tagLoving WivesHolleywood's Cuckold

Holleywood's Cuckold


by cuckytoher & Throne

No one really found Holley attractive or pretty, and most found that it was a stretch to call her sexy. But Holley never lacked for male attention. Perhaps it was the fortune her father left her when he died or the fact that during high school Holley's five foot nine inch frame, 40DD breasts, thick features, coupled with her love of alcohol and promiscuous ways led her to have he nickname Holley Would!

Now seventeen years later at 35, Holley lived in her father's mansion the cash still coming in from the string of businesses Holley now owned but had nothing to do with. She still liked to drink, party and get laid. She had actually gained a bit of weight since graduation and her thick thighs and ass filled out the gray or black yoga pants she favored. She also liked to wear cut off tank tops that exposed her belly and her big tits. Her long bleached blonde hair and heavy makeup were a staple of her ensemble as where her many rings, bracelets and earrings she sported.

She had no steady boyfriend or man in her life preferring one night stands mostly with guys from out of town since Alpaco only had about two thousand citizens. There was one man who always fawned over her ever time she went to the liquor store. He had graduated a few years before Holley and she treated him with disdain every time she visited the liquor store. But he continued to flirt and be courteous to her. Dudley finally gathered up enough courage to ask Holley out on a date to which she looked him up and down and said, "Uh no."

But he persisted and one late night at about closing time Holley bounced into the store half in the bag wearing her trademark black yoga pants, with a leotard on and no bra her tits bouncing and nipples prominently displayed. She bought cigarettes and liquor which Dudley told her shouldn't be selling her because she was obviously under the influence but would if she'd agree to go out on a date with him. Since the liquor store Dudley worked at was the only one in town; Holley agreed telling him to close the store and meet her outside. She brought him to the mansion and fucked his brains out making fun of his tiny cock and lack of stamina. She made him go down on her and eat pussy after she had finished telling him he hadn't even made her cum.

This routine continued for several months and as much as Dudley hated having to do that every time he loved Holley's thick thighs and ass and he big tits were heavenly. In fact she was all he thought about day and night to the point that sometimes his boss George had to smack him on the head to wake him up when he was daydreaming. He hated George, they had graduated high school together and during their high school career George was the captain of the football team and big man on campus. His father owned the liquor store and left it to George when he passed away and George hired Dudley as his counter boy and lackey doing all the shit work George didn't want to do. Work was scarce in small towns and jobs were hard to come by so Dudley took the job and the abuse. George still pranced around the store like he was the holier than thou high school jock despite packing on 40lbs and losing most of his hair.

Dudley's one day a year off was Christmas and he asked Holley if he could spend it with her. She agreed and as he licked her pussy for hours; she had ceased allowing him to fuck her preferring to have him lick her and then she would toy with his tiny cock until he shot his load. That night, he got on bended knee and proposed marriage to Holley. He professed his love to her and told her that he wanted to marry her under 'any conditions' he didn't want her thinking he was after her money. Holley told him that she'd think it over and let him know in a day or two.

They were married on New Years Day at the mansion, Holley wearing yoga pants and a cut off shirt and Dudley wearing a ridiculous pink tuxedo she had picked out for him. Holley's friend Gabrielle or Gabby as she liked to be called was the maid of honor and Gabby's boyfriend Nick was the best man. Dudley had no family and Holley insisted he sign a lengthy pre nuptial agreement that she wouldn't let him read. Since Dudley had to be back to work the next day (Holley insisted he keep his job) she told him Gabby, Nick and her were going to Sandals for an all inclusive week of fun. Dudley spent the week working and fantasizing about his big bottomed new wife playing with himself every night and cumming hard.

