tagSci-Fi & FantasyHolodeck Ch. 1

Holodeck Ch. 1


Her ready room smelled of burning wire and hydraulic fluids from the recent battle. The door hung off angle, still on the list of repairs needing to be made to the USS Hinata. Only a week into her maiden voyage the Starship was called to a battle in the Terzon system were a fleet of ships were assemble to take on the most recent of the Borg attacks. Most ships had been destroyed by the cube before the Hinata arrived, and as the battle went on the ship took heavy damage and casualties.

Captain Sakura Saotome shifted in her chair as she read the latest report. At 5 foot, the young red head nearly disappeared into the large leather seat. Her uniform fit snuggly to her rounded 32c breasts and complimented her hips. The Captain was quite beautiful despite the cuts and scraps she bore.

Sakura let out an angry sigh, “this is too much! Starfleet wants me to leave in 2 days to return to the Sonora V colony. Repairs won’t be done for another 6 days in the least. We will have to repair on the way at this rate almost doubling our the repair time.” She tossed the data pad across the table and the ready room door whined open.

“Check you at a bad time Captain?”

“No commander,” Sakura stood up and walked to the window, “every things just fine. Starfleet wants us to leave in 2 days.”

“Only 2? Why so soon?” The commander sat in the chair and turned to face the captain’s back. She Appeared to be in great thought.

“The Sonora system is a likely location for colonization. The Hinata is to scan the planets for likely terra forming projects.” She shifted giving the commander an unintended view of her shapely bottom.

What ever commander Ranson had been thinking feel out of his thoughts, “Captain, I was thinking…”

“Yes number one?” She turned to him when he failed to complete his thought.

“Ah, you seem tense,” her curious gaze met his as he swallowed back the lump, “I was wondering if you’d have dinner with me, in my quarters, tonight?”

Sakura felt her face flush slightly, “are you proposing a dinner date?”

“I guess so, yeah.” His voice was uncertain, unconfident.

“I don’t think…”

Sakura was cut off by the commander who stood and stammered an apology, “your right, of course not, that wouldn’t be proper conduct for officers, If you’ll excuse me captain I’ll see to the…” he thought a moment, “that plasma leak on deck 12.” Ranson quickly left the ready room as Sakura stared dumbly at the door which closed behind him.

“…I have anything nice to wear,” she finished her previous thought. “Damn, he’s really cute too, I wish he’d get the nerve to ask me out. This is the 24th century.” She lifted the pad and shook her head. “Dork, this ship only has 10 decks.”

It was several hours later that Sakura finally finished her report to Starfleet requesting a longer delay. After sending the transmission she found herself wondering the ship deck by deck making visual inspections on the damage. Ranson was no were to be found.

He was the only man Sakura had been attracted since she was a teenager in the academy. At 25 she had just be given command of a brand new starship and had before then been putting all of her energy towards making the rank of Captain. Commander Ranson was only a year younger the Sakura. His short dark hair and blue eyes were an assent to his sharp features. His muscular upper body made Sakura blush if she paid too much attention to it, and it was more then obvious he was attracted to her. She had more then once over the past week seen him watching her content to star. at her.

Maybe that was it she thought, it was too soon for him to make a move. They’d only known each other for 7 days. How could they have feelings for each other in such a short amount of time. She’d give Ranson the time he needed. He was signed onto the Crew for a year at the shortest and could easily be renewed as First officer once his time was up.

With that settled, Sakura decided she did need some time alone and boarded the turbo lift. “Holodeck 1.” The turbo lift hummed as it moved threw the ship quickly. When the doors opened she stepped out into a short corridor that lead to the large doors of the Holodeck. She touched the cool dark panel to bring it to life to check its postings when the doors slide open. A Program was running.

“Computer who is inside the Holodeck?”

“Unable to scan. Internal sensor grid is offline for repairs.” the monotone voice of the computer answered.

“Well I guess the only way to find out is to go in.” With a moments hesitation Sakura entered the Holodeck and walked into a 20th century Japanese lodge. The doors slide shut behind her and vanished. “Not a bad place. My home town looked a little like this.” She made her way down the hall to see a crew member dressed in a Maid’s outfit.

