance too. I danced with him on that slow one though, and kept thinking, 'Oh God, I hope Sandy's not watching.'" Sensia commented thrusting her mound forward as Logan's finger slipped in, thumb playing over her hot button. "Mmmm, I love it, I love it."

"What did he do hon', pinch your bottom?" Logan chuckled. "He's a funny guy isn't he?"

"Well love," Sensia murmured slipping over to the bed and Logan stretched out on his back. All Logan had on was a hardon, and Sensia flicked her tongue around his swollen head. "As we started that slow dance he pulled me real close. One of my nearly bare tits pressed against him, and my other nipple kept brushing against his thin shirt. I just about died. My nipples were immediately hard as rocks and I'm sure, just sure, that he could feel them brushing his chest. I couldn't believe it. He wasn't such a great guy or anything - he was okay enough - but not great and here I was with obviously turned on nipples. It was just the drinks, the music, oh my..., the tropics," she sighed slipping half the length of Logan's aching member between her sweet wet lips.

"Ah, ah, ahhhh," Logan moaned as he kissed his way to Sensia's lower tender wet lips. "So the guy teased your tits to a bit of an arousal did he? What fun! He should have tried for more." At that Logan's tongue gently spread Sensia's aroused lips tasting of the sweetness between. Finding the cap of her aroused button, he tantalized it with his hot tongue.

"Oh, oh, oh," Sensia gasped. "Oh, he did go for more," she purred. "Starting the dance his hand was on my waist. His hand crept inch by inch down my bottom. I kept thinking I couldn't just let this man fondle my ass, but we were dancing and I didn't want to make a scene. Besides, I kept thinking, I'm drunk and don't think I can react well, and it's not hurting anything at all. I just hoped his wife didn't notice. Besides, men were fondling ladies bottoms all over the dance floor - it's about the tropics and dancing. At least I had my panties on. The lady dancing next to me didn't, and boy was her partner enjoying her. Those dresses are like having nothing on anyway. I swear he was playing with her goodies through her dress. At least Jim only fondled my cheeks. He had his fingers just about to my goodies when the song ended. I didn't know what to think except I needed your shaft deep in me," Sensia throatily growled.

At that Sensia straddled Logan's eager member. Logan cupped her pretty cheeks in his hands as Sensia grasped the shaft, flicked the head over her hot button, and slipped it to her opening. "Oh, I need it," she gasped as she impaled herself on the shaft, completely engulfing him in her wet sweetness.

"Oh god, you're hard as rock," Sensia cried. "I love it, I love it," she yeowled, an orgasm gripping her entire body. A wild orgasm rocked the two of them to the outer limits as Logan exploded deep in Sensia's sweet wetness. They both collapsed in a heap on the bed Sensia lying on Logan quietly kissing him all over his face and shoulders. "Oh wow, I needed that tonight," Sensia purred, gently fondling Logan's limp member.

"No kidding," he gently responded. "After a day like this my cajones so needed to be emptied. And you, my lover, we'll have to dance with Jim more often, huh. You would have totally busted my balls if he had made it to your goodies while you danced. Oh such fun!"

"Oh lover," Sensia replied a little sheepishly, "it was kind of fun..."

"You're telling me," Logan replied. "You haven't banged that hot in a long time. I knew you needed a little extra attention to crank you up. I love it, and I do love you too."

"You're such a love, love you too," Sensia purred in reply.

At that they drifted off to sweet dreams of tropical passion.


The following day the festivities continued unabated as Logan yelled to Sensia down in the surf that the drinks were here. He laughed to himself, as at that moment their newfound friend, Dean, popped up out of the water from between Sensia's legs sending her toppling. She came up sputtering, engaging Dean in a heated bout of splashing each other, laughing all the way. When it appeared she may get the best of Dean, their other newfound friend Bob tackled her from under the water. A struggle ensued as Sensia tried getting even with Bob by holding him under. She finally pulled away heading for the beach, giggling like she was having a blast.

The boys feigned hot pursuit and the 3 of them scrambled up the beach for more drinks. First to reach the towel, Sensia was gasping, laughing, wet and in total disarray. One pretty tit was almost completely out of the top band and the bottom band in the back was twisted toward one hip. In the front half of her pubic area was visible below the waist band. She was silly drunk and laughing, "Boy Logan, this is so darn much fun! I just knew getting toasted on the beach would be such a blast."

"Oh wow," Logan mused to himself as he poured more margaritas, "Sweet Sensia is living it up in a big way, probably the best time of her life. I just love it. She's been in the water wrestling these boys with nearly nothing on. My, my, what they've been groping, and she's ready to go for the gusto. Oh wow..., what fun."

"Oh hey," Logan remarked, "what a great batch of margaritas these are."

"No kidding," Dean joined in, "the margaritas are great, the water is so incredible and the sun is wonderful. I could stay here forever." All voiced agreement and then settled in to dry off, stretched out under the tropical sun sipping their cool brews.

Sensia settled in to comb out the hair a bit and lube down with fresh suntan lotion. "Logan, do you remember where the lotion is?" she queried sitting up to look around.

"No hon', check that bag down at the foot of the towels," Logan murmured without looking up.

Sensia got up to her knees bending over to all fours to rummage through the bag at the foot of the towels. Thinking that pretty bottom was a delight of a sight, Logan glanced at young Dean. Indeed, attempting to be casual and not stare Dean could hardly pry his eyes from Sensia's sweet bottom. Her fine ass cheeks completely bare, just a thin strip of white material covering her tender lips. It was truly a sight to make a grown man cream his tropical slingshot. Sensia was intoxicated, as they all were, and apparently oblivious that she had put on a heart stopping show for three horny guys. Settling back to her towel she oiled down her front, ever so casually and unself-consciously. It was wonderful. Logan and the guys did the same, and all settled in to chat and soak the rays.

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