Holly Jolly, THAT WAS MOLLY?!?!


"Okaaaay...what kinda pills?" She couldn't help but smile at him. She knew they weren't Viagra...those were blue, and based on things her mother had told her in their conversations in the past, that was not an area where her father had any trouble.

"Molly...you took Molly...WE took Molly," he said as he looked at her absolutely mortified.

Mackenzie looked at her father for a moment with a wide-eyed expression of shock and then she fell backwards laughing harder than she could remember in quite some time.

"WE TOOK ECSTASY!?!" She squealed at him a little too loudly.

"Quiet down! The last thing we need right now is to wake anyone up!" He said, as he put his fingers over her mouth. Her puffy lips felt good up against his two shushing fingers. That had to be the drugs.

"But, you're not joking, like...we ACTUALLY took E? Wait did we take molly or did we take E?" She said, sounding way too well versed in the subject.

"We took Molly, and how do you know so much about it, anyway?" Henry quipped back at his highly-amused daughter.

"Well daddy-dearest if you REALLY must know, Jeremy and I have rolled a couple of times when we've gone out dancing. Don't worry though, I've always been very safe and make sure to only use the tested pills. I'm a very good girl." She said, laughing again as she smacked her lips suddenly.

Aw yes, there it is, now I'm starting to feel it, she thought.

"Well, I can't say I'm surprised necessarily. Your mother and I both rolled for the first time when we were in college too so I can't be the pot to your kettle black here, kiddo." Henry joked as he leaned back on to the super soft couch back and enjoyed the way the soft blanket draped over its back felt up against his neck.

Mackenzie sat up suddenly Indian style in front of her father.

Her skin was a beautiful polished peach kissed with a slight blush of California sun...but her skin was also glowing a little due to the warmth of the drugs beginning to kick in.

"Okay," she said quite officially now, "we should probably take stock of our situation, here. I've rolled before, but I've never taken two pills at once and I don't wanna freak out at all," she said. She rubbed her hands down her smooth legs and onto the softness of her cotton knee socks as her father noticed his daughter's sexy-smooth legs in front of him once again.

He sat up cross-legged now in front of her so that their knees were mirrored and touching. The closeness just made sense as they both started to feel the pills' opening numbers and calmly attempted to collect themselves.

"I agree completely," he said as he stared into his beautiful daughter's face. "So, I think we just need to remember what happens when you roll. You feel an increased euphoria...we'll probably have lots of energy so we should probably do something physical...maybe you can dig out your old 'Just Dance' game for the Wii...it's still hooked up down there." He said, as he pointed towards the TV cabinet.

"How strong were those pills, anyway?" Mackenzie asked.

"Ehh, pretty strong if I remember, so we need to keep a close eye on each other and make sure we don't do anything stupid until the high wears off. We're probably gonna be up most of the night if I had to guess." Henry said, thinking of the most recent times he had taken these pills.

What really worried him though when he thought back to the last time he'd taken this exact variety with Rebecca, was the ridiculous amount of horny they had gotten that night. It had been a couple of weekends after Mackenzie had left for school that they each took the pills early on a Saturday and then spent the rest of the day running around the house intimately making out and touching each other before fucking away the afternoon on whatever surfaces felt best. And the longer he looked at Mackenzie, the more he was starting to notice the affect her body was having on his. He was starting to see the line between daughter and smoking-hot 18-year-old blur in his immediate vision and he shook his head at the immoral idea of it all.

"We also have to make sure we drink lots of water and also we have to make sure we pee a lot too." Mackenzie added, remembering some of her first music festival MDMA experiences.

"We can do this...tomorrow is gonna absolutely suck but we can do this," Henry said succinctly.

Mackenzie nodded her head confidently at her dad, "yeah, totally Dad...and Jeremy is passed out and I'm pretty sure Mom took a sleeping pill so we probably won't be dealing with them until morning when we'll have to just wake up and pretend not to be too hungover," she laughed, as they both shrugged and pondered their combined predicament.

"It's really gonna suck tomorrow," Henry said through a big grin, "but I can't deny that I'm starting to feel really fucking good right now," he said, as they both laughed at the craziness of the situation.

