Holloween and Drugs

byJust Plain Bob©

I found the title to Jim's car in his desk and I signed Jim's name to it and gave Carol a bill of sale for the car also with Jim's name signed to it. Carol of course moved in with me and she left no forwarding address when she left Jim's house so Jim's brother had no way of finding her. Not that it would have done him any good if he had.

I wondered what he thought when he went into the house and found it pretty much empty. I also wondered how Jim took it when he was told about the almost empty house and what his brother had found in the den. I would have loved to have seen his face when he found out that all of his blackmail material, his money and Carol were gone.

I watched all the tapes that had Beth's name on them and they weren't half bad as far as porn went, but you could see that Beth was enjoying the hell out of it. Carol kept trying to tell me that I wasn't being fair; that once the guys got Beth wound up of course she got into it and enjoyed it. Carol kept telling me that I had to keep it in mind that everything was edited and that Beth's reluctance at the begging was edited out. Finally I got out the surveillance tapes that I had and showed them to Carol and after she saw them she never said another word about cutting Beth any slack.


Three months went by and Carol and I were living, for all practical purposes, as man and wife. I began thinking that I should make it real, but I hesitated to bring up the subject because I was afraid. Afraid of what might happen if I asked Carol to marry me and she said no.

I was comfortable being with Carol and I didn't want the relationship to end. I wasn't in love with her the way I had been in love with Beth and I knew it, but I had come to the opinion that love was highly overrated. I doubted that Carol loved me either, but we fit. We got along great. We made love three or four times a week and usually more than once. We went out and had fun. We shared the household chores and as I earlier mentioned we were just like a married couple only without all the legal stuff. I did try to work myself up to broach the subject with her.

Carol was a lot more in tune with me than I expected. I was just about ready to bring it up over dinner one night, but before I could say a word she said:

"I have a feeling that I know what is on your mind and I was afraid that this day would come."

"Afraid? Why?"

"Because you are getting ready to talk permanence and I can't go there. At least I can't go there with you."

"I thought we had something good going."

"We do, but only because we haven't made it permanent."

"I don't understand."

"Only because it hasn't happened yet. I told you once that even though Jim blackmailed me into doing it I got into it once they got me up to speed. I enjoyed the hell out of it. I enjoyed it so much I want to do it again, but of my own free will. The problem is that you just are not the kind of man who would go along with it."

"You got that right."

"In fact, I'm not even sure that if I lived in my own place and we were just friends with benefits you would have anything to do with me if I did it and you found out."

"If that's the case why haven't you done it before now?"

"I don't know that I ever will, but the fact is that I want to and if the circumstances ever arise that would set it in place I'd do it. I'm not sure that you are even going to want me around now that you know."

"I'm not that narrow minded. No way I would ever ask you to leave because of something you might want to do some day. You just told me that you don't know if it will ever happen so let's just play it by ear and we will see about crossing that bridge if we ever come to it.


The next nine months went by with no big problems. Anyone looking at us would think that we were the perfect couple and for he most part we were. My life with Carol was pretty much he same as my life with Beth had been only without the marriage license. The only blight was that having been forewarned by Carol I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. She said that it might never happen, but she also said that if the right circumstances presented itself then she would.

Unfortunately the situations where those circumstances could arise were plentiful. Once Carol was free of Jim she found a job at an advertising agency and she would occasionally stop for drinks after work with the girls she worked with and she also had a night out with them every once in a while. Carol admitted that they got hit on a lot and that she occasionally danced with the guys that bought the girls drinks and she also admitted to being felt up a time or two.

She went to baby showers and bridal showers and there were Mary Kaye, Tupperware and Amway parties. I didn't expect that anything would happen at those events, but what was constantly on my mind was the way some women talked and acted when there were no men around. I could imagine certain things being talked up and maybe leading to something. Something like a bachelorette party where a male stripper is brought in and things get out of hand and he calls his buddies for backup.

