tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersHolly on the Clock Ch. 01

Holly on the Clock Ch. 01


Holden had become accustomed to being the woman of the house. He had always been very neat and clean, and didn't mind cleaning the house for his wife. It was a Friday night, and he was already in his maid outfit and feeling like Holly, his alter ego. The outfit had frilly lace edges and white stockings with black heels that were now 4" high. Tricia came home and through the front door, dinner was still cooking and had some time left before it was ready.

"I'm home" Tricia said, entering the door and yelling, not knowing where her husband was.

"In the kitchen," Holly yelled back.

"Just where I expected" Tricia said to herself. She walked into the kitchen and saw her Holly, dolled up and looking like the perfect French Maid. She was always amazed coming home at how much he looked like a woman, and a very attractive one at that. She kissed her on the mouth and asked "How much longer for dinner?"

Holly kissed her again, pushing her against the counter "We have about 15 minutes or so." They kissed again, his tongue forcing its way inside of her mouth, their arms wrapping around each other as she moved her way up to sitting on the counter. Her skirt slid up easily over her hips as her legs wrapped around Holly's body, and she moved between them.

Tricia could feel the bulge against her "Looks like someone came untucked" she stopped, pushing him away. "Fix it" she ordered as she slid back down off the counter. Holly was doing just that as Tricia moved against the counter, bending over it and spreading her legs, perched on top of very high heels. She lifted her skirt up so that her partner could tell that she was wearing no panties. She moved her ass back and forth, shaking it for him. "I guess you can forget about those panties now." Tricia said just as Holly was finished getting tucked back in. Her panties dropped to the floor and she stepped her 4" heels over them, moving toward her wife, coming up behind her and grabbing her hips as he put the end of his cock against her pussy, feeling the juices drip down onto the head. As he pushed it in Tricia began moaning immediately. "I was fingering myself on the way home thinking about you doing this to me," she said breathlessly as Holly pushed all of it inside of her, pushing her body against the counter roughly.

Tricia began moaning even louder as the rhythm increased, Holly had increased the tempo and force, and Tricia was taking every inch and loving it, her hands grabbing the other side of the counter as she kept moaning and moaning. Holly moved her hand up Tricia's back and neck, finally grabbing her by the hair and pulling back, hard. Tricia screamed loudly as her head was flung back forcefully, her mouth now agape and shouting out groans and moans as her pussy was finally being used how she had been imagining the entire drive home from work. Holly kept thrusting inside of her, and they were both reaching their climax, Tricia came first, her body convulsing, stiffening completely before spasming in release, before laying on the counter spent and unable to do anything except for moan as Holly kept thrusting, finally cumming inside of her pussy, shooting load after load inside of her. Then she was over on top of Tricia, also spent and trying to regain her energy.

"Get down there and lick it up," Tricia yelled at Holly. Holly obediently stood up and then dropped down to her knees, her mouth down between Tricia's thighs as her tongue moved up to the recently fucked pussy. It slid between her two lips, and he began tasting his own cum slide down her pussy and onto his tongue. He greedily lapped it up, cleaning her completely from the recent fucking she had just received. At that moment the timer for the oven went off, and Holly got up to get dinner ready as Tricia had finally recovered enough to get herself to the table just as dinner was ready.

That night they received their monthly e-mail from Shawn, the Leader of the swinging group they had joined a few months before. They were having a yearly fundraiser but it didn't mention the method in how the donations would be made, it just gave a date and a time. "The meetings are always so secretive," Tricia said, shaking her head a bit "but that does make them a lot more fun." Her and Holden both smiled, and then another e-mail from Shawn popped up with the subject line: Help needed. The e-mail was addressed to Holden and read simply:

I need help with the fundraiser, the plan is to have a few guys, girls, and gurls like Holly be, for lack of a better word "whores" who will be with other members who will pay a pre-determined fee. The fee will go to the donation fund, and any tip they give you you are allowed to keep. We wouldn't ask you to do anything you aren't comfortable with, but we have gotten a few requests about Holly, and think you would really help us. Please let me know ASAP either way.

