tagIncest/TabooHolly Jolly, THAT WAS MOLLY?!?!

Holly Jolly, THAT WAS MOLLY?!?!


There was a knock at the door of the old brownstone.

When Henry Page went to answer it, he saw his daughter standing there in in a jacket that was way too light for an east coast winter snowstorm. Her boyfriend Jeremy was standing right behind her with their luggage in hand as they both shivered in the heavy flurries that were beginning to fall as the day went on. The neighborhood had already gotten a foot of snow by that point and the taxi that had dropped them off had barely made it down the street to complete the task.

"Merry Christmas, Dad!" Mackenzie said to her father, as her boyfriend echoed the sentiment.

"Merry Christmas guys!" Henry responded, pulling them both in for a hug as he ushered them into the warm coatroom of the house.

Mackenzie and Jeremy shook off the snow as they walked into the warmth of the fireplace-toasted home.

Henry pulled his daughter in for another hug as she reciprocated the love in kind.

This had been the first time they'd seen each other since Mackenzie had gone off to school on the other side of the country that fall for her freshman year at Stanford University.

She'd met a nice guy who was a sophomore in the same department and the two had now been dating for the last four months, and so she decided to bring him home to meet the parents.

Even though he'd already hugged him, Henry reached his hand out formally to shake Jeremy's hand.

"Nice to finally meet you in person, Jeremy!" Henry said, his easy-going warmth always on display.

"You as well, Mr. Page!" Jeremy responded.

Henry smiled at this, "No, no, not Mr. Page. That makes me feel like I'm still at work. Call me Henry."

"You got it, I can do that." Jeremy said as they shucked their shoes and jackets near the door and came into the large living room and main area of the house.

Oliver, the family husky, came bumbling into the room to meet them where even more passionate licking and tail wagging commenced. Once he'd sniffed out the new boy and draped himself fully over his much missed Mackenzie, their ten legs moved them further along.

It was midafternoon and the kitchen was already sizzling and simmering with the various smells of a delicious home-cooked Christmas Eve dinner.

Rebecca Page bustled this way and that among the copper pots and pans of their large, recently redone kitchen. She dropped her oven mitts to the side when she saw her daughter and boyfriend enter.

"Hey Becca, look what the cat dragged in!" Henry announced as she scurried excitedly over to see her daughter. They all said their hello's and introductions were shared all over again as she wrapped them both up in large, home-cooked hugs.

Mackenzie gave her boyfriend a quick tour of the house and then the two retired to her room to drop off their bags and change into comfier clothing as they refreshed themselves from the stresses of holiday travel.

Henry dropped off some towels at the door and then headed back towards the kitchen and family room. The Page house wasn't naïve. Even though his daughter was only 18 and her boyfriend only 19, there wasn't any silly sort of expectation that they wouldn't be allowed to share a room. Henry and his wife Rebecca had never been prudes about things and they'd had no problem whatsoever when Mackenzie had asked to go on birth control in her freshman year of high school. They were just glad she was being safe and honest with them.

Eventually the two returned in comfier attire and they both took a seat at two of the barstools surrounding the huge kitchen island where the dinner trappings had started to appear en masse.

Henry cracked open a beer for Jeremy and himself while Mackenzie poured herself a glass from the bottle of chardonnay her mother had been using both to cook with and to drink.

"It's so good to be home," Mackenzie said as she finally allowed herself to really relax for the first time since finals prep had begun some three weeks earlier.

"It's great to have you home, sweetie!" Her mother said, as they clinked their wine glasses.

The family caught up on all things pertinent—jobs, the various challenges provided by their different fall classes, the neighborhood, the extended family.

No stone was left unturned.

Henry in particular was thrilled to have his daughter back home. While she and her mother had always been close, Mackenzie was undeniably a Daddy's girl. They had been very tight knit growing up and he was looking forward to reconnecting over the next week during her break.

One thing was for certain, while she might always be his "little girl", it was impossible to miss the fact that Mackenzie had grown up quite a bit over the last year.

She may have bloomed late, but she had most definitely bloomed.

