tagIncest/TabooHolly's Cousins

Holly's Cousins


Holly crossed her arms over her firm breasts, pouted and stared out of the window as the car rushed down the Interstate. This was not how she'd envisaged spending her spring break. She was 18 now and should be allowed to do what she wanted. What she wanted right now was for her parents to be going off on their Caribbean cruise, leaving her home alone, where she'd planned to invite Jason, her boyfriend of two years. They'd talked about having sex for a long time, and now they were finally going to do it.

They'd been so excited about their plans, they'd talked about it for months. All those times they'd been making out in the car when Holly had felt Jason's hard cock against her, then walked home with a dripping pussy only to stick her fingers inside to get herself to cum. She was so ready to have sex. Then her nosy parents had ruined everything by intercepting an email from Holly's best friend Sharon. Sharon and her boyfriend Dan were also going to come to Holly's house when her parents were away. Dan had some dirty movies that they were going to watch to get in the mood and then they'd go off and experiment with each other. Well, it wasn't going to now.

So now here she was, in the backseat of her dad's car, being taken to Auntie Marion and Uncle Ted's farm for the length of spring break. Aunti Marion and Uncle Ted were going on the cruise with Holly's parents, but they figured that there was no getting in trouble there since it was 16 miles from the nearest town, which didn't have a lot going for it anyway. Worse than that, she'd have to spend the time in the company of her cousins Steve and Mike, Uncle Ted's sons from his first marriage. They were 20 and 23 and had never been off the farm as far as Holly knew. The last time she saw them was five years ago and they'd been the biggest nerds she'd ever seen. Well, at least she'd brought her laptop so that she could connect to the Internet when she was there.

When they got to the farm her parents and aunt and uncle were all to keen to head off to the airport so that they didn't miss their flight. Holly grunted a hello to Steve and Mike. Farmwork hadn't done their bodies any harm as they'd both developed fine muscular bodies since the last time Holly saw them. They were still farm boys though and she hated them for presenting an option for her parents when all she wanted was to have sex with Jason. The mere thought of feeling Jason sliding inside her for the first time made her dripping wet. If the adults could just leave now she could go to her bedroom and satisfy her hungry pussy.

Mike and Steve just went about their farm business as soon as the parents took off so Holly unpacked her laptop in her room. There was no lock on the door, but she shoved a desk in front of it, just in case Mike and Steve would get back early even though they'd said they came back and had dinner when it got dark. When she logged on to the Internet she saw that Jason was online. They chatted briefly, he was as upset as she was about the cancellation of their plans. Holly's parents had called his parents and now he was grounded. He asked her if she'd brought her webcam, and she had, so he asked her to strip for him. They'd done that several times before.

Holly connected her webcam and started unbuttoning her pink shirt. She pulled it off, revealing two large firm breasts held back by white lace. She could see Jason on the screen and she knew he was stroking his cock right now. It gave her a lot of satisfaction. She slowly unbuttoned her jeans and turned her back to the camera as she pulled them off. Her g-strings didn't hide any of her pert ass. Jason smiled at her through his webcam. She went to unhook her bra, slowly letting her breasts out like ripe oranges. Her pink nipples were stiff like little pebbles on the soft mounds. Finally she pulled off her g-strings, standing naked in front of the webcam, one hand squeezing her tit and the other hand feeling its way between her legs. She looked straight into the cam and watched as Jason came.

They talked for a while longer until Jason was forced to disconnect. Horny and alone Holly lay down on her bed and started rubbing her pussy. She held her lips apart with one hand and used the other one to rub her clit and then to stick her fingers inside her dripping wet hole. She pulled her fingers out and tasted herself. She loved the taste of pussy. She had done ever since she and Sharon had experimented with a bit of licking. But Sharon didn't want to do more since she was afraid of becoming a lesbian. With three fingers inside she started pumping herself faster and faster. She panted as she was working her hands on her pussy. Her fingers were slapping in and out of the dripping hole. Then she felt a wonderous feeling build up inside her stomach and then it released into her body. She moaned out loud as she finally came. When she'd caught her breath she licked her fingers clean, pulled up the blanket and went to sleep.

