Holiday Romances Pt. 02


Ever since we had arrived there had been an underlying sexual expectation. Neither Angetta nor Sten, however, had said or done anything specific to suggest that they wanted us to be any more than just friends, so I just didn't know what to expect.

Sten added to the underlying expectation and the confusion.

"So now you see that the famous Finnish saunas are not the dens of inequity the British press sometimes portrays."

"Not so sure about that," Kevin chipped in.

"How do you mean?" Angetta asked turning towards my husband and resting her hand on his knee.

"Well all your naked friends and us sitting here like this."

"But that's all it is Kevin," she went on. "It's only nudity."

I could hear the sort of leering smile in my husband's voice as he replied.

"And very nice nudity if I may say so."

"Yes you may," Angetta said. "And thank you from both Amanda and me," she went on.

We all laughed.

We drank some more vodka, had a shower, put more water on the coals and chatted. When the sexual expectation that Kevin's and my conditioning was removed from the equation it really was simply a pleasant way to spend the afternoon.

Chapter 6

"We thought we would eat in this evening, if you're happy with that?" Angetta said when we got back to the apartment. Of course, we agreed.

"What would you like to eat?"

"Er, how do you mean, what do you have?" Kevin asked.

Angetta laughed. "Sorry Kevin, I didn't explain. The apartment is more like a hotel really and has a central kitchen. They will cook pretty much whatever you want and deliver it to us, even serve it if we like."

"Oh I see, that's cool."

Kevin and I at their recommendation went for moose steaks for, as Sten said, "It has pretty much no fat so unlike some red meats it isn't bad for you." They both chose fish, none of us were bothered about starters or dessert so Angetta said. "I can rustle up some cheese and biscuits if we get peckish later."

They ordered the food and told us it would be about forty minutes. None of us felt inclined or, indeed needed, to shower for we had had several at the spa and at, Ang's suggestion I had taken a change of panties with me. We were all casually dressed. The guys were both wearing jeans and button up shirts. Angetta was wearing a smart tracky suit in a nice shade of pink and I had on slightly hipster, beige coloured, stretchy gym pants with an elasticised waist and a modern, button up, blue, quite chunky wool cardigan. She and I had slipped our shoes off, the warm under floor heating being too hard to resist.

Dinner arrived, dead on time and we sat in an alcove of the living room at a glass-topped table with pale wooden legs. The lounge was dimly lit and the alcove only had candles. One side of the dining area was all glass, which provided stunning views out over the river and of central Helsinki in the distance. I sat opposite Kevin with Sten on my left and Angetta on my right. The floor to ceiling windows were behind her. There was some some lovely classical music, Sibelius I think, oozing out of the sleek Bang and Olufsen. The food was delicious, they were so right about moose meat and the crisp, surprisingly dry German wine flowed easily.

We talked about the trip to the Finnish Lake District that we would take the next day. Their description of their cabin, the town it was in and the surrounding countryside was graphic and made it all sound wonderful.

"So," Sten said, sounding slightly slurred I thought, but then I guess we had all had enough to drink with the earlier vodka and the wine with dinner. "I hope you are enjoying Finland.

"Very much," Kevin replied for both of us.

"And you are adapting well to our way of life aren't you?" Angetta said, smiling broadly at both of us.

"How do you mean?" I asked.

"Well perch yesterday, moose today and the sauna." She replied.

"Oh I see, yes, I guess we are."

"And it's very nice," Kevin added.

"Have you found it difficult?" She asked.

"What the food?" I replied.

"Excuse me Ang," Sten said. "I think you got your English tenses a little mixed up."

"Did I? How? I do sometimes."

"Yes dear, I think you meant did you find it difficult, not have you."

She laughed. "Did, have what's it matter?"

"Not much, darling," Sten replied they are both past tense.

"So," Angetta went on showing the first touch of slight anger at Sten since we had met them. "Did you found, sorry, find it difficult taking your clothes off in front of us and our friends?"

Kevin was smiling broadly. "No not at all, I quite enjoyed it."

Leaning forward towards him, Angetta replied with another broad smile.

"Yes I did notice."

"Woops did it show?" Kevin quipped back looking firstly at me then right into her eyes.

"Just a little, Kevin, don't worry," Angetta said softly her gaze fixed on my husband's. I was feeling a little jealous. That soon disappeared, though.

