tagIncest/TabooHolly's Jolly Christmas

Holly's Jolly Christmas


This story is completely fiction. Any resemblance to real people, things, or situations is completely coincidental. All characters are at least 18 years of age. This story is the sole property of the author, in its original form, with permission given to Literotica to display on their website, and should not be used or redistributed in any way by anyone else without the permission of the author and/or Literotica. Thank you.

Note: This story is the sequel to my story "Naked About Town."While it is not necessary to read that story, it might be helpful to read it to get the back story on the nature of Holly's and Amy's relationship.


Holly Fitzgerald and Amy Westfield exhaustedly hauled their bags into the home of Holly, excited to actually be away from college. It was December 23rd and they were finally on their winter break and it was the first time in their five-month old relationship that they had visited one of their families together.

"Phew...well, at least that's done," Amy sighed tiredly as she flopped down on her back on to Holly's bed after they had managed to drag their bags into Holly's room. "We have about three hours before your mother gets home. It looks like we have the run of the house. What do you want to do now?"

"Well, it seems like we're all alone. I can think of something I definitely want to do with you" Holly purred seductively as she jumped on Amy and mashed her lips to Amy's. A startled gasp from Amy was lost in Holly's mouth as the two women melted into an intense make-out session. Holly raised her mouth from Amy's lips and tilted her hips to pin Amy to the bed as she reached to the hem of her sweater and yanked it over her head, tossing it to the corner of the room to reveal her big braless breasts.

Amy giggled excitedly as Holly leaned over to thrust her mountainous tits to Amy's mouth, urging her to lavish them with her kisses and suckles. Amy did so without hesitation, kissing her way up the heaving mounds to begin licking and sucking Holly's taut nipples. Amy suddenly seized one nipple between her teeth and the other between her fingers, biting and squeezing each nipple harshly. A yelp emitted from Holly's mouth as Amy used Holly's distraction to flip Holly onto her back and allow Amy to mount Holly and pin her down as Holly had done to her. Amy yanked her shirt off revealing her more modestly sized but equally braless breasts and then, dismounting Holly, turned her body around to face Holly's waist and frenziedly unsnapped and unzipped Holly's jeans and thrust them down her hips, taking her bikini panties with them, flinging them across the room in the general direction of the other clothes. Holly responded in kind, awkwardly leaning over to pull down Amy's sweat pants, taking her thong panties with them, and struggled to yank them off Amy. Amy helped Holly by scooting her lower half over Holly's body again and Holly hurriedly whipped them off Amy, tossing them over the side of the bed. Now, having already been situated with each other's head facing the other's shaven pussy, they dove into a lusty sixty-nine. Their moans and gasps rose and graduated to yelps and dirty talk as they steadily pushed one another to orgasm. Their pleasure rose and rose until they were both at the precipice of an intense orgasm.

"Oh fuck keep going. I'm almost there. Make me cum hard and squirt all over your face." Amy whined as Holly nibbled and sucked on her clit.

"O yeah eat me too. Have your way with my pussy you dirty slut. I'm going to cum all over you and make you my bitch." Holly gasped heatedly in reply as she shoved three fingers into Amy's hot twat.

"OH FUCK!" Amy yelped as her need to cum ratcheted higher. She responded by biting Holly's clit hard and shoving almost her whole fist in Holly's wet cunt. Holly's scream of pleasure was muffled by Amy's pussy as the two began thrusting their hips towards one another, both reaching for that orgasm that was almost upon them.

A gasp from the doorway stopped Amy from the ministrations which would have sent Holly flying over the edge into blissful release.


Jane Fitzgerald had arrived home much earlier than she had anticipated. She had been told by her boss that, rather than the Christmas furlough that her company allowed beginning on Christmas Eve, this year it would begin on the 23rd at noon. This was great news for Jane, as she still needed to prepare a meal for her daughter's homecoming and the extra time off allowed her to do that before her daughter got there. She had not seen her since August when she left to go back to school from summer break, as her daughter Holly had decided to stay at the college during Thanksgiving break. She sped home, anticipating her reunion with Holly, and arrived home in record time. Eager in her rush to get inside and get started on the meal while she waited for Holly, she completely missed the fact that Holly's car was already there. She rushed inside and was about to pull out the meal she had ready to be cooked when she heard a low groaning noise coming from upstairs. That's funny; she thought I didn't think anyone was home. I better check this out. She dutifully marched upstairs, fully prepared to confront a burglar or face some other such scenario. The moaning sound came from Holly's room and Jane, thinking that maybe she had missed the fact that Holly was home and maybe was hurt in her room, rushed to the open doorway to see what was ailing her "little girl."

