tagIncest/TabooHoly Halloween Batman 2012 Ch. 02

Holy Halloween Batman 2012 Ch. 02


In the previous chapter of this story, Jenny accidentally seduces her nephew at a Halloween party and in the midst of her tryst, her husband walks in on them and joins them.

Kevin (Jenny's husband) had woken up for his Saturday ritual of meeting his buddies for a tennis game. He had woken up and seen his beautiful wife lying naked in their bed. Next to the bed the costumes from yesterday's wild Halloween party lay on the flower. Her Catwoman mask and his Batman mask hung on the bed post. He gently kissed Jenny on her lips and left the room.

It was afternoon in the house by the time Jenny woke up and walked in to the living room and found her 22 year old nephew Brandon asleep on the sofa, only wearing a pair of boxers. As Jenny passed the sofa she couldn't help but notice Brandon had a beautiful hard on trying to poke out of his boxers. Remembering the incredible hot sex the two shared just the night before Jenny thought of how nice it would be to reenact that once again. Unable to get the thought of Brandon out of her head, she kneeled down next to the sofa and in one quick motion put her hand in his boxers and pulled out his fully erect 8 inches. As she pulled it out she started to massage it and lowered her mouth down onto his tip. First kissing the tip, then licked all 8 inches from the tip all the way down his shaft, and then back up. With her left hand he was rubbing him between his ass and his balls and put his hard cock in her mouth.

Brandon felt the warm lips on him and let out a moan. He rubbed his eyes not fully comprehending what was happening to him. Opening his eyes, reached down and grabbed her hair and started forcing her head down on him harder and harder.

A few minutes later Jenny could feel Brandon's cock starting to throb and the veins in his shaft growing. He was ready to cum, so she continued her motion to allow him to shoot his hot wad in her mouth. Brandon let out a very loud moan as he came in his Aunt Jenny's mouth. After licking off every drop from his cock, she stood up and pulled up her skirt to sit on Brandon's face and he began to feast on her hot wet pussy. As she rode his face she was so hot, she couldn't wait to get that young stud to fuck her again. Jenny played with her breasts while riding Brandon's face.

Feeling him suck her clit and his wet tongue on her pussy going in and out of her, Jenny had the most incredible orgasm and screamed as she had it. After standing up she leaned down to kiss Brandon, she started by licking her juices off of his face. Both Aunt Jenny and Brandon were so hot for one another, Aunt Jenny grabbed Brandon's hand and led him upstairs to her bedroom.

Once they arrived in her bedroom, Aunt Jenny and Brandon were both naked and she pushed him down on her bed. She slowly climbed up on him and without a word being spoken between the two of them, lowered herself slowly onto that big hard cock of his. As they both moaned from the point of entry Jenny began to ride Brandon hard. She pushed her breasts into his face and screamed "bite them Brandon...please bite them." They started fucking harder....faster...with more intensity. Now neither could hold back the pleasure that was about to overwhelm them. With final thrust, they both had the most intense orgasm they had ever experienced.

After making Brandon cum, she came up with a wicked idea. It was now time for Brandon to learn about the pleasures of being tied up and how erotic bondage pleasure can be. She leaned over him with her breasts in his face. Brandon began to nibble on her breasts. Jenny moaned with pleasure. She thought "boy he is a fast learner." But now it was time to teach him something new.

Jenny reached for the ties. First Jenny reached the tie on the right and then the one on the left. Brandon was so focused on having her beautiful breasts in his face he didn't notice that she was grabbing for something. She sat back up, grabbing his right hand and tied it up, then pulled his left hand up and tied that one up as well. Brandon was so excited, as he had never been tied up for sex before. Brandon got even harder from the excitement of Aunt Jenny tying him up. Aunt Jenny took the lead first riding him as hard as she could making herself cum over and over. Brandon's cock was soaked with her juices. She then turned around and rode him backwards in cowgirl position.

Brandon could not believe the pleasure he was experiencing in the cowgirl position. The angle of his cock now even reached new depths in his aunt's pussy. He so badly wanted to be able to touch her and yet found it so exciting letting her have full control. Jenny rode Brandon for quite awhile until they both came together, both letting out the loudest moans that probably could be heard by her neighbors.

Jenny got off of him, and went between his legs to lick off their juices off of his cock. The two sets of eyes locked the entire time her tongue was licking each and every inch of his cock.

All of a sudden there the door bell rang. Brandon asked Jenny "Aunty Jenny who are you expecting." She shook her head no. Leaving Brandon tied up, she put on her robe and ran down the stairs to answer the door.

To her shock it was her sister in law Karyn, Brandon's mom.

20 Years Ago


Jenny and Karyn went back many years. They had met in college and their friendship blossomed quickly. They soon became roommates and with their attractive bodies and looks, they had no shortage of attention from guys and gals. Many of times they would swap boyfriends to see who had the better lover. After they wore out their boyfriends, they would usually turn their attention to each other with their amorous ways.

Karyn had invited Jenny over to her house for the family's traditional Thanksgiving dinner during their first year in college. Karyn's brother Kevin also had come home for the family holiday. It was always a big meal followed by a lot of football. However this year, Kevin's interested lay more focused on his little sister's new friend. Jenny also could not get her eyes of Kevin and his hypnotizing brown eyes and incredible smile. They shared a lot of laughs that day and it was a start to a great relationship. Less than a year later, Kevin and Jenny married. Jenny and Karyn's relationship from that day on got even more cemented and they went from best friends to being sisters.