When Steve and Mike came back Holly was fully dressed again, watching TV. They didn't say much, stuck some frozen pizzas in the oven while they went and changed. By nine Holly was so bored she thought she would cry.

"What do you do here every night?" she asked in desperation.

"We watch TV," answerwed Mike.

"But you can't do that every night, don't you ever get bored?" she asked.

"Not really," said Steve.

"But don't you guys want to get girlfriends and get away from this place and have some fun?"

"We've had girlfriends," said Mike.

"But none of them ever put on the kind of show you did this afternoon," laughed Steve.

Holly went bright red in embarrassment and anger.

"What do you mean? Were you SPYING on me????" she yelled.

"It was kinda hard to miss since we were repairing a fence behind the house this afternoon," Steve replied coolly.

"Then you should have turned the other way!" Holly kept insisting.

"Why, cousin?" Mike looked her straight into the eye. "A hard working guy deserves some eye candy every now and then."

"You two disgust me!" Holly growled at them and got up from the sofa.

"Don't you play little miss innocent with us," Steve pulled her down again and placed his hand on her thigh. "We know perfectly well that you were sent her cause you were planning an orgy back home."

"Who told you????"

"Nobody," grinned Mike. "But we have ways of finding things out."

Holly couldn't think of what to say. The three of them sat together in silence and Holly felt Steve's hand working its way up her thigh towards her pussy. She knew that she should be enraged, but somehow it felt good.

She found herself wanting more. Steve's hand was bigger and rougher than Jason's, and for some weird reason that turned her on.

As if he'd read her thoughts Mike put his arm around her shoulders.

"If it's an orgy you want, why not ask us?"

"You?????" Holly asked incredulously. What did they know about sex?

"As you pointed out before, there's not much to do around these parts," Steve said. "So we fuck. I must have fucked every skirt under the age of 30 around here."

Holly couldn't believe what she was saying. These dull farm boys were experienced in the matters of sex.

"So are you any good?" she asked them, wanting to see how they handled her questions.

"No complaints so far," grinned Mike. "Maybe you'd like to judge for yourself?"

"You? Or you?" she looked from one of her cousins to the other.

Her cousins laughed. "Both of course!"


"Yeah, what kind of orgies do you guys have at home if a girl can't take two cocks at once?"

"Well, I don't know," Holly could feel the blood rushing to her face.

Mike smiled broadly. "I think our little cousin is a virgin. Well, don't you worry, we're experts at this."

Despite herself Holly believed what he was saying. Both boys were sporting impressive bulges in their jeans now.

She stood up, pulled her t-shirt over her head, and let her bra fall off. Then she turned to face them. They immediately took one firm c-cup tit each and started sucking on her nipples. Holly nearly fainted. Jason had sucked on her tits before, but nothing as good as this. Steve and Mike were taking turns flicking their tongues over her hard nipples, biting them and sucking hard. Her hands started unbuttoning her jeans until she could fit a hand down to her pussy. She soon felt hands squeezing her ass, rubbing her asshole through the fabric. With a cry she came and she collapsed onto Mike as the waves of the orgasm hit her body.

As Mike held her in his arms his hands started caressing Holly's tits. He leaned forward and licked her lips, inviting his own tongue into her mouth. At the same time Holly could feel Steve's hands pulling off her jeans and panties. He pulled her legs apart and started lapping up her cum juices. His tongue felt soft and rough on her clit. She writhed his his arms, but he was much stronger than her and held her firm in his grasp. Then his tongue invaded her hole. She cried out loud as she felt the tongue licking its way up her pussy. Mike's fingers were pinching her nipples hard at the same time as he wouldn't stop kissing her. She'd never realised that all this could be done with just tongues and fingers. This was amazing. Steve was fucking her with his tongue. It was going it and out and the stubble on his face was creating a pleasant friction on her pussy. Once again her body started betraying her too soon and she came again, this time with Steve lapping up every drop of her juice.

He moved up, pulled her from his brother and kissed her deeply, letting her taste herself on his lips and tongue.

Highly satisfied she looked at her cousins and they smiled back. She couldn't wait for what was coming next.

"We have an early morning," said Steve.

"Good night," said Mike.

The two cousins kissed the top of her head and went off. Holly couldn't believe it. Their cocks were still hard.

