tagErotic CouplingsHoliday Rendezvous

Holiday Rendezvous


Candles, moonlight and stars illuminate the room, as soft music played in the background. Lying freshly showered on the bed wrapped in a thick warm towel I patiently await your arrival. I watch as the snow falls gently to the ground. I run my fingers over the sheets imagining our hot bodies touching the coolness of them. I inhale the fresh, crisp, cool mountain air as it enters through the slightly open window. This combined with the light pine scent of the tree relaxes me. I allow myself to drift off to sleep when I feel my eyelids becoming heavy.

As you enter the room you smile, watching my sleeping form on the king sized bed. As you survey the room your eyes fell upon the fireplace in the middle of the room. A wicked grin spreads across your handsome face. You walk across the room, climb onto the bed next to me and place a soft gentle kiss upon my lips. Stirring I look up sleepily into your face and smile. Reaching I pull you down to me and kiss you as I feel the warmth of your body against mine. I feel you suddenly remove the towel leaving me lying there naked bathed in the moonlight. As the cool air caresses my skin I kiss you more intensely. I moan softly as your hands explore my body. I feel your hands moving over my face, my neck, shoulders, arms and back. Then move down over my buttocks, thighs and abdomen. I had looked forward to this all week. We needed this special time together. I inhale the scent of your freshly showered skin as you undress and lay down beside me.

I feel your hands move down my body, as I moan enjoying the feel of your touch upon my skin. Turning me onto my stomach, I feel a gently smack on each butt cheek. I feel the warmth of your hands as they move upward over my lower back then to my shoulders. You remove the cap of the warm oil and pour it into your hands. The candles cast shadows on the walls as I feel your strong hands moving over my body. As your hands touch my body I feel myself begin to relax beneath the strength and power of your hands as you knead my tense, tired muscles. As you feel me relaxing you laugh softly reminding me not to fall sleep because I had to return the favor. I laugh as you tickle me and immediately surrender and promise to stay awake.

After returning the favor I lean forward and whisper to you how much I have missed you and how much I really do care for you. Taking me in your arms you kiss me softly making me wish the moment would never end. I enjoy the warmth and comfort of you as we explore each other’s bodies bathed in moonlight. The cool air on our now hot bodies makes us shiver as we take turns pleasuring each other.

Unpacking the silk nightshirts I bought I hand you yours and sit watching you as it slides down over your perfect body. You slide mine over my head and take this opportunity to tease and taunt my nipples. Dressed we move over to the table I have set up by the window to eat. The salad of three different greens, shredded carrots and cucumbers, and sweet red onions start off the meal. We laugh and talk while feeding each other grilled breast of chicken with sautéed veggies and baked potato. I sit watching you as you sip from your glass of wine. You laugh at me when I toast you with my wine glass filled with Hawaiian Punch.

Having finished our meal and cleared away the dishes we move to sleeping bags placed on the floor in front of the fireplace. You lay me onto my back and begin to kiss down my body. I lay back and enjoy the tender treatment of your lips. Moving back up my body you softly kiss my lips, nose and eyes, you whisper you want to make love to me. I smile as I take your face in my hands and kiss you passionately. You promise to go slowly as I feel your lips begin to kiss a trail down my body. You begin with my eyes, moving to my nose, cheeks and chin. You kiss my neck causing me to giggle and squirm under you. I feel heat radiating between our bodies and know that it is not just from the heat of the fireplace. My shoulders and breasts are next. You kiss over and around each breast. The feel of your lips on the sensitive skin around my nipples and beneath my breasts have me whimpering and moaning. Then I feel your lips and teeth capture my left nipple. I involuntarily arch my body up to you. You move to the right nipple and do the same. It is hard for me to lie still on the bed while you continue the sweet torture of my body. You move further down my body over my abdomen then suddenly I feel your lips kissing my ankles and moving upward on my legs.

By now I am moaning and whimper with the anticipation of what I know you will be doing to me. I feel you nibble on my tender inner thighs. It is such an exquisite feeling. I feel your warm breath as you blow over my sensitive center of pleasure. I am trying not to grab your head and place it directly where I need it the most. I know that you are playing a game to see just how much I can take before I beg you to make love to me.

Pushing your head away from me I sit up and smile down at you as you sit between my legs. Pulling you to me I shake my head and begin to kiss you. My hands move over your chest to your nipples where I grab and pinch them. I kiss down your face and neck to your chest. There I attack your nipples using my tongue I flick first one then the other. I tease each one with my fingers, tongue, lips and teeth. I hear the change in your breathing pattern. I move my hands over the rest of you body. Blowing warm bursts of air as I go.

Suddenly I feel your hands grabbing me and pushing me away from you. I am startled at first until I realize what is about to happen. Laying back I look up into your face as you move over me. The heat radiating from your body is so hot. I feel your lips caressing mine as I feel you slowly enter me. I arch upward to you gasping loudly begging you to not stop. I feel you moving in and out of me as I move my hands over your face, shoulders, back and buttock. Making love with you is such an intense experience that I feel our hearts pounding in unison. I feel the exquisite pleasure of our lovemaking as we move together with such precision and passion. The extreme sexual heat takes over as we increase the tempo of our lovemaking. The room is filled with exclamations of our pleasure as we take each other to higher levels of passion. As suddenly as a lightning bolt strikes, so do our earth and mind shattering orgasms. The intensity leaves us both breathless as you lay with your head between my heaving breasts.

After we regain enough strength to stand we move back to the bed. Looking out the window we snuggle close as we hear the distance bells ringing to announce the stroke of midnight. Kissing you I whisper as you drift off to sleep Merry Christmas.

I look forward to any and all comments. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Happy Holidays.

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