tagIncest/TabooHoly Halloween Batman 2012

Holy Halloween Batman 2012


It was October 29th and the perfect fall morning, cool and crisp air. Jenny woke to her nipples being very firm from the coolness in the bedroom. She rolled over to wake Kevin, as usual he was sporting the most beautiful morning hard on. "Good morning Baby" said Jenny to Kevin. He put his arm around her, kissed her on the forehead and said "good morning baby."

Jenny climbed on top of Kevin, slowly going down on his big hard cock, loving every inch of it. She began to ride him and after they both screamed out while cumming, she got up turned around and rode him in the backwards cowgirl style. Kevin was pulling her arms back towards his chest and she rode him hard. He spanked her while fucking her and feeling her cum all over his cock. When they were both exhausted they came together making that moment perfect.

Jenny fell back into Kevin's arms as they tried to catch their breath from the amazing morning sex. "Baby today is the Halloween Party, I'm so excited! Will you be home in time?" asked Jenny.

"No, I will have to meet you there I don't think I will be back from my meeting in time" replied Kevin. "Leave me the invitation and I should only be a 30 minutes late at the most." Jenny gave Kevin a blow job then after he came she got up, popped into the shower.

After Jenny got out of the shower she put on her robe which was not tied tight so Kevin was able to see her big breasts and all of her leg was showing. "I'll go start breakfast while you jump into the shower" said Jenny kissing Kevin as he still laid in be naked relaxing.

Kevin got up and into the shower as Jenny started their breakfast. In walked Brandon their 22 year old nephew who lived with them. "Good morning Aunt Jenny, what's for breakfast?" asked Brandon as he was rummaging thru the fridge for some juice. "Morning B, eggs and toast. What are your plans for today?" replied Jenny as she was making scrambled eggs, toast and tea. "No plans, just hanging out with my friends tonight, I'm sure we will find a party to go to. How about you and Uncle Kevin, you old folks have any big plans tonight?" asked Brandon as he chuckled. "Us old folks are going to a Halloween Party, you can join us if you'd like" said Jenny knowing the answer would most likely be no. "ha ha, yes that's just what I want to do go hang out with the old folks at some lame Halloween Party, what are you going as Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head?" Brandon burst out laughing at the thought of his aunt and uncle attending a Halloween party that he was sure was going to be as exciting as waiting paint dry.

Kevin emerged from the bedroom in his work clothes all ready for an unusual Saturday meeting at the office, looking handsome as always. He sat down read the paper while drinking his hot tea and eating his toast and eggs. From the seat next to him Jenny stretched out her bare leg and rubbed Kevin's crotch while he attempted to eat his breakfast, looking up at her smiling he commented that he doesn't have time but tonight at the party he wanted to fuck her there. As Kevin left for the meeting he grabbed Jenny gave her a big hug and kiss and whispered "remember baby, tonight at the party I want to fuck you so be ready."

At two o'clock Jenny went to pick up their costumes and went to leave Kevin's in his car at the office. She left a note that said "baby I'll be the one in the cat woman costume, I'll be waiting on batman to come catch me. See you there, Love you!"

That afternoon Brandon ran out to the costume store as soon as his friends called to invite him to a Halloween party. Driving to the store he thought they probably only have lame costumes left this late in the game. Arriving at the store he was surprised to find his favorite comic book character Batman costume in his size. It was the last one. Jackpot!! He was now set for a great evening.

At 7 it was time to get ready for the party, Brandon yelled upstairs to his Aunt Jenny that he was taking off for the night and he'd see her tomorrow. Jenny turned on the music and was dancing around their room while getting ready for the party. She was so happy that he costume this year came in the skirt and not those uncomfortable pants, so she could wear her black thigh high boots with it. She dyed her hair red for the night to be more in character, and headed out to Brian's house for the bash. Brandon and his friends arrived at the party and saw it may have potential. There were people everywhere and people had started dancing and getting loose. He saw a group of people he knew and started talking about their costumes and how the local football team was doing.