She'd been so close, but now she still hadn't felt a cock inside her virgin pussy yet. Despite being highly satisfied she was angry with the boys for not fucking her properly. They could have at least let her lick their cocks after they got to taste her pussy.

She slept well that night and woke up at the crack of dawn. There was no sign of Steve and Mike anywhere so she assumed they were already out working. She had a shower and went about doing nothing. The time dragged. What were they going to do when they came back? Were they going to be as horny as she was? She sat down at her computer and managed to catch Jason, but she was in no mood to strip for him again. She looked out of her back window and there was no sign of Steve and Mike. No use waisting a strip and she soon told Jason that there was only one phoneline in the house and she had to disconnect for her cousins to use the phone. As dusk settled she started feeling excited. Last night they'd wasted a lot of time on eating and saying nothing. Tonight they could get straight to business.

She heard the truck pull up outside the house and Steve and Mike came in. They must have gone via some store because they were each carrying two bags. They put them on the kitchen counter and Mike walked over to Holly.

She smiled in anticipation.

"Can you put the groceries away and throw a steak for each of us on the griddle? There's some fries in there as well and some vegetables. We've gotta get changed."

With those words the boys were out of the kitchen again and Holly was steaming. What did they mean by that? Had they lied last night? Wasn't fucking their favorite past time? Or had they been visiting girlfriends before coming home? Maybe they just licked her because she was a desperate virgin. Maybe they didn't think she could satisfy their cocks. Once again she felt so foolish. But she was hungry so she decided to cook the food. They ate in silence, the boys hardly looked at her. She felt so small. She might as well go in and die in her room after dinner. They cleared the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher. Holly then turned around and started heading for her room.

"Hey! Where do you think you're going?" Steve called out.

"I'm going to my room, I want to be alone," she replied.

"You want to be alone?" Mike repeated. "Well, I'm afraid you owe us something."

"What do you mean? I cooked for you!" she shrieked.

"Cooking is a woman's job anyway," Mike said firmly. "I'm talking about last night. I remember someone cumming at least twice last night, now it's your turn to work a bit."


"Yes, we're not intending to go to bed with great big hardons a second night in a row," Steve said.

"What do you want me to do?"

"Take your clothes off and come to our parents' bedroom!" Mike barked at her, clearly annoyed now.

Holly went and pulled her clothes off. She inspected her body. There were a few small bruises from last night on her. Her nipples had stiffened as they were released from the lace prison of the bra. Her pussy was still smoothly shaved. She brushed her long blonde hair and dabbed a bit of perfume between her tits.

"Hurry up!" she heard Steve calling from down the hall. She rushed there, feeling her tits bounce with her steps. When she got to the bedroom she saw her cousins sitting on either side of the bed. Both had pulled their clothes off and they were talking with each other, ignoring their raging hardons. Holly gasped. She'd never seen anything the size of those cocks. She'd thought Jason's cock got big, but it wasn't even half the size of these guys.

"Cat got your tongue?" Steve grinned at her.

"You're so big!" she gasped before she could stop herself.

They both laughed and she bit her tongue.

"Don't worry cousin," Mike smiled. "There's plenty of room inside your mouth and that lovely shaved cunt for us. We'll make sure of that. Now come on over."

Holly slowly walked up to the bed. Mike held her hand as she climbed over him into the middle. Insecure of what was expected of her she lay down in the middle. Steve leaned over to kiss her and play with her tits. Mikes hands found their way between her legs and started massaging her clit and sliding a couple of fingers in and out of her. She reached down and grabbed hold of one cock in each hand. She was a tall girl, but still very slight and her hands were to small to reach around either cock. She closed her hands tight and started moving them up and down each cock. She could hear on her cousins moans that she was doing something right. Then Mike pulled his fingers out of her pussy and his cock out of her hand. He nudged his brother to pull off her as well and Holly looked from one to the other. They were both up on their knees and she quickly realised that this was it. She got on her hands and knees and waited. Once again she felt Mike's fingers sliding inside her cunt. She didn't know how many there were but they were sure stretching her wide. He pulled them out again and brought them around for her to lick while he rested his cock on her ass. She'd heard of ass fucking and got nervous that he was going to try that with her, but she didn't dare say anything. Then Mike pulled her pussy lips apart and started penetrating her. Slowly, slowly he slid the head of his cock inside her tight pussy. She gasped for air at the size of him, giving Steve the opportunity to rest his cock on her lips.

