Holy Joe


When he finished he led her out, leaving the shower running for me. As I stepped in and Roseanne was taken wrapped in a towel to the bedroom, Taylor joined me to "save time." He soaped me and gently rubbed foam around my testicles. The sensations were incredible. Next he used the foam to enter my arse with his finger, gently soaping in and out. It didn't hurt at all and when he dropped to his knees and took my cock in his mouth without withdrawing his finger, I was ready to shoot there and then. Thankfully he must have sensed it and stopped.

Next he turned me around making me spread my legs while he continued to finger me. He then stood up and rubbed his hard black cock between my buttocks making no attempt to enter me but making a mock fucking action, pressing the head against my hole then sliding between my legs then up between my buttocks, all the while gripping my hard cock with his free right hand. The sensations were incredible.

I was rinsed and we headed to the bedroom where I found Roseanne lying on the bed being eaten by Luke. His large head was slurping happily between her legs. Taylor went over and knelt alongside her placing his cock at right angles to her mouth. She happily accepted it and licked along the length. When Luke joined him, her pale white face was almost hidden by black flesh.

"You fuck her first," Luke said to me. "I want to see white meat in white first and anyway, your cock is the smallest and it'll help open her up for us."

I stretched the condom on my sizeable cock (which had just been branded the smallest) and suddenly felt inadequate! Roseanne took me easily. Though she hadn't been fucked yet, Luke's ministrations had her wet and willing and my entry was surprisingly easy. She wrapped her legs around me as I started fucking and I kissed her deeply.

I quietly whispered, "Are you ok?"

"Oh yes," she said back.

I fucked her steadily in the missionary position while kissing her and softly biting her nipples which were solid little teats by now. She started her usual build up to orgasm, her ragged howls in keeping with my thrusts until she screamed the place down. I know I should have warned Luke as he rushed to ensure all windows were tightly closed. I slowed my pace and gently withdrew. I hadn't cum and had no intentions until the very end.

I went to the side of the bed and waited, leaving these two young men to take the lead. Luke nodded to Taylor who quickly replaced me. He turned Roseanne on to all fours, kneeling on the bed and fumbled to find her gaping cunt lips between her legs. Finding what he wanted, he started to enter her from the rear. At first I thought he was going for her arse but my words to stop him were quickly stifled by Luke clarifying the situation, as he pointed to her front.

Taylor took it easy as he entered her. Roseanne was panting like a bitch in heat. I suppose she had been suppressing all her sexual thoughts for years and was suddenly exploring them all at once. By now Taylors black cock was pumping in and out, with Roseanne's juices coating the condom creating a sheen on the latex. Once more she was panting in time to Taylor's thrusts. His hands cupped her breasts as he fucked her and Luke stood stroking his big cock.

Luke wandered around to me as I stood watching and smiled, pointing to his cock. I lowered to my knees and tried to put my mouth over the head. I managed with some difficulty and by holding it in my other hand, steadied his cock as I tried to swallow as much of its length as I could. His balls hung low underneath this brute and looked tiny by comparison. His musky smell was intoxicating as I cupped his balls and sucked.

Roseanne started to wail again. Taylor was bringing her back to orgasm. Luke pulled his cock out of my mouth and gripped Taylor's shoulder. Taylor took the hint and pulled out as Luke attempted to pull a condom on his cock. It only stretched a little over half way down his dick but I suppose it did the trick. He started his entry.

Roseanne was struggling to take him but each time he withdrew she pushed back on to his cock. She was determined. As I watched, Taylor was sucking my cock expertly. I found this whole bisexual scenario highly exciting. I leaned forward and pushed my tongue into Luke's arsehole as he started his fucking motion. He liked that, groaning with pleasure as my tongue found his rosebud and pushed inside him. My hands found his cock and I was able to stroke it as he fucked my new wife. As she relaxed, he was able to turn her on to her back, open her legs and fuck her in the missionary position. The sight of this massive piece of black cock, sliding into her cunt was unbelievable. I was so close to cumming.

As I watched, Taylor was standing behind me rubbing his enormous cock against the crack of my arse again. Though I knew I could never have taken it, the eroticism of it was pushing me ever closer.

"Guys I can't hold out much longer," I said. "I'm going to blow without touching it unless we come to an end soon."

Roseanne's noisy climax started again and I saw her nails dig into Luke. He was hammering her cunt now as she reached her peak. Her tits were wobbling with the frantic fucking. As she climbed down from her peak, Luke withdrew his cock, ripped off the condom and fired a blast of cum at her tits and face. I felt a warm flow of cum blast up my back from the buttocks as Taylor let me have his load and, true to my warning, his cock sliding in his own cum between my buttocks. My own cock fired of its own free will splattering across Roseanne's cunt and belly.

The