tagIncest/TabooHolly Watches Ch. 03

Holly Watches Ch. 03


The solution to Holly's problem was obvious, she had to get a better vantage point to watch her brother and his closet was perfect for it. The slatted doors would let her see out into the room while she remained concealed in the darkness of the closet. Ricky's closet was wide, but not very deep and his dirty clothes hamper was inside.

The clothes hamper did present a challenge, especially if Ricky decided to be neat and decided to put his clothes in the hamper before jacking off. Hell, it was a problem even if he did it afterwards and Holly was in the closet. Fortunately Ricky had planned to go to the mall with their parents to do a little Christmas shopping.

Holly decided not to go and was awarded the task of finishing up the breakfast dishes. She rushed through the chore, scraping the dishes clean just to put them in the dishwasher. After starting it up she wiped down the granite countertop, cleaned up the stove top and wiped off the breakfast table. Hanging the rag up, Holly glanced out to the driveway making sure her parents didn't forget something and then headed for the stairs.

As she climbed the carpeted stairs, she felt a pleasant tingling between her legs. Once upstairs she walked past her door and went directly to her brother's. Slowly turning the tarnished brass doorknob, she pushed the door open, slipped into his room and closed the door behind her. The room was basically a mess, the double bed was unmade, clothes and shoes were tossed across the floor, towels were tossed over the back of his chair.

The room smelled, it was as odd mix of musty fabric, foot and body odor, ammonia and an obnoxious stale cologne. In the past she'd classify the mixture of scents as foul or stinky, but now, wandering in his room with a specific intent, the odor was not all that bad. In fact, as the tingling between her legs continued, she could tell she was getting wet just being surrounded by her brother's scent.

Focusing her mind, she walked over to his closet and looked at the hamper. She then slid both doors to the right and looked at the rest of the closet. "Yes, it will work," she whispered to herself, thinking that she could hide on the left side of the closet and if Ricky needed in the hamper he could use it without seeing her hidden on the side. Then if he got started without using the hamper, she could actually sit on it while watching.

Just to check it all out, Holly climbed into Ricky's closet and closed the doors. Peeking out though the slats helped control the slight twinge of claustrophobia she felt as she sat down on the hamper. Remembering what he had done the night before, Holly visualized what she hoped to witness later in the day.

She had seen his cock, how her brother held it as he began jacking off, the way his cock would slide in and out of his fist, how the purple head would appear and disappear as he began thrusting his hips, fucking his hand. Holly had slipped her hand into her panties and wet her fingers dipping them into her pussy. Moving them to her clit, she pictured Ricky's hand moving faster and faster over his cock. Savoring the sensations she tried to remember the scent of his cum, that unique smell. It was gone now, but when she came into his room after he jacked off, it was quite strong.

Thinking she heard something she stopped, then quickly pulled her hand out of her panties and headed out of her brother's room quickly moving back into her room. Once inside, she remembered that Ricky had his door closed, so she rushed back, closed his door and walked back to her room. Instead of going inside, she turned and headed downstairs. At the midpoint of the stairs she saw the front door open and her family banged their way inside, dropping keys and packages as they came.

"It was nuts out there, Holly I sure hope you have your shopping finished, I don't feel like going back to the mall until the after Christmas sales," her mom said, rushing past the stairs heading for the kitchen.

"Yeah, I'm done, but I may go to the mall with Amie this week."

"What on earth for?" her mother called in from the kitchen.

"Just to watch all the foolish people like you waiting so long to do their shopping," she replied, laughing a bit.

"Some of us have jobs," her dad replied.

"Or are off at school," Ricky added.

"I go to classes way more than you do Ricky, and I got my shopping done."

He just rolled his eyes and barreled past her on the stairs. Holly followed him back up the stairs but as he turned for his room, she ducked into hers. Locking the door she quickly shuffled over to the chair near the door and peeked through the keyhole. Ricky was pulling off his clothes but only stripped down to his underwear before pulling on his sweatpants and a light sweatshirt. Holly watched him sit on the bed, pull on his running shoes and then step through his door, closing it behind him.

Moving to her window she waited for Ricky to appear. After a few minutes she saw him step into the front yard, look up and down the street and then start running up the long hill. Holly pulled her chair over by the window, picked up a book and started to read, glancing out of the window every so often to see if she could spot Ricky returning. It took a while, but after about forty-five minutes she spotted him jogging back down the hill.

She pulled off her shorts, blouse and bra and pulled on her night shirt. Pausing a moment, she reached down and pulled off her panties and then peeked out of her door. It might seem odd for her to be dressed for bed even before dinner, so she didn't want to be spotted. No one was upstairs so she stepped into the hall, quietly pulled her door closed behind her and walked to Ricky's door. It was still unlocked so she slipped inside, closing it behind her. She moved to the closet, slid the doors open and stepped into the left side and slid the left door back into position.

Holly heard voices downstairs and hoped Ricky didn't get sent out on some errand or something. That's all she needed, hiding in his closet all hot and ready and he's off driving to the store. She sighed with relief when she heard his footsteps clomping up the stairs and she watched him open his door, toss his sweatshirt onto his bed and then close the door behind him. He then locked the door and sat down to pull off his shoes.

