Holloween and Drugs

byJust Plain Bob©


Now here I was six months later with Angie bringing it all back to me.

"How did you find out what happened? I went out of my way to keep it from you."

"I still want to know why you let Gary slide while you went after the others."

"Oh come on Angie; you have to know the answer to that. Remember that old Ford Galaxy 500 station wagon of my dad's with the air mattress in the back? Remember Steven's Point?"

"God no. A girl never forgets her first time. You let Gary slide because of me?"

"A guy never forgets his first time either. I didn't want to see you hurt. How did you find out?"

"Gary told me."

"He told you? You have one of those open marriages I've been hearing about?"

"Not hardly. He got to feeling guilty and he confessed to me and begged me to forgive him. Since it was partially my fault I ended up forgiving him."

"Partially your fault?"

"Gary has always wanted to try anal sex and I would never let him. I couldn't make the party because my mom was in the hospital so Gary went alone. He didn't go there to screw Beth. He was just going to have a couple of drinks and then leave. A show of the flag so to speak. You know, put in an appearance to show we appreciated being thought of when guest list was made up. Anyway, when he was ready to leave he went looking for you and Beth to say goodbye and thank you for inviting us. He couldn't find you, but he did find Beth. When he found her she was naked and being used by three guys. The guy in her butt finished and when he pulled out Beth pulled her mouth off the guy in front of her and said:

"Somebody hurry and get in my ass."

Another guy stepped up and pushed in her. Gary had always wanted to try anal sex and Beth was giving it up so Gary undressed and the next time her ass was open he stepped up and took it. He liked it. He liked it enough to let her suck him hard again so he could have another shot at it. He did her ass three times before leaving and would have gone a fourth if he could have gotten it up again.

"On the drive home he started feeling guilty. He was upset for cheating on me and he was upset because he betrayed your friendship. It ate at him all day Sunday and Sunday evening he confessed. He was going to confess to you also, but I wouldn't let him."

"You wouldn't let him?"

"A minute ago you asked if I had an open marriage. Well, I didn't know but that you and Beth had one. Even if you did have one and Gary confessed it would still leave the thought in your mind that Gary didn't know and since he didn't know what he did was stab you in the back. I convinced him that the best course was to keep quiet and wait and see if you and Beth would invite him back for more or if nothing ever came of it. Of course days later when Beth was hauled off to jail we knew that you didn't have an open marriage. Gary still wanted to confess, but I still wouldn't let him."

"Why not?"

"Because you would have most likely ended your friendship with him and that would mean that by association you would have ended your friendship with me."

"Never Angie. I have too many good memories of our time together."

"I have those same memories Rob, but one of them was not so good. In a way it is ironic that you fucking my butt is what led to Gary's fucking Beth's."

"How so?"

"You never figured out why I broke up with you?"

"No. I was crushed that the girl I wanted to marry wouldn't even talk to me anymore. I tried for months to get you to talk to me and you never would so I finally put it behind me and got on with my life."

"You never associated what we did the last time we were together with my not talking to you?"

"No I didn't."

"It was the night you talked me into having anal sex. It hurt like hell and I kept telling you to stop and you ignored me. It got to the point where it hurt so bad that I was screaming at you to stop and you never did until you got your rocks off. I was so pissed at you when you took me home that I swore I would never have anything to do with you ever again. I eventually got over it, but by the time I was ready to talk to you it was too late and you were already with Beth. I kept waiting for the two of you to break up so we could get back together, but it never happened."

"I never knew. I'm sorry about the anal thing. The guys all told me that it hurt at first, but that if you stayed with it the girl eventually got into it. It probably sounds stupid now, but I was so into it I really thought those later screams were screams of pleasure."

"Well they weren't. Anyway, after that session with you I swore that I would never do anal again so Gary never got any and that's what led him into fucking Beth when he got a chance to finally do anal."

She was silent for a bit and then she said, "You never had any urge to get some revenge on Gary?"

"Human nature being what it is of course I've wanted to get back at him, but I couldn't find a way that wouldn't let you know why and I didn't want to hurt you."

