tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHollywood Intern Ch. 03

Hollywood Intern Ch. 03



Let me introduce myself. My name is Jackson T. Lee, an 18-year-old who just graduated high school and working at a major Hollywood studio as a production assistant intern for the summer. My parents both work in middle management at the studio and they hooked me up with this internship.

Some of my responsibilities include calling cast members and letting them know their shooting schedules for the week, delivering updated scripts, taking notes at various production meetings, and basically whatever the production manager wants me to do.

Chapter 3:

It's been an incredible few weeks since I've started my internship. I've learned a lot at my job, most people I've met at work have been very friendly and helpful, and the pay is pretty good. Oh, and I've also fucked Gal Gadot, Scarlett Johansson, and Elizabeth Olsen. Yea, so life is good. Today I'm having lunch with my mother Gina, who works in middle management and has been in the industry for 20 years. When I spoke with her on the phone this morning, she said that her friend would be joining us for lunch, but she didn't mention who it would be.

At noon I arrived at the Italian restaurant where our lunch date is. I see my mother at one of the tables in the back of the restaurant and walked over there to meet her. I gave her a big hug and said, "hey mom, how are you?"

"Hi hun!" My mom greeted me and gave me a peck on the cheek. She then turned my attention to her friend and introduced her to me, "Jackson, this is my friend Anne. She's a good friend and we've known each other for many years."

I didn't recognize her at first because she was wearing a hat and big sunglasses, but my mom's friend is the beautiful Anne Hathaway. I extended my hand and introduced myself, "Hi Anne, I'm Gina's son Jackson. It's very nice to meet you. Big fan of your work."

"Aww thanks Jackson." Anne replied, "Gina has told me so much about you."

We then sat down and engaged in some casual conversations. My mom and Anne met on the set of The Princess Diaries back in 2001. She was working in wardrobe and she got to spend a lot of time with Anne. The two hit it off and have remained good friends all these years. Anne is 35 and my mom is 42. So they sort of have an older sister-younger sister type relationship. During lunch, we mostly talked about work and family. Anne was very nice and gave me a lot of good advice on how to succeed in Hollywood. After lunch, we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

Later that week, it was Friday night and I've just returned to my apartment from work. My phone rings and I see that it was my mom calling. "Hey mom, what's up?", I answered the phone.

My mom replied on the other line, "Hey hun. Listen, you remember my friend Anne the other day? Her assistant came down with the flu and she needs someone to help her do a bunch of stuff tomorrow. I know it's very last minute, but do you think you can help her out? She said she will pay for your time."

"Hell no mom!" I said in a disgruntled voice. "I just worked a 50-hour week and I want to relax this weekend. I'm sure an A-list celebrity like her will have no trouble finding someone else!"

"She said she'll pay you $100 an hour", my mom quickly replied.

"What?!? That's like 5 times what I make now!" I said in shock.

"So...can I take that as a yes?" My mom said cheekily.

"Alright fine. I'll do it, but if I pass out from exhaustion it's all your fault mom!" I replied sarcastically.

"Thanks hun for doing me this favor. I'll text you her address. She lives about 10 minutes from your apartment. Show up there at 8am tomorrow. Ok, I'll talk to later." Said my mom as she hangs up the phone.

The next morning, I drive over to the address that my mom gave me. I walk up to the front gate and push the intercom button. I hear a beep and then a voice on the other hand, "Hello?".

"Hi, my name is Jackson Lee. I'm here for Ms. Hathaway." I speak into the receiver.

"Oh, hey Jackson. It's Anne. Come on in." She replied as I hear the gate unlock.

I walk through the gate and into the front of the house. I see that the front door was already opened so I let myself in. It's a gorgeous Spanish colonial-style house with high ceilings and a great entryway. As I entered, I see that there were boxes everywhere. That's also when Anne came out to greet me.

"Hi Jackson. Thank you so much for coming over." She said as she gave me a hug. "My assistant got the flu unexpectedly and now I'm scrambling to get a bunch of stuff done before I leave town next week."

"Sure, no problem. So, how can I help?" I replied.

Anne proceeded to hand me a list of tasks to do for the day, ranging from picking up a couple scripts from her agent's office, buying presents for her son's birthday, and dropping off a bunch of clothes at the dry cleaners. By the time I finished with the list, it was almost 6pm and I was exhausted like I've rarely been before. I now have a newfound respect for personal assistants. I returned to Anne's home to let her know that everything's taken care of.

"Thank you so much Jackson! You're an absolute life saver! I tell you want, I'll order takeout and you can stay for dinner. I know you must be exhausted. You can rest on the couch in the living room while I go order the food." Anne said to me with a smile.

She didn't need to tell me twice, as I was tired as hell and could surely use a quick nap. I went over and plopped down on the couch. Within a few minutes I was in a deep slumber.

