tagGroup SexHoliday Travel Sucks!

Holiday Travel Sucks!


Jessica's flight landed at midnight in the middle of Oklahoma, far too late to make her connection to Orlando for Christmas. They had rebooked her on a plane in the morning, and so now she was left to entertain herself in a crappy little airport, in the middle of nowhere with almost nothing open.

She noticed as she walked around that the airport was colder than hell and was virtually empty. All of the stores were locked up, and it seemed like there were maybe ten people in the entire place. Fortunately, she had a coat in her carry-on keeping her warm.

After raiding the candy machines, she settled in at her gate and laid across a handful of chairs. This was not going to be a comfortable evening. Looking down the hallway she saw thick hanging plastic sheets and realized why the airport was so cold, it was clearly under construction. She could see the plastic being moved around by what must have been the wind, she assumed. "Great, a bad situation made worse." Eventually, she drifted off to a restless sleep.

It was the laughter that woke her up. She raised her head and saw two burly guys who had already passed by her, walk down the hall. They didn't see her behind the chairs and likely didn't think anyone was there that time of night anyway. Then as they approached the plastic sheets, she saw a large ½ naked man pull the sheets aside and invite them in. "Now this is getting interesting." Jessica thought.

She waited about 20 minutes after everyone had gone in and the plastic was closed again before she got up. She stowed all her gear behind the gate counter. There wasn't a whole lot of reason to be concerned about theft this time of night in an empty airport. Quietly she snuck down the hallway toward the sheets.

As she approached, she heard laughter, the clanking of bottles and glasses and one unmistakable sound, a woman moaning with passion. Jessica was instantly wet. She listened intently to the muffled voices, and while she couldn't exactly hear what was being said, it was obvious that there were other people behind the curtain and more than the two guys she had seen.

Curious, she moved around to the back of the cordoned off area and found another separation in the plastic. Quietly she parted the sheets until she was able to peek inside. She was behind everyone, so they didn't notice her. She saw two guys, one young and one more mature, drinking from bottles of booze. The area itself was under construction, so there were wood and metal pieces strewn all about. Her eyes though were drawn to the middle of the basically empty room. A large table had been set up and covered with a bunch of blue airplane blankets to form a makeshift bed. However, that wasn't what really captured her attention.

On the table, she saw the legs of a large black man, but she couldn't see the rest of him because a woman, white, large breasts and a little on the heavy side, was straddling him with his enormous cock buried in her ass. An almost equally thick white guy was holding her legs apart with his dick stuffed in her pussy. He leaned off to the right, so apparently, his buddies could see the action. She had her eyes closed, and Jessica could see that she was in heaven.

From her hiding place, she watched the action and felt herself catching fire. Feeling the protection of seclusion, she slipped a hand up her skirt and found her already very moist cunt. Eagerly her hand worked her clit and snatch with equal vigor. She watched the other woman cum hard as she rode both cocks. Jessica's fingers penetrated her pussy, and she pounded herself watching the show, finally pushing herself to a massive orgasm! A massive, loud orgasm.

Her eyes were shut as she came, but upon opening she was stunned. The woman and the two guys were frozen looking back at her, as were the other two guys. It seemed like a century before anyone spoke, during which time Jessica wanted to run, but to where?

Finally, a distinguished looking guy, one of the drinking two, spoke up, "It's okay you know. You don't have to watch from there. Why don't you join us for a drink?"

Nobody spoke as they all looked at Jessica wondering what she would do.

"Well, I was just ah, you know...."

The gentleman spoke again. "It is absolutely okay. We are all stuck here for the night too. My wife was eager for a little fun and these guys obliged. You don't have to do a thing. You'll be perfectly safe. Just come have a drink."

Jessica thought about it and realized that she was looking at a long boring evening otherwise and besides, she had already been caught masturbating, it couldn't get much worse.

She walked over as the second guy handed her a drink. She was able to get a good look at everybody now. The gentleman was in his late 50's, great shape and pepper gray hair. His friend was much younger, light brown hair, probably in his 20's and had that rough look about him like he was doing physical labor at the airport. As she took the drink she looked over at the makeshift bed, she saw that the gentleman's wife was actually quite pretty with graying sandy blonde hair and beautiful tan skin. She weighed a bit extra but was still very attractive. The black guy on the table was incredibly buff with six-pack abs and chiseled features. She could see his suit carefully stacked up on behind him. He had the look of a corporate CEO. Finally, there was the other white guy, built like a fireplug, his giant arms and hands were evidence that he was part of the construction team. These observations were made in seconds. No one shared their names for obvious reasons.

It was quite an awkward few moments as everyone was still in position as they were. It was almost as if everyone was frozen waiting for some unseen starting gun to go off and the action to resume. Jessica sipped her drink of practically straight bourbon, and that seemed to be the cue.

The construction guy slowly started to move again sliding deep inside while holding her legs apart. The wife started to rock and push herself down on the businessman's dick as well. Together they all fell back into rhythm and to press into one another. In short order, watching the action, Jessica found her first glass drained.

The younger guy poured her another drink, and after handing it to her, he stood close by her side. The gentleman also moved a little closer. She could feel them both next to her. She was having trouble catching her breath as she gulped down her drink to distract her from the tingling between her legs. The gentleman, perhaps as idle or not so idle chatter, mentioned how they all knew each was safe for play.