"Yeah...molly is fucking amazing isn't it?" Mackenzie said, cussing in front of her father like she'd done more comfortably over the last year as she placed her hands on her dad's knees and danced her fingers around.

"Here, put your arms out for me Mack," he said to her, as she stuck them out, palms up.

Henry glided the tips of his fingers lightly over her arm and she closed her eyes and purred as her body tingled.

"That feels really nice, dad," she said in quiet serenity. Ecstasy was magical when the high started. Your body would get warm and your skin would escape to this Willy Wonka-type world of ethereal stimulation. All aches disappeared and nerve-endings placed themselves on lurid display, like desperate spots of skin angling for positioning at a crowded downtown bar on a Saturday night.

Even better was the mental elimination of inhibitions. The honesty. The willingness to go where things led you. The kindness and the love that you felt for everyone around you—particularly, the overwhelming love that bubbled up for those you already held in the highest regard.

Mackenzie loved her dad and he loved her right back and so as they felt the double-whammy of drugs kicking in they both couldn't help but notice the mutually increased admiration in the room.

Mackenzie popped up and ran over to the TV to set up the Wii. She bent over to the drawers underneath the giant flat screen and rummaged around in the games box.

Henry looked at his daughter's round ass bending back towards him as she set up the system with the proper game and plugins. He felt a giant gulp slide down his dry throat as he pondered what it might feel like to slide his bare cock between his daughter's soft cheeks.

Fuck, he thought again. Fuck, fuck, fuck. He was going to have to be very careful now. She was definitely sending tiny shockwaves down to his cock and into his idea pitch room.

The material was so thin on her old pajama shorts that he could've probably ripped right through them if he wanted to. Fuck.

She finally put an end to the misery when she'd gotten the game on with the right Input setting and stood back up.

The two stood in front of the screen as both grabbed their iPhones and went to the app (the game was controlled by a phone app rather than a controller).

Soon they were having an amazing time as they danced to the various corny pop songs and other various well known hits of the summer that were downloaded onto the game. The dancing went amazing with the affects of the drug's high. They felt incredible as their bodies moved to the silly on-screen combos.

One song would finish and they'd grab a drink of water or come together in the middle of the room. Henry had notice that Mackenzie was beginning to touch him more—his arms, his chest, his side. The drug was having its intended affect and they were both finding excuses to grab each other or put their arms around each other. After a particular rousing third song in which they danced to an Ariana Grande number, Henry fell back onto the nearby couch cushion with a satisfied plop.

"Did you know there are hidden striptease tracks on this game if you enter in a code?" She said suddenly as she pointed her phone towards the TV.

"What? Seriously?" He said, as he uncontrollably stared at his daughter's curves. He watched as she input a complicated cheat code which then zoomed the TV into a new screen and selection mode. There were three songs listed and a red and black curtain with a single silhouetted chair.

"And you know this because?" He said, playfully scolding his daughter as she laughed at him devilishly.

"Oh Daddy, I don't know what you're talking about...I've never seen this screen before in my life!" She turned her head back to wink at him and pressed play on her phone without even looking. This was a total lie of course. She'd seduced her senior year boyfriend using this very track after she'd successfully discovered it's existence on the game while her parents were gone one weekend for an anniversary getaway.

She knew the moves by heart she had danced it so many times.

She grabbed a nearby chair from the connected dining room and set it up in the middle of the floor between her dad and the TV, eyeing him with a twinkle of mischief.

On the screen behind her, a sexy woman in black silhouette walked out to the chair just as the song 'Loosen Up My Buttons' by the Pussycat Dolls began to play.

Henry watched her like a man being hypnotized at a county fair.

Mackenzie began to dance along innocently enough to the song, but soon the feel of the music began to kick in and the silly smile she had started with melted into a seductive smolder as her blue eyes locked into her dad's while she danced.

Henry watched her every movement with a steadily building lust. The little girl he had raised had quickly turned into a tawdry little cat that had returned home for the holidays, and now they were both starting to roll a little heavier as she danced on top of the share and bent herself this way and that. Her brown hair was thrown wildly around with the confidence of a seasoned stripper as she almost lost balance towards the end.

Henry could feel his cock grow a little in his pants as his daughter matched the dance behind her from memory. It was the type of erotic that goes airborne.