“Crewman Kelly, is this your…”

“Hello, Welcome to the Hinata Lodge. My name is Kelly O’Donald and I will show you to your room Mrs. Saotome.”

Sakura nodded but realized this was not Crewman Kelly. Her mind sadly remembered that the young crewman did not return from there last mission. Who would make a Hologram of her though? Kelly lead Sakura to a large room with a sliding door. Inside she found cloths wrapped neatly in a silk sheet.

“How did you know I would be here?”

“Your name is on the registry Mrs. Saotome. Please excuse me, We have other guest to check in.” Kelly left Sakura alone to her thoughts. The program must have been left running or been accidentally kicked in by a power surge. What was the harm as long as she was here she could enjoy a hot bath.

Sakura removed her uniform and pulled on a towel. She left her room and wondered back to the place she remembered was a bath. She read the Japanese script again which read “Hot springs Outdoor Bath,” and smiled.

“This place isn’t bad.” Sakura slide open the door and walked into the warm water. She removed the towel and set it on a rock next to the edge of the natural spring. The water was surprisingly hot. She had to adjust slowly as she lowered herself in so the water cupped her ample breasts.

“This isn’t bad.” She relaxed and laid her head back closing her eyes. She wasn’t sure how long she slept but she awoke to the sound of the door to the hot springs opening. When she looked over she saw Ranson standing before her Naked. He was stand tall with a large smile from ear to ear. The Size of his smile was only surpassed by the size of his manhood. Sakura grabbed the towel, “commander Ranson what are you doing?”

His smile grew surprisingly wider, “Well the program worked, your as shy as I wanted you to be.”

Sakura’s mind snapped forward, Ranson thought she was a hologram. He made this program to be with her but instead he was now with the real thing. She Shyly backed deeper into the water as he lowered himself in.

“Commander you can’t be in here, we serve on the same ship. It’s not proper.” Her eyes dropped to his cock seeing it as long as 8 inches or maybe a little more. Her mind told her no but she felt her insides warm to the thought. What was the harm in playing along. She hadn’t had sex before, but had masterbated plenty of times. She long for the chance to have sex. She needed it. Her mind was made up. After all, there was no chance he’d find out it was the real her.

“Call me Eric,” He smiled and touched her arm. She blushed as she looked at the contact. She suddenly became nervous. “May I call you Sakura?”

She took a sharp breath and nervously answered. “Yes... Of course Eric.” His touch was soft. He was more aggressive in the Holodeck. He wasn’t dealing with a real woman in his mind. Slowly he leaned down his lips near hers. “This all so sudden…” but she was silenced by a long passionate kiss. His tongue caressed hers as She put her hands on his upper arms. She felt her pussy moisten as he guided her to a warm smooth rock and laid her back slowly. He kissed her neck his warm lips felt surprising good. She was enjoying the sensations when he pulled back and slide to his knees.

Sakura felt he spread her legs. She looked down seeing his head move between her knees. She stiffened in anticipation of what he was about to do. The first time she would be touch would be by his lips. She felt his lips a moment later, on her right thigh, then slowly on her left. His warm wet lips softly make small contact as she trembled with the new sensation. Sakura’s hips lifted slightly as his lips brushed her pussy. First contact… she thought.

The sensations were defiantly alien to her, but now her instincts would of millions of years of the human existence would take over. She felt his warm lips fully engulf her pussy. His tongue lightly slipping inside. She moaned unexpectedly as he slide the long wet thing into her. It wiggled this way and that. She giggled as it nudged her in different places. He was as Inexperienced as she Sakura thought. But it did feel good. As she rotated her hips, his tongue hit pay dirt. As deep as it was it hit a nerve. Sakura bucked as he slide back and forth of the spot of her pleasure. Her pussy rewarded him with a sudden flood of fluids. She felt every nerve in her body tingle and she scream as her first real orgasm hit her.

She squeezed his head between her legs as he wiggled over the spot. She was sitting up pulling his head into her snatch moaning and screaming as her orgasm subsided. Fluid covered his face and the rock as he pulled back.

Eric smiled, “You’re a squirter.”