Back to the Present


Jenny had a wicked thought that crossed her mind. How exciting it would be to get Karyn to come play with the two of them, but how. She knew if Karyn saw the incredible cock her son had without knowing its her son, she would totally melt. All her inhibitions would evaporate. How could she get Karyn to see her son without each of them recognizing the other. Then she had an idea.

Karyn came in giving Jenny a hug and kiss hello. "Are you ok Jenny?" asked Karyn, noticing she was only wearing a robe and in the mid afternoon.

"Yes I'm fine" responded Jenny. "Make yourself at home, I'll be right back." Jenny ran up to her bedroom and pulled out of the sex toy drawer a mask that her husband normally wears, and put it on Brandon. Saying to Brandon "here stud I want you to wear this and be quiet, I'll be right back." She then grabbed her Catwoman mask from the bed post.

Jenny ran back down stairs. Saying to Karyn as she hit the last stair, "hey Karyn, last night I had some of the best sex of my life, and you are so lucky, I have him upstairs, want to join us?"

Karyn looking shocked said "with my brother? Are you crazy?"

Jenny turned to her with a huge smile on her face and said "no, fresh meat, come on." Jenny's then gave the Catwoman mask to Karyn and told her "here put this on, it'll be hot. He is into the Catwoman fetish"

The two women walked up the stairs, with their arms around each other - kissing each other and taking off Karyn's clothing on the way up to the bedroom. By the time the two walked into the bedroom they were both naked and so horny they could hardly make it to the bed.

Brandon still tied up on the bed and fully masked was very eager to have his aunt again and now so excited that she brought a friend. The women were so horny they wanted to play with one another before having Brandon join in. Karyn with her sexy Catwoman mask got onto the bed next to Brandon, leaned over and kissed him. Jenny climbed on the bed from the foot of the bed and instantly began to kiss Karyn's thighs as she worked her way up to her hot wet pussy. Kissing and licking on Karyn while reaching over to play with Brandon's hard cock. Karyn had one hand on Jenny's head pushing it into her pussy and the other hand was also playing with Brandon's cock. His cock started to grow with Karyn's expert handjob and soon reached its full 8 inches and stood proudly.

Karyn was in awe of his incredible length and girth. She had never experienced something so incredible. She wondered where did Jenny find this incredible boy. But soon her thoughts went in all directions as she felt Jenny's expert tongue snaking inside of her.

Brandon was so excited seeing his aunt go down on this mystery friend and that two women were stroking his cock. Karyn was getting off from Jenny eating her out, so she slowly moved her torso so she could get that incredible cock into her mouth.

Karyn began to suck on Brandon's cock and Jenny moved so Karyn could change positions. Karyn was on all fours sucking Brandon off, Jenny came in behind Karyn to finish eating her. Karyn and Brandon both came about the same time.

Both Jenny and Karyn got up and Karyn climbed on top of Brandon and as she felt his tip enter her she let out a moan and slowly lowered herself down. She thought to herself "I have never had a man fill me up so much and feel so incredible."

Jenny pushed his mask up just enough to expose his mouth, she turned, kissed Karyn as she climbed on Brandon's face once again. While Karyn was riding Brandon enjoying every minute, she wondered who this guy was. Brandon's tongue was turning Jenny inside out. She leaned over and started playing with Karyn's breasts, kissing and biting. Karyn was also playing with Jenny's breasts as the two of them were also kissing each other passionately, both cumming over and over again. No one was speaking, but there were plenty of moans coming out of the three of them. Jenny asked Karyn "isn't he a good fuck?"

Karyn was so into what was going on she was only able to shake her head YES!

Jenny got up off Brandon's face and while licking up his face again whispered in his ear "she a good fuck too?" Brandon did the same, shook his head yes!

Karyn climbed off of him and Jenny said "you need to ride his face, he's incredible." The two women switched positions and Jenny rode that hard cock like she never rode a cock before. Karyn was instantly excited and surprised by feeling his tongue enter her, Karyn let out a huge moan. As that moan came out Jenny leaned forward and shoved her tongue in Karyn's mouth. Grabbing and playing with Karyn's breasts at the same time.

When the girls were done riding his mouth and cock, they both got off of him and went down to lick off all the juices from his wet cock. Brandon was excited once again, as he had never received a double blow job. While enjoying the two women kiss, lick and suck on his cock, Jenny went down lower and began sucking on his balls, then licked his ass. A huge moan came out of Brandon and it made him cum. Jenny grabbed onto his cock and gently pushed Karyn aside. Jenny moved his cock back and forth as he came, having his cum shoot all over Jenny and Karyn's breasts and stomachs.

Completely satisfied from hours of incredible, hot sex Karyn laid down next to Brandon, Jenny climbed on him to untie Brandon and pull off his mask. As Jenny started to pull off Brandon's mask Jenny said to both of them "was this the hottest sex you've ever had?"

Brandon answered with trying to catch his breath "fuck yeah!"

Karyn answered in more of a whisper "incredible!"

Full of smiles, Jenny said "you two should pull your masks off."

Brandon pulled his off first, all excited to see who Aunt Jenny's friend was. Karyn was looking up at the ceiling as she pulled her mask off. Just as eager to see who this man was, she looked to her right. Brandon and Karyn's eyes met.

Brandon said "mom?! Oh my gawd that was incredible!"

Karyn looked at Jenny and said "Jenny he is my son how could you do that?"

Jenny replied "Karyn I had to share him with you. He is the most incredible fuck we have ever experienced. You have to admit he is the best you have had."

Karyn with a blush on her face said "Brandon, wow where did you learn to do that so well!"

Jenny leaned over and kissed Karyn again, still sitting on Brandon she then leaned down to kiss him. This is a start to a great relationship for all of us.

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