At the end of the week Holley returned looking tan and hung-over as ever and still beautiful in Dudley's eyes. As he lay on his stomach his small frame perched between Holley's big legs licking her and tonguing her ass she told him all about their wild week. She was especially graphic about the 'cabana boys' and how they were all black and all hung to their knees. When Dudley asked her how she knew they had big cocks she replied, "DUH! Studley how do you think I know?" Holley had taken to calling him 'Studley' lately laughing every time she said it. "I saw them because we were at a naked resort dodo bird! Gabby and Nick fucked like rabbits everywhere and I had to take advantage of a couple of those well hung cabana boys myself. But don't worry Studley I still wuv you!" Her tone was mocking but Dudley didn't care he kept on licking her bringing her to yet another orgasm. For his reward and honeymoon present Holley played with his tiny cock and balls with her feet as she flipped channels and talked on the phone. He was so excited looking at her naked rubenesque body with no tan lines meaning she had spent the majority of the week without clothes on in the sun, he shot in a matter of moments, Holley merely motioning him to 'clean up her feet' by licking his cum off them.

One day after an especially long day at work he walked home (Holley didn't allow him to drive) to the mansion to his list of chores since Holley had fired most of the servants since they'd been married telling Gabby 'Oh Studley loves doing all the chores.' As he approached the bedroom he could hear Holley's voice yelling 'Fuck me I'm gonna cum!' and other obscenities. He knew Holley had been unfaithful on their honeymoon with the cabana boys but this was in their home this was different. He opened the bedroom door to see Holley naked on the bed, legs high the air with George between her legs pumping furiously. He stood there transfixed as George's fat ass pumped up and down on his beautiful wife. She grabbed his ass and he grunted in a final shout of orgasm. They both lay there, him on top of her until she finally noticed Dudley standing there.

"Well I guess the cat's out the bag so to speak! Hey Studley!"

For one time in his life Dudley saw red, he charged the bed ready to attack when George leapt off the bed and slapped him hard across the face knocking him to the ground. Dudley lay there tears forming in his eyes no matter how hard he tried to hold them back. George stood over him his huge flaccid cock swinging in the breeze and dripping cum all over the rug. Holley rolled over on her side and put her hand under her head and addressed him: "Look Studley we can't have that kind of behavior out of you. Now George and I have been seeing each other off and on since high school and if you'll look up you'll see why! Now you know your tiny pecker can't please me and I need some real cock to please me and make me cum." Dudley just lay there tears rolling down his cheeks, his face stinging from the slap George had administered to his face. "You were the one that wanted to get married and the agreement you signed says that I can have as many lovers as I want but you can't." She chuckled, "Well that was just one part of the agreement. Now if you don't want to be married to me under those conditions you can pack your fucking bags and hit the road."

George spoke now, "yeah, and if you make that choice Studley your job at the liquor store is gone too so you better think long and hard. And speaking of hard, Holley here tells me my cock is bigger right now when it's soft that yours is when it's rock hard, so you better get used to who the man is in this house from now on when I come over."

Holley turned back over and lay on her back and spread her legs. "Now you don't want to go the rest of your life without ever seeing this gorgeous body and licking my pussy ever again do you Studley?" Dudley rose up on his knees his face level with Georges cock and took in Holley's gorgeous body. He knew the answer before his mouth muttered, "nnnooo dear." "Well good, now get over here and show me how much you love me!" Dudley got naked and dutifully crawled towards the bed, placing his slight frame between Holley's legs and began licking, tasting the salty cum George had left there. George laughed and made his way to the shower while Dudley licked and cleaned Holley's pussy and ass. He was still licking when George came out of the bathroom naked and drying himself with a towel. He made his way to the bed and laid a lip lock on Holley that made Dudley's cock grow hard as Holley rarely if ever let him kiss her. George went to get his discarded clothes at the foot of the bed and snapped the towel hitting Dudley in the ass and making him jump. "Ha just like high school huh old buddy?" Dudley's mind remembered how George and all the other big football players had given him numerous 'towel parties' while he tried to take a shower they would all stand outside and snap him with their towels making him jump and cry.

"Oh really, "Holley said, "something I don't know about you two?"

"Nah," George said, "just a term me and the boys used to use on Studley here back in high school. But he can fill you in on all of that after he gets done eating what I filled you with!" George and Holley laughed and George snapped his ass once again with the towel and left.

