Holiday Luck


Alex had always felt like he was out of luck sexually. He was in a almost constant state of arrousal and was almost literally hung like a horse. Ahhhh...the sex drive of a teenage boy. He spent much of his free time watching and reading pornography. He lived in a very secluded area and the few girls were not very adventurous sexually. Most of his high school girlfriends would not even want to spend time with him when they saw the size of him. His experience was very limited, he had felt up a few of his girlfriends and palmed a few asses but nothing beyond that.

Ever since reaching sexual maturity, he had always eyed Mrs Julie Johnson. Her beautiful asian figure often floated through his wet dreams. In his eyes, she was the coolest. She allowed him to call her by her first name and always seemed very interested in what he had to say. Basically, she treated him like an adult. Not only that, she had a killer body and certainly dressed the part.During the summer his parents always had large celebrations at the usual holidays. He had always hated being around most of the other adults as he felt they did not take him seriously. He made sure that he would have plans with his friends for the 4th of July. However, his parents requested that he at least stay at their party for a few hours.

The time he spent there was intolerable. Most of the adults he spoke with looked completly disinterested and the few people close to his age were far too immature for his tastes. Things went smoothly for a little while when Julie approached. As usual her sight was absolutely stunning. She wore a black halter which did not conceal her at least DD breasts. Her blue,summer skirt showed off her very well muscled legs and she topped the look with a nice pair of high heeled sandals.

"Hey, Alex keeping busy this summer?" she asked.

"I do my best." he replied

"You look nice, you must have a big date tonight." she said in a teasing tone.

Usually he did not mind her teasing but since he had no plans regarding a female for the evening he was a little peeved.

"No, not tonight." he replied curtly.

"I am sorry, I am sure that the girls will be coming for you soon enough." For the first time she seemed to blow him off as she went to get another drink. She was about the only person there that he had any interest in talking with. Needless to say, Alex was annoyed.

This proved to be an auspicious begining of the evening. He had met with his friends and spent much of the night drinking beer and smoking pot only to be chased by the cops. After that type of night he knew he needed release. One of the few pleasures that calmed him down every night was a nice jerk off. Not a 20 minutes or even an hour job. We were talking a nice round of a few hours and then resting up a bit to do it again. His mountain of porn DVDs would be more than sufficient tonight. Maybe he would watch his Japanese DVD and imagine fucking that Julie tonight.

The party was most certainly over and the yard was a complete mess. There were bottles of beer and alcohol as well as cigarette butts everywhere. Clearly, a good time was had by all. He knew that he would have a lot of work to do tomorrow. He unlocked the door to his apartment style basement and through the baseboards he could still hear his parents stirring about. Right away he knew something was not right. His TV was on and it was very clear someone had been digging through his 'collection'. Although it was some distance away

he could see someone propped up in his bed. I better be sleeping in my bed tonight he thought as his parents off had him sleep elsewhere on account of those who had a little too much to drink. He started to move towards the stairs to get his parents to take care of their drunk friend. Then, he thought the better of it. Why should I move he thought.

He moved closer to look at the guilty party. Before he could even reach his bed he kicked over an empty bottle of wine. He finally got close enough to see a face and supprisingly, it was Julie. She was out like a light. She had a slight snore as she lay in a half drunken sleep. She still looked like an asian doll even in sleep, very peaceful he thought. This was almost like a dream come true, never before had he had the chance with even one of his immature girlfriends. This was a real woman in the flesh. The fact that she had been watching his movies excited him. The idea of her sleeping in his bed arroused him as well.

It was a difficult decision for him. She had been a friend to him and trusted him. He did not think he could take advantage of her. Then he thought to earlier in the night and the way she made him feel. He also thought of what he had planned to do when he got home. He decided to just take a little peak at her full tits. After all, she had invaded his space, why not invade a little of hers? Besides, she would never know and it just did not seem like a big deal. First, he had to test the waters. He sat down next to her. Her mouth was almost in an 'o' shape as she had her head laid back snoozing away. He grasped her head gently and planted a deep kiss on her mouth. As, his mouth found hers he could feel her warm breath moving into his mouth, the scent of a sweet wine still on her breath. He slithered his tongue to hers, it was difficult to control his instinct to absolutely maul her. He broke the kiss and she had passed the test. She did not wake up.

He wanted to make sure she would not find out about this so he made sure that he was very careful. He slowly laid her on her back. She was awefully small and given his strength, fairly easy to maneouver. As he laid her down, he began to slide her halter top up to reveal a very ample bosom encased in a lacy black bra. With nearly every movement, her tits would jiggle. The more he touched her, the more nervous he became. He had never even seen a woman in her bra other than in his movie collection. This was very different though. The idea of having her here with him was more than enough to excite him.

He watched with intent eyes as her breasts heaved up and down with her breathing. He wondered how such a small woman was able to carry such a large pair of tits. He thought for a moment and realized he would have to take off this bra and he had no idea how. He decided to just pull them up and leave the details for later. He took the first cup and pushed it up over her enormous melon. DD, she sure seemed a lot bigger than that! He pushed the other cup aside reavealing her perfect pair. He had neither felt or seen a pair this large and he sure wanted a feel. Her skin was soft as a tissue. Her nipples stood at attention(perhaps from the previous activity). In his nervousness, he put a little too much pressure. He was horrified she would awake braless. Fortunately, her slumber continued unabated.

