Holly Jolley Christmas


"Uh huh," she whimpered while I massaged the stiff bud with my lips.

I only had the opportunity to taste its twin for a few seconds before she straightened over me again. She slid a hand slowly down her body, and let out a gasp, followed by a groan when her fingers found her clit. Though it came with a flash of guilt, I imagined my sister sitting behind her, her breasts pressed against the redhead's back, replacing Jemma's fingers with her own.

She moved faster, and began adding a few bounces, increasing the sensation. Her sounds of pleasure grew louder as well, but between the sexy display of her riding my cock and how amazing it felt, I'd more or less forgotten my concern about Holly hearing us. Truth to be told, a part of me wanted her to hear us, and wondered if it was making her wet.

A loud whimper passed Jemma's lips when her need surged, and she began truly riding me. Her ass slapped against my legs. Her breasts bounced and quivered from her efforts. The hot friction of her pussy sliding over my erection combined with the always-repressed fantasies of my sister to drive me higher as well. Her red hair bounced from her motion, sometimes half-covering her face in the sexiest way.

"Oh god," she whimpered. "I'm gonna come. I'm gonna come."

"Fuck yeah. Do it," I said. I bumped my hips up to meet her when she slammed down on the next stroke. The clap of our colliding flesh was loud, but not nearly as loud as her yelp.

I was getting close to orgasm, but she was ahead of me. A few bounces later, she froze with me buried to the hilt, her mouth open as she trembled. Then, with a sharp cry, she lurched forward and fell atop me. Her breasts were hot against my chest. I continued to bump my hips up to her, causing her climax to soar.

Her voice strained and broken by the throes of ecstasy crashing through her, she said, "Do it. Fuck me. Fill me up."

I was moving before she finished. I grabbed her ass tight and jammed my cock into her climaxing pussy. She cried out, the sounds becoming more primal with every thrust. Her face was a flushed mask of beautiful agony. It didn't take long for me to erupt inside her with a growling grunt.

The contractions of her walls around me milked out every drop of cum I'd built up over the course of the day. We lay there, still joined and twitching from the aftershocks for quite some time. Then Jemma moaned and rose above me on trembling arms.

I jerked and made a comical sound when she let me slip free of her. She scooted back, and before I could protest, she took my oh-so-slowly softening cock in her mouth. Jemma sucked me hard for a few strokes, cleaning the mingled cream from my cock, making me clench the sheets in my fists and growl.

On the final suck, I slipped from her lips with an audible pop. She looked up at me, grinned, gave the head a kiss, and said, "Night night."

A second later, her sexy ass vanished behind the closed door. I remember almost nothing after that.


The next day was a full one. Jemma was already gone to a family gathering by the time I awakened, and Holly was on her way out the door to work. Thankfully, my sister had chosen less sexy attire, because once she got off work, I was around her for the rest of the day at our mother's house.

We had lunch, played cards, had dinner, watched A Christmas Story, and then went on the traditional Christmas light cruise. Grandma absolutely dominated the final rounds of euchre when we got back to Mom's house. It was around one a.m. by the time Holly and I returned to the house. We each had one beer, helping make room for a new 12-pack, and then hit the hay.

I finally had the opportunity to hook up with an old friend who was back in town the next day, having spent sufficient time at Mom's for her to not guilt-trip me over it. We met up with a couple of other friends, goofed around all day, and then hit the bar that evening. I was buzzed, but nowhere near drunk when the cab dropped me off at my sister's place after midnight. I was surprised not to see her car there.

Jemma was sitting on the couch when I walked in, so I asked, "Where's Holly?"

The redhead shrugged, picked up her Ipad, and said, "Come here."

I walked around the coffee table, watching her tap on the Ipad. She said, "I dug this off my laptop earlier. You said you'd love to see me eating pussy. So, want to see?"

"Do I really have to answer that?" I said as I hurried and sat down next to her.

She giggled and said, "Nope." I took the Ipad when she handed it to me and tapped the play button.

"Ah, damn," I said and chuckled as the video started. It was shot POV, showing Jemma going down on a girl with smallish breasts and a shaved pussy. She was really getting into it, and the sounds I heard coming from the girl holding the camera indicated she was quite enjoying it.

