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Holiday Love, Healing, and Energy


I realize this is not a typical contribution. I soul-searched a lot before I decided to go ahead and enter this into the contest. I think sometimes, we all need a little reminder that we are not alone. I hope this message brings you comfort and healing.

Sometimes I wish, for just one moment, that you could experience the world through my eyes and know that we are never truly alone. Our loved ones are still with us. So often they reach out to us with love, healing, understanding, comfort, answers, messages. Open your heart to the gifts of love they have to share. They're waiting for you to take notice.

A touch, a song, a scent, a dream, a symbol, something you would recognize, something that represents them. We think our thoughts for a reason. "Why am I thinking about her?" "Why do I keep seeing butterflies everywhere?" "Why is his favorite song playing now?" The WHY of it is because they want you to know they are there. The more repetitive your thoughts, the harder they are trying to get through to you. You are not crazy, you are not making it up. It isn't just "in your head."

When a connection is made often people lock themselves into the kind of "visit" or "message" we are expecting from our loved ones. A certain song for instance or a memory that we hold dear, isn't necessarily the memory foremost in their mind. Or maybe they didn't remember that particular event the way you did. Try not to let your hopes cloud or even block the message they have to share with you.

Lately, people have been coming to me asking questions like, "How can I stop this pain?" "When will I be able to move on?" "Why me?" "Why is life so unfair?" "Why can't I feel them anymore?" "Why have they abandoned me?" I'd like to address this, as well.

If you have felt their presence with you and all of a sudden stop feeling them, don't panic. It does not mean they have left your side for good. Maybe, they have other people to visit and other things to do. Sometimes, they are doing this to help us learn to cope or to let go. This does not mean they are gone forever. They are always watching over us.

They are not abandoning you, although it may feel that way at times. Talk to them, they do hear you and they sometimes even answer back! We can become so dependent on signs and messages, that we become ungrounded and have a hard time living in the here and now. For a time our grief can take a back seat. Of course we are sad and our hearts are burdened, but when our loved one is a constant presence in the beginning, it can delay the grief process. We need to honor our emotions, honor the process, let the tears fall, the anger out, do what you have to do to get through. Grieving is universal, yet an extremely personal process. Respect and let others grieve the way that they need to for themselves.

It is true that we are the ones left behind, to pick up the pieces, to learn to move forward in our lives. Our loves ones are at peace or finding peace. They wish to help us find our own peace among the sorrow and pain and turmoil. Allow their healing influence into your life.

This time of year is especially difficult for many people. Holidays, family and friend together times. These times bring up memories of the past, memories of those who have gone on before us. Not only good memories come up, but so do the bad ones we'd rather forget.

I am sending out waves of love and healing for those missing their loved ones right now. Let those feelings flow, but remember the happy times and be comforted by the memories. Healing sometimes takes place subtly and slowly and sometimes it seems we are stuck and backslide, going backwards instead of forwards. Honor the grief process. It is unique to each person. There is NO set time frame!

This is a difficult time of year for me, not only missing my own loved ones, (first year without my Grammy) but feeling the emotions of everyone else. Spirits AND energy are abundant and just a trip to the grocery store can leave me feeling overwhelmed.

It's OK to say NO, it's OK to buffer yourself from other people's "stuff." Sometimes, you have to know when to take care of yourself and protect yourself from what others are emitting around you. Take a breather, take a step outside, or a break. Refocus your attention, shield yourself, ground yourself (drink some water, eat some food), and ask assistance of the angels, your guides, God, universe, who/whatever it is you believe in: to help keep your space tranquil and keep you calm.

Not only is it feelings over missing loved ones, but all the other things that people reflect upon towards the end of the year and feelings that go with them. The positives and the negatives. I've distanced myself from social networking, trying a bit of self preservation.

Listen to your intuition, obey your gut feelings - these inner urgings have knowledge for you to keep you safe and yours safe, protected, and loved.

Your loved ones want you to know they are ever by your side, even if you don't believe it or can't seem to grasp that. Feel the gentle brush of energy, hear the music, see the signs, open your heart to their love and comfort.

Be aware, be alert, be open! And please, if you have any experiences along these lines, or were given comfort from an unusual source or situation: PLEASE SHARE!

Happy Holidays to One and All. May you have gratitude and find contentment in what you do have, but not stop believing in the magic of possibilities (including love)!

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