When the song had finally finished she did a silly stage bow and Henry sat up and gave his daughter a round of applause.

They decided to take a quick bathroom and water break as they each took turns using the downstairs bathroom before returning to the many blankets and pillows of the large couch. Henry was sitting in the very corner in an almost kingly manner when Mackenzie rejoined him, her skin a little sweaty from her sexually spirited performance only moments earlier.

"So how many times has Jeremy gotten dances like that?" Henry asked, as they both smiled at each other.

"Oh, very few actually," she demurred, "I reserve performances like that for only my most VIP of clients!"

They both laughed as he threw a pillow at her face where she sat next to him on the couch.

"Oh GREAT! I'm paying for my daughter to go to Stanford so she can become a high class escort!" He joked with her as she threw a different pillow back. After they'd calmed down a little and their giggling had subsided Mackenzie scooted over to her father's amazing position in the corner seat of the couch and swung her leg over so she was sitting reverse cowgirl on his lap. She put her arms up around his head behind her as she felt his warm breath on her neck and Henry's eyes bulged as her thinly-sheathed buns sat directly over his crotch where he'd been fighting a losing battle all night with his cock. He was half-hard when she sat on him but luckily he had pulled it up towards his zipper a little and she had just barely missed it with her perfect ass.

"Let's watch some TV," she said as she handed him the remote. They scrolled through the channels not really finding anything that interested them as they enjoyed the intimacy of each other's bodies.

"Check out the movie channels, dad! They usually have all sorts of good Christmas stuff this time of year." She loved how his body felt up against her. He was toned and in shape and a little larger in stature than her own boyfriend. She felt very safe and happy in his arms as she felt his warmth envelope her.

Henry tried his best not to focus too much on the sexy girl that was laying back against him with her body pressed up against his all over. He could smell her Midnight Fantasy Britney Spears perfume that she had been given as a gift that previous Christmas drifting up from her delicate neck as it diffused upwards. She smelled like some sort of ripened berry and she felt even softer than that when he brought his free hand to glide over the exposed skin of her belly.

He channel surfed through the movie channels absentmindedly. There were the usual suspects—'Miracle on 34th Street', 'The Nightmare Before Christmas', 'Home Alone', 'The Usual Suspects'—but nothing seemed to really stand out.

Soon he had accidently gone all the way through the movie channels and the next thing that came on was a sexy brunette girl slowly licking her way up a very sizable cock.

"Whoops!" He said as he quickly changed the channel.

"What?!" She said as she turned and looked back at him. She wrestled the controller away even as he tried to squirm away underneath her. She quickly turned the channel back to the brunette wearing only a tiny white thong and bra as she began an expert blowjob. The TV heading read 'Playboy TV'.

"Since when did you and mom sign up for PlayboyTV?!?" She asked accusingly as she slapped her dad on the leg and laughed at him through an adorably cheeky grin.

"We signed up for it basically right after you left for school..." He blushed immensely towards his daughter but the drugs made the honesty come easier.

"Wow, so I'm gone for like a couple of months and my parents become a couple of kinky sex fiends, huh?!" she was purposefully teasing him now. If she was being honest she watched plenty of porn herself.

"You know young lady, I will have you know that your mother and I were quite the kinky sex fiends long before you ever showed up. We just had to hide it a little better with an impressionable child in the house." He said as he tickled her right back. She squirmed in his lap as she lay back against him in her original position.

"Well that's actually really fucking cool I think, I totally love porn, I watch it all the time..." she said as her eyes drifted back towards the TV, "and to be honest, you and mom didn't really hide your kink THAT well, I heard you two fucking plenty of times growing up." She said like it was no big deal at all.

"Yes, unfortunately your mother is not a quiet woman in bed," he admitted as he also looked back towards the TV screen. She pointed the remote towards the TV to change the channel but thought better of it as the porn progressed.

"Mmm, that makes sense, I'm pretty loud in bed too." Mackenzie said, easily talking to her father about sex as her body happily tingled with the effects of the drug. Henry's cock jumped a little when he thought about the sounds Mackenzie might make while being fucked.

The video featured a girl in her 20's slowly sucking on sizable cock that was attached to an attractive silver fox type. The coincidence wasn't lost on either of them.