Jemma had a hand between my legs almost from the point I started the video, and she had something to hold onto in short order. In the video, she stopped licking and reached for the phone, or whatever they were using to shoot the video. The view lurched chaotically for a few seconds, and then centered back on Jemma. The redhead was holding the camera off to the side, showing her in profile as she tongued the pink pussy in front of her. After a few seconds of that, she turned the view to show a pretty blonde whose face indicated she was well on the way to orgasm.

The video ended abruptly when Jemma dropped the device she was holding to the bed.

"Fuck, that's hot," I said.

"I had a pretty good idea that you liked it," Jemma said, giving my cock an extra hard squeeze. She then reached for the button on my jeans.

"Whoa. What if Holly comes home?" I asked. We were in full view of the front door.

Jemma pouted, but it only lasted a second before turning into a smile. She grabbed her Ipad, stood, and tugged on the sleeve of my shirt. I was right behind her, and halfway down the hall to her bedroom, I laid my hands on her sexy, swaying, denim-clad butt. She was fiddling with her Ipad, but when we reached her door, I could see that the screen was dark because she'd turned it off.

The redhead walked over to her nightstand, sat the Ipad down, and then started popping buttons on her blouse. I closed the door behind me and stepped on the heels of my shoes to get them off. By the time I finished that, Jemma had shrugged off her blouse and unhooked the clasp of her bra. I bent down for a mouthful of her nipple the moment she uncovered her breasts.

Jemma moaned from my efforts, and unbuttoned her jeans. I stayed latched on for a few moments, but then followed her lead. We stripped in a flurry of discarded clothing, and then came together in a crushing embrace and a hungry kiss, followed by falling into the bed.

"You loved watching me eat pussy, didn't you?" she asked with her lips almost touching mine.

"Hell yes," I answered, and then kissed her again.

"Love to see it for real, and join in, wouldn't you?"

"You know I would."

No words passed between us for a few seconds as we kissed, caressed, fondled, and ground our bodies against each other.

Jemma broke the silence by saying, "I noticed you weren't all that bothered when I talked about you eating pussy as well as your sister, or when I brought up her seeing your cock."

Alarmed, I pulled back from the kiss and asked, "What?"

"Come on, you can't fool me," she said, and then wrapped her fingers around my erection. "I felt this throbbing when you kissed me the other night and tasted her pussy on my lips. I did that on purpose. God, the thought of the two of you together makes me so fucking hot. Mmm... And there it is again."

In a panic, I shook my head and stammered, "Jemma, I..."

"Just stop," she said. "It's obvious." She rolled over, grabbed her Ipad, turned it on, and started the video she must have cued up on the way to her bedroom.

All I could do was gape as I beheld the video of her going down on my sister. It was shot in Jemma's bedroom, and the device must have been sitting on her dresser. It showed the redhead from the neck up, and my sister in all her glory. Holly was shaved bare, and she had small nipples surrounded by equally small, almost perfect circles. Despite myself, I drank it all in.

"You know you want this," Jemma purred. "Watch me eat your little sister's sweet pussy." Her hand curled around my cock again.

I couldn't look away. Holly was writhing on the bed, obviously well on the way toward orgasm. She was moaning and whimpering in full voice, far louder than she could have been when I heard her a few nights before. Jemma was really going at it, letting out hungry growls that had just a hint of amusement to them.

"She's almost there," Jemma said, still stroking my cock. "Watch your sister come."

I couldn't hold back the groan rumbling in my throat as I watched my sister's face grow red, and her back slowly lift up from the mattress. She suddenly let out a shriek, and her hands snapped to the back of her roommates head. Holly bucked and lurched through her orgasm, screaming like crazy.

"Look at her come. You're throbbing so hard," Jemma said. "You'd love to lick her and fuck her, wouldn't you?"

I swallowed hard and nodded my head, my eyes never leaving the video, where Holly was beginning to come down from her peak.

Jemma leaned in closed and whispered into my ear, "I want to hear you say it. Say you want to fuck your sister."

The words left my mouth before I could talk myself out of it. "I want to fuck her." The video stopped, and I turned to the redhead to add, "So bad."

Jemma excitedly moaned, and a quiver ran through her. She let go of my cock and quickly transferred the Ipad to her nightstand. As soon as it was in place, she pushed on my chest and said, "Lie down."

She straddled me before my head even hit the pillow. I expected her to sit on my cock, but instead, she knee-walked forward, and lowered her pussy to my face.

