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Holiday on Ice


One evening last May, I came home from work and found a surprising message on my machine. It was Moriah Jacobs, a woman I'd met at a party on New Year's Eve in San Diego. She and I had talked for over an hour and really hit it off. We'd even discussed spanking in a round about sort of way. She gave me her number and I gave her mine. I left a message on her machine a week later but she never called back.

When I called her the next day she told me that she got my message back in January and meant to call back but was in the process of moving and never got around to it. She said she was living in Del Mar and asked if I'd like to come to her place for a Memorial Day barbecue. I accepted her invitation and drove down there on Monday expecting to just drop by for a beer and chat with her for a few minutes and then leave because there would probably be a bunch of people I didn't know there.

When I got to her backyard, I found a grill with steaks cooking on it and a cooler filled with drinks but no other guests. Then Moriah came out in a bathing suit that did wonders for her. She explained that when she said "barbecue" she meant just her, me and a hibachi. We sat and talked around the pool, sipping beer and shooting the breeze. The only thing was, she kept insulting me. I was wearing a Hawaiian print shirt which she made fun of and when I mentioned that I'd gotten a bit lost on the way there, she said that any idiot could find the place. Now, believe it or not, the thought that she was taunting me into taking action didn't even cross my mind. I'm a fairly bright guy, but I can occasionally be quite thick. (Sometimes the hamster falls asleep inside the little wheel in my head.) It wasn't until she mentioned that she knew Traci Hampton that things began to make sense.

I met Traci back when she was nineteen and I was twenty-two. Back then, I fancied myself a rock musician and asked her to appear in a home-made music video I was making because she was a sexy little knockout. Traci and I had a lot of fun together and she simply loved to be spanked. Not very hard, but often, with a lot of role-playing and always as a prelude to sex. All I had to do was scold Traci or threaten her with a spanking and she got hotter than a habanera pepper.

I guess Moriah got tired of hinting around, because she finally just came out and said that Traci had tipped her off about me and my disciplinary games. It was then that I suddenly remembered the details of our conversation on New Year's Eve. Damn! I'd practically promised to take Moriah across my knee and she'd more or less said "Yes, please!" I thought she was only joking!

Needless to say, I felt like a dunce for not acting on New Year's and I wasn't going to let Memorial Day turn out the same way. We decided to put the steaks into the fridge and went into her bedroom. She told me she was a little nervous about getting started and so I decided to take over. I told her to sit down on the bed and listen to me. Then I sat down next to her and told her off.

My speech went like this:

"You know, I thought this was going to be a nice little holiday party- some food, a few drinks, maybe meet some people... but what do I get? I get misled about this so-called barbecue, I get made fun of because I wear casual clothes and then I get called an idiot for not finding the address right away! On top of that, you've been talking behind my back to an old girlfriend of mine about a lot private stuff that's really none of your business! Now am I going to stand up and walk out of here or are you going to get over my knee and take the the spanking you know you deserve?!"

Moriah was blushing right down to her cute little toes. She started to get into position then hesitated, so I took her firmly by the wrist and pulled her over my lap. What an ass she had! I slapped it gently at first, then gave her several harder swats before yanking off that bikini bottom. I smacked her bare fanny for five minutes over my knee, then I bent her over a chair for about five minutes and then she wanted it on the bed where she got up on her hands and knees. Now her bottom was getting red and she was very wet, so I only spanked her for a minute there. When she put her head down and began moaning it was clearly time to get busy! I won't go into any more details here except to say that I've never been with a woman more ready for it then this one. I seriously thought the neighbors might call the police!

Afterward, we laid there and she told me about all these spanking fantasies she's had for years but never dared to tell anyone.

We cooked the steaks and watched a James Bond movie in the living room. It was "Goldfinger". Early into the film, Sean Connery gave a woman a good hard slap on the ass. This got us started again. We continued watching the movie with her over my lap getting a long, slow, sensual spanking. During a commercial break, I got her off with my fingers and was treated in turn to a very enthusiastic hand-job.

After the movie, Moriah said that she'd always wanted to get it with a belt, so we went back into the bedroom where I had her get on the bed on all fours again. I couldn't believe how hard a strapping she could take! I started off lightly, but she asked for much harder strokes. When I was done, that once alabaster bottom of hers was beet red, raw and swollen. I went outside and grabbed some ice from the cooler, then came back to the bedroom, took Moriah over my knee and began massaging her ass with a handful of melting cubes. Within minutes, she was bringing herself to a climax over my lap.

We took a swim before I left which was a damn good idea as I felt like I might have passed out if I didn't cool down quickly!

As I was driving back home I realized that no one would believe this story, especially from a fiction writer. But I honestly don't care. It's all true, not a word of it is fictional or exaggerated. Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.


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by Anonymous

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by JJMemaw062307/31/17

Glad you two had such a hot time, but I would have loved a little more description of the action, *hint, hint*!!! Please keep writing!!!

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