Henry couldn't help but notice the way her body filled out the old pair of sweats she had picked from her room to wear around the house. The once loose-fitting gym pants now clung tightly to her roundly-attentive butt and dipping curves. Her old cotton t-shirt also protruded more than Henry seemed to remember it having once done as the swell of her chest reminded him of the way Mackenzie's mother had looked they'd first met in college. She really was a flower that had blossomed from the same vine.

Mackenzie had dark brown hair that which she wore straight with cute bangs. She had sort of a modern Kelly Kapowski-vibe going on—the tiny, pert nose, the puffed lips, the dimples. She was cute and sexy at the same time.

For the briefest of moments, Henry felt strangely jealous of Jeremy. His daughter really had transformed into a freshman heartbreaker.

As the night wore on, dinner was had; more stories too. They watched out the window as the snow piled up on the back fire escape while the alcohol inside flowed freely and they fell back into their familiar family routine with Jeremy along for the ride.

There was a roast beef with mashed potatoes and green bean casserole and freshly baked Crescent rolls and even more conversations. They laughed at old anecdotes and regaled their guest with embarrassing stories from Mackenzie's youth. This was to be expected of course. What was family for, after all?

It was 9:00 PM when they'd finally finished the stellar meal. When it was time for the dishes to be cleaned Henry insisted they sit still and relax while he attend to the table clearing. Mackenzie joined her dad anyway as her mom and boyfriend chatted away at the dining room table.

She followed him into the spacious kitchen carrying a stack of plates and forks and he immediately connected his phone into the kitchen Bluetooth stereo and put on a classy Christmas playlist.

When 'Baby It's Cold Outside' came on in the middle of him degreasing a pan, he looked over at his daughter and smiled. Some Christmas traditions were unavoidable. She smiled back at her dad as she placed her stack of plates on the island and skipped over to him as she placed her hands on his shoulders. They exaggeratedly danced around the tile floor as they giggled with each other like always.

As a kid, this song been a favorite of Mackenzie's each new Christmas season, and for the first few dances her father had ever asked of her, she'd been standing atop his loafers as he moved spinning around the family room much to her childhood delight.

As they danced now, they each traded off singing the male and female parts back and forth to each other and laughed at their successful and unsuccessful spins and dips.

As she looked up at him, she had to admit, the guy still had it. Mackenzie's father was a spry looker at 42. He and her mother had gotten pregnant while in college together, and he was rather young compared to most of Mackenzie's friends' dads.

He looked like a younger Roger Sterling from that show 'Mad Men'—something that her friend's in high school loved to bring up with her whenever they felt like teasing her for having a "Hot Dad." The silver in his hair was only starting to show through and he still had an impressively full set, which he parted in a similar way to the founder of the fictional advertising agency on the show. His weekly squash matches and obsessive cardio had kept him in peak condition. Mackenzie could only hope that her eventual husband still looked like that in his forties.

Henry easily lifted Mackenzie up onto the counter by the sink as he continued to wash the dishes as the music crooned on to another Sinatra-like Christmas number. She laughed in merriment as she rubbed her head slightly.

"Hey Dad, any chance you have any of your prescription headache medicine lying around somewhere?" She asked suddenly. Mackenzie may have gotten her deep blue eyes from her mother, but her painful migraines had come directly from her dear old dad.

They were the types of headaches that would knock her out for an entire evening if she didn't catch them in their infancy. Luckily she'd gotten very good at recognizing the signs over the years, thanks in large part to her father's own lifetime of trial and error in regards to his own versions of the auras.

"Ah, yes, there is a white container on the bottom shelf of my medicine cabinet, these are the smaller pills—you take two at a time." He said as Mackenzie jumped off the counter and headed upstairs toward her parent's master bedroom.

Before she left though Henry added," and Mack, would you grab me a couple too? Probably better safe than sorry considering how much wine we've been drinking," he reasoned.

They'd both had their fair share of horrible headache black holes over the years, 'better safe than sorry' was a household credo by now.

Mackenzie danced down the hall to her parent's room as the Christmas music carried throughout the house. She walked into their bathroom and opened up her dad's medicine cabinet, grabbing an unmarked white bottle and snagging four of the round, white pills out of the case. She returned quickly and filled up two Mason jars of water from the filtered water-dispenser on the fridge door, and then handed both the pills and the water to her dad.