When Jenny arrived she was pleased to see it was a typical turn out for their crowd, about 100 people filing up the house and the yard drinking laughing and having a great time. Making the rounds to say hello to friends she noticed the time and was worried something had delayed Kevin. Getting ready to ring him she noticed Batman in the dining room chatting with a group of people. "ah ha he's here!" thought Jenny.

Jenny walked up behind Batman and without a actual work whispered "meow" in his ear and ran her hand down his chest and gently grabbed his cock from the outside of the costume. She then grabbed his hand and led him upstairs to one of the free bedrooms. Without a word they began kissing. He started to feel her body with his hands. She grabbed his right hand and put it under her skirt he looked up into the eyes behind the mask, no panties! Very excited he began to rub her and started by sticking one finger in her, finger fucking her as they kissed. Then he slipped another finger in and she grabbed his hand to have it be harder and faster, helping him finger fuck her she let out a moan from the pleasure it was bringing her. Jenny backed up next to the bed and started to lower down onto the bed not wanting to lose him being inside of her, so he pulled him down with her. They began kissing harder and she helped hi m take off the base of the costume leaving on his mask reveling his huge hard cock. Then they took off her costume reveling her wet already bare pussy ready to be played with and her bare breasts which with her hard nipples waiting to be in his mouth. He went to unzip her thigh high boots and she pushed his hand away and shook her head no, she wanted to keep them on for this.

Stroking his cock as he went back and forth from nibbling on her breasts to kissing her, Jenny went down to suck his cock. First she kissed the tip, then with her tongue she circled around the tip a few times, then licked down both sides of his beautiful hard cock. Stroking it while she took it all in her mouth, licking, kissing and sucking him as he groaned and played with her hair while she gave him the best blow job he had ever had. Just before he came, she climbed up onto him and rode him hard as he played with her breasts. They were enjoying every minute of him being deep inside her making her cum over and over again, he reached up to kiss her breasts and she pushed his jaw up so he bit her, it made her cum hard! The two of them were getting rougher and rougher and enjoying it more and more as it continued! After Batman came and Catwoman was laying there breathless from the massive orgasm he just gave her, Batman went down to eat her. Oh the pure joy! Jenny thought to herself "omg if I'd of known the sex was going to be this incredible we would go to costume parties every week! It's as if he's 20 again."

Meanwhile, Kevin has arrived at the party, looking for his cat woman and can't find her anywhere. After asking around a friend mentioned seeing her going into the 3rd bedroom on the left upstairs. Kevin was all excited that she was in there waiting for him. As he opened the door he saw another batman eating out Cat woman. He recognized her body and knew it was her behind that red hair and mask. Seeing another Batman eating out his wife turned him on so much that he kept on his mask, but took off his costume and put his hard cock in her face.

Barely able to focus from the extreme pleasure, she was pleased to have a cock to suck on. Jenny grabbed it, kissed it, licked it and she pulled him down so he was all the way in her mouth. MMMM this is yummy Jenny thought as it dawned on her that she now has two Batman's playing with her. For a quick moment she wondered who the other was, but was so enjoying this that she didn't really care who it was! Playing with his balls while blowing him he was moaning and watching the other Batman pleasure his wife, Kevin found this massively exciting and couldn't wait to fuck her and let the other Batman watch him pleasure her!

When the other Batman was done eating out Cat woman Jenny, Batman turned her over and shoved his hard cock into her wet pussy. A moan came out of both of them as he entered her from behind and began to pull it out and push it back in.

Brandon was a little shocked and excited at the same time, he wasn't sure what he should or shouldn't do with this other man there, who was he was he the jealous type was this ok? He wasn't sure so he stood there for a moment watching Kevin as he thrust his hard cock into her over and over again.

Jenny reached over, grabbed Brandon's cock and gently pulled him towards her, as Kevin was fucking her from behind she began to blow Brandon. As Kevin was watching her give the other man head it got so excited he was banging her harder and harder, which made her cum harder and harder, loving every second of this she was wondering why they never tried this before.