Once out of his shoes he quickly pulled off his sweat pants and underwear, tossing them onto the floor by the closet. Holly could smell the scent of his fresh sweat and felt that tingling between her legs. She watched him stand in front of the mirror running his palms in circles over his chest, moving slowly to his nipples. Holly had unbuttoned her nightshirt and began mimicking Ricky, running her palms over her nipples while watching his cock begin to come erect.

It seemed odd to her as it twitched and grew. She had thought it would be s smooth simple motion for his little guy to grow, but the way it seemed to jump and move was almost comical. What wasn't comical was when he put some hand cream on his palm and took hold of his cock. Just as soon as his hand wrapped around his shaft she could almost feel his intensity. He then slid his fist outward, sliding up over the sensitive head and then returning as she watched the purple head, now glistening, slowly appear to her.

Easing back and sitting on the bed Ricky began moving his hand very quickly now, sliding up and down the long curved shaft as his body seemed to flow with a rhythm. Holly quickly moved her hand down her body and let her finger slide through her curly pubic hair and then plunge into her wet opening. She began pushing them in and out of her pussy as quickly as Ricky was stroking his cock, matching his rhythm. Leaning back she tried to sit on the clothes hamper but started to fall. Her quick reaction pushing her arm against the door kept her from falling but it made a loud bang.

Ricky immediately removed his hand from his cock and moved to the door that led into the hallway. Confirming it was still locked Holly saw his eyes squint as he looked toward the closet. All she could do was hold her breath and hope he didn't open the door. She closed her eyes and listened as the doors rolled down the roller.

"Holly, what are you doing? Are you watching me?"

Opening her eyes she looked at him and turned away, too embarrassed to move.

"You're watching me while playing with yourself?"

She looked back at him and nodded.

"Shit Holly, this is so fucking hot. Can I watch you?"

"Watch me what?" she was finally able to ask.

"Watch you play with yourself, make yourself come."

"I don't know if I can do it with you just watching me, I mean make myself come with you watching."


"But if you did yourself, I could watch you as you watch me," she replied.

Ricky held Holly's hand as she climbed out of the closet and then he led her over to his bed. Holly let her nightshirt fall to the floor and climbed onto his bed, leaning back onto the pillows he had piled there. She had her legs open, and Ricky stood at the edge of the bed, his right leg brushing against her left. Staring into his sister's eyes, Ricky lowered his hand and slowly wrapped it around his cock, he then lowered his eyes and watched as Holly moved her hand between her legs as she looked down to his hand as he began stroking himself.

Pushing her fingers into her pussy again, she got them lubricated with her juices and then moved up to her clit, letting her finger slide over the nub, making tiny circles over her most sensitive spot. She began moving her hips upward, imagining Ricky's cock not just getting jacked off in front of her, but sliding into her, filling her. Watching her brother she noticed him thrusting his hips forward and then pulling back.

They began to move in unison, almost as if they were fucking each other, instead of watching themselves masturbate. Holly noticed Ricky's muscles were beginning to tense up and she could hear him begin to moan. She quickened the pace on her clit and soon she felt the pleasure building inside her as she got closer and closer. Suddenly Ricky arched his back and she watched his cock spurt a long white trail of cum arching up and then splashing down on her stomach, through her pubic hair and all over her pussy.

The excitement of seeing him come, feeling the warm, sticky white fluid splash on her, smelling the curious smell, then looking up and seeing the pleasure in his expression was too much for her and she came, her pussy pulsing again and again as if squeezing the last drop of cum from the cock she wanted inside her. Ricky's cock had spurted a couple more times, wetting her thigh a bit. As his cock softened he let it fall on her knee as he milked the last drops out on her. Feeling his cock on her knee made Holly suddenly flinch and pull away, thinking to herself, no... this is wrong.

"What's the matter?" Ricky asked, sensing her dismay.

"We, we can't touch. Just watch, we can't touch."

"I'm sorry, it's just... no, you're right. We just watch."

"And we have to be careful, mom and dad can't..."

"I know, look here put on your shirt and I'll check out in the hall," he said grabbing a towel and wrapping it around his waist.

"I mean when we do this again. I wish we had a key to that door."

"What door?"

"The door right there that leads into my room," Holly answered incredulously.

"That door goes into your room, are you sure?"

"Hell, I watched you jack off last night through the keyhole."

"You watched me last night?"

She nodded.

"And did you touch yourself?"

"Not when you did it. You sat down and I couldn't see anything. When you went into the shower I went into your room a took a piece of tissue you used to clean up. I then went back into my room and smelling your cum, I touched myself until I came."

"Oh Holly, that is..."

"I know, I know, it is so hot, but now I need to get back to my room."

"Yeah, sure," he said. Moving over to the door he opened it up and then while she waited at his door Ricky walked down the hall. Calling down the stairs he said, "Hey mom and dad, I'm going to take a shower while you're both downstairs."

Holly quickly slipped out of her brother's room and moved down the hall, stepping into hers. As she was closing the door she noticed her brother looking at her so she waved. He opened the towel in response, letting her get one final glimpse of his cock. All Holly could do was roll her eyes and close the door.

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