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Holiday Spirit


We had only met a month ago when we bumped into each other outside of the bookstore at the university. I was walking one way and looking another when I slammed into a solid wall of chest. I had to look up with my head tilted up high to see his face. Tall, at least 6'3, tan, with one of those crooked sideways grins that always makes me blush to my toes. Dark brown hair cut short and tousled with dark serious green eyes. He laughed outsold when he looked down at my stunned face. No doubt my mouth was gaping open and my blue eyes were staring rudely. That's how I met Jake.

It was an instant attraction that we courted with through sly remarks and brief touches. We became friends, and now here I am inside my grandmother's attic sorting boxes on Easter weekend with this incredibly attractive guy.

He has a great sense of humor, and a great charm about him. When I told him I had to go home to help close my grandmother's house, he volunteered to help. Excited about keeping him to myself for the long weekend I agreed to let him come with me.

We decided to stay in my grandmother's house along with my brother and cousin, so we could be away from the "adults." Being 21 is an odd place to be growing up.

The weekend was going well. Saturday found Jake and I alone in the attic, sorting through boxes. He was enjoying male bonding with our temporary housemates who had decided to make a mid day run to the liquor store. I had taken some garbage out to the street and left Jake looking through old clothes.

"Hey, come look at this," he called out when I walked back into the kitchen.

I stared up the ladder listening to him shifting through boxes. He stuck his head out from a box and smiled down at me. It was hot and he had taken off his shirt. I could see just the hint of his smooth dark chest from over the boxes. Brown nipples just barely noticeable.

"Wait, on second thought," he disappeared back behind the boxes. Leaving me trying to picture in my mind what the rest of his chest looked like.

I could hear bells and more things falling on the floor. A few curse words, a loud thud, then, "okay! Come here."

I climb up into the attic to see him holding up a large life size wooden Mrs. Clause. He's smiling widely; tan well built arms on either side. I love his arms, lined with ropy muscles, not real big but full of force.

I laugh at his excitement more than the cutout that had graced our lawn when I was a child.

"I found this Christmas stuff, isn't it great?" he was dancing the cutout around. "But wait!" he sat the Claus down and hid behind it.

A ring of a bell, and he jumped out wearing a Santa suit. Well sort of a Santa suit. He had on the black boots and red wool pants with the white cuffs. They were way too big, but were being held up by a pair of green shiny suspenders. He couldn't find the jacket, only the pants and the hat that he proudly wore. The hat had the white beard attached to it that he was wearing tucked under his chin. He held out his arms, "What do you think?"

I smiled. I think I had never seen anything as sexy in my life. I don't know if it was the heat from the attic, our on going sexual attention, or some strange connection to that suit that I wasn't aware existed until that moment. Whatever it was, I couldn't take my eyes off of those suspenders and what they were holding those pants over.

He sat down on some boxes and planted his knees apart. Smiling he patted his leg, "Come here."

I walked up to him, fingering the fuzzy ball at the end of the cap. He placed both hands on my waist and pulled me between his legs, "Sit down and tell me if you've been a good girl."

I sat down on his leg, putting my hands behind his neck. The furry material of his pants feeling good on the backs of my thighs from my short cutoffs. I couldn't help but move my rear back and forth a few times to feel the material just below the cheeks of my ass.

"I've been very good this year," I blushed, feeling silly for playing this game, but strangely turned on.

"Very good?" Jake raised an eyebrow at me. He had one hand around my waist, his thumb slipping under my tank top and stroking my side. His other hand had found my knee. "Are you sure?"

I studied his face for a few minutes, then looked down. There was a tent developing in the loose pants. I felt my hair clip being pulled out, letting my hair fall down over my back. "Yes sir, very good. Shouldn't the Easter bunny be asking me this?"

"Well, he's not feeling so well I'm afraid," Jake picked up a stuffed bunny and threw it over his shoulder. "He asked me to step in and do a check up for him on all the good and bad girls."