I wasn't complaining in the slightest. I slipped my tongue between her folds with gusto.

Jemma moaned and said, "You got a little taste the other night. I bet you want a better one. You'd love for your sister to sit on your face like this, wouldn't you?"

"Uh huh," I answered around my flicking tongue.

"Do it for me. Pretend you're licking your sister's pussy and show me how hard you would make her come."

I was already doing that to some degree, to be honest. I could still hear Holly's screams of pleasure echoing through my head. The longer I tongued Jemma's pussy and sucked her clit, the more my fantasy of Holly mingled with reality. I was absolutely devouring the redhead. The sounds she was making indicated it was doing the trick. Every whimper, moan, and gasp had a twin that was in my sister's voice.

Jemma ground her pussy into my face as her pleasure mounted. "Yes. Just like that. Don't stop."

That was an instruction I had no need for. I had no intention of stopping until she made me by pulling her pussy away from my lips.

When she spoke next, the redhead's voice was higher in pitch, breathless, and frequently interrupted by sounds of pleasure. "You know the other night?" she said, and then yelped. "When I gave you that sissy pussy kiss? And then you filled me full of cum?"

"Mmm hmm," I moaned with a mouthful of her folds and throbbing clit.

"When I... When I left..." The last word turned into a yelp. "Your s-sister was right... Right outside the door. P-playing with herself."

My eyes widened and I froze in shock.

Jemma put her hands behind my head and jerked me into her pussy. "Don't stop!" she demanded.

I was still reeling from the revelation, but it was also merging into my fantasy. I dove back in, and the pressure of the redhead's hands eased off.

"We... We went b-back to her room," Jemma said, her voice growing louder. "And I s-sat on her face just l-like this. And she licked u-up every d-drop of your c-c-cuum!"

With that, she let out an ear-piercing shriek as she came on my tongue. The thought of my sister lapping my cum out of her roommate's pussy drove me crazy, and I translated it into sucking Jemma's clit. She bucked on my face, smearing pussy juice all over me, but I grabbed her ass, holding her in place. I kept sucking, and she kept coming.

Finally, when her voice was alternating between hoarse and squeaky, she lurched away from my mouth and grabbed a fistful of hair at the same time. That was enough to keep me from trying to get back into her quivering pussy.

Jemma sucked in noisy gasps and trembled, her juices dripping onto my chest and meandering down to my neck. I put a hand on her butt to caress it as she spiraled down from her orgasm, but she must have thought I was trying to get back between her legs, because she jerked on my hair in warning.

I wisely moved my hand and watched her breasts jiggle from the combination of her shaking and heavy breathing. I could almost see my sister's tongue swirling through the redhead's pussy, and my cum dribbling into her mouth. A hand wrapped around my cock, and I grunted from the unexpected touch.

Then I realized that both of Jemma's hands were right in front of me.

"S-surprise," Jemma stammered, and then tried to chuckle, but it was quickly cut off by a gasp.

The redhead slid off my chest and flopped down next to me, revealing a wide-open door and my naked, blushing sister standing next to the bed, her arm extended to reach my cock.

"It's even bigger than I thought it was," Holly said as she climbed into the bed, never letting go of my erection. She then looked me in the eyes and asked, "Is this okay?"

It was way more than okay, but all I could do was nod.

Once she was sitting next to me, my sister stroked me a little harder and faster. I had a much better view of her than I had in the video. Her little nipples were darker than Jemma's. Though they weren't as big as the redhead's, her breasts were absolutely breathtaking.

My sister admired my cock and said, "You're so hard."

Jemma scooted a little closer. "Feels good, doesn't it?"

"Uh huh," I answered, and nodded as well.

"Don't tell me. Tell her," Jemma suggested.

My eyes hadn't left my sexy sister, but I took the suggestion to heart anyway. "That feels so good, Holly."

She smiled at me, and then looked back at my cock. She let out a delighted little, "Oh," when she saw a clear drop had welled up from the tip. Smoothing back her hair, she leaned down.

I groaned loud and long when my sister's soft lips caressed me with the lightest of sucks.

"Mmm," she moaned, and then licked the lips that had just been wrapped around me. She glanced toward her roommate, and something passed between them.

A brief flash of disappointment washed over me when her fingers uncurled from around my erection, but it faded quickly when she crawled over top of me.