"What if I gave you a way that wouldn't hurt me?"

"Why would you do that?"

"Revenge. I did forgive Gary, but it was forgiveness with a price. I told him I wouldn't throw his ass out, but that he owed me one."

"Owes you one?"

"I told him that some day I might want to try on a different guy and if that day ever came and I did take advantage of it he wasn't to bitch about it. He would have to chalk it up to our being even."

"Are you suggesting what I think you are?"

"You betcha!"

"This sucks!"


"I just kicked a woman to the curb for cheating on me. If I take you up on your offer I'll be cheating with you behind your husband's back and that would make me no better than Beth."

"You are looking at it the wrong way."

"How so?"

"You aren't cheating with me behind Gary's back. Gary knows I'm going to fuck some guy to get even with him so I'm not cheating and therefore you aren't cheating."

"Are you sure that you aren't a lawyer?"

"It gets better. I want you to screw me in my butt. It would be the most fitting revenge I could think of. Giving you what I won't give him."

"You just said that you hated it and would never do it again."

"I have some girl friends who like it and say that it is great if it is done right. How about it? Have you learned to do it right since our last time?"

"I thought you said you were trying to keep me friends with Gary. That won't be likely once he finds out."

"He won't find out unless you tell him. I'm going to tell him that we are even, but I'm not going to tell him who I got even with or what I did to get even."

"It is very tempting Angie, but I don't think I can do it. I want to; God knows I want to, but I would still be screwing another man's wife behind his back. That's just not me Angie. I can be friends with Gary. Now that I know the story and that he hadn't been fucking the slut all along like the others I can cut him some slack. I will say this. If you and Gary ever break up you have my number."


A week later I was kicking myself for not taking Angie up on her offer. I hadn't been laid in months and I was hurting. I was thinking of calling around to see if anyone knew of a good escort service that had girls who 'would go the extra mile' if you take my meaning when the answer to my problem rang my doorbell.

When I opened the door I found Carol standing there. Remembering the acrimonious parting of our last meeting I just stood there and looked at her without saying a word. She looked me in the eye and said:

"The whorish cunt wants to ask the asshole for a favor."

"And that would be?"

"I need to get laid and I'm hoping that by now you do too."

"Why me? Why not one of the herd that you and Beth were taking care of?"

"I don't like any of them and I was only there because Jim was making me do it."

"Making you do it?"

"I don't want to talk out here on the porch. Let me come inside, fuck me and then I'll tell you the whole sad story."

I was just a tad leery of it and I looked around to see if anyone else was lurking about. Seeing no one and being more than a little curious I stepped aside and let her come in. She walked straight by me and headed for the bedroom shedding clothes as she went.

I did have to admit that the way her ass moved as she walked toward my bed in her high heels had my cock straining my pants. I started unzipping as I followed along behind her. She laid down on the bed, spread her legs wide and said:

"I don't need any stinking foreplay; just do it!"

I hadn't gotten a real good look at her on the DVD of the gangbang because of all the male bodies blocking the view, but there wasn't anything blocking my view now and what I was looking at was sex personified. You would never know it from the way she dressed, but Carol had a body that was made for male appreciation. And she had a shaved pussy. I had tried to get Beth to shave hers, but she never would. I got on the bed and my face went for that bald crotch.

"I don't want foreplay" she said.

"Don't care what you want. My bedroom, my rules, and one of my rules is that a shaven pussy has to be eaten before it gets fucked."

It was an exhausting evening. I ate her until she screamed at me to fuck her and then I fucked her. She went down on me and got me up and I did her doggie. We went moved into a sixty-nine and she rode me cowgirl and then followed it up with a blow job that just couldn't get me up no matter how hard she tried.

"If I'm still here in the morning do you think you might be rested up enough to go again?"

"I would certainly hope so."

"Not going to kick me out?"

"Shit girl; I may never let you leave."

"Promises, promises; all I ever get is promises."