Kevin came after giving her another orgasm. Kevin laid down for a moment to catch his breath, Jenny climbed on top of him to ride him now, as she did she grabbed Brandon's arm and pulled him behind her as she sat on top of Kevin's cock. She leaned over and while kissing Kevin hard she pulled Brandon's cock into her. As Brandon entered her with Kevin she came immediately, what a incredibly sensual feeling, this is incredible! Feeling Brandon's cock move in and out along with her and Kevin's movements, she just couldn't believe this feeling of utopia! Moans and groans were happening all over the bed, Kevin playing with her while they both fucked her and Brandon reaching around and playing with her breasts pinching them and grabbing them hard making her cum harder with each hard grab! When the three of them all came, the two Batman's laid down on the bed and Jenny took turns licking their juices off of their cocks.

She then climbed up between them and kissed each of them. By this time she knew which one was Kevin as she would know his cock, and his kisses anywhere. But who is this other Batman she wondered.

Not sure what to think of this now that this other man has arrived and the three of them all fucked, Brandon thought it was time for him to sneak out. He got up grabbed what he was pretty sure was his Batman costume and exited the room to look back to see the Batman and Cat woman kissing, and playing with one another. He surely thought they won't even miss me the horny couple, but hesitant to leave thinking he could possible enjoy doing this woman again.

As Brandon exited the room one of his friends saw him and yelled for him "Brandon, dude where've you been? This party is lame we want to try another one, let's go!" Brandon and his friends left the party in search of another Halloween Party to crash.

Meanwhile Kevin and Jenny were starting back up in the bedroom, she climbed on top of him and they 69'ed for awhile, enjoying each other's juices and knowing they were bring such pleasure to one another game them pleasure themselves. After a few hours longer, they decided they better get up and go socialize at the party. Emerging from the room, neither of them spoke just watching the other one put the rest of their costumes back on. They went back down stairs, grabbed a drink and began to dance. It has been such a sexy night and now cat woman is grinding on Batman, getting each other all hot and horny again the couple decided to go looking for the other Batman to see if he wanted to play with them again.

After asking a few people if they saw another batman they were told he left. Jenny and Kevin went into the bathroom and fucked in there since all the bedrooms at this time were occupied. Kevin loving the fact of the easy access Jenny had provided with no panties was hard in her in a flash!

After rocking the bathroom vanity pretty hard, they redressed and decided this night of wild incredible sex was far from over! Since they had drove separate they agreed to follow one another home. Jenny pulled out of the drive way first, so was the first to arrive home. She raced to grab a water bottle and to jump into bed with nothing but her mask and boots on. Kevin was only seconds behind her pulling off his costume before he even closed the bedroom door, leaving on his mask as well. Jenny laying on her back had her legs with her boots on, on either side of Kevin's head as he slowly entered her. Thrusting himself in and out of her she began to scream "harder baby, fuck me harder!" Kevin began to do it harder and harder until they both came with such excitement. She pulled her legs down and with Kevin still on top of her she wrapped her legs around his legs as he thrust his big hard cock inside her soaking wet pussy... he hit the magic spot! Jenny screamed "omg baby right there, fuck me ....fuck me hard baby...omg harder, don't stop!" As she pulled his ass down on her with her legs......screaming "oh God I'm cumming! OH BABY!" Kevin joined her and they both had the most intense orgasms they had ever had.

Kevin leaned down to kiss Jenny, rolled over next to her and pulled off his mask to cool down and have some water. Jenny did the same. Laying there in bed, naked and completely satisfied like never before they began to tell each other how much they loved one another, then Kevin asked "who was that other Batman? And did you enjoy that?" Jenny instantly responded with "that was incredible and honestly I have no clue who he is/was, I thought it was you and brought him up to the bedroom, I didn't realize it wasn't you until you walked in." They lay in bed for a few more hours discussing the evenings events while laughing, kissing and holding one another.