I didn't know how long I was out for, but it was a really good nap because I had a nice little sex dream where I was being sucked off by Gal. Boy I miss her. As I regained my consciousness, I felt like I was still in my dream because I was still feeling like my dick was being sucked. As my eyes came into focus I looked down and gasped. Someone IS sucking my dick.

"What the...Anne, what are you doing?!?" I exclaimed at Anne.

"Oh...uhh..sorry about that Jackson." Anne tried to explain. "I came over to wake you up and you had this huge erection in your pants. I thought maybe I could help you out. Do you not like it?"

Her response took me by surprise, but I wasn't about to say no to Anne Hathaway if she wanted to suck my dick. "Well I mean, I don't not like it, but are you sure this is ok? Aren't you married?"

"Oh don't worry about that." Anne quickly responded. "I know my husband fucks around behind my back too. It's kind of par for the course in Hollywood."

"Uh alright, I guess that's fine then." I chuckled.

Anne smiled at me and started to jerk my cock up and down. "It's been a long time since I've had a big, young cock like this." She said as she looks up at me with a lustful gaze.

Her hand felt so good on my cock. "Fuck...Anne, that feels so good. I've always thought you were sexy as hell." I moaned.

"Oh yea?" Anne teased. "Do you jerk off to me Jackson?"

"Shit yes, all the time." I replied. "I love jerking off to your nude scenes in Love & Other Drugs!"

"Hmm that turns me on so much picturing you jerk off to me." Anne said with a grin. She then got up and started to remove her clothes. First her t-shirt and her jeans, then her bra and panties. Even being 35, Anne has the body of a 25-year old. She was toned with very little body fat. Great legs, amazing natural C-cup breasts, and a bald pussy.

I stared in wonder and said, "Holy shit Anne. You are so fucking hot!"

"I'm glad you like what you see Jackson." Anne smiled. "Now fuck me with that big dick!"

Anne climbed on top of me and slowly lowered her pussy onto my waiting my cock. "Fuuuuck..." Anne moaned as my cock entered her. She placed her hands on my chest and started to bounce up and down on my cock. "Fuck me Jackson! Fuck me hard! I love your big young cock inside of me!"

I was in a wave of ecstasy. Anne's pussy was getting incredibly wet as I felt her inner walls clamped down on my cock. It was an amazing feeling and I wanted to cum inside of her right there and then, but suddenly she got off of me and started to suck on my cock. "Hmmm delicious." She smiled deviously at me.

The continued to suck me off for a few minutes before getting on all fours and saying to me, "Jackson, fuck me from behind!"

I lined up my cock with her pussy and with a powerful thrust, pushed my cock inside of her and started to fuck her from behind. I reached out and grabbed her tits with my hands, squeezing them and massaging her nipples. This caused Anne to let out a load moan, "Fuuuuck, that feels so good Jackson. Keep fucking me harder. I am a fucking slut for your cock!"

Hearing that turned me so much as I continued to pound into her. I thought to myself, "who knew Anne Hathaway was such a slut?" Wondering if I could push her even further, I said to her, "You love being fucked by a boy half your age don't you Anne? Does my young cock feel better than your husband's tiny dick?"

"Oh yes Jackson! I'm a dirty whore for young cocks like yours. You feel so much better than my husband's old wrinkly dick!" Anne moaned, writhing in pleasure.

"Shit Anne," I replied. "I love hearing you talk dirty. You're going to make me cum!"

"Shoot all of your cum inside me Jackson!" Anne implored. "I love feeling another man's jizz in my pussy!"

She didn't have to tell me twice. I gripped her hips tightly, thrust into her with all my might one final time, and emptied my entire load into her, causing both of us to moan in ecstasy.

After a couple minutes, I slowed pulled my dick out of her dripping pussy. Anne turned around and leaned down to suck my cock and clean it with her tongue.

"Damn Anne," I said. "I had no idea you were such a slut."

"I guess the cat is out of the bag," She looked up at me with a smile. "By the way, don't say a word to your mother alright? She probably wouldn't be happy that I just fucked her son."

"Haha I won't, but on one condition. We have to do this again." I replied with a wink.

Anne put her arms around me and gave me a passionate kiss. I could taste our juices in her mouth as our tongues wrestled with each other. Anne pulled away and looked at me with a sexy stare, "now that you've seen the real me, there's no escaping me. Whenever I'm in town I want you to come over and fuck my brains out. Got it?"

"Yes ma'am." I replied. "It would be my pleasure."

"Good." Anne said. "Now let's go eat!"

After dinner, we hung out for a little bit and then had another fuck session, this time in the shower. As I came into her again, I thought to myself, "I don't know what I did to deserve this, but I've got to be the luckiest guy in the world."

I don't know how the rest of the summer will play out, but I feel like more good things will come my way.

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