"And you Mandy?" Sten asked looking into my eyes. "How did you feel?"

"I felt ok."

"Yes, but we would like to hear more wouldn't we Angetta?"

"Yes Mandy, tell us what you felt when you took your swim suit off." Ang asked.

"Er, I'm not sure," I mumbled taking a rather too large gulp of wine.

"Excited, happy, embarrassed, free, relaxed, tense, come on what? That's part of understanding the Finnish way and assimilating into our life-style." Sten told me.

Kevin chipped in. "I was all of those things and more. In fact, and I never thought I would feel or say it, felt sort of liberated, as if it was natural to be naked."

They both smiled and Angetta said quietly. "Well it is natural isn't it?"

"You see you British find it very hard to get your heads round our attitudes and approach to nudity," Sten said. "It's partly being a naturalist; Finland has more per head of population than anywhere."

"Well all Scandinavia has," Angetta, chipped in.

"We enjoy our bodies, they really are our temples. That's why we look after them in what we eat and drink and why there are so few obese Scandinavians. But it's not quite like the naturism that's practised in the UK, you know nudist camps and beaches like that."

"What the sandals and beards with no clothes on playing ping pong and stuff like that?" Kevin said laughing.

"Exactly, we like to believe that we are slightly more sophisticated," Angetta offered.and positively do mix the love of being naked with sex, whereas your naturists avoid that and believe in it being just good, clean fun."

Angetta laughed and said rather lecherously, but nevertheless, interestingly. "And we believe it's good, dirty fun."

We all laughed. Sten continued.

"We do think it's natural to be naked and we feel that the way we do it combines being sexually liberated with satisfying both our natural voyeur and exhibitionistic tendencies."

"You think we are all both?" Kevin asked.

"Yes to one extent or the other we believe that both men and women in Finland like to look and like being looked at, I know I do," Angetta said, standing up.

I watched fascinated as with the backdrop of the lit up buildings of downtown Helsinki, Angetta slid the zip of her tracky top down.

"As we said," Sten said also standing up. "We think it is natural being naked, both in public places, such as the sauna, outdoors and in our own homes." He started to undo the buttons on his shirt as Angetta slipped her top off and and hung it on the back of her chair. She hadn't felt the need to bother with a bra; perhaps this was planned, I wondered?

They both looked at us as Sten said. "And we think it is perfectly natural being naked when we are with special friends."

"And that is how we look at both of you," Angetta said, adding. "So if you are comfortable with us feeling that, would you like to join us in being naked together?"

As odd as it may seem, what they had just said, given the context and what we had experienced at the spa earlier, did not seem at all outrageous; in fact, it seemed, almost, perfectly normal. I thought to myself. "Perhaps all over Finland married women in their late thirties were, right at this very moment undressing in front of their 'special friends' just as Angetta was with us."

Kevin surprised me by immediately standing up and nodding at me to follow suit. He said.

"Yes Sten, yes Angetta I am comfortable and pleased that you see us as special friends." He paused looking at me. "Don't we Mandy?"

"Yes, yes we do Kevin," I replied joining the other three standing round the table. I almost giggled when I thought. "It's a bit like a séance, maybe we should join hands and try to levitate?"

"And yes," Kevin was continuing. "We will join you in being naked," he paused, before adding with a smile. "I hope you will forgive me, however, if I display my interest and excitement in a rather obvious manner."

They both smiled and Angetta said.

"Of course, Kevin, that would be our pleasure," as Kevin quickly undid the buttons on his thick, yellow shirt and whipped it off just as Sten had done a moment before.

In the darkened room, with the candles flickering shadows and the backdrop of Helsinki's lights, Angetta's half-naked body looked even more alluring, erotic and downright sexy than it had in Crete or naked this morning in the sauna. She looked magnificent. She made undressing round that dining table seem like the most natural and relaxed thing in the world.

That said, my fingers were shaking and I found it difficult undoing the four brass buttons on the cardigan, I had left the top and bottom ones undone when I had put it on. It was a fairly baggy style, but short, so that between the hem of the dark blue wool of the cardigan and the waist of the gym pants, there was a stylish and modern, stretch of bare skin, which still had its tan from Crete. That patch rapidly enlarged, though as my fumbling fingers fiddled the four buttons undone.