He swooped his mouth to taste her supple flesh. He mouthed nearly every part of her breast. The site of her glorious globes and the taste of her sweet skin was all he needed for an erection. He paid special attention to her nipple, sucking at it like a baby. His hands moved to push as much of her as he could in her mouth. He realized he was being a little rough with her but he also knew that she was pretty much lights out at this time.

Although this was fantastic he knew he had to see more. He promised he would not touch but he had to see her sweet asian honey pot. He removed lifted her ever so short skirt up to her waist. Her panties matched her bra except with a nice floral design. Clearly, she kept herself in great shape as well as being very well endowed. her legs were long for such a short woman but the muscles of her calves were poised like a cat. At this point his movements were very unpredictable.The excitement was nearly overwhelming. He was like a kid at christmas about to open his favorite present.

What a present it would be! He pulled his thumbs into her panties and pulled them down just to the top of her thighs. What a gorgeous pussy he though. He knew why some people call it a clam! Her pussy was completly hairless and very small. Her lips lay to their sides and looked quite moist. Her clit remained hidden behind layers of skin. He had promised not to touch but he could not resist. His finger found his way inside of her. It was better than a warm apple pie! It was like sliding a finger into a nice jar of grape jelly. The sucking sensation it provided to his finger was unexpected and he pulled it out and then slipped it back inside. This caused her to let out a little sigh as she moved to her side. He repositioned her and got back to work.

His finger moved a little deeper and he enjoyed her warmth. He could feel himself becoming hot as well and he removed his shirt. He loved hearing the sounds as his finger made its way in and out of her slippery hole. He wanted to taste her desperately. He leaned into kiss her other lips. He thought he would cum when his lips felt hers. It was soft like a tongue however, her juices were tangy. Maybe an acquired taste he though and pulled away.

His monstrous cock was straining for release. At least now he could jerk off in peace in his bathroom. He stood there looking at his fully erect member. It must have stood out a good 12 inches. Would she know if I was inside her he wondered. Horniness took over and he decided to anyways, he would pull out when he was going to cum. Since he did not know when he would get the chance again it seemed like an even better idea.

He prepped everything. He decide to remove her bra to enhance the experience and discarded it next to his bed. He pulled off her shoes exposing her dainty, well manicured feet. The final step was removing her panties and tossing them to the floor. This was better than any fantasy he ever had. He laid her naked body underneath the covers and hovered over her like a bee. She lay there motionless with her legs slightly spread. He stroked his massive member and clumsily fumbled at her entrance. His mushroomed head touching her outer lips.

She stirred slightly at the touch and mumbled "Not tonight..."

Tonight more than ever he thought. He slowly grazed his cock into her hole. He could not believe it, he was inside! He thought he might pass out as he braced himself above her. He groaned quite loudly as he slide inside of her womb. He looked underneath and found his cock nowhere to be found as it was completly enclosed inside Julie. He arced his back and felt the tension of her lips contracting on his cock. With another slow thrust he felt every region of her inner anatomy. He pulled back once again. He watched his arms tremble at the feeling of being inside of her. He moved his pace a little quicker feeling her vise like grip on his cock. He imagined his white snake slithering its way into her tiny asian twat. Then suddenly, it happened. He grunted and was seeing birdies. He had cum right in his matronly neighbor!

From upstairs he heard movement coming towards his room. His dad opened the door a shade and stood for a moment. I am screwed he thought. Here I am with my dick in one of their friends. I have just gave her the biggest load of my life! He lay motionless, his still hard cock inside of Julie. Her feet dangling off the side of his bed unaware of what was happening to her. He must have thought he was asleep as he walked back upstairs.

He literally leaped off of her and was truly scared. He glanced at her nude image on the bed. She rolled to her side and as she did he watched a steady stream of cum pour out from her. The idea that he had done that turned him on even more. He then realized he wanted to try her in another position.

He fumbled through her clothes looking for her panties. He found them and knelt in front of her very wet opening. He laid her at an 'L' angle. Her feet draped by his head. Knowing her legs would not stay straight he pulled her panties around his neck slipping her feet through the leg holes. He felt intoxicated by the aroma of her juice in her panties. He could not believe such a large cock fit in such a tight hole. He positioned himself as close as possible and slipped his aching member inside. He moved his ass at a reasonable pace. Much better than jacking off he thought. Her pussy was really tight and although the sensation was great, he almost wished she was awake.

The suck on his cock was immense. SInce she was already very well lubricated, he made sure not to loose his hold on her pussy. He had watched enough porn to mimic their movements. Even so, this was clearly better than any porno movie. Although he could not see it, he was certain their juices were flowing onto his sheets. He noticed this position was far supperior to before but he was ready for anything. He was simply hoping he was not too loud. The creak of the bed could readily be heard. The sound of his balls as he impaled himself inside of her. The sounds of their juices as their bodies became one. He raised himself up and could feel himself getting deeper with each thrust. He watched with glee as her tits bounced up and down with their movements. Her nipples were even more erect than before. With one last cataclysmic thrust he seed entered her body. Tonight he felt he had become more of a man and would do whatever it took to get some pussy.

With those thoughts in his mind he rolled off of her. He knew he had more than one mess to clean up as he set his clock for 5am. He had no idea how to get Julie dressed and was not going to start now. Tonight, they would share the bed. Their naked bodies motionless as they slept.

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