tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHollywood Intern Ch. 02

Hollywood Intern Ch. 02



Let me introduce myself. My name is Jackson T. Lee, an 18-year-old who just graduated high school and working at a major Hollywood studio as a production assistant intern for the summer. My parents both work in middle management at the studio and they hooked me up with this internship.

Some of my responsibilities include calling cast members and letting them know their shooting schedules for the week, delivering updated scripts, taking notes at various production meetings, and basically whatever the production manager wants me to do.

Chapter 2:

It's now been a week since my initial encounter with the beautiful Gal Gadot. Since then, we've gotten together a few more times, fucking like two horny teenagers who've just discovered sex. The irony, of course, is that one of us actually is a teenager. The other happens to be a 33-year old MILF who's also a world-famous movie star. Unfortunately for me, Wonder Woman 2 begins principal photography this week, with most of the film being shot on location across Europe. That means I had to say goodbye to Gal for a few months. We exchanged phone numbers and promised to get together again next time she's back in LA.

My next assignment is to help out with reshoots of the upcoming Avengers 4. Principal photography wrapped a few months ago, but the Russo's decided that a few of the scenes needed to be changed. Due to some of the cast's limited availability, there was only a 10-day window to complete the reshoots, which means everyone is crunching and working 15-hour days. On one particular night I was staying extra late to finish up some paper work that was due the next day. Filming was done for that day and everyone had left. I finally finished my work around 1am and was walking through the empty studio on my way out to the parking lot when I thought I heard some noise coming from one of the backrooms on the set. I walked behind the set and towards the room where I saw that the light was on and the door was slightly open. Curious that someone may be working even later than me, I went and peaked my head through the door. What I saw was a sight that I'll never forget.

Scarlett Johansson, 33-year old Hollywood sweetheart and sex icon, was lying on top of a mattress with her legs spread wide. Elizabeth Olsen, the 29-year old sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley from Full House, was knelt between her legs and eating her pussy. It took me a few seconds to process what I'm actually seeing. As much as I would've loved to stay and watch the whole show, I knew it would end really badly for me if they noticed me. So I turned and started to make my exit. Of course with my luck, I proceeded to step on a soda can which caused everyone to freeze.

"Who the fuck is there?" Scarlett asked in an angry tone. "Get over here right now."

"Shit" I muttered under my breath. "I guess that's the end of my internship since I'm most definitely getting fired."

I walked over to the two ladies, revealing myself to them. By this point they had both covered up.

"I am so sorry. I didn't mean to intrude. I was just leaving work and I heard noises coming from this room. So I came to check."

"And who are you exactly?" Elizabeth inquired.

"Oh, my name is Jackson. I'm just a PA intern here." I said nervously.

Elizabeth and Scarlett looked at each other and I saw a smirk on their faces that I didn't know how to interpret.

"Well, Jackson the intern. How old are you?" Asked Scarlett.

"I'm 18, Ms. Johansson." I answered with a puzzled look, not knowing why my age is of any relevance.

Scarlett turned to Elizabeth and said, "Well, he's legal. What do you think? I'm game if you are."

"Oh I'm game" Elizabeth replied enthusiastically. "I love fucking younger men."

"Wait what?" I said in a state of shock of what I just heard and took a step back.

Scarlett then pulled me towards them and said, "Jackson, just be quiet and enjoy what you're about to experience."

"Um...yes ok, Ms. Johansson." I answered, still a little bit confused with what's happening.

"Jackson, don't call me Ms. Johansson." Scarlett quipped. "I'm only 33. Call me Scarlett."

"Uh sure, sorry about that Scarlett." I replied with a nod.

By this time, both Scarlett and Elizabeth have removed my shirt and jeans, leaving me in my boxers and sporting a rather noticeable bulge. Elizabeth looked up at me, gave me a wink, and then proceeded to pull down my boxers, freeing my pulsating 7" cock.

Elizabeth reached out and put her hand on my cock, giving it a couple of quick strokes. "Hm...I gotta say. I wasn't expecting an 18-year old to have such a nice, big cock. What do you think Scarlett?"

Scarlett Johansson took my cock in her hands and rubbed it for a good 20 seconds before remarking, "I agree Elizabeth. It's a really nice dick, and it's making me very horny!"

Before I could respond, the two ladies pushed me onto the mattress. They stood in front of me and undressed themselves, and I was gifted with the sight of two completely naked Hollywood goddesses. Scarlett was about 5'4" 120 lbs, with fantastic natural 34D tits and a shaven pussy. Elizabeth was a little taller at around 5'7" petite, 32B breasts, and a nicely trimmed pussy.

"Consider this your lucky day Jackson." Scarlett remarked. "We're both really horny and you got a nice big cock. So this is going to be our little secret. Is that clear?"

"Uhh yes of course. I would never tell anyone about this. I swear!" I quickly responded.

"Good." Scarlett said with a smirk. With that, the two ladies knelt in front of me and started to kiss all around my dick, while using their fingers to gently massage my balls.

"Fuuuuck..." I muttered in bliss.

Elizabeth then wrapped her lips around my cock and started to blow me with her expert mouth. Meanwhile, Scarlett is kissing me passionately while pressing her amazing tits against my chest. Our tongues meeting and exploring each other's mouth. After several minutes, Elizabeth looks up at us and says, "Scarlett, let's switch so you can suck Jackson off too."