"Look at the mess Jay-Jay made," Holly cooed. "Let me clean that up."

"Oh my fucking god," I said when she leaned down to lap up the smears on my chest.

Her hard little nipples were brushing against my skin as her tongue worked. She followed the trail of the droplet that had wandered down to my neck, cleaning that up as well. Then, she scooted forward. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her passionately when her lips touched mine.

Jemma remarked, "Your brother is a good kisser, isn't he?"

Holly paused just long enough to whisper, "Very."

My hands roamed over my sister's back, exploring her every curve. I caressed her butt, traced the muscles in her back, and let my hands glide over the swell of her firm breasts. All the while, Holly alternated between kissing me and gathering up her roommate's wetness from my face. I was in heaven.

Holly gave my cheek one last, broad-tongued lap, and said, "She tastes so good. But you know that, don't you?"

"He has to be dying to play with those boobies," Jemma said. "Don't be a tease."

My sister pushed up above me and gave her breasts a jiggle. "Do you want to play with these?"

"Oh, hell yeah," I said as I reached up to fill my hands with them.

"They're not too small after having Jay-Jay's?" My sister asked.

Still squeezing and exploring them, I said, "They're perfect. I love them."

"Show me how much," Holly said in a sultry whisper.

I put my elbows underneath me and lifted myself up, but she lowered her tits to me at the same time. We met in the middle, and then I sank back down to the pillow with my tongue swirling over her left nipple. She rewarded me with a whimper.

I suckled the stiff point I'd been licking for a moment, and said, "I love your tits," before moving to its twin.

My sister moaned and said, "That feels so good. They were aching the whole time I was listening to you eat Jay-Jay's pussy."

Had to do something about that. I licked, sucked, and flicked her nipples, regularly switching back and forth. Holly moaned and whimpered a sweet song of encouragement for me. She was lightly rubbing her pussy against my leg, and I could feel a touch of wetness there.

The bed shifted, and Jemma gave her roommate a little slap on the ass. "Switch places so we can share."

Holly pulled away from my lips, and I scooted out of the way, to the opposite side of the bed from Jemma. My sister lay down, and she put a hand on the back of both of our heads when her roommate and I leaned over her. Her back lifted from the mattress and she gasped when two sets of lips locked over her nipples.

Holly stroked my hair while I worshiped her breast. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Jemma doing the same. A chorus of moans arose from all three of us, occasionally interrupted by a whimper from my sister when one or the other of us would suck her nipple harder.

I felt Jemma's hand on my cheek, and moved in for the kiss she was offering. When our lips parted, Holly put a hand under my cheek and tugged.

"We're supposed to be sharing," she said with a coquettish little grin.

She probably suspected something more ardent, so she let out a surprised moan and shivered when I kissed her softly instead. I lingered for a long time on her sweet lips before ending with a final peck and moving back to her breast.

Jemma was quick to take her turn. With both her breasts free, I moved to the nipple slick with the redhead's saliva while teasing the other with my thumb. My excitement was beginning to overwhelm me, and I sucked harder.

The redhead asked, "Is your brother making you wet?"

"Yes. So wet," Holly answered in a high-pitched rush of words.

I caught a glance of Jemma whispering in my sister's ear, and Holly gasped at whatever her roommate had said. I faintly heard what Jemma said next, which was, "Do it."

A chill rushed through me when my sister said, "Oh please, Doug, lick my pussy."

Without a word passing between us, we moved in perfect coordination. Holly parted her legs a few inches, and as I lifted my knee, she moved her leg under it. I shifted my other knee, and she pulled hers up and out, opening herself up to me.

I dropped down onto my hands and drank in my first good look at Holly's pussy. Her lips were thin and smooth, with only a little bumpy texture, though the hood at the apex was more pronounced. I could see a glimmer of wetness between those dainty lips, and wasted no time seeking it out.

"Oh god yes," my sister chirped when my tongue slid into her depths.

The faint, second-hand taste I'd gotten from Jemma's lips didn't even begin to do her justice. I felt almost drunk on her bittersweet nectar and the heady scent of her arousal from the very first taste. I swirled my tongue in her canal, gathering up every drop I could reach.

"You're going to love this," Jemma said, "That silver tongue of yours runs in the family."

I reluctantly pulled back from the wellspring of her wetness, but found another joy when I kissed her hood, looked up at her, and said, "You taste so sweet."

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