"What about the boys?" I asked when his hand began to move up the inside of my knee.

"Who's the Santa here? I check on who I want at Easter. This is my chance to let good little girls be bad, and teach bad little girls how to be good."

I opened my legs slightly, letting his hand slide up my thigh, his other hand brushing against my bra. "I see," I bit my bottom lip to keep from letting out a moan. I could feel my panties starting to get wet; I couldn’t seem to sit still. "H-have I been good?"

Jake's hand slid up into the edge of my shorts, his fingers moving over the lace of my panties. "Too good."

I stopped his hand, and stood up between his legs, "Too good, what does that mean?"

Jake pulled me to him, his legs holding me on either side, his face almost pressed into the cleavage of my large breasts. "It means," he pressed his lips down into my shirt nuzzling between my breasts through the cloth, "that you need some lessons on how to be a little more bad." His hands followed his mouth, grabbing as much of my chest as they could and squeezing my breasts together.

We had not been so interment before, but something about our impromptu role-play was turning me on; I wanted to let him touch me. I wanted to know what he thought was bad behavior. I could feel his cock growing harder through his pants on my thigh. “What do you want me to do Santa?”

He reached behind his back and brought out an angel costume that I had worn in the 2nd grade. It was a little sparkly choir robe with lace on the bottom. “Put this on.” He reached back again and brought out a pair of my aunt’s ballroom dancing shoes. Tall high stiletto heels.

I slipped behind some boxes and put on this impromptu outfit. The child’s robe was far too small for me now. The hem only reached to the very top of my thighs, and my chest was too big to zip it all the way up. The heels were a way higher than I ever wore. My calves were stretched tight from my foot being arched so high. I decided to leave on my white lace bikinis and bra.

I stepped out from behind the boxes. The attic door had been shut. Jake sat on the boxes again smiling at me. His eyes going from my long legs in the heels to resting on my breasts stretching the material impossibly tight on the child’s robe. “Come here.”

He pulled me between his legs and told me to turn around for him to see. He turned me around fast facing away from him. I could see our reflections in an old mirror he had set up. There was a halo on the floor with a pair of wings. “Bend over and pick those up,” he told me. I watched him take the suspenders off his shoulders.

I bent down real slow, letting the robe ride up over my rear, showing the lace panties, The heels making me bend further than usual. Through the mirror I watched his eyes staring at my tight ass, his hand inside his pants moving slowly. “Put them on,” his eyes met mine in the mirror, “and come kneel down.

I did as I was told, putting the wings over my arms, looking very small on my adult body. The halo was just a gold circle that stood up on a pipe cleaner and headband. I knelt down between his knees; his jaw was clenched tight trying to control his movements. I smiled up at him enjoying knowing it was me that was causing this loss of control.

“Now, I have a nice treat for you,” he rubbed my cheek with his hand, then wrapped his hands into my hair at the back of my neck. “There’s a nice candy cane here, I want you to show me how you eat a candy cane.”

I watched the loose pants bulge and move with the hard cock it covered. I took my hands and slowly undid the ties of the pants, freeing them from his hips. His cock sprang free. It was a lot larger than I thought, at least 9 inches and thicker than I had ever seen. The head of it was standing out with a small bead of precum just beginning to form. I stared at it for a moment until I felt a tug on my hair. “What does a good girl say when she gets candy?”

“Thank you, Santa,” I replied, not sure where to begin with this new prize. I slowly slipped my tongue out catching the precum on my tongue. Opening my mouth more, I let the head slide in slowly, adjusting to the size. I can hear Jake groan. His hips move to thrust out more to my face. Both of his hands lock into my hair and pull my head down onto his cock. The end slides way down into my throat, making me almost gag. His hips are moving up and down meeting his hands pulling my hair. He is fucking my face hard, using my own hair to force me up and down on him. Suddenly he let’s go and I pull up to catch a big breath of air. “Oh no, you’re not through, keep going like that.”

