tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersHolly on the Clock Ch. 02

Holly on the Clock Ch. 02


Chapter 2 to the previous story, I'd suggest reading it for the background. I always enjoy hearing comments, and would like to thank a fallenangelslut, who gave me the idea.

After coming out of the bathroom from fixing her make up and hair Holly was walking down the stairs and on top of the staircase she overlooked the large living room. She saw every imaginable combination of men and women having sex on the furniture. She scoped out Shawn sitting in a large leather chair with one girl riding his cock slowly while another was on her knees sucking on his balls. He was obviously enjoying himself and leaning back in pleasure, letting things continue to go slow and build up for him, no need to rush seeing as how it was his house after all. She also saw Karen dressed in a shiny leather dominatrix outfit, including a riding crop. Her hair was back in one long french braid "I guess she's on call now," Holly thought to herself.

Holly went down to the bar to replenish herself with a bottle of water, and had to deal with a few men she found unattractive, usually too fat or hairy, and turned them down neatly, saying she was "off the clock" for a bit after her last session. She could see the bulges in their pants and had to look away quickly. After finishing the water she started walking around the room and watching until she felt both of her arms grabbed at the same time, and then a mouth on one side of her neck, Holly was too busy enjoying the feeling to realize that she was being led to the staircase. Before getting there they broke their hold and Holly turned around to see Karen was leading her.

"Hey sexy," Karen said as she began to put tap her riding crop in her free hand and giving Holly an evil grin, "got some free time for me?"

"Of course Mistress" Holly replied, curtseying to her.

"Let's get you upstairs and to the playroom then slut." Holly walked a step behind Karen, letting her lead until eventually they got to a room that was locked. Karen produced a key and opened the door, and put a finger to her pouty lips for Holly to keep quiet. Inside there were a few chairs in the room as well as a closet, bathroom, and a large box on the far wall. Holly also noticed a large wooden 4-posted bed that had restraints attached at the top of the posts as well as the bottom, it also appeared that someone was on the bed and restrained.

"Hello slut, have you enjoyed your cooling off time?" Karen said, taunting her bound slave. All the slave could reply with was a few muffled grunts as she was gagged and blindfolded. Once they started walking closer Holly could hear a soft buzzing sound coming from the bed. Karen got on top of her slave, running her gloved hands over their neck, shoulders, breasts, torso, and finally to their thighs. The buzzing sound stopped as karen reached down and turned off the vibrator that had been on low, leaving her slave sopping wet, dripping onto the sheets. "I see you've made quite the mess slut," Karen gave her pussy a spanking with the crop, which elicited more moaning.

After moving closer Holly realized that it was Tricia who was tied to the bed, or at least she thought it was her body. Holly looked at Karen, then tapped her on the shoulder, she mouthed the words "Is that Tricia?" to Karen. Karen only gave a delivish smile back in reply. It was difficult for Holly to tell since Tricia's mouth was gagged and there was a large blindfold covering most of her face.

Karen moved up higher on Tricia's naked body, letting her leather skirt slide up over her hips, revealing her naked ass to Holly. Her smooth pussy moved up Tricia's torso, eliciting more moans. "Slut, I am going to take your gag out now, but you are to make no noise, understand?" Tricia nodded in agreement at the offer, and Karen removed her gag. Tricia immediately began moving her mouth as her jaw was sore. Karen grabbed her by the hair roughly, pulling her head up "Now you get a treat for being a good little slut." She moved forward, putting her pussy against Tricia's lips, and moving forward so she was sitting on top of her face. She moved her arms forward to prop herself up, also so that Tricia wouldn't be suffocated. Karen was thoroughly enjoying herself, talking dirty to Tricia and Holly "You're so good at licking my pussy you little slut, your tongue feels so good" as well as other moans. Then she motioned for Holly to come over. "I brought a playmate Tricia, you are to serve her as well." As Holly got next to the bed Karen had her lean in "I want you to put on a strap on and fuck Tricia with it, I really want her to think you're a girl while we play."

Holly was a bit shocked at the request, finding it a bit odd, but she wanted to see how this would go, as well as wanting to be invited to more of these parties. Holly nodded in agreement and found a strap on already laid out for her on the box. She had never put one on, and it took a little time for to fumble around and get it tight as well as getting it to where it wouldn't hurt her real cock so it wouldn't move. Karen was watching the entire time, moaning and telling Tricia to get ready for her friend. Holly got onto the bed and grabbed her fake cock, which was a strange feeling, it was larger than her real one, as well as being purple and having ridges. She put the tip against her wife's pussy, feeling it slide in easily because of her wetness. Holly slid it all the way in and held that position as she felt Karen's hand on her head.

Karen lifted off of Tricia's mouth, letting her have full breaths as she started to moan from Holly's dildo being inside of her. "Do you like how that feels slut?" Karen asked, her hand once again grabbing Tricia's hair.

"Yes Mistress, I love it," was all Tricia could manage between moans.

