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Holodeck Repairman: Short 02


Besides fixing physical flaws with holodecks, I also debug the occasional holoprogram and, even more occasionally, testify about whether some particular piece of evidence is real, or holographically generated. It was this last one that bought T'pen, agent of V'shar (Vulcan Internal Security) to my home. I designed my home myself. The internal defenses are quiet impressive, and far better hidden than the omnipresent hologenerators.

"These files have come to my attention. I suspect they may be forgeries and wish to make sure before I do anything. It would be most unfortunate were it to be discovered that false accusations to be made against Solen." She explained. I didn't bother to hide the fact that my eyes were wandering over her catsuited form, enjoying the lithe power coiled there. She lacked the absurd bust so many of her fellow Vulcans had, but had the look of a weapon, dangerous, ready to pounce.

"Of course. Would you like something to drink?" I asked, pushing a button on the massive desk I sat behind.

She shook her head sharply. "I am here to work, not socialize."

"Well, when you show up without an appointment, at night, you can see how that might send mixed messages." I countered with a smile. The door behind her chair opened, though it didn't need to and a woman (holographic) with a bust that more than made up for the security officer's...attributes paraded inside wearing nothing but a filmy skirt and gold. The skirt fell from a gold belt to her ankles, but was in two distinct pieces. Every movement set it swirling around long tanned legs. The gold jewelry set off her tanned skin perfectly and the heavy jewels set in her earrings drew the eye (at least those not trapped on her bare and pierced breasts) to her pointed ears.

A glass of champagne was on the tray she carried. She placed it on the desk by my control console. "Anything else, sir?" she asked.

"Not right now." I waved a hand and she vanished.

"I am a Vulcan. Attempts to make me uncomfortable with holograms, or your fantasies regarding Vulcans, or anything else are pointless." T'pen said sharply.

"She's not a Vulcan."

"Obviously. Sh—It's a hologram." The Vulcan was flustered, though she didn't actually flush. I'd seen her eyes ogle, or glare at, the holograms larger breasts. Jealousy? Maybe, or maybe wishful thinking. Either way, it was time to set her straight.

"Yes, but the woman she was based on was Romulan. An officer of the Tal Shiar who fell out of favor with her superiors. They sold her to the Syndicate. We ran into each other when she was 'working under' one of my fellows. She made a hell of an impression." That was all true, if incomplete.

"Regardless. The reason I am here now is not to socialize, but because this evidence is of a...sensitive nature—"

"Yes, yes, your organization has been trying to discredit Solen and his emotionalists—"

"Dangerous hedonists!" she cut in, quite passionately for someone with their emotions under control.

"For quite a while and now you've got something you think will do the trick and want to make sure you aren't about to hand him the PR coup of a lifetime. Cult leader to religious dissident in one frame job." I continued as if she hadn't spoken.

"As a member of the V'shan, I wish to ensure that my evidence can pass even the most rigorous inspection before I present it." She snapped.

I didn't mention that that wasn't the same thing as wanting to ensure that her evidence was true. I restrained myself to asking to see this evidence. After some hemming and hawing over how sensitive it was and how I should take every precaution to keep it from leaking out, she passed it over. I spent the time she was whining amusing myself by examining her pouty lips and imagining the uses I could put them too.

The recording in front of me began playing. A man I recognized as Solen was fucking someone. A trim frame was riding him, matching his upward thrusts with downward ones. The identity of the cult leader's partner was unclear, but her active participation couldn't be denied, not to anyone watching and listening to her moans. The scene played as I typed in commands as fast as my fingers would move. "I know Vulcans are repressed, but sex isn't a crime even among your people, or I'd have spent a lot more time in penal colonies than I have." I commented as my system failed to produce a voice match for the noises the woman was making.

"Watch." T'pen snapped.

The Romulan wench re-entered the room, stalking through T'pen and my desk, then sinking to her knees, before regaining her hard-light body. The Vulcan didn't react though her sharp ears must have caught the sound of the hologram freeing my cock and filling her mouth with it.

Finally the view altered sufficiently to let me see the figure riding the Vulcan hedonist. I didn't recognize the woman, though she was obviously either Vulcan or Romulan and had a figure closer to my toy than the agent opposite me. My system was running the ID check before I typed anything. My cock jerked in the Romulan's mouth, scraping it almost painfully against her teeth as the identity appeared on my console. I paused the playback.

"His mother?" Indeed, it appeared to be S'var. At over a hundred she had held up well. Her beautiful features were framed by hair black as night and far longer than most Vulcan's let there's grow. Though at that moment it was stuck to her sweat slicked body as she froze, mouth open atop her son's cock.