That night while Dudley knelt naked by the tub giving Holley a bath she recounted all the fun times her and George had in high school and since. She also forced Dudley to recount all the embarrassing things George and his friends had subjected Dudley to in high school. As he listened and recounted he found himself with a mixture of excitement, arousal, shame, and a whirlwind of emotions. But he also noticed his tiny cock growing hard and Holley would laugh as she noticed it too. She loved to draw attention to the fact that whenever Dudley got really excited he would dribble pre-cum. "Aw is mister dribbles getting all excited?" She cooed as he washed her beautiful tits and full belly. It was a rhetorical question and she laughed as she asked it. She went on to explain to Dudley how she loved dominant well hung men, but she in fact was a very dominant personality perhaps a trait inherited from her late father. She told him how relationships with dominant guys never seemed to work out because someone was always vying for the upper hand and power in the relationship. She told him she preferred submissive, meek guys like Dudley that she could boss around, dominate and force them to please her and cater to her ever whim. That she said was why she had married poor old Dudley.

George continued to visit Holley and Dudley his humiliating antics increasing with each visit. He even carried it over to work. George changed the name on Dudley's name tag from Dudley to Studley. He would leave Dudley alone to watch the store for all hours of the day and night while he would go over to fuck Holley senseless and then come back to tell Dudley about it often having him sniff his fingers and laugh when Dudley smelled his wife's scent. One night as he was locking up the store George showed up to use the bathroom and said Holley was in the car and they were going out bar hopping. He told Dudley to follow him into the back room where the bathroom was. There just as in high school he had forced Dudley to his knees and made him suck his cock. Except this time George's cock was covered in his and Holley's cum. George laughed and berated Dudley as he held his head and fucked his mouth finally cumming in his mouth, tapping him on the head and telling him to have a good night as he retreated to the car and Holley.

Dudley put up with the humiliations Holley and George dished out as long as he could worship his fat wife's gorgeous body at every turn. He hated George's humiliation of him but figured it came with the territory. Sucking George's cock and cleaning his cum from Holley's pussy became his normal routine. But Holley's body kept driving him back, pulling him in one gorgeous pound at a time. And each time Holley would find another humiliating way to make him cum he would acquiesce and after it was all over and he had cleaned up his own cum most times with his mouth he would actually enjoy it. Dudley knew that Holley loved to humiliate and dominate him and he knew it turned her on more than anything and so he not only encouraged it he reveled in it.

Gabby Holley's heavy hipped friend was always there on the periphery either offering advice on the phone or encouraging Holley's domination of Dudley. Gabby had long dyed red hair almost maroon in color, her big thighs were always on display in a short mini skirt, and her chubby toes adorned with red toenail polish were always catching Dudley's attention. She was taller and prettier than Holley and she had massive breasts. Gabby loved wearing revealing clothes and didn't care who saw her. Holley had forced Dudley to strip naked one night and show Gabby how 'big' his cock was and as she forced him to kiss her feet and show her how 'mr dribbles' performed as they both laughed at him.

Life goes on and time moves on. Dudley settled into his female led marriage with Holley and was quite content almost euphoric at times. So far everything had happened behind closed doors or in back rooms and no one in town was aware of their very special relationship. Dudley became an expert at worshiping Holley and Gabby and George and pleasing them while suffering their never ending humiliations. Gabby and Holley would spend more and more time together often lounging around the house and playing with each other while Dudley was at work.

By the third anniversary of their marriage Dudley had become accustomed to his life. One day George informed him that he had sold the liquor store to an Indian family and that they were going to run it as a family business and Dudley no longer had a job. George also informed him that he would be moving out of town but would be back to visit at times and that Dudley needed to make sure he kept Holley happy always and at any cost or there would be a price to pay!

The night before George moved he and Holley had a very romantic candlelit dinner which Dudley prepared and as they ate Dudley knelt naked wearing only a pink cat's collar and pink panties. When dinner was finished, Holley told him to clean the table and do the dishes and leave her and George alone as they were going to fuck all night. Dudley dutifully did as instructed and then tucked himself into his little bed in the other wing of the house far away from Holley and George and wept himself to sleep.