What she saw was nothing like she had assumed.

Two young women lay naked on the bed, one atop the other, engaged in a lusty sixty-nine. A set of bags was piled just inside the room and clothes, which Jane assumed to be the clothes the women had been wearing before their sexual interlude, lay strewn about on the far side of the room. However, it was the two women that captivated Jane and caused her jaw to drop in shock. The woman on top was someone Jane had never seen before. However, as she became acclimated to the situation and listened in on the dirty talk the two girls were spewing, she learned that the girl's name was Amy and the name of the other girl was none other than her daughter Holly!

Unbeknownst to her family and friends, Jane had always been bi-curious, but had never been brave enough to act on it. Now, with two sexy women engaged in a lesbian tryst in front of her, even despite one woman being her daughter, Jane's feelings of shock turned to feelings of lust. Unconsciously, one of her hands reached to her left breast and began caressing it and twisting the nipple over her blouse and bra. Her other hand had also unconsciously found a place between her legs as she began rubbing her moistening pussy over her skirt and panties. However, as she watched the hot show continue, she realized she needed more stimulation. She reached beneath her skirt and panties to rub her bare pussy and thrust three fingers inside of it, also pressing her thumb on her clit to stimulate it. Her fingers immediately found her G-spot and began rubbing it with increasing speed. Meanwhile, her other hand had maneuvered under her blouse and bra to caress her bare breast and pull and twist the nipple. Her masturbatory efforts increased as she lost herself in the hot sex show in front of her and her need to climax rose. She had almost reached the point of release when the one called Amy raised her head to look straight at Jane.


Amy's head bolted up from Holly's hot wet pussy to look at the door way and take in a gorgeous woman who looked like an older version of Holly staring at them with mouth hanging open and, probably unbeknownst to the mystery woman, a hand rubbing her left breast and a hand furiously rubbing between her legs. Amy returned her look of shock until she felt a hot wet warmth envelop her clit and suck hard and two fingers thrust deep into her pussy and rub her G-spot.

Holly, thinking the gasp she heard came from Amy, coupled with not being able to see past Amy's pussy, was not able to see her mother. As a consequence, she increased her efforts to get Amy off and managed to send Amy flying over the edge when she struck Amy's G-spot.

Amy let out an ecstatic scream as she went hurtling over the edge into a mind-numbing orgasm. "Oh yes suck my clit and make me cum hard in front of your mommy!" Her face dove into Holly's pussy underneath her and began sucking almost painfully hard on Holly's clit while shoving her entire fist up Holly's drooling cunt and thrusting it in and out, hitting all of Holly's pleasure spots inside her. Holly's whole body shook as she exploded in orgasm. Her mouth popped off Amy's clit and she screamed

"O fuck I'm coming so hard for her!" before she replaced her mouth on Amy's clit and the girls continued to moan and groan and shake as their bodies erupted in multiple climaxes.

Despite all the noise her and Holly made in their ecstasy, Amy could hear a series of grunts, gasps, and even small yelps come from the woman at the door. Her peripheral vision caught the woman shaking and she realized that the woman was experiencing her own devastating climaxes as the girls had theirs.

After they had all settled down from the intense multiple orgasmic experience, Amy noticed the woman slip out of the room on shaky legs before Holly could recognize her. Amy remained lying atop Holly to give her the time to escape, and then rolled off Holly to lie down next to her. "Amy, I couldn't be sure, but did you call me mommy at the end there when we came?" Holly asked confusedly.

"No, I was talking about your mommy. She was here!" Amy squealed excitedly.

"My mom was here? You mean, she was here, in this room, watching us have-?" Holly cried, her question tapering off at the end and her eyes widening in shock.

"Yes, and she was getting off on watching us to. It looked like she came just as hard as we did." Amy answered, by now grinning stupidly and almost bouncing on the bed with the thrill of Holly's mom watching them have sex.

"She did! Oh my god!" Holly screeched, dropping her face in her hands.