"Let's just watch this, I like it." She said, somewhat under her breath. She laid further back with her legs out in front of her as Henry spread his legs so that she could sit directly up against the inside of his and against his crotch and back.

"Sounds good to me," He said back, also with a slight creek in his voice now. His heart rate had definitely intensified as they both grew quiet and watched the high quality porn together.

Henry felt his cock starting to inflate again but this time there would be no way of hiding it...it pointed straight up towards his stomach which her ass and back were firmly pressed against. Mackenzie easily felt as her dad began to get hard and she purposefully made sure to put her weight against it.

He was big, she thought to herself. He felt much larger than the hard-ons she was accustomed to causing in her boyfriend's pants.

She was incredibly nervous as she laid back against her father's chest, but she also felt her pussy tingling at the knowledge that he was getting hard behind her.

She stretched her body out which caused her t-shirt to ride up a little and expose her abs.

They switched places on the TV as the attractive silver fox buried his face in the sexy young girls spread legs and began to eat her out.

Mackenzie's breathing had grown more shallow as she began to run her own hands over the soft skin of her exposed belly right above the waistband of her tiny pajama shorts. Because of the way she'd been sitting the shorts had ridden down a little and exposed a single lacy-red string of her panties.

Fuck. She had totally forgotten she was still wearing the lingerie. It probably looked so bad...but she realized then that she was actually kind of turned on by the idea. She was wearing slutty lingerie in front of her dad and they were watching a sexy porno in silence together.

Her entire body felt a warming pleasure from the drugs and she ran her fingertips over the edges of her shorts as she hoped that he might be watching her.

Henry was going silently crazy as his focus jumped from the sex going on on-screen to his own suggestively moving daughter laying on top of him. His thoughts were so wrong, but he was so damn hard. He watched as the actress in the porn was flipped over on the bed as the man slowly rubbed his cock against her glistening opening. But he also couldn't help but notice that Mackenzie had begun to run her fingers along the edge of her loosely-tied pajama bottoms where he eyed her surprisingly sexy lace bottoms peaking out below one of her smooth abs on her exposed hips.

He wanted to devour her. It was terrible. He was searching for the logical side of himself, but all that he could think of was how soft everything on his daughter felt. Her conditioned hair brushing up against his neck and chin. Her white knee socks against his bare feet. Her round butt against his straining cock.

He allowed his hands to slowly drift down to her tight stomach as his fingers glanced playfully over her skin.

She wasn't taking her eyes off of the porn as she felt her dad's fingers touching her belly. It was stupidly sexy. His fingers were large and strong. She had the sudden urge for him to slip them into her shorts and run them along her wet pussy. She wondered what it might feel like for his fingers to slip inside of her pussy. .

What was happening?

She was revving up now. She dipped her own fingers into her pants as she pulled them down a little to subtly show her dad more of her underwear. Henry got a better picture of the red and white Christmas lingerie as her fingers traced the frilly white top that hung just above her mound.

As the actor on the screen slowly pounded the girl over the side of the bed, Mackenzie felt like she was going to explode with need.

She drifted her fingers further down and began to make light circles over her clitoris. It was obvious to Henry now what she was doing. She wasn't being totally obvious, but maybe just obvious enough for him to realize that she was doing this for him.

He brought his own fingers down to trace the waistband of her shorts and slowly ran them along her taut abdomen.

He had noticed how her breathing had quickened the closer he came to her sex on each pass.

She couldn't believe how hard his cock felt pressed up against the top of her ass crack through his sweats. It felt so naughty. He was her Dad...but in that moment she was so fucking horny that that detail completely disappeared from consideration.

He brought his lips over to his daughter's earlobe and spoke so that they were touching, "the girl in this porn is really sexy don't you think?" He said, attempting to seduce her while hedging his bets on a debatably innocent question. As he asked this he dipped his fingers under her pajama shorts for the first time as he tickled them along her upper thighs and then down along the skin of her inner thighs. She was still running her own fingers over her clit from the outside of her panties when he did this, and she moaned lightly up against the hot breath and lips that dragged across her ear and neck. He had his mouth pressed up against her skin after he spoke. Dormant goosebumps sprouted from the land of latent need.

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