My problem was that I had liked being married when Beth and I were together and I wanted to go back to being married. And Carol suited me, but Carol had also been honest with me. There would be no going behind my back the way Beth did, but because of that honesty Carol wouldn't marry me. What I had was a teeter-totter. On one end was my relationship with Carol that I got more and more comfortable with every day on the other end was the knowledge that if the opportunity presented itself Carol would follow through on having her gangbang and we would be through as a couple. Hell of a deal. Hang in there and hope while at the same time setting myself up for the possible train wreck.


Thursday at dinner Carol reminded me that she would be going to the bachelorette party for one of the girls she worked with and Friday at breakfast she told me she would probably be late and not to wait up for her so I was in bed asleep when she got home. When I got up at five for my Saturday morning golf date with Ben, Dave and Chuck it was pouring down rain so I got back in bed and went back to sleep. About nine the phone rang and Carol rolled over and picked it up off of the bedside table.



"Yes he's here but he's asleep."

"No. I won't wake him up, but I'll take a message."

"I'll make sure he gets it."


She hung up the phone and I asked, "Who was that?"

"I didn't know you were awake."

"The phone woke me up. Who was it?"

"It was Beth. She wanted me to wake you up so she could talk to you."

"About what?"

"She didn't say. I think she was too surprised that it was me she was talking to. She asked me to give you a message. She wants to talk to you and she will call back at one."

"You should have told her not to bother. I don't want or need to talk to her."

"Not my place baby. That is something that you have to do yourself."

She nudged me and said, "Up lazy-bones; I feel the need for an IHOP breakfast."

"How about we stay here and indulge in some hot monkey sex?"

"Later. Right now my head hurts from last night. I don't want to do any bouncing around until the head feels a tad better. Come on lover; up and at 'em."

She got out of bed and headed for the shower. I debated following her, but I knew what that would lead to, but I'd been in the 'head hurting' condition a time or two myself so I didn't want to inflict any pain on her.

Over breakfast Carol said, "I wonder what Beth wants?"

"Doesn't much matter. She won't be getting it."

"Are you sure? You loved her deeply at one time and I know that she loves you. At least she did before you sent her to jail."

"That was then sweetie; this is now."

She changed the subject and started talking about going to Alicia's wedding the next weekend.

At one Beth called. She told me that she wanted to sit down with me and try to explain what happened and why. I told her that I wasn't at all interested in hearing about any of it.

"Please Rob; I need to do it. Maybe you don't need to hear it, but I need to say it."

Against my better judgment I agreed to meet her. I told her I would meet her at Bud's Bar at four. Beth was already there and sitting in a booth when I got there. She smiled when she saw me and started to get up, but figuring that she was planning on giving me a hung I motioned her to sit back down. I sat across from her and said:

"Your meeting Beth so get to it."

"Not even a hello Beth; how are you doing?"

"Let me make this absolutely clear Beth. When I was in court for your sentencing it was the last time I hoped that I would ever see you. I left the courtroom disappointed that you were only give a year and a day. I was hoping for five or even ten. Does that give you any idea where you stand with me? The only thing on my mind right now as far as you are concerned is my wondering what you are doing out of prison. It hasn't even been a year."

"I got time off for good behavior."

"You behaved? Too bad you couldn't have done that while we were married."

"That's what I needed to talk with you about. I didn't do it because I didn't love you Rob, because I do and I always have. Honest to God I do. I was doing what I did because I was being blackmailed."

"I know all about it Beth. Jim drugged you, got you gangbanged and filmed it and then he told you he would show me the film if you didn't do what he wanted."

"If you knew all that why have you been so hard on me?"

"Because it is all bullshit Beth and we both know it. Yes you were drugged and gangbanged and yes you enjoyed it, but so what? You know me well enough to know what I would have done if you had told Jim to fuck off and die. You know damned well that I would have ripped his head off and shit down his neck if you would have told me what he did. You know me well enough to know that I would have stood behind you. You could have laughed at him and told him to start running because you were going to tell me what he'd done.