"Too bad your husband isn't here to watch you get fucked like that. Or watch you eat another pussy as good as you do." Karen kept looking back at Holly while she was talking, giving her devlish smile and winking at him. Karen returned to sitting on Tricia's face, moving her pussy around it, smearing her juices onto her as she lapped them up greedily. Karen looked back at Holly and motioned her forward, Holly complied and Karen grabbed her by the head, moving it down to her ass. Holly began to kiss and lick her round ass, trying to maintain the thrusts. Karen kept guiding her, moving her to her asshole, which Holly began rimming, her tongue protuding and licking her tight hole. Karen pushed her head forward, forcing her tongue into it, Karen moaning as she felt both of her holes penetrated at the same time, as well as feeling Tricia's moans smothered by her pussy. Holly was still trying to thrust as much as she could, but was distracted by Karen's amazing asshole, as well as the hard-on that was displacing the dildo. Karen turned around when she noticed a lack of motion, lifted up Holly's head "Go get the lube off that table slut," Holly unwillingly took her tongue out of Karen's asshole, and went to go and get it. "Take the harness off" Karen mouthed to him, and Holly willingly did so, finally allowing her hard on to be free. It was fully erect and sticking straight out, lifting up Holly's skirt.

Karen motioned Holly back behind her, as she moved down Tricia's body, their mouths meeting in a purely passionate kiss, both horny and wanting more. Karen grabbed the restraints to hang on, as well as hold hands with Tricia's, and straddled her willing victim, sticking her ass in the air. "Holly, you can use either of my holes, but you have to lube if you want my asshole, and you have to cum inside me. Be rough." Tricia tried to say something, but Karen quickly pushed her mouth onto Tricia's, continuing their kiss from before.

Holly moved behind Karen and put the head of his cock against Karen's ass, and then moving it down and putting the head inside of her pussy. He spanked her ass hard, the sound ringing throughout the room. Holly could hear a muffled moan and she did it again, leaving a red handprint on her ass as she slowly penetrated her, letting her feel every inch as it went in, and pulling back at times so she could feel the ridge slide back. After fully penetrating her Karen broke the kiss, moaning loudly. Her mouth moved to Tricia's neck and ears where she began whispering things like "Holly's cock feels so good, you should keep her tied up at all times so she doesn't get away." Tricia was in ecstacy as the motion allowed for Karen's body to slide against her pussy, which had been teased for a long period of time. Holly grabbed Karen by the hips and thrusted hard inside of heras she started screaming and moaning "Fuck me Holly, harder, fuck me like a whore" Tricia began screaming too as she got more and more into it yelling "Fuck your little whore Holly, Fuck her deep." Holly was, and she pushed as far as in as she could before cumming inside of Karen's pussy, shooting a large load that took a few seconds to complete. Holly slumped over Karen, spent. Karen moved up, allowing Holly to fall back softly on the bed.

Karen's freshly cummed in pussy was then moved over Tricia's mouth. "Eat it slut" which Tricia did, greedily lapping up all the mixed juices inside of her. Karen enjoyed it thoroughly, moving back and forth on her tongue until she finally screamed out in one large triumphal orgasm. She moved down Tricia's body and kissed her again. "You're such a good little slut, ready for your reward?"

Tricia could only nod yes as Karen moved to the toy box and got a vibrator, inserting it into the strap-on harness. She turned the vibrator to a medium setting, and put the tip of it against Tricia's pussy lips, which were still sopping wet. It slid in easily "Your pussy is so inviting slut" Karen said as Tricia moaned loudly from the sensation, she started straining against her bonds as it entered her completely, filling her pussy with pleasure. Tricia couldn't hold back and immediately started having wave after wave of orgasm, yelling and screaming loudly in the process. Karen could still feel the vibration, and the back and forth motion gave her just as much as she was giving, but she built up to one large orgasm, which she screamed in delight at before falling on top of Tricia. She laid their, trying to catch her breath, as was Tricia. After a few moments she reached down and turned off the vibrator, slowly sliding it out of Tricia's pussy. She took off the harness and noticed that Holly was still sitting on the bed, leaning back against one of the posts. Holly's cock was getting hard again, and she was rubbing it.

"Hello again," Karen said, crawling over to Holly. She kissed her, her full lips pushing against hers, then both parting as their tongues intertwined. Karen broke the kiss and began kissing down her neck, and kissing down Holly's chest, lingering a bit to nuzzle her head between her fake breasts and eventually getting down to her cock, which she licked, still able to taste herself on it. Her lips parted ane engulfed the hard cock, eventually moving them down against Holly's torso. Holly's head rolled back at the sensation, feeling Karen's tongue move all over her shaft and head, flicking at the ridge. Holly moved her hand to the back of Karen's head, keeping her cock inside her mouth. Karen's head was bobbing up and down furiously until Holly began to moan and her body started to tense up again. Karen pulled herself off of the cock and started jerking it off, putting her face in front of it "Cum all over my face, make me your little cummed on slut" which put Holly over the edge, her cum flying onto Karen's face, hitting her on the cheek, nose, and forehead. Karen rolled over onto her back and cuddled next to Holly, using her finger to clean her face off. All three remained on the bed, completely spent.

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