Physically yours,

Shawn Horvath

Holden and Tricia both looked at each other afterward, thinking about the possibilities involved with doing that at a party. "There have been requests for me?" Holden thought "I wonder who those people would be." After her performance in front of everyone she got a lot of compliments, and was up front to her admirers about her secret, and while a few were turned off, there were a few who already knew, and some that it turned on even more. Holden looked at Tricia intently "I want to do it."

Tricia was a little surprised at that response, mainly at how quickly the decision was made. "To be honest I was hoping you would, the thought of you being a whore at a party like that really does turn me on. Although I guess any money you make will be negated by my spending." They both laughed and replied to the e-mail that Holly was most definitely accepting his invitation. They almost instantly got a response from Shawn:

Thank you so much for accepting the invitation to work the party. Here is a list of the things that will be on the menu as offered by you. Let me know which ones you are not willing to do, also there are a few costumes ideas, let me know which you can take get your hands on.


Kiss - $1
Handjob -$25
Blowjob - $75 (Additional $25 to swallow)
Sex (giving) -$125
Sex (receive)-$150


$250 per hour ("Vanilla")

More detailed session prices will be negotiated, also prices are subject to change based on demand, all changes will be made by me, Shawn Horvath.

Holden and Tricia both looked up and down the list at the prices and things he may be doing and he found himself very turned on. "I had no clue that fucking Holly's pussy was worth $150," Tricia said, "Good thing I don't have to pay that fee every night." They both laughed.

"I can't think of anything on there I wouldn't do, but what costume do you think I should wear?" Holden asked his wife, they had accumulated a decent sized collection in their time together.

"I think you look sexiest in your maid outfit, and you're the most passable in it. I realize everyone knows, but I think it's still a good idea to try and act like they don't."

"That's what I was thinking, and it bring up an entire 'servant' mindest for both parties. With that she e-mailed Shawn back saying the list was fine, and that she would show up dressed as a maid. His reply was simply "thank you, please show up an hour before the party is scheduled to start so you can get dressed and we can go over evWherything in detail."

When the day arrived Holden arrived at the house with plenty of time to spare. He was greeted with a hug at the door by Shawn and his wife, Karen.

"How are you today Holly?" Karen asked as Shawn was called back into the house.

"I'm good, a little nervous, but also very excited" he replied, holding the maid outfit and a little bag containing everything he needed to get dolled up.

"I love that feeling, I'm sure you'll really enjoy it tonight," she grabbed his hand and started leading him inside and upstairs "here is the same changing room you had last time. I know that Shawn mentioned in his e-mail that you had a few admirers, and I want you to know that I am one of those, so be sure to make some time for me tonight." With that she kissed him, wrapping her arms around him, moving her body slightly back and forth, rubbing against his. By the time Holden had gotten fully into it, she stopped and pulled away "sorry, but I have to get ready also, I'm going to be 'on call' for a few hours tonight." She blew him a kiss, and left the room closing the door as she did.

Holden went into the room, and Holly came out of it. Bringing all his clothes and his bag back downstairs (minus a few essentials), where they would be stored, all the rooms would be available for play tonight, they were expecting a huge turnout. His maid outfit consisted of a lacy black dress that barely covered his ass, black stockings and heels, black lace panties and bra. He decided to go as a brunette and put on a bit more make up than he usually would. He saw Shawn downstairs as well as a few of the other girls, all dolled up and dressed so sexy. There was a nurse, schoolgirl, vampire, witch, almost any costume you could think of was on one of the other girls. Holly sat down on an empty couch as all the girls were chit-chatting, comparing costumes and gossiping.

Shawn moved into the middle of the room, getting all the girl's attention. "Thank you very much for volunteering to be the most important part of the night, we will be sending all the money to charity, beside your tips. We want everyone to have a good time so we have bowls full of condoms in every room with a few different sizes in each. We will use the living room area and all the rooms upstairs, this party is going to stay inside. You all look incredibly sexy tonight, and I have cards for you all." At that point Shawn started passing out lanyards that had cards on them with little pouches."This is for a quick price reference for you, and a place to put the cash, which is all we are accepting tonight. I realize that this is a fun club and not your actual profession, but please do remember to collect the money, no one should be trying to not pay, but it may happen, I'll be looking around down here, and if anyone wants to pay for a set time period you should go upstairs, I'll have someone keeping track at the stairs." As he finished his sentence the doorbell rang and a few guests had already arrived and Karen was showing them in.

