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Holiday Surprise


I had been finished with my holiday shopping for about two weeks now. The only reason I kept coming back was the woman who was currently standing behind the jewelry counter. I had been looking at her from afar, and occasionally getting up the nerve to talk to her, for quite some time now. She was, quite possibly, one of the most gorgeous women I had ever seen in my life. And she was certainly more than worth the effort of blending into the holiday crowds at the department store where she worked.

Her hair was chocolate brown and hung past her shoulders with bangs that cut straight over her eyes, framing her face like a portrait. Her eyes were deep and dark, holding an air of mystery that all but concealed a fiery passion that burned behind them. Perhaps the best part of her face was her lips. They had a soft and tender appearance that became sensual and intoxicating whenever she would drag her tongue across them to moisten them. Just the sight of her tongue wetting her lips was enough to make my breath catch in my throat.

The nametag she wore read "Nikki" and was currently fastened to a black wrap top. The neckline plunged between her full and inviting breasts. I had found myself lost in her cleavage on many occasions and could only hope that she hadn't caught me ogling her like a piece of meat as I had so many times before. She wore a small golden key around her neck that was half enveloped and cradled by her breasts causing her cleavage to appear even deeper and more arousing.

I gathered my courage and decided to approach the counter again, fairly certain that nothing would happen, but unable to resist the possibility of being closer to this enchanting creature. I stood nonchalantly by the counter and made it look like I was terribly interested in a display of charm bracelets and watches. All the while I stole glances at her, my heart pounding, my pulse racing, and my sexual desire growing and aching. All of a sudden I was startled by a low and feminine voice.

"Decided to get a closer look at me?" I looked up suddenly and found myself lost in her eyes. I could feel myself blushing in spite of myself and could do nothing but stammer as I felt her eyes dragging over me. "I'm glad you did. I've seen you looking before so I thought I'd wear something nice hoping you'd come in again."

At this my heart felt like it was about to pound out of my chest. As if to make me long for her more, she ran her tongue over her lips while she fingered the necklace that dangled down to her breasts. My eyes were drawn to the movement and at that instant she ran her finger along her neckline and pulled it down another half inch, showing me everything she could manage without getting arrested. An almost imperceptible moan escaped my lips as she gave me a devilish smile. She then glanced behind her and saw her supervisor coming. She immediately took out a small card and began writing on it.

"I'd be happy to write down the prices, sir. After you have a chance to think about it I'd be happy to help you." She slid the card over to me and motioned for me to read it. On the card it read, "Women's Clothing Ten Minutes." My eyes widened in surprise and I stuffed the card into my pocket. She then turned and walked away to handle another customer and to speak to her supervisor. I hurriedly stepped away from the counter and wandered over to women's clothing.

The minutes seemed like hours as I gave a few uninterested glances at the skirts and blouses that were hung casually on the racks. I couldn't get Nikki out of my head, replaying in my mind over and over the sight of her teasing and tempting me. It took every fiber of my being to prevent my intense arousal from being visible to every person that walked through the department. Just as I was about to give up hope that she was going to come and meet me I saw her briskly walking through the racks. She brushed by me but signaled for me to follow with her hand as she went to the wall and opened a door marked "Employees Only." As I reached the door, she grabbed my hand and pulled me through shutting it securely behind us.

Before I could even think she crushed herself against me and pressed her lips to mine. Our mouths opened to let our tongues dance against each other, my hands feeling and exploring every inch of her body. I could feel her tight round ass beneath her short black skirt. I had never gotten a look at her soft and supple legs until just now. She ground herself against me and I could no longer control the strength and intensity of my arousal as my cock throbbed and pulsed against her. She nibbled on my lip as she pulled away and looked at me with a fiery lust in her eyes.

"I have fifteen minutes. Follow me." She took my hand again and we practically ran behind a couple of warehouse shelves to a small area where they stored the floor sample mattresses. As I turned around to look at her, she quickly grabbed my belt and undid it, undoing my slacks and pushing them to the floor in what seemed like one swift motion. My cock was practically tearing through my briefs as she ran a fingernail along its length through the thin cotton. She smiled that wicked smile again and looked at me. "Just as nice as I was hoping."

She pulled my briefs down as well, my cock springing free with a force I hadn't expected. She pushed me lightly making me fall back onto the bed. As I lay there, she kicked off her heels and reached under her skirt to remove a lacy pair of black boy shorts. She then knelt down at the foot of the bed and licked the tip of my cock causing me to shudder in ecstasy at the moist pressure of her tongue. She licked her lips again as if savoring a fresh kill and then started crawling up my body.

She straddled me and dragged her pussy lips up my quivering shaft. As she did so, I slid my hands up her top and began kneading her soft enticing breasts. "They're even more perfect than I imagined."

She smiled down at me as she continued to tease me with her dripping wet pussy. "Have you been stroking your cock while you imagined them?"

I blushed; oddly feeling embarrassed to admit it. I nodded and kept kneading, feeling her nipples swell and harden through her bra. Then, without warning, I felt myself entering her, inch by inch, hot and moist. She flexed her muscles as I went in, clutching at my shaft, milking the cum from me. I moaned loudly as she thrust up against her. She put a finger to her lips and I struggled to remain silent as she quietly and quickly slid up and down my cock.

My throat was dry from breathing so heavily as I grabbed her hips and pushed as deep as I could go. Our rhythm quickened as the pace increased, a look of ecstasy painted on her face. Her eyes began to glaze and lose focus as I squeezed her hips and pushed myself ever deeper. She bit down on her lip and grabbed my shoulders, pushing me down on the mattress as she arched her back. Her breasts threatened to burst from her top as she slammed down onto me again and again. Just as I could take no more, her pussy spasmed and exploded, triggering a shattering orgasm of my own. We clung to each other as we felt our bodies get wracked like ships in a storm. Finally, the climax passed and we collapsed out of sheer exhaustion.

Our tired embrace lasted only a moment as she hurriedly got up and slipped on her shoes. I dressed myself as quickly as I could manage and followed her to the door. She poked her head out and, after making sure it was clear, motioned for me to follow. She embraced me and kissed me on the cheek and then walked back toward the jewelry counter. I began to walk away and stuck my hands in my pockets. In my right pocket, I found a lacy pair of boy shorts and a small card with an address that said, "Return these tonight at 9." I smiled at her as she stood at the counter and walked away, looking forward to our meeting later that night.

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