"Hey it's ok...I mean, she seemed to enjoy it, and I know we both definitely got off. Besides, from what I could tell your mom is hot. In fact....Amy's voice dropped off as she became lost in thought.

"What?" Holly demanded as Amy seemed to realize the thought that was forming in her head. Amy just favored her with a wicked grin in response to her question.

"No!" Holly said emphatically, realizing the naughty thought that must be going through Amy's head.

"She's my mother! We can't!" "Why not?" Amy asked petulantly. "Because...I mean, the random girl in the shower joining us is one thing, but this is my mother you want to seduce! I can't do that, it's so wrong!"

"What makes it so wrong?" Amy asked in that convincing tone that always seemed to influence Holly to go along with whatever she wanted. "I mean, don't tell me you've never noticed how hot your mom is or wondered what it'd be like to have her in bed" Amy said with a surly grin.

In fact, Holly had done just that many times. Her mother was in fact the reason why Holly had embraced her lesbian leanings. Her mother was never concerned about nudity between the two of them, as it was just them together at home. Consequently, Holly had seen her mother naked or mostly so more times than she could remember. The first time was when she was sixteen, just after her parents divorced. Her mother seemed to just stop caring about the 'proper' thing to do in front of her child and things had remained that way. Ever since that time, Holly had feasted her eyes on her mother's body whenever she had an opportunity to and this behavior had lead her to question whether she was just hot for her mother or if she was attracted to other women's bodies as well. Wanting to solve this mystery, she had started to experiment with girls and it reached the point where she now identified herself as a lesbian.

Now, with those memories coming to the forefront of her mind, Holly's resistance to seducing her mom with Amy weakened. "Well...I don't know." Holly whined.

"Oh come one." Amy said soothingly. "I bet right now she's wondering what the hell just happened and why she enjoyed it so much and how could it involve her daughter. She's vulnerable and it'll be so easy for us right now. Come one...I know you really want her." Amy said in her convincing tone.

"O...ok." Holly said reluctantly, still not quite convinced she should do this, but also quickly warming up to the idea, both in her mind and in her body. "Ok...let's go get her!" Amy said excitedly, grabbing Holly's hand and pulling her up off the bed. "Right now...I mean all sweaty and smelling of sex like this?" Holly said haltingly.

"Of course silly," Amy said with a giggle. "Like I said, your mom is probably pretty vulnerable right now and if we come down naked and sweaty and smelling like pussy from the sex show she just saw, it'll overwhelm her senses and sensibilities and she'll be just ripe for the fucking...err...plucking!" Amy gushed with another giggle.

With that resolution, Holly and Amy, naked and smelling of sweat and sex and pussy, both from the still-drying cum stains on them and from a renewed moistening between their legs, excitedly made their way down the stairs, anticipating the seduction to come.


Meanwhile, Jane's mind was in turmoil. How could she have given in to her lust so easily! How could she have cum so hard and so many times and enjoyed it so much! She had done it watching her own daughter to boot! Despite her self-admonishment, Jane's cunt quivered in response to the recent memory of watching her daughter engaged in sex with another woman, particularly seeing her daughter get her pussy eaten. When had she even become a lesbian! The whole affair cause her head to spin, yet caused certain other areas of her body to respond in arousal to the memory.

Absent-mindedly, she began pulling all of the items she needed together and preparing the meal she had planned. It was a good thing that she had made this meal many times before because she wouldn't have otherwise been able to make it, as her mind couldn't forget the recent events she had been witness to, which in turn brought her renewed arousal to a simmering level.

Jane had little time to situate her own thoughts as she heard the light footsteps of the girls coming down the stairs. Not wanting to have to look them, especially her daughter, in the eyes, Jane furiously began attending to the meal she was making. Her body began to shake lightly as she heard the girls walking closer to hear....closer.....closer....closer....Her breath faltered as she heard the girls enter the room and walk up directly behind her. She felt them standing so close behind her that she felt them breathing on either side of her.

"So did you like what you saw up there?" The stranger spoke first in a very commanding tone.

"Uh....I d-d-d-don't know what you mean." Jan said haltingly in a shaky voice just above a whisper.