Holly was really nervous as she stood up and started mingling around. She knew all the members already, and there were a few new people there who were obviously nervous. She went to go and get a drink at the bar when he felt a tap at his shoulder. He turned around and saw Mark, a man who he had talked to at the parties, and they had played at the last one. He was very tall, around 6'4", but was lean and muscular. He had brown hair with dark brown eyes that looked directly into hers as he greeted her. "Hello there Holly, let me get that for you" he went behind the bar and mixed her a drink.

"Thank you Mark," she responded, and they talked through about two drinks for each.

"You look amazing as a maid, I was wondering what your rates are?"

Emboldened by the alcohol running through her system Holly replied "How about you come closer so you can read for yoruself?"

Mark took her up on the offer, moving next to her, their bodies touching. Both of them were turned on, Holly was straining tucked, and Mark's was on display, but now was burying itself against Holly's thigh. She could feel his hardness against her, and remembered when they played at the last meeting. He continued to look at the list, and then went to his pocket and produced a $100 bill, and a $1 bill. Holly was nervous, and reached for the money, Mark used this opportunity to grab her, their lips meeting as his hands wrapped around her body. Their lips continued to meet and his tongue moved into her mouth, and she instinctively pushed hers forward to match it. They continued like this for a few seconds, Mark breaking the kiss but still holding her hand as he found a chair and sat down.

He held out the $100 bill and Holly grabbed it "Thank you for paying for my services." She said, dropping to her knees in front of him, he was already undoing his belt so Holly waited, looking him in the eye and licking her lips. He finally got his cock free and it sprang up fully hard at around 8". Holly looked at it and then began to kiss the underside, her hands on his thighs and her red lips leaving some of her lipstick on his shaft. She then licked up it and Mark was in heaven, looking up and breathing, waiting for her to take him fully into her mouth. When she finally did he let out a very loud sigh that turned into moaning as her lips went all the way down, meeting his trimmed pubic hair after only a few times up and down. His hand moved to the back of her head, his fingers running through her brunette wig as her speed increased. She used her hand to stabilize his cock and began stroking it as she concentrated on the head, using her tongue all over it and kissing it. Finally Mark couldn't take it any more, and his head flew back and he began to cum. Holly felt the first squirt hit the top of her throat and then she pushed her head further down onto the shaft to make sure she got every last drop. Once he was spent she licked up and down again, getting all of it, looking into his eyes she said "Thank you very much."

As she started getting up from kneeling she noticed all the people watching her, she was a bit taken by the crowd, but she just smiled and walked out of the room. As she was making her way around Shawn stopped her.

"You've gotten quite a few fans after that show, I think that your price should go up a little bit," he said, then turning to the crowd "A blowjob from this little whore is now $125, and an extra $25 to swallow." The crowd applauded, and a few guys were going to their wallets. Holly was mesmerized at the reaction, not realizing all the fans that she had gotten from the performance. A couple approached fairly quickly, almost giddily skipping up toward her."

"Hi, we've been admiring your show and was wondering if you would like to join us upstairs?" the woman asked.

After looking over both of them Holly agreed and put out her hand so they could lead her up to one of the play rooms. The couple was in their lower 30s, the wife's name was Terri, she had short blonde hair and had a nice body, not curvy, but very slim, with very full lips and she was wearing a short skirt, heels and a sexy red top. The husband's name was David, he was a few inches taller than Holly, and was muscular but not built, he was in a pair of slacks and a polo shirt.

They all sat on the bed with Holly between them and she asked "What are you two interested in today?"

"It's been a fantasy of ours to have a threesome with a gurl like yourself," Terry responded. "We've had it as a fantasy since we saw your performance as a schoolgirl."

Holly blushed a little bit "I'm glad my performance was so inspiring," she said, laughing daintily. "Do you have any specifics in mind?"