The third drink was likely unnecessary because Jessica had already absentmindedly found herself fondling at the zipper of the husband. The 20-year-old, after handing over the third drink, moved behind her. Slowly he slid her jacket off her shoulders and laid it aside. While her hand worked to free the gentleman's dick, the younger guy came up behind and began kissing her ear and neck. His hands worked up her shirt, and under her bra, so he could massage her breasts. He continued to kiss her passionately.

By the time young guy was working her skirt down to the ground, she had a firm grip on the husband's stiff cock. Jessica leaned over and took the cock into her mouth. The younger guy's hand found her pussy, he simultaneously rubbed her clit and slid fingers inside her. He dropped to the ground and ran his tongue up her pussy and ass licking her to her first orgasm while she worked on the older man's tool.

He soon found her ass and as his fingers worked both her holes. She pulled the gentleman to bury his cock down her throat, and he fucked it with vigor. In no time, he shot his load into her mouth, and she took it all, which caused her to cum again.

Suddenly, she was ripped forward as the construction guy pulled her to him. She saw his cock pounding away at the wife's snatch and could tell he was close. He pulled his glistening cock from her pussy and shoved Jessica's mouth down on it and fucked her face. She felt his cock grow and then shoot his warm load down her throat as he groaned.

He moved away, but at the same time he pulled Jessica forward and shoved her face in the wife's pussy. Jessica's received the message and automatically ate her pussy like her life depended upon it. The businessman began to move in earnest, and she could see his cock slamming into the wife's ass. She sucked and licked the wife's clit and fingered her holes, sending the wife repeatedly into wild orgasms. The construction guy had his hand buried in Jessica's ass and cunt, pounding her roughly all while. Finally, after Jessica made her cum so many times she could no longer handle it, the wife collapsed.

Her husband helped her down. She couldn't take any more. Her body was spent.

The businessman's enormous cock and muscular body lay there unsatisfied. He reached for a drink and, having taken a big gulp, poured the remainder on his dick and reached for a cloth to wipe it off. Jessica recognized what he was saying.

With help from the 20-year-old, she climbed up on the table and lowered herself down on this monolithic masterpiece. She was so full it was difficult to move at first. Before long she was bouncing up and down on him and rubbing her tits. "Oh my god, this is the greatest cock ever!" she said, and she pounded herself until she came multiple times. He looked up at her with pride as he held her waist and shoved her down and up on his joint.

As she rode, she saw the younger guy, naked, slide up the table next to her. He stood up on the table straddling the other man and Jessica starred in amazement at his cock, which was every bit the equal of the one inside her. She engulfed it with her lips and allowed him to plow in and out of her throat.

Abruptly, he pulled it out of her mouth and then he slid off the table. Her eyes followed his magnificent piece as he walked around behind her.

She knew what was in store, but could not imagine how it would be possible with the already gigantic cock in her cunt. The young man came behind her and kissing her neck, he began to finger her ass and murmured in her ear. "What do you want?"

Her body tingled as if she had touched a live wire.

"What do you want?" he whispered again.

She knew. She knew she had to try; that she had to have it. "Fuck my ass." She said somewhat meekly.

He kept kissing down her back as he bent her over the businessman, with his fingers still working her butt; loosening her up for the impending assault.

In a low voice, he said it again. "Tell me what you want."

She cooed, "please, please fuck my ass."

With his hands on her shoulder blades and the tip of his cock touching her bud, he spoke quietly, but forcefully, "Call me master."

She quite nearly came from that alone. She barely found the words she was so overcome with passion, "Master, please fuck my ass!" she begged.

"Yes." He said as he slid his massive erection into her hungry hole.

Normally, she would have cried out in pain, but she was so overcome with desire that the pain never entered her mind, just the pleasure.

They both could feel her lust, and it fueled theirs. They each pounded from their angle with everything they had as if they were two musicians trying to blow the other off stage. They played her to the tune of a never-ending series of orgasms that tore her body apart with pleasure.

The businessman stopped abruptly, pulled his cock out of her and pushed them both down so that her mouth was over his dick. She immediately took him in and allowed him to empty himself inside her ravenous mouth.

As he got up from the bed, she looked around and could see that everyone else was dressed and watching her ass being fucked by her young master.

He made her beg him to keep fucking her and tell him how much she loved his cock in her ass. They all looked at her as they listened to her words of worship and watched him pound her for 20 more minutes. Finally, he was on the brink, and she wanted him to cum more than she can ever remember wanting it.

With his cock still in her ass, he laid on top of her and whispered, "tell me where you want me to cum."

She knew, "Cum in my ass." She said softly, but with hunger.

She pulled her hair and turned her towards the rest. "Speak to me properly and let them hear you."

With no shame, she looked at them while speaking to him, "Master, please cum in my ass!"

With that, he grabbed her hips tightly with his hands and thrust his tool as deep as he possibly could inside her. She felt him explode and pour his warmth inside her, filling her completely.

He lay on top of her for a minute or two, kissed her back and then slipped from her. Her body was well spent.

She dressed quietly as they talked and drank the last of the booze. The night had passed, and the first signs of dawn breaking sent them all in their own direction with warm goodbyes. At the gate, she gathered her belongings and sat, still feeling the sensation of the night throughout her body.

A while later the first gate agent arrived.

"Oh, so you were the one who got stuck her overnight on Christmas. I am so sorry about that!"

Jessica licked her lips and could still taste their salty cum. "Yes, Holiday travel sucks." She said with a smile.

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