We fell asleep together and I slept good for the first time in a long while. I woke up in the morning with a female hand fondling my cock and it responded. When I was hard Carol mounted me and rode me cowgirl until we both got off. We showered and then I took her out to breakfast. Over pancakes and bacon I reminded her that she was supposed to tell me a story.

"It isn't pretty."

"Maybe not, but you said you would tell me all about it if I laid you. I did my part and now you have to do yours."

"I was an inexperienced young girl working as a waitress in a small café when Jim came in for lunch one day. I felt all tingly inside when I first saw him and he must have liked what he saw in me because he came back for breakfast and lunch the next day. He asked me out and I accepted and over the course of the next month he seduced me and got my cherry. I took to sex like a moth to a flame. I became Jim's steady girl and for six months we lived together.

"Then one day he told me that he needed me to help him out with a business deal. He wanted me to party with three guys that he wanted to get on the good side of. I told him no way so he drugged me and gave me to them anyway. The three used me for the entire weekend and I won't lie; they got me going and they kept me going with sex and more drugs. The problem is that they were black and I'm from a family that is one hundred percent racist. I was filmed doing things with those black men that would have made my mother's hair fall out and looking at the film after Jim had edited it you would think that I was doing it all willingly and to be honest, for the most part I was because once they got my body going I did get into it.

"Sunday night Jim picked me up and took me back to our place and I hit the bed and slept for almost twenty-four hours. When I woke up I started to pack and when Jim asked me where I thought I was going I told him that I was going as far away from him as I could get. He laughed and told me that I wasn't going anywhere; that I was his personal whore and I needed to get used to the idea. I told him to fuck off and die and that's when he showed me the tape he had of me and the black guys. He told me to behave or my parents and all of my other living relatives would get their own personal copy of the tape. I couldn't let my family see that tape. None of them would ever talk to me again.

"Over the next year he used me to sweeten some of the deals he made. He only taped me when he had me doing black guys and he held those tapes over my head to keep me in line."

"If he was that big of an asshole why did you marry him?"

"We aren't married. He just told everyone that we were."

"You should have been glad to see him go to jail so why were you always giving me a ration of shit for trying to send him there?"

"Because of the tapes he has of me. I don't know where they are and with him in jail he has relatives who are going to show up some day to grab his stuff. If they find the tapes, or worse yet Jim tells them where they are I'll never get free. My best hope was for him not to go to jail and hope that he slipped up and gave me some idea of where he has them. I've spent every day he is in jail looking for them with no luck. I'm running out of time."

"Running out of time?"

"I had a call from Jim's brother. He is going to be here in two weeks. He told me to be sure I was here when he gets here. He said we had lots to talk about. I'm guessing he knows where the tapes are and is planning on picking up where Jim left off."

"Are you sure that the tapes are at the house?"

"Jim is one of those guys who likes to keep things close. I don't know what the fuck I'm going to do."

"Sure you do. We are going to find those tapes, films or whatever before Jim's brother gets here."


"Got to keep you happy girl so you'll stay close to my bed."

"Find me those tapes and I'll never leave it."

We finished breakfast and went back to the house. Carol was silent most of the way and we were almost there when she said:

"He drugged Beth too you know."

"I don't believe it. She wasn't drugged that night."

"No, but he did drug her and filmed her pulling a train. Told her she would fuck him or for him whenever he wanted or you would get the tape."

"When did it happen?"

Six, maybe seven months ago. You were on one of your business trips and Jim invited Beth over to have dinner with us. He drugged her and then called a bunch of guys to come over and do her. She really didn't have a chance Rob. When it was over she was sacred to death you would find out."

"Bullshit! Beth knew me better than that. She could have told me and I would have gone over and beat on Jim like a drum until he gave me the tapes. You can't blackmail someone who won't cooperate. Granted that Beth's situation was way different than yours, but Beth knew that I would fight for her. She knew if she told me she was drugged I'd believe it and go after Jim. She went along because she wanted to go along."

"You can't know that."

"Remind me to show you the tapes I have of Jim and her sometime. She was holding onto the "He drugged me and blackmailed me" so she could use it as a 'get out of jail free' card if I ever caught her."