Little by little Holley began to get even more dominant and daring with Dudley. Since he no longer had a job he was free to cater to her every whim all day. Some days she and Gabby would use him as their life size doll, dressing him in all sorts of makeup and lingerie and have him put on 'fashion shows' for them. Holley began to require Dudley to display certain signs to the outside world that he was in no way shape or form a virile male husband. He was made to wear clear fingernail polish at first after getting his nails manicured at the mall (a humiliation in itself) and then switch to light subtle colors. She made him wear an ankle bracelet with a cuckold symbol. His toenails were always manicured and polished.

Dudley complied silently with all of her wishes because he knew at the end of the rainbow was her big beautiful body waiting to be worshiped. When out in public she made him wear something pink most of the time. His cell phone had a pink case and he always wore a pink baseball cap. Holley would demean and emasculate him in front of others. One day at the local hardware depot she ordered him to get something heavy off one of the upper shelves. While Dudley struggled with it as Holley stood there in her skin tight yoga pants and mesh top her heavy makeup and bulging body attracting stares from the store help. Two of the young store attendants came down the aisle asking if they could help. "Oh yes please! Dudley move out of the way and let these two real men get that!" Dudley backed away his face crimson as they chuckled at his appearance. On that day Dudley wore a pair of pink Converse sneakers with his ever prominent anklet, his pink baseball cap, a pair of denim shorts that were way too short for a guy and powder blue tank top exposing Dudley's meek frame. Holley then spent ten minutes thanking the two studs and slipping them her phone number as they put the item into the car for her.

It was Holley's idea to keep the humiliation subtle. She knew that it was more embarrassing to have Dudley in a constant state of never knowing what she was going to spring on him or where. The little things she required were all subtle; not enough to make someone stop and stare but enough to make someone say 'hmmm what's going on with him?' and of course people that did pick up on things such as his anklet or clear fingernail polish, or some piece of slightly feminine attire Holley would require him is someone asked to reply: 'it was my wife's idea and I do everything she says.'

Of course Holley loved the fact that Dudley had to stand there with a crimson face. "Hey, guys, I'm really glad you came over. Don't mind my wimpy husband." The guys looked at 'Studley' and snickered as he stood there in just snug, apricot-colored panties and a matching bow in his hair, which Holley had forbidden him from getting cut since he lost his job. To her husband she snapped, "Get the guys a couple of beers, lamebrain. We'll be in on the couch. Just the threesome of us. I mean three of us." She laughed and the guys smiled wolfishly. They followed her out of the room, enjoying the way her tube top hugged her braless boobs, and how her yoga pants were stretched over her massive rump.

When Dudley appeared with the beers he found the three of them sitting in the living room, one guy on each side of Holley. One had a hand on her thigh and the other's arm was draped over her shoulders as he helped himself to a feel of the top of her boob. Dudley swallowed hard as he delivered the drinks. Then he retreated to the other side of the room and sat on a very short, hard stool that Holley had gotten for him. The clerks became more aggressive in their foreplay. Holley let her head loll back as she enjoyed every second of it. She dreamily said, "You guys are great. I hope my husband is enjoying watching all this. Are you, Studley?" He couldn't deny it. Seeing his wife frequently handled by her old lover had conditioned him to be turned on by her infidelity. He was so lovestruck that Holley's pleasure translated into his arousal. In a choked voice he admitted, "Yes, darling. I'm getting VERY excited." "Okay," she said. "It's just hard to tell because your dick is so damned tiny."

One of the guys pulled her top up and her huge breasts fell free. Dudley almost came in his panties. She let them fondle her mountainous knockers and suck her broad nipples for five minutes before she slid down onto her knees on the floor. She lost no time in opening their jeans and freeing their cocks, both of which were large and handsome. Holley sucked on one while stroking the other, then reversed her attentions. Dudley was stunned by how erotic and just plain filthy the scene was. And she made sure to work from an angle so he could watch her mouth and hands do their slow, expert work. Then she took her lips away from a cock and looked back. "Get over here, Studley. I just though of a special treat for you. Lay alongside me on your back, open your mouth, and keep it that way."

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