"No Beth, you liked what happened and you wanted to do it again and so you did. You did whatever Jim told you he wanted you to do because you wanted to do it and I have the proof of that Beth. I sent you a copies of the videos I had Beth. Have you forgotten what they showed?"

"I never watched them."

"You should have. It would have saved you a trip to this meeting. They showed Jim fucking you on my desk in the den to mark his territory as he called it. Remember that Beth? He asked you if there was any chance that he could fuck you again before the party. Remember that Beth? You invited him to climb in the basement window so he could fuck you. You invited him. There was no "You will let me in the basement window so I can fuck you while Rob is upstairs and you will do it if you know what is good for you. There was no blackmail there Beth. None at all. It was all you Beth so don't give me any of this blackmail shit! You got anything else to say?"

"I love you Rob, honest to God I do and I want you back."

"People in hell want ice water Beth and they have a better chance of getting it than you have of getting me back. I'll never forget the scene of you fucking Jim in my house and on my bed and I'll never forget how easy it was for you to talk about drugging me to get me out of the way. I'm dead serious Beth. I wanted you to get a whole hell of a lot more time for what you did that a year and a day. You got anything else?"

She got up from the table and ran crying out of the bar and I got up and went home.


I walked into the house and the first thing Carol said to me was, "Should I start packing?"

"The only time you need to pack is for when we go on our honeymoon."

"Okay. Where are we going? How should I pack?"

She caught me flat footed with that and I stood there looking at here without speaking. "Come on Rob, speak up. Those aren't hard questions."

"Sorry, but you surprised me. When did you change your mind?"

"Last night."

"Why? What happened last night?"

"A bachelorette party that turned into an orgy. The girls that set up the party brought in a male stripper about three hours after we started drinking. He did his thing and then one of the girls hollered out, "Take it off. Take it all off" and then some of the other girls picked up the chant and so he did. He danced around with his cock swinging and Annie reached out, grabbed it and pulled it to her mouth. Marge and Gail said, "Save some for us" and Betty took off her slacks and said, "I've got to have me some of that."

"The stripper broke free and got to his cell phone and made a call while Gail was sucking on him and twenty minutes later four guys showed up. By then Betty had fucked the stripper and Marge had sucked him hard again and had mounted him cowgirl. There was fucking going on all over the place and another three guys showed up. Bev was on her hands and knees sucking on one cock while another was fucking her from behind. I was thinking that all she was missing was one in her ass to make the picture complete and I was just the girl to show her the way.

"I had a mouth on my left tit and a cock in my hand that I was getting ready to go down on when suddenly a thought flashed through my mind. Did I really want to give up what I had in you for just some sport fucking? Just as quickly as I'd had the thought I knew the answer. I let go of the cock, pulled away from the mouth on my tit, grabbed my purse and got out of there so fast that my blouse was still open and my tits were there for all to see as I ran from the hotel room to my car.

"In a way it was stupid of me because I'd had way too much to drink to be driving, but I had to get out of there and get home where I belonged. I'm just praying that you will overlook that I did actually have a hard cock in my hand."

"It never went anywhere else?"

"No it did not."

"Okay then; I guess the question is where do you want to honeymoon?"

She smiled, grabbed my arm and started pulling me toward the bedroom.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/21/17

@ lb _says

Semen swallowing is fetish now???
Some girls do, some girls don't.
All guys like girls that do.
Never figured they had choice if they allowed guy to cum in their mouth...unless guys were dribblers.

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by Anonymous10/16/17

All your characters are cartoonish

that's why it's so ahrd to relate with any of them. Like watching any cartoon, it's entertaining but also ridiculous.

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by Anonymous07/01/17

Another great one from the past to avoid the current crap

I'm going to start going down the list with one a day. Thanks for your long time work.
reasonable man

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by Bfreetorun04/30/17

This was my second read of the story (I am going down your page again).

I enjoyed reading this story the best (I think) of all your stories. Of course there are nit-picking things that others have mentioned but when they occur in a story which I really enjoyed I tend to disregardmore...

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