Sakura blushed as she he wiped his face over her thigh. It tickled her, she realized he had not shaved that morning and his very light stubble made a light tingle on her leg. He Moved up and kissed her lips. At first she wanted to retreat and slap him for kissing her with a mouth full of her own juices but when he held her tightly and she got a taste, she found it not all unpleasant. She swallowed her own cum as they lay together for long moments. Making out in the hot springs.

She felt something lightly poke her pussy. She was confused at first but it made another soft jab and she realized it was his cock. It pressed her pussy lips open and slowly began an entry.

Sakura broke the kiss, “Wait Eric I’m not sure I’m ready for…” Sakura was cut off by a deep thrust. He buried himself into her as she shut her eyes tightly against the pain. He pressed all of his cock inside her pussy nestling his balls against the lips. She open her tear stinging eyes and looked down to there joining. It hadn’t been Eric’s complete fault, he might not have slide all the way in had she not be so wet. She bit her lip to keep from crying out.

“You were a virgin?” he pulled back with a look of anguish on his face. “I… God Captain your so tight.”

“I thought, we were on first name basis?” Eric smiled as Sakura looked back into his eyes.

“We are.” He looked to be concentrating as he Held himself inside her.

“What’s wrong?”

“I almost came. I need a moment.” He laughed a little to himself. She was relieved he didn’t cum in her.

Slowly Eric began to move his hips. The friction felt wonderful in her pussy. It clenched him tightly as he slide in and out. She rested her head against his shoulder as she pulled her legs up to the side of his hip. He was moaning louder with each stroke as Sakura held him to her. She began moving her own hips in rhythm as her moans escaped her lips. She felt the next orgasm rising in her as Eric’s thrusts became deeper and more longing.

“Oh yes… Oh Sakura it feels so good.”

“Eric, I’ve wanted this since the moment we met…. Please, please don’t stop.” Sakura felt her next orgasm wash over her body. Eric pushed his throbbing cock deep when her pussy began clenching him. Her fluids squirted out around his cock drenching his balls. She felt them twitch. It was time to stop, but Eric began stroking again. His moans were another indication that he was to close for her comfort.

“Eric, I’m not on birth control, We have to stop…” She felt another orgasm quickly build. She cried out as his cock began rubbing at the perfect angle, hitting the spot he found earlier. Eric ignored her, she was a hologram to him.

Sakura suddenly felt Ashamed, She felt like a toy to him, an object. Her body tensed, Her next orgasm was about to hit her, She had to end the program before he came and stop him.

“Computer end… ah!” her orgasm struck. Eric thrust in and she felt his balls tighten. Her eyes widen but she could only gasp as her orgasm flexed her body. His Cock expanded and his seed began to fill her womb. She pushed his chest as his seed filled her. Thick hot cum. The feeling sent her into a quick 4th orgasm.

She fought to stay conscious as he lay fully on top of her. His cock spent. Sakura began to cry. She had finally been taken, by a guy she really liked, but he had thought she wasn’t real. He had used her as a tool. He lay they as she cried. Slowly He stroked her hair.

“This will be all over in a few minutes. So you don’t need to worry about getting pregnant. Really. You’ll see.” His slipped out of her pussy which spilt its contents on the rock below her. Her tears were silent. Those of a Captain. Her face was emotionless as he went to the door and went inside. She slipped into the water and washed herself. Sakura stopped crying and she watched his silhouette on the thin door. He would never know, she thought.

“Computer, End program.” Sakura’s Eyes widened as the holographic hot springs vanished into a cold deck floor. The look of Surprise on her face was no Match to Eric’s. The Commander’s wide eyes stared at his naked captain who know covered her breasts and pussy with a face that was crimson with embracement.

“Oh my god…” Eric’s eyes fell to her pussy, it was covered by her finger, but her fingers were slick with her cum and his. She had been the one he had fucked. His cum was running out of her like a faucet she was unable to hold back by the coverage she was giving it.

Her face’s redness intensified. “Get out! Now…”

“Y… yes ma’am,” the commander stammered and move to pass her. When she turned the image of Commander Ranson flinched. He stopped turned to her and evaporated before her stunned eyes.

The computer broke the silence, “Holodeck functions have failed. Ending program…”

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