About 4 am they heard Brandon come into the house and Jenny said "I'll go make sure he locked the door, I'll be right back baby." She slipped on her silk robe and loosely tied the belt on it. As she walked down the stairs Brandon saw her coming down and was shocked to see the red hair, and was admiring her legs as they peaked out of the robe with each step she took. "Hey there Red, how was your old folks party?" said Brandon. Jenny replied with "it was the most fun I've ever ...." She stopped dead in her tracks as she saw the Batman costume he just threw onto the kitchen table. "Ever what Aunt Jenny?" asked Brandon. Jenny looked over at him and said "oh sorry, most fun ever. What did you do tonight? Did you go to a party as Batman?" Brandon feeling pretty good himself after the amazing sex he had that night replied with "Yeah I was Batman, we went to a few parties. I met some hot chick at the first party, let's just say I had a great time. Glad you had fun Aunt Jenny. Did Uncle Kevin have fun tonight too?" Jenny smiled and said "so tell me about this girl you met, what was she?" Brandon said as he closed the fridge door "she was Catwoman, is that a red wig? The girl I met tonight had the same color red, must be the in thing for you girls this year. What did you and Uncle Kevin go as? The Mr and Mrs Potato head I suggested before?" He burst out laughing. Jenny replied with "No Kevin was also Batman and funny enough I was cat woman tonight too."

A dead silence fell over the room. Jenny was sitting at the table and had not noticed her robe was open enough for him to see her breasts. Jenny realizing it was her nephew who was pleasuring her earlier and that Kevin might not be as understanding in this situation and what if he makes Brandon move out decided to discuss with Brandon only.

Jenny looked up and said "so anything exciting happen with Cat woman tonight?" Blushing at the fact that his aunt just asked if he got laid tonight he turned and said "yep had the best night of my life."

Jenny got up and went over to Brandon and whispered in his ear, "Did you enjoy Cat woman from behind as the other Batman was in her too? " Brandon about spit out his drink, it now dawned on him he was eating out his aunt, he fucked his aunt with his uncle! It was so exciting, but to say it out loud it's so wrong!

Brandon looked over at his Aunt Jenny and said "that was you? And Uncle Kevin? Did you know it was me? I had no idea, but Aunt Jenny I had the best time fucking you tonight!"

Jenny blushed and stuck her tongue in his ear and then said "no honey I had no idea, but if I ever knew the three of us could have been fucking like that all these years, it would be a nightly thing! However, let's not mention it to Uncle Kevin for now until I can talk to him and make sure he's ok with the fact that it was you with us tonight, ok?"

As Jenny was talking to Brandon, he slipped his hand in her robe to pull it over to expose her breast, he kissed it, then bit it, as she let out a slight moan of pleasure, Brandon went down on his knees to reach up to eat her out again before bed, he couldn't get enough of her. She stood in the kitchen with her nephew on his knees on the floor eating her as she played with is hair with one hand and caressed her breasts with the other hand. They continued until he made her cum a few times, then he stood up with his cock bulging out of his boxers from the excitement of what was happening again, but this time he knew who it was and it was so wrong! Kevin had fallen asleep and Jenny was so horny now that Brandon just ate her out again, she pulled him into the living room and on the way in there pulled his boxers off and pushed him into the couch. She climbed on top of him and rode him fast and hard as they kisses, and he bit her breasts as hard as he could, each time it made her cum. Jenny was so turned on by the entire evening she kept on riding him until he came and couldn't anymore.

They agreed to not talk to Kevin about this and for Brandon to bring his Batman costume into his bedroom to avoid Kevin seeing it before Jenny could talk to him about it. They kissed good night, not as Aunt and Nephew, but as two lovers now.

Jenny walked back into their bedroom and Kevin awoke and saw her robe hardly on her, he said "oh baby come sit on my face." Jenny excited knowing Brandon had just cum in her and wondering if Kevin would be able to tell, sad on his face while he ate her out and she came over and over again. After wards Kevin and Jenny kissed, told each other what a amazing time they had tonight and goodnight. They both fell asleep naked in each others arms, feeling the excitement of the amazing sex they had with the other masked man tonight!

Happy Halloween!

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