"Bullshit," the girl spat, "I saw everything. I know you came in and watched us and you rubbed your cunt and your tit while you watched. I even watched you cum over and over when we did. Did you enjoy the show?" Jane's breathing got heavier and heavier as the girl's words enflamed her arousal. She turned her head to spout another, albeit weak, denial, but the words caught in her throat and she gasped loudly at the sight of the girls. They hadn't bothered to dress to come down. They were completely naked! Moreover, it didn't seem that they had cleaned up at all, which means that they still had blotches of girl cum on their faces and shoulders and chests. Jane took in their hot, sex-stained bodies and felt her breath stop and her pussy heat up. "Put some clothes on," Jane demanded, although it came out as a moan. The girl continued advancing on her, coming to within an inch of her face.

"Why...does the sight of two hot naked girls turn you on too much? Does it make you want to do naughty things to us, even if one of us is your daughter?" Amy gave Jane a sexy smile as she said this. Jane just moaned again.

"Anyways, you had to have enjoyed it. Otherwise you wouldn't have gotten off on it so much." The stranger continued talking commandingly, now stroking Jane's arm as she spoke. "So...what did you like the most? Did you like my face scrunched up in bliss? Did you like the way we shook when we came with one another? Or...did you like it most when I ate your darling girl's sweet pussy?" Jane's body twitched in lust at the memory of the stranger's face in her daughter's pussy.

Amy knew she had Holly's mother now. "Yes...you like it when I enjoyed Holly's yummy pussy, didn't you?" Not really waiting for a response (although Jane did groan in affirmation), Amy swept a bit of half-dry pussy juice from her face onto her finger and put it up to Jane's nose. "Here...this is your daughter's pussy. Go on, smell it. It smells so good!" Jane, quickly becoming overwhelmed by her rising lust, grabbed Amy's hand and gave a hearty sniff, her mouth opening in a sigh as she relished the tangy scent. "It tastes wonderful too," Amy said. Without preamble, she shoved her finger into Jane's mouth, rubbing her finger against Jane's tongue.

Jane shut her mouth in surprise at the girl's audacity. Yet, when the sweet taste of the pussy juice and the realization that she, in effect, was tasting her daughter's pussy hit her mind, Jane moaned in ecstasy.

"Does her pussy taste good? Did you enjoy tasting your sweet little girl's pussy?" The naughtiness of it all made Jane's eyes close in pleasure as she moaned and nodded her head. "Ok...now let's see if she thinks the same about you." Jane, realizing exactly what this meant, began to struggle against Amy's arms which had entrapped her.

Amy spun Jane around and pushed her roughly against the countertop of the kitchen and pressed her hands against Jane's shoulders to pin her there. "Sweetie....what's your name?" Amy asked Jane.

"Jane." Holly's mother answered in a whimpering voice.

"Ok Jane...I'm Amy, Holly's girlfriend. We've been together for about five months now. I'm actually the reason she didn't come home for Thanksgiving. I guess she preferred eating pussy to eating turkey for the Thanksgiving meal." Amy chuckled at her own comment. "Anyways, I think your little girl has secretly been wondering what you taste like and what you're like in bed, so I think I'm going to help her find out. Let's call it an early Christmas present from me to her." Again, Amy laughed at her own smart remark. She looked at Holly and nodded. "Ok baby, let's see what this little slut has hiding beneath her skirt."

Holly, dazed and turned on beyond imagination by Amy's gentle dominance of her mother, wasted no time in unzipping Jane's skirt and exposing the side-tie thong panties. Holly became entranced by the sight of the round fleshy globes of her mother's ass. She began caressing and kissing them, not missing an inch of ass flesh and paying special attention to the bit of exposed area of ass crack.

Jane came to her sensibilities the moment she felt her daughter's lips on her ass. She began squirming in an attempt to knock off her daughter's lips, but her struggles stopped when her daughter untied the sides of her thong, causing it to fall and expose herself completely. Her daughter's mouth immediately latched onto Jane's exposed pussy (which is really what stopped Jane's struggling) and Holly thrust her tongue inside, bringing one hand up to rub Jane's clit.

Jane cried out in ecstasy as Holly went to town on her hot twat. "Wow, we have a noisy new toy, don't we? It looks like we need to muffle her somehow. I know just how to do that." Amy said laughingly as she moved between Jane and the sink, not taking her hands off Jane's shoulders for a moment. She then grabbed Jane by the back of her head and shoved Jane's face into her now gushing pussy.

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