"You see why this is so important! If his teachings are revealed to be the ramblings of a man made mad by abuse, then they can hardly be taken seriously!" She provided the exposition as if she wasn't sitting across from a man getting blown as he listened to it. Though she was kind enough to snap halfway to her feet and slam her hands down on the desk, providing him a new angle on her delightful frame.

For a moment the only sound was the jangle of the Romulan's jewelry and the impact of her flesh on his as she fucked her mouth with eight inches of human cock.

"So, it's not an accusation, but a smear campaign." I said, copying the entire file into my stores and ejecting the medium she'd brought with her in a single, hopefully undetectable motion.

"It's revealing what Solen is all about."

"I can see why he would be. Vulcan's only get better with age. I knew one in the slave pits. Her emotional control had been surgically removed. After I did a really good job on a Syndicate op I was rewarded with a night with her. Wow. I mean, I still get shivers. That woman had the most incredible lips and well, I don't have to tell you the advantages of having a stronger than average partner. The positions she could get into and get me into. And her ass! Mother of Night I—" I was mostly messing with, her, though everything I said was true. But as I spoke, I'd gotten into it. The copy of that Romulan bitch blowing me, in front of the real Vulcan agent might have had something to do with it as well.

"Enough. I'm not here to hear your puerile sexcapades. I need to know if this recording is real, or holographic. How long will that take?" She asked.

The Romulan's tongue teased the head of my cock for a moment before she buried my cock in her throat, pushing so hard I could feel her nose against my stomach. I moaned.

T'Pen rose. "Enough! I will return tomorrow and we will discuss this when you can be civilized." She spun. Her ass was perfect, hidden only by the thin fabric of her catsuit. I moaned again as the Romulan's throat closed around my cock, milking it, without any need to breathe (an advantage of the hologram and the non-breathing).

"That won't be necessary. I knew it was a fake from the start. It's good, but not good enough." I said, all business. From the neck up. With a few exceptions for some parts of even my big (okay, bigger) brain.

"What?" She turned back to face me, hiding that delectable ass, to my disappointment (which the Romulan wench under my desk dealt with quite efficiently).

"Come on, you're not an idiot. Though the holowork was good, the writing was abysmal. 'Take me, like I took you all those years ago, outside the Pon Farr even!' Just...no. Now if you'd hired some Romulans, or even Cardassians to write your porn—oh, I'm sorry, 'evidence' then you might have done better."

"I did not—" she began.

"Of course, this, along with the holoartifacts that make it identifiable as a fake can be resolved."

She froze.

"But that raises a different question. What's in it for me?"

After a long moment she spoke again. "What do you want?"

I stared at her. "A show to go with my blowjob."

"You can create anything you care to with those holoprojectors." She snapped.

"Real is always better." The holotongue on my balls didn't change my perception of that, even if she was programmed to blow me just as I liked it.

With a bright flush that rose from the neckline of her catsuit, she reached for the fastener. I always keep my deals, as she knew. Her body was a tight killing machine, more than capable of crushing my fragile human self in an instant. My cock jerked in the Romulan's mouth as I grew ever closer to orgasm. A finger spun. Obediently the V'shar agent spun, revealing her beautiful body to my eyes and the holocameras capturing every inch of her.

A touch of a command and the Romulan was replaced.

By the time she turned back to face me, I had her holoduplicate bent over my desk and was balls deep in her tight Vulcan cunt. This time the flush went from her cheeks down to her lips, down to her lower lips. A fascinating image, though nothing compared to the vision of me fucking her almost naked doppelganger. I wasn't going to last long, not under those circumstances.

My hands gripped her hips firmly as I hammered into her. The filmy fabric she was wearing because I'd piggybacked her creation on the Romulan was bunched under my hand and rippled making the flesh I was fucking alternately visible and invisible. Moments later I roared as I flooded her womb with my seed. I collapsed back into my chair, letting my slimy cock slip from her wet hole. I locked eyes with the real woman. I spoke, though I didn't need to. "Clean me."

T'pen jerked as if slapped, and only a fast command froze the holoduplicate in place. The misunderstanding had provoked obedience. Now I was going to force the issue. "You heard me."

The agent walked forward, ripped the skirt from her doppelganger. Her hard hand cleaned my cock and chair...ungently. My cock twitched under her ministration.

"Come back in a week. I'll have your recording and we can discuss...final payment."

For an emotionless Vulcan, she swore eloquently with silence. I decided not to tell her that I would be taking my recording of this little encounter to S'var. She would negotiate a good price for the blackmail material.

Balance in all things. Especially fucking. Otherwise you land on your ass, instead of in someone else's.

Hey, it's the wisdom of an ex-Syndicate engineer, what did you expect?

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