Ninth standard time unit of the last day of residence on the shuttlecraft Excalibur. Mort returned to his quarters after a long shift in astrometrics, disrobed and entered the hyper wash unit. The hot cleaning solution hit him and helped wash away the anger of a long shift serving under an asshole boss. His last shift on the ship was the most trying of all. The three year voyage had made a good portion of the crew dislike each other and he was looking forward to a year of leave with his wife. Tensions had mounted between the two of them and had even led to a long dry spell in their bed.

Rindy sat on the couch in the entertainment room of their quarters. Unaware of the time, and the fact that Mort had already returned from his shift. She continued watching the holo-program she had spent much time creating. She was an artist of sorts, and over the three years of having staggered shifts with Mort, had designed a few holo-programs of an erotic nature to watch and pleasure herself to. She always suspected that Mort had found them, but didn't really care. The dry spell for her was not as bad as it was for Mort seeing as she took care of herself on a regular basis.

On the hollow screen was a male humanoid with bluish skin, long hair and a massive member that she had taken great care in designing. Accompanying the man was a female Verlian. She was quite petite with short blue hair, red eyes, and orange skin. She had large breasts for her size, perky and round, and a small yet alluring ass. The Verlian women were some of the most desired women in the galaxy due to their ravenous reputation of a sexual nature and their hauntingly good looks.

The two began kissing passionately while the woman was stroking the hulking mans cock making it larger with every stroke. His member must have been nearly ten inches long and was still growing. He fondled her large breasts eagerly as she brought him to attention. All the while Rindy was slowly becoming more aggressive in her own personal pleasuring of herself. She was quite wet and spreading her juices all over her increasingly throbbing pussy and clit.

The Verlian woman dropped to her knees and slowly sucked the mans now enormous cock into her mouth. She first took in his head wrapping her tongue around it feverishly then proceeded to take the seemingly unending shaft deeper in all the while cupping his balls with one hand while the other massaged his butt. He held his hands on her head and aided her in achieving a melodic motion in sucking his cock. She took one hand and quickly jerked his cock while she sucked on it to give added pleasure.

Rindy reached for a large glass mock penis and began to suck on it in a similar fashion. She played with her clit almost as fast as the Verlian was as she got herself worked up, wet and ready for her beast of a man. Rindy loved to suck on cock but Mort wasn't the biggest fan. He would never kiss her after she had gone down on him and so it was one thing that had lead to the dry spell.

The Verlian achieving the desired arousal in her stud released his cock and stood up facing away from him. She bent over at the waist giving him a good sign of what she desired. Now it was his turn to kneel. With his face behind her he used his tongue to spread her juices, coating her pussy lips and clit with her tangy juices bringing her to a climax with his skills. Rindy came for the first time watching this reminiscing to days when Mort would pleasure her in that fashion.

After bringing the Verlian to climax the true grit was due to begin. He put his hand on her waist and lifted her up and slowly ushered his slick cock into her dripping pussy. She yelped as his massive unit dove deep into her swollen chasm. He slowly picked the speed up until she was bouncing at a mind numbing speed up and down his dick. She clutched her breasts tightly with one arm pinching her nipples and played with her clit with her other hand. He was so strong that he could throw her around on his dick like a rag doll.

As on cue, Rindy inserted her glass penis as deeply as she could into her pussy. Letting out a loud yelp that Mort heard as he exited the washing station. He only wore a pair of shorts as he walked into the entertainment room and was taken aback at what he was seeing. His seemingly un-horny wife of late wanking herself off to a personally designed sexual holo-show . Instead of alerting her to his presence he watched with arousal what was transpiring. Very quickly his cock reached its maximum size and be began to stroke it watching the screen, then his wife, and back and forth.

The couple on the holo-screen began to heat up more each second. The man set the woman down on the flood and laid his back on the floor. She got on top of him, inserted his large member and began riding him furiously, her large tits bouncing in an almost hypnotic fashion. She moaned and wailed in pleasure the faster and harder she rode him. Then a strange thing began to happen, below his massive cock a new stump began to form and grow towards the Verlians little asshole. It started out just rubbing it for a while. Probing the tight orifice and slowly allowing it to release its tension and making her moan with ecstasy. The stub grew larger and slowly penetrated her ass deeply forcing her to let out a scream of pain, then a moan on pleasure. She slowly rebuilt speed and was soon riding his cocks like there was no tomorrow. He cupped her breasts and stared into her eyes as he filled her holes.

It was around this time that Rindy looked over and saw Mort jerking off to the action. She felt a wave of heat hit her, first fear then excitement. He was watching the action on the holo-screen and seemed absorbed. She began to furiously hammer her pussy with her dildo as she watched her husband stroke his sock to her creation. When he noticed her stare he looked at her slightly puzzled. She gave him a dirty look and a wink and nod signalling him to come over to her. He walked over to her and ushered her onto her knees. She was puzzled as the only thing she could do in that position was to suck his cock. He took his rock solid cock and tapped her on the lips which were open nearly instantly and she willingly took it in. She began to jerk his shaft while sucking in his head, both of their eyes watching the screen intently. While sucking on his cock she thrust the glass dildo furiously in and out of her pussy making herself cum over and over again. She put the butt end of the dildo on the ground and rode it while she sucked, allowing it to penetrate deeper and deeper into her pussy.

Like a rodeo champion the Verlian rode her bull faster and harder, both of her holes filled beyond capacity. Sweat dripping from both of them they appeared to come closer and closer to the finale. She moaned and screamed and finally like the closing buzzer of a long fought sporting match the two of them came. Cum began oozing from around his cocks still inside her making it seem she was going to be vaulted off by the pressure of his hot jizm. She dismounted and staggered to the floor, cum oozing out of her pussy and asshole.

Almost at the exact same time Mort bucked and filled Rindy's mouth with a months worth of hot cum moaning in extreme pleasure. The shot of hot cum hit the back of her mouth and made her cum just as hard as Mort and her holo-creations. He just shook as she stood. Spent from her multiple orgasms she had during her pleasure time, she staggered towards Mort. He grabbed her and surprised her as he kissed her deeply with tongues tasting his own taste and thinking to himself that a new world had opened up for the both of them. She smiled at him and they both went into the hyper wash to get cleaned up.

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