When we got back to my place I went out into the garage and got some tools and then went over to her place.

"Are there any rooms where Jim spent a lot of time?"

"Just the den and the basement."

We went into the den and I saw that it was paneled.

"Jim owns the house right? Its not leased or rented?"

"No. He owns it."

"Good. We don't have to worry about damage."

I went over the walls with my stud finder and found three places that did not seem to read right. I took my crow bar and started ripping down the paneling over the questionable areas. There was nothing behind the first one, but as soon as I put the crowbar behind the edge of the paneling over the second section it popped open revealing a cavity between the wall studs. It was packed with video tapes, CDs and DVDs. I told Carol to find a box to put it all in and while she was gone I went over to the third questionable area. Again, as soon as I put the crowbar behind the edge of the paneling it popped open to reveal a cavity between the wall studs only this one was packed with money. Carol came back into the room with a box and I said:

"Looks like I found you some running money."

She came over and looked and said, "Oh my God. How much is there?"

"Don't know. We can count it as we take it out."

She left the room and came back with a suitcase. There was sixty-seven thousand dollars in hundreds and fifties, a small bag that held diamonds and twenty-six gold coins.

"What are we going to do with it" Carol asked.


"Over breakfast you did tell me that we were in this together."

I reached over and picked up six of the gold coins and said, "I have always wanted to have some gold. As for the rest of it we can get you a safe deposit box at the bank. Do you have a checking account?"

"No. Jim gave me three hundred a week to run the house. Buy groceries and such, gas for the car and stuff like that. I kept it in my purse. He didn't want me to have too much. It might tempt me to run."

"Is the car yours?"

"No. It belongs to Jim."

"It's yours now. I'm pretty sure that the title is here somewhere in the house. When we find it I'll fake Jim's signature and sign it over to you. Next question. Is there anything in the house that you want? If so we need to get it out of here before Jim's brother gets here."

"There is some stuff."

"Go through the house and make a list and we will get it out of here and put it in storage. Since he fucked my wife I figure that he owes me so I'm going to go through his stuff and see if there is anything that I want."

We carried the money and the tapes over to my house and went through them. There were six with Beth's name on them and fourteen with Carol's and we set them aside. I started to go through the rest of them to make sure that Carol wasn't on any of them and she said:

"Why bother. If I'm on any of them I'm going to destroy them so let's just destroy all of them and be done with it."

"Maybe after I go through them. I want to see who else I know that he might have been blackmailing so I can let them know they are free of him."

"You really are a decent guy aren't you?"

"I try."

I found four women that I knew on the tapes and I set them aside and then we destroyed all the other tapes, CDs and DVDs. I had Carol call the four women and tell them that she had found the blackmail material and then ask them if they wanted the evidence or just wanted her to destroy it. All four of them said to just destroy the stuff and they thanked Carol for getting rid of the axe that been hanging over their heads. I cheated and held onto one of them. I'd had the hots for her all the way through high school and had tried to hook up with her several times when we were in college, but she always turned me down. Seeing her on three of the tapes gave me one hell of a hard on so I decided to keep one for myself without letting Carol know that I'd done it. We destroyed all the material except those that had Beth on them. Those I wanted to look at before destroying them.

"Now what" Carol asked.

"What do you mean?"

"What do we do now?"

"You can do whatever you want. You are free of Jim and you have plenty of money for a new start."

"Trying to get rid of me already?"

I looked at her with a "What?" expression on my face and after a couple of seconds she said:

"Earlier you told me that you would help me to keep me happy enough to stay close to your bed and I told you if you helped me find the stuff I'd never leave it. Did you not mean what you said, because I did mean what I said."

I just stared at her and she laughed and said, "Race you to the bedroom."


Over the next three days we moved everything out of Jim's house that we wanted. Most of it went into storage, but all of Carol's clothes ended up in my house. We also went to my bank and opened checking and savings accounts for Carol and rented her a safe deposit box for the bulk of the cash, diamonds and gold coins. Most of the cash had to go into the deposit box because deposits of ten grand or more brought scrutiny from the feds.

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