I take him into my mouth again, this time moving my head up and down at the same speed his hands had shown me. My hand moving to wrap around the base of his cock and move with my mouth. I can hear him letting out low growls in his throat. One hand finds my hair again and knots it around his fist. He starts pumping my head with his hand telling me how good I am at sucking his cock.

I move my tongue over his head back and forth, flicking at the mushroom tip before taking him deep into my throat again. My hands massaging his inner thighs and teasing his balls.

Reaching down, he pulls the zipper down making my breasts push out of the robe in their bra. Pulling my hair back hard he growls, “take it off.” I open the bra, letting my breasts fall out, hanging out of the robe. His hands grab a nipple in each hand squeezing and pulling. He squeezes my chest together and pulls me back onto his crotch. His cock, wet from my mouth slides in between my breasts. The head peeking up at me through my cleavage. I lean down and flick my tongue out on the head when it peeks through. He twists my nipples hard, causing me to cry out.

“I didn’t tell you to start licking,” he said, pulling me up by my chest. He bent me over his knee still clad in the Santa pants. I can feel the robe going up over my ass as I am bent over one leg, my hair on the floor and my face swinging almost between my own ankles and his leg. I can feel my panties being pulled down and a hand falling sharp onto my ass.

A loud thwack is heard through the attic, “you’ve been a bad girl,” he smacks his hand down three more times making my ass sting. Then holding me still over his knee, I can feel his fingers sliding along the crack of my ass. His fingers spread my cheeks and slide along inside. Moving down they move into my wet pussy. I can feel his fingers spreading my wet juices to my ass, “hmm you’re been a very bad girl.”

He pulls me back standing up facing away from him. Pulling my legs apart he pulls me back onto his lap. I can feel his cock pressing against my ass. His hands pulling my thighs open wide, his fingers pulling at the folds of my wet pussy. His cock slides in against my wetness. Suddenly he pulls me off balance and hard onto his cock. He holds me there, sitting with his cock deep inside my pussy, we look like a very naught Christmas card through the mirror. The little wings and robe are still on my body but my breasts are hanging out and my legs are being spread wide over his own legs.

With his legs, he opens and closes them making me fall up and down on his cock. His hands grab my breasts to hold me to his chest as we fuck harder. I can feel every inch of him moving in and out. My head falls back on his shoulder and I gasp for air each time he forces me down hard on his cock. His nails are digging into my breasts making me more and more excited. My toes barely reach the floor on either side of his leg as he makes me ride him over and over. He bites on my ear lobe telling me to finger myself as he fucks me. I lean back swiftly putting my hand where he asks and rubbing my clit in time with his thrusting.

I’m building up a strong climax when suddenly he stops and pulls me off of him. Standing up, he bends my body at the waist telling me to hold my ankles. He leans down and bites each of my ass cheeks hard. I let out a loud cry when I feel the sting of his teeth. His fingers find my wet hole and start to finger me fast. Suddenly, he stands and pulls me hard onto him. I can feel his cock ramming into my pussy. Bent over, it feels twice as large as it was before. I try to cry out but it gets caught in my throat. Grabbing my ass he begins to fuck me harder than before. My head is bobbing up and down a few inches off the floor. The halo falls down and the little robe and wings are around my arms and head

Leaning down he pulls my hair, making my head come up. I am nose to nose with the mirror. I can see him standing behind me with the hat still on and the pants at his ankles. He is fucking me so hard that the vein in his neck is starting to stick out. I can’t believe the dirty slut in the mirror is me. I am loving it.

He pulls me up until his hand moves down to pinch my clit between his fingers. I cry out hard, moving my hips with his thrusts. His hands tighten on my thighs and his thrusts become deeper, longer, slower lunges. We cum together falling onto the floor with the discarded Christmas ornaments and boxes of old clothes.

Catching my breath, I roll out from under him, leaning against the mirror. I look down at his face. He’s smiling that same sideways grin at me, the Santa hat is still looped around his neck via the beard. I smile. I can’t wait until the holidays.

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