Mike was easing his cock inside her, inch by inch. She couldn't believe how big it was. It must be too big for her. But Mike wasn't complaining. Rather the opposite, she could hear soft moans from him as he managed yet another bit deeper inside her. Steve started forcing his cock inside her mouth. Once the head was in she started sucking on it, making him push it deeper. He didn't stop until it hit the back of her mouth and she couldn't breathe. Then he pulled it out again and repeated the process. Meanwhile Mike started pulling out of her pussy again. She felt herself tighten up again as the big cock pulled out, but he didn't leave her completely. His head was still inside her. She felt his hands grab a firm hold of her hips and then he shoved himself hard inside her. She cried out in brief agony as he ruptured her virginity, but her cry was muffled by Steve's cock that was by now fucking her mouth hard. She found it hard to concentrate on sucking the hard cock in her mouth as Mike's shaft was now ramming her from behind. The pain was instantly forgotten and she concentrated on the wonderful feeling of these magnificent cocks that were now filling her up so beautifully.

She felt Steve and Mike pick up the pace and she struggled to keep up. Mike's balls were slamming into her clit and she could feel an orgasm nearby. How long could these guys keep going? When she could hold herself back no longer she moaned out loud around Steve's cock and her pussy contracted hard around Mike's cock. This seemed to be a signal to the boys and with a big roar Steve started cumming right into her mouth, forcing her to swallow his salty cum. Mike grabbed a tight grip of her hips and screamed out as he spurted his load straight up her contracting pussy. The three of them collapsed onto the bed and drifted off to sleep.

Holly woke up in the middle of the night and found herself alone in bed. She went back to her own room and went to her own bed. Once again she felt abandoned. How could they do that to her. It had been great, but she wanted more. She soon fell asleep and slept in the next morning. As she expected, Steve and Mike were both gone. She had a shower, but it no longer satisfied her. She wanted real meat and she wanted it now. She saw a truck outside the house. Her dad had often talked about how Marion and Ted could leave the keys in their cars out here in the sticks. She snuck out and saw that it was right. There were keys in the ignition. She quickly made her mind up.

It had rained the previous night so it was easy to see which way Mike and Steve had gone this morning. Holly hurried inside, took off all her clothes, put her sneakers back on and headed outside. The dirt track was bumpy and Holly's tits bounced all over the place as she drove looking for her cousins. It wasn't long before she found them, sitting on a tree stump each, drinking coffee from a thermos. They looked up as she pulled up in front of them. As she got out of the truck and walked up to them Steve smiled a big smile at her. He fully admired her naked body, put his cup down next to him and unzipped his jeans. He pulled out his cock that was quickly growing hard. He motioned for Holly to straddle him.

Holly walked up and did as Steve wanted. He immediately started sucking her tits and feeling his way inside her cunt with his fingers. He laughed as he felt how wet she was. He gently guided her down onto his hard cock. Holly breathed in sharply as she felt Steve's cock stretching her just like Mike's had last night. This was magical. With the guidance of Steve's hands that were cupping her ass she started riding him. She smiled into his eyes and he smiled an encouraging smile back, telling her that she'd done the right thing to come out here.

That moment she felt Mike grabbing hold of her hair and forcing her head sideways. Without her noticing it he'd unzipped and taken his cock out. He now forced it inside her mouth and she hungrily started sucking it. This time she came very quickly, but Steve and Mike continued fucking her. Soon she was as turned on as before, relishing the feeling of Steve's big shaft sliding deep inside her over and over. her cunt that was so tight on two fingers could now fit a cock that was thicker than her wrist. As she felt her second orgasm approaching Mike pulled her head real close and forced his cock down her throat. She couldn't breathe as he spurted his load deep into her throat. She gasped for air as he pulled out again, only to have the shivering excitement of her second orgasm take over her body and send it into convulsion. With her cunt squeezing him hard Steve rammed inside her and released his cum into her again.

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