Underneath, I was wearing a black, extremely, delicate and hugely expensive, AP bra. Edged with a fine lace, the cups were made from a gossamer thin net. It had vertical stripes of a less dense, net that made it look, at first glance, as if it was black and white stripes. It wasn't, for the paler bits were totally see-through and the denser areas partially so. Hence, on second glance or closer inspection, it would be seen that the cups were diaphanous and my fairly large nipples were clearly evident. Tonight, due to the dim light, though, that was not so much by seeing through the material, but more by witnessing what they were doing to it. Looking down I could see the indentations were large.

With Sten and Kevin having discarded their shirts and Angetta bare above the waist, but with me wearing my bra, I guess it wasn't a surprise when Kevin said.

"Feel a little overdressed Mands?"

They all looked at me. I was centre stage, in the spotlight and being gazed at. My husband and my 'special friends,' my Scandinavian friends stared at me as I slowly reached behind my back. It was then that I appreciated what Sten had been talking about when he said we all had both exhibitionistic and voyeuristic tendencies in us. As I unclipped my bra and peeled the fine material away from my breasts, I felt a surge of sensations, unlike any I had experienced before. It was a little crazy for I couldn't understand my emotions. My friends had seen my bare tits nearly every day when we were in Crete and even this morning they had seen me naked at the spa. So why the hell was there such a buzz as I stood around their dining table undressing? Maybe it was that unique combination of tendencies Sten had touched upon when discussing exhibitionism and voyeurism?

"You look lovely," Angetta murmured.

"Thanks," I said watching as we all started on our trousers.

The men undid their belts and slid their zips down whilst Ang and I simply slipped our hands inside our waistbands ready to slide our panties off. She was wearing a pair of pale blue, lacy shorts, which fitted very snugly across her rather prominent, but which I knew to be bald, pubic mound. I felt my heart start beating more quickly as Angetta, staring straight at me, slid those panties down her long, slim legs and as elegantly as can be, stepped out of them. I glanced at the two men, seeing them, rather clumsily, removing their trousers, but felt my gaze being dragged back to Angetta. She was standing statuesquely with the backdrop of Helsinki behind her leaning on the back of her chair. Looking at me, she smiled as I slid the thong that matched my bra down my legs.

"Wow, ladies," I heard Sten saying. That dragged me out of the trance I had drifted into.

"And wow gents as well," Ang replied as it dawned on me that we were all naked.

"Ok Mandy, Kevin?" Sten asked.

"Absolutely," Kevin replied staring unashamedly at Angetta's shaved pubic mound.

"Yes, fine Sten," I added, my gaze, not unnaturally, I suppose, being drawn to his thick cock, he wasn't at all hard, whereas I could see some movement in my husband's.

Angetta, as casually as anyone could be, picked up the bottle of red wine and slowly walked round the table pouring small amounts into each of our glasses. All three pairs of eyes followed her assured, almost majestic, I thought, movement.

"A toast," she said lifting her glass. We all looked at her as she went on. "To our holiday and to the time that us special friends will spend together. To us." She took a sip of wine and we all followed, muttering the toast.

After that, It was quite amazing.

I had no idea whether stripping off was the prelude to sharing partners, having an orgy or what. I equally had no idea how I would respond to either of those 'opportunities,' although I suspected that I knew what Kevin's response would be.

Neither of those things happened. Instead, naked as the days we were born, we cleared the table, stacked the dishwasher and tidied everything up, before settling down in front of the TV to watch some English soap that I hated.

Although I knew that our bedroom was some way from theirs and that the apartment was quite soundproof, being extremely well insulated, I had to bite the pillow as my cunt seemed to explode with sensations as the cock surged up me. Of course, physically it was my husband's, but emotionally and in my mind, it was Sten who was fucking me.

I think the hour or so we sat together watching TV in the nude, had built up a sexual tension in both Kevin and me of a level that was unusual, well at least in our marriage. We hardly had got into our room before I was in his arms and our mouths were greedily attached, with our lips squirming and tongues plunging. Our hands were all over the other's body and I had that exquisite feeling of his cock growing in my hand, before he forced it hard against my mound and tummy. He was pulling my cheeks apart with his hands and sliding his fingers along the crease of bum, between my legs and all round my soaked lips. He pushed me onto the bed, me still holding his fully-grown cock and went to suck me.

