tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHolly and Jamie Ch. 02

Holly and Jamie Ch. 02


The morning after the concert, Jamie and I couldn't stop talking about it. While I had to admit that flashing a crowd of guys was exciting, I was concerned about the pictures and whether Jake and Tommy would tell anyone else about the evening. The guys had assured us on the way home that they would keep it to themselves, but it was difficult to really trust in that. It was hard to imagine them not showing the pictures to their buddies. Jamie seemed less concerned about that. In fact, her whole reaction was that it was not that big of a deal. She would tell me that we just got caught up in the excitement and that we were just two of many girls that flashed that evening.

A couple of weeks later, Jamie and I were getting ready for a frat party. Jamie and I had just taken showers (separately, perverts). We were both still in towels and I had just started blow-drying my hair when there was a knock at our door. Jamie headed for the door while I continued drying my hair. I couldn't hear what was happening, but I expected that Jamie was just going to send away whoever was there. So I was quite surprised when I peeked back out of the bathroom to see Jake and Tommy in our room. They were like, "Hey, what's up, Holly," and smiling broadly.

Jamie too was smiling. I called out and asked what was going on. Jamie just said that they had come over to accompany us to the party. I called out, "Couldn't they wait outside until after we were dressed?"

She responded, "They've already seen us half-naked!", like I was being absurd or something.

I stayed in the bathroom, drying my hair, expecting that they would leave in a few minutes. When I turned off the dryer, I was surprised to hear that they were still in the room. I wrapped the towel around me tightly and walked out of the bathroom. Jamie still had her towel on, so we were both standing there in front of them wearing just towels. Even though the towel covered the essentials, I still felt rather exposed in it and was worried that it would come open on the sides.

I turned to Jamie and said, "So?" expecting that she would tell them it was time to step outside.

She said, "Yeah, we should get dressed."

What she did next shocked the hell out of me. She gave me a slight smile, turned away from the guys and towards her dresser, and casually took off her towel! She was completely naked, standing in front of the guys but facing away from them. They could clearly see her butt and the sides of her firm tits. Tommy muttered, "Damn!", and I could see Jamie smile proudly. Jake said something about wishing he'd brought his cell phone, to which Tommy responded, "No kidding."

She opened up her top dresser drawer and started inspecting her assorted panties. I couldn't believe that she was just standing there with her naked ass exposed like that! She took her time selecting a pair before reaching into the drawer to pull out this small pair of red panties. She smiled back towards me, stepped into them, and pulled them up. She then reached in for a bra, but instead of putting it on, she turned to face the guys. They could now see her naked tits and thinly-covered pussy as she stood perhaps ten feet in front of them. The guys just gawked at her. She was clearly enjoying every single moment of this. She stood there just letting them stare at her tits as she slowly worked her bra on. She then turned back to the dresser, dug out a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and finished getting dressed. Meanwhile, I was in shock at what she had just done, openly flashing her naked body in front of Jake and Tommy. It's true that they had already seen her tits at the concert, but still!

Jamie then turned to me and asked, "Are you going to get dressed, or are we going to stay here all night?" It took me a moment to process her question. She expected me to follow her lead! A flood of emotions came over me as I thought about pulling off my towel and standing naked in front of the guys. As I stood there dazed, an inner voice came out of nowhere and told me, "Just do it! Jamie did it - so can you. "

I decided to do it. But whereas Jamie's dresser was on the other side of the room from our small couch where the guys were sitting, my dresser was right beside the couch. They were about to get an even better view of me than they got of Jamie. I was still dazed as I walked over to the dresser. Jake was sitting on the couch, just a foot away from me, with Tommy next to him. I thought to myself, "here goes nothing", and pulled the towel off.

My breasts shook as the towel came off, and I couldn't help but look over at the smiling faces of the guys. I heard a "Wow" and a "Whoa" come from the guys, as they stared at my completely naked body. From where they were sitting, they had an excellent profile view of me with a good view of the side of my left tit. They could also surely see some of my pussy patch and ass, but neither terribly well from the side. I could tell that they were crooning their heads to get better views of each. I started to reach for my underwear drawer when Jamie instructed, from the other side of the room, "Bring me your towel."

I was confused. My brain wasn't really working right with all of the adrenaline and blood flowing through me. But I managed to ask her, "Why???"

Jamie responded impatiently, "Just bring it, I need it!"

Again, my brain wasn't working. I didn't understand, but I wasn't going to stand there completely naked while I tried to figure it out why she needed my towel. So I started walking across the room, totally exposed, to bring her the towel. I realized that the guys could now get the same straight-on view of my ass that they got of Jamie, so I'm like, whatever. I involuntarily gave my butt some extra wiggle as I walked across the floor. I discovered that it's hard to not be conscious of the way your butt looks when it is being openly stared at. After handing my towel to her, I realized that I needed to walk back to the dresser, and doing so would give a full frontal view to the guys. I could walk backwards or cover up my beaver, but I figured that at this point, it was a little late to begin getting bashful. So I turned and faced the guys, wearing nothing but an awkward smile. The guys absolutely loved it. I don't know what was going through their heads, but the expressions on their faces showed this bizarre combination of excitement, lust, and pure enjoyment.

I thought, "Omigod, these guys are seeing my entirely naked body! They just watched my ass as I walked across the room and now they can see my tits and my pussy! They've seen everything!"

I realized that I was just standing there letting them stare at me, so I started walking back to the dresser and towards them. When I got to the dresser, I turned to face it, giving them back their profile view, and opened up my underwear drawer. I was starting to feel quite embarrassed at this point, so I quickly found some panties and pulled them on, followed by a bra. I looked back to the guys and was amazed that, even with panties and a bra on, they seemed like they couldn't take their eyes off of me. I couldn't help but laugh and then finished getting dressed.

At the party, away from the guys, I asked Jamie what the hell she was doing. She said, "Don't tell me that you didn't enjoy that!"

I couldn't tell her she was wrong.

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