"We want you to fuck Terri while you give me head," David responded quickly out of anxiousness. He smiled at the girls as he was a little embarrassed about blurting it out.

Holly put each of her hands on one of their thighs "Well I guess we had better get started then," she said with a wicked smile. She leaved over to David and kissed him, their tongues meeting for the first time. She moved from his mouth to Terri's their kisses going deeper as Holly leaned back, bringing Terri on top of Holly. They continued to kiss as David moved next to them on the bed, his hand moving up and down his wife's body, lifting her shirt up. She sat up on top of Holly as her B-cup breasts were released. David moved in and began kissing and licking them as Holly's hands were on Terri's hips and ass. Terri was beginning to moan from the sensations, and she moved back off of the bed, reaching under her skirt and dropping her panties to the floor, but leaving on her skirt and heels.

She walked over to the nightstand, which had a bowl of condoms on it, she grabbed one and moved back to the bed, where Holly and David were busy making out, with Holly's hand moving down to his crotch. Terri stood over Holly for a second, then lifted up her skirt and moved her panties down off of her legs, Holly lifted herself and her legs so they could slide off easily. "You're such a little whore Holly," Terri said as her hands moved up and down Holly's legs, taking in how smooth they were to the touch. She leaned over, seeing Holly's cock hard and lifting her skirt up. She took it in her hand and rubbed it, Holly moaning into David's mouth, who was moaning because Holly had slyly taken his cock out of his pants. He was a little larger than average, but with a lot of girth to it. Holly thought to herself "Terri is a lucky girl to have this to come home to."

Holly then felt a condom on the tip of her cock, so she looked down to see Terri putting it on with her mouth, using her full lips to slide it all the way down then pulling her head off it, looking at Holly with lustful eyes. She slid up Holly's body, her mouth moving to Holly's neck, kissing it, and moving up to her ears and whispering "Do you want me Holly?"

"Yes" was all Holly could manage to moan out as she was rock hard, her cock sticking straight up. Terri was hovering over it, letting it hit her pussy lips for a second, and then pulling it away until she finally put it down onto Holly, engulfing it completely. With how wet she was she slid right down it, taking it all in one long stroke. She began moving up and down very slowly, getting warmed up. David moved off of the bed, preferring to watch his wife and Holly play. Holly moved her hands to Terri's hips and ass, fondling them as they moved up and down on her cock, she began moaning as well because of how good Terri's pussy felt. David stripped off his clothes next to Holly and began to rub his hard-on to what he was watching. Holly looked back and saw what he was doing "come over here so I can suck on it" she said to him, leaving her mouth open in an "o" shape inviting him in. He moved over and put his cock next to her lips, letting her kiss and suck on it. Holly took more and more into her mouth until it was filled with his cock, he moved it back and forth as her tongue swirled around the head and shaft. Terri's rhythm was growing as well, her moans growing louder. Holly could feel an orgasm coming soon so she worked feverishly on David's cock, wanting him to cum in her mouth badly, his rhythem increased too, and he grabbed her hair. Holly felt his cock throb and then shoot his cum straight into her mouth, filling it with his semen as he groaned loudly. Holly kept as much as she could in her mouth and then she felt Terri's full lips on hers, her tongue moving into her mouth forcefully, wanting to taste as much of her husband's cum as possible. Holly began thrusting into her as she moaned in her mouth. Terri's head moved back and a string of cum went from her lips to Holly's, stretching as long as it could until their movements broke it, and Terri screamed loudly, cumming hard. Holly still hadn't cum yet but was very close, so she moved on top of Terri, her bottom limp from the orgasm and she began fucking her harder and harder until she finally came inside the condom, filling it completely. She pulled out of Terri, who was still immobile and spent, as was David, Holly seemingly sucking the life from them both.

After putting on her clothes Holly leaned over David and gave him a kiss "you were great," then leaned over Terri and kissed her full lips again "you were better." Holly then wrote her and Tricia's phone number down and put it in Terri's purse with a note that read "If you want to play just the four of us, give us a call, Holly." She walked out the door and back to the party....

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