"No Kevin, no."


"I don't think I could stand that, I just need to be fucked, please."

Chapter 7.

I dozed quite a bit on the long drive up to the Great Lakes region. I was tired, for Kevin and I had been at it for a couple of hours and we hadn't got to sleep until one and we left the apartment at seven; five hours sleep is nowhere near enough for me these days.

Kevin sat in the front with Sten, Ang and me in the back of the big Mercedes.

"The first couple of hours are a little tedious, but then when we get to the southern end of the eastern Lake District, the views are spectacular."

As I dozed, my thoughts went back to the previous evening. Naked as we all were, Sten had been sitting on a low chair, with me lying out on a beanbag. My back was against the side of his chair, my head was just inches from his bare knee. Angetta and Kevin shared a settee just to one side of us. From time to time my head would touch Sten's leg and a couple of times I thought he stroked my hair. Glancing over I saw that the other two were sitting very close, their outer legs and arms maybe even touching. I was sure something was going to happen.

Last night, after Kevin and I had had sex we had talked.

"What do you think you'll do Mands?" he had asked, his arm round me his fingers trailing across the top of my breasts.

"How do you mean?"

"Well they say we are their special friends, and with others like that they sometimes have sex. What if they ask us?"

"I really don't know," I lied, for twice now I had imagined it was Sten fucking me when it was my husband. It was still some leap, though, to let another man actually shag me with my husband there. "What do you think?" I asked rather unnecessarily for I knew full well that Kevin would want to have sex with Angetta and watch me being fucked, preferably by both of them.

"You know me Mands, randy sod."

"So you want her do you?"

"Well in the way they speak about sharing friends yes."

"So," I said slowly running my fingernails into the tighter curls of his lower pubic hairs. "If they hadn't told us that you wouldn't want to screw Agnetta?" I asked.

"Don't let's play that game," he said pinching my nipple and adding. "Time for sleep now."

So, I guess I was up for it, but I was hellishly nervous, both at letting another man have me and at the prospect of seeing my husband shag another woman. I had always believed that sharing partners was the thin end of the wedge and was the start of the downward spiral of a relationship. As I felt Sten stroke my long, wavy chestnut hair a little shiver of, what, I wondered ran through me.

"Ah well," he said. "Early start tomorrow."

Once again, the incredibly intimate and highly erotic atmosphere went nowhere and led to nothing apart from me having sex with my husband. Was that a disappointment? In truth, I really think it probably was.

The cabin was part of a small complex a few miles outside Antolla on Lake Saimaa. It was quite isolated and set in the panoramic splendour of mountains, lake, fir trees and amazing vistas. There were ten or so log cabins set in a semi-circle right alongside the lake. Inside the cabin at the front looking towards the lake there was a fair sized room making up the lounge, kitchen and dining area. At the back and either side there were three modest sized bedrooms, each though had their own shower room and toilet. Our room was to the right of the lounge, theirs was the other side and the other one, which we didn't see into was on the back. Everywhere was nicely furnished in the modern, almost stark, minimalist style we had become used to in Finland. Naturally, each cabin had its own sauna.

"What most people do," Sten explained "Was stay in the sauna for a while, put their own loyly on it, oh that's the salts and smelly stuff, and then when they got too warm go out and take a quick dip in the lake."

"Naked?" Kevin asked.

"Usually yes," Sten replied. He added laughing. "Don't worry that lake soon gets rid of any excitement, its freezing. "And over there," he went on pointing to another log cabin with no windows "There's a communal sauna, that we all own."

We had stopped at a store just before reaching the complex and Agnetta had stocked up on food for the weekend. "We eat in or at friends when we are here, usually, it's not too well served by restaurants, it's far too isolated," she explained.

We had a light lunch and then, wearing boots and jackets they had provided, we had a treck up the mountain, through the woods and back down to a tiny café on the shore of the lake where we had the most delicious hot chocolate with a touch of Kirsch. Mmmm lovely.

Walking the mile or so back to the cabin, Angetta explained that we would barbecue some reindeer steaks for dinner. The barbecue was in a small roofed, but open area off the kitchen. Sten did the cooking, while Kevin looked on sipping some wine and Ang and I set the table. It was delicious.

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