"Geez finally! I've been waiting this whole time to get that young cock inside my mouth!" Scarlett exclaimed.

The two ladies then switched places. Elizabeth came up to me and sat down on my face, lowering her pussy onto my waiting mouth. Scarlett stroked me up and down for a few seconds. Then put my cock into her mouth. Her blowjob felt different than Elizabeth's. Elizabeth's was much more gentle and elegant. She would use her tongue to envelop my cock as she sucked me up and down. Scarlett's blowjob was powerful and passionate. Her lips had a tight grip around my cock. It was wet. It was sloppy. It was amazingly erotic.

"Holy Shit Scarlett. Where did you learn how to give blowjobs like that?" I moaned in pleasure.

"Well, I've sucked a lot of cocks in my life." Scarlett said with a wink.

While Scarlett was giving me oral pleasures beyond imagination, I was eating out Elizabeth's soaking pussy. I used my fingers to open her pussy wide and inserted my tongue into the warm opening, licking her inner walls and flicking her clit. That sent Elizabeth into a frenzy and I could feel her body shaking and pulsating.

"Fuuuuuck Jackson...that feels so good! Don't stop! Keep eating my pussy. You're going to make me cuuuum."

I keep eating her out for a few minutes and then she came all over my face. I tried my best to drink up all of her sweet pussy nectar, not wanting one drop to even go to waste. Scarlett was finishing up with her blowjob as well and climbed on top of me, positioning my cock at the entrance of her waiting pussy.

"I need this cock inside me now Jackson." Scarlett said as she leaned down and kissed me passionately. I felt my cock enter into her pussy and all I could muster was a soft moan as I felt Scarlett's pussy grip around my cock. She sat up straight and started to ride me up and down.

"Oh yes Jackson! Fuck me...fuck me...fuck me! I love your big fucking dick inside of me!"

Meanwhile, Elizabeth was sitting next to us and rubbing her pussy. "Damn Scarlett. I've seen you fuck a lot of guys before, but you were never this into it. You must really like being fucked by a much younger cock don't you?" Elizabeth teased with a smile.

"Fuck yes!" Scarlett moaned. "I love being fucked by this young cock!"

It was turning me on so much to see Scarlett acting so slutty as she rode up and down on my dick. I reached up with my hands and squeezed her big bouncing tits, causing her to moan even louder.

"Shit Jackson. Keep fucking me! You're going to make me cuuuummmmm!" Scarlett screamed as she came all over my cock, her warm pussy juices flowing down like a waterfall onto my cock.

It was a miracle that I didn't cum also right there and then, but maybe subconsciously I wanted to hold back because I hadn't fuck Elizabeth yet. Scarlett got off of my dick and rolled onto the bed next to me. Elizabeth, seeing that my cock has now been vacated, knew exactly what I was thinking and crawled over to me. She laid right in front of me and spread her beautiful legs wide, opening up her pussy to me.

"Alright Jackson. It's my turn. Give me that big young cock now!" Elizabeth said in a sensual, seductive tone.

She didn't have to tell me twice as I entered her waiting her pussy, causing her to moan. "Oh shit...your cock is so big!"

Elizabeth's pussy felt a little tighter than Scarlett's. "I guess she hasn't fucked as many cocks as Scarlett has" I thought to myself.

My thrust was slow and steady in the beginning as I had to get used to the tightness of her pussy. Once I got into a rhythm I started to pound into her faster and faster.

"Ahhh yes Jackson. Fuck me harder. Your cock feels so good in my pussy!" Elizabeth moans with a tone of approval.

I continued to thrust into her pussy at a steady pace, while also squeezing her tits and leaning down to kiss her. I knew I was getting close and so I asked, "I'm going to cum soon. How do you want it?"

Elizabeth looked at Scarlett and asked, "the usual?"

Scarlett replied, "Sure. Jackson, we want you to cum on our faces."

I fucked Elizabeth for a few more seconds and then pulled out. The girls knelt right where my cock was and opened their mouths. It was truly a sight to behold. I pointed my cocks at them and proceeded to shoot no less than 6 ropes of creamy jizz all over their faces, with a lot of the cum flowing down to their tits and bodies. Then they took turns cleaning my cock with their mouths.

Exhausted from the fucking session, the three of us laid on the mattress to rest for a few minutes. The ladies were softly rubbing my chest and dick with their hands while I played with their tits and pussies in return. Scarlett then propped herself up and asked, "so how much longer are the reshoots supposed to take?"

I thought about it for a second and then replied, "I think we got 5 more days to go."

"Well Jackson. If you have to work late again in the next 5 days, you know where to find us." Scarlett said and then leaned down to give me a kiss.

"Oh I'm pretty sure I'll be working late every night for the rest of the shoot." I replied with a wink.

We said goodbye to each other and then went our separate ways. As I was driving back to my hotel, I found myself in shock with how my life has changed so dramatically in such a short time. Not more than a month ago I had just graduated high school, with no girlfriend, and not really sure what I want to do with my future. Fast-forward to now. I'm interning in Hollywood, and in the last couple weeks I've fucked Gal Gadot. Scarlett Johansson, and Elizabeth Olsen. I never for one second thought this would ever to happen to me. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

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