They clinked glasses as they downed the pills and then finished their cups. Those too were thrown into the dishwasher along with the remaining silverware and plates.

Soon the kitchen was passable enough for clean and Henry placed his arm around his daughter's shoulder as they walked back out to the dining room table.

The next hour or so was spent on board games and card games and vanilla bean ice cream and puff pastry pie crust. Jeremy was already onto his fifth Stout and Mackenzie's mom had dipped into her next bottle of chardonnay.

What was the point of the holiday season if you couldn't get responsibly sloshed, anyway? That was what Jesus was really fighting for when he was born. That was what Santa truly gave to us with extended vacation time and long college breaks.

There was 'Clue' and 'Scattegories' and 'Cards Against Humanity', which was another hint as to just how cool Mackenzie's parents actually were.

As they finished up their games and desserts, they headed out to the living room to exchange a single gift with each other. This too was a Page family tradition. Each Christmas eve, every family member would receive a single gift from under the tree.

They all unwrapped their various prizes.

A silk scarf.

An expensive putter.

Cordless workout headphones.

A rare book beautifully bound.

Mackenzie leaned into her boyfriend where they sat together on the couch, "I'll show you your real Christmas Eve present in a little bit back in my room after we go to bed," she whispered to him, feeling a warm, flirty sensation starting to envelope her body. The Chardonnay must've been a strong one.

As a surprise, she'd bought some very naughty Christmas-themed lingerie to wear for him that night, and Jeremy looked at her with a toothy grin as he wondered what she might be planning.

He downed the rest of his beer as they all hugged and thanked each other for their gifts.

Soon the Christmas movies were playing and as 'Love Actually' got underway the family room lights were dimmed while Henry added some logs to the nearby fire as embers danced upwards into the hood.

The room was split up with a giant L-shaped couch and two more matching recliners with folded afghans. There was a sizable coffee table featuring a number of interesting books and coasters including a book on interesting coffee tables and a tome on rare coasters.

Mackenzie sat back on one side as Jeremy laid his head back against her and she played with his hair. She was felling really good...probably from a combination of the toasty fireplace, the home-cooked meal, the alcohol, and the soft couch covered in high-thread-count blankets and pillows and loved ones all set to the soundtrack of Christmas music and movies and the comforting snore of the ever-asleep and overfed family husky on the floor below them.

Star-crossed lovers storylines were just starting to get underway on the large flat-screen mounted to the wall across from the couch when Rebecca realized that she was falling asleep on Henry's shoulder and stood up to announce she was heading to bed.

She crossed over and gave her daughter a kiss on the forehead and said goodnight to both her and Jeremy, though he too had already conked out as he lay on a pillow in Mackenzie's lap.

She couldn't blame him. They'd been up since around six that morning going through security at San Francisco International Airport and he specifically had been very unsuccessful in sleeping on their eventual flight.

Henry looked at his wife and felt a great rush of joy at how beautiful she still was in the glow of the Christmas tree lights. He got up as she started to leave for bed and swung her up into his arms as she swatted at him with little success.

"Welp kiddo, I'm gonna put this one to bed, I'll be back in a couple of minutes and then maybe we can watch a REAL Christmas movie, like 'Die Hard.'" He said, and Mackenzie laughed at this. Die Hard was another tradition of theirs, though her mother refused to allow it when she was around as she said it was not an actual Christmas movie. This was perhaps, one of the only major disagreements they'd had as a family growing up.

"Yeah, I think I might do the same with Sleeping Beauty over here!" Mackenzie said as she motioned to a now-snoring Jeremy, "Goodnight mom, love you, see you in the morning," Mackenzie beamed, as she rustled her boyfriend awake and had him follow her up the stairs after them, as they split off in different directions towards the bedrooms.

Mackenzie had been lucky enough to have her own bathroom growing up—the spoils of being an only child perhaps.

As she walked Jeremy back towards her room she felt her body buzzing and she loved the way his hands felt in hers.

"Here babe, sit on the bed, I wanna show you your Christmas Eve present but I need just a minute!" She said, suddenly very excited. She grabbed her backpack and headed into the connected bathroom.

"You got it babe," Jeremy said even as he lay back on his elbows on the bed and his eyelids fought a losing war.

Mackenzie stripped naked in the bathroom and pulled on the sexy red-laced lingerie set she had bought for his gift. It was designed with furry white frills to give off a Santa Claus motif. The back was open down her ass, only tied together with soft white and red bows. The incredibly soft fabric felt amazing against her skin for some reason. She stared at her hard nipples in the bathroom mirror as she donned the similarly low-cut sheer-laced bra that allowed her boobs to hang half out while a ruffled Santa frill filled the border. Her butt too looked like it was wearing a little Santa skirt made up of the same ruffle though it barely hung over the top of her ass. Then she threw on her white knee socks which were both sexy, and more importantly, warm in the chill of the night air.

She rubbed her hands up and down her body as she marveled at how she had developed as of late. She was sexy and she knew it.

She loved the way the silky fabric rubbed up against her skin and she shivered as she touched herself. Everything just felt really good.

She turned around with the most suggestive face she could make and headed back into her room, and that's where she found her very exhausted, mostly drunk boyfriend, passed out in a sea of snores.

She sighed as she ached for sex in that moment, but she'd have to wait for the morning she supposed. She helped push his legs over into the bed and threw a blanket over him to keep him warm as he mumbled a sleepy goodnight to her. She was about to change out of the lingerie to head back out to her dad when she reconsidered. She felt really good in the lingerie for some reason so thought, fuck it, and tossed on a pair of small pajama shorts and an old t-shirt to match her warm knee socks and then headed back downstairs. Her dad would never know and she liked how amazing the material felt up against her sensitive skin.

Over on the other side of the hall, Henry had just put Rebecca to bed and had stopped off in the bathroom to pee. As he washed his hands he looked down at a familiar white bottle next to his sink.

Wait a minute...he thought.

"Oh fuck," he whispered under his breath. He quickly opened up the bottle and saw that there were six pills remaining where there should've been ten.

"Ohhhh fuck," he said again. That's why he was starting to feel so good, he realized.

He opened up his medicine cabinet and saw his prescription headache pills bottle firmly lodged on the middle shelf...not the bottom shelf as he had thought.

There had only been one bottle on his bottom shelf, and that bottle was where he kept his secret supply of Molly.

Now, to be clear, Henry and his wife weren't huge drug users, but they did, on occasion, like to have the occasional, crazy weekend vacation or even, staycation.

He could count on two hands the amount of times they had ever "rolled" together, but the pills did come in handy for whenever they were feeling like they needed a youthful reinvigoration into the monotony of adult life, or for a fun boost to their sex play for that matter.

He had given Mackenzie the wrong directions. She hadn't handed him two migraine pills, she'd handed him two ecstasy pills—two molly to be precise—and he was only just now beginning to feel it due to all of the food and alcohol they'd consumed over the last few hours.


He'd accidentally given his eighteen-year-old daughter a party drug on Christmas Eve.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

When Henry made it back down the stairs and came into the family room, he noticed his daughter had changed into white knee socks, tight pajama shorts, and the same old shirt from before. She looked really sexy laying there on the couch with her smooth legs on display. Stop looking at your daughter's leg, you creep! He thought to himself.

He wondered if she was feeling the affects of the drugs like he'd started to. He felt terrible and yet also strangely invigorated.

He had to come clean.

"Mackenzie," he started, as he sat down on the couch next to where she lay and faced her.

"Hey dad, what took ya so long?" She asked. "I got 'Die Hard' pulled up on the DVR." She pressed play but he grabbed the controller from her to pause it suddenly.

She sat up and faced him. She was sitting in the very corner of the L-shaped couch and he'd sat down on the cushion right next to her.

"Wait, give me a second, I've got something pretty crazy to tell you," he said, somewhat dreading what he was about to say.

Mackenzie sat up and faced her father. He really was a damn good-looking older guy. No wonder her friends were constantly eyeballing him, she thought to herself. He was totally fuckable.

"What is it, dad?" She asked, a little concerned at his expression.

"You didn't grab migraine pills from my bathroom earlier, you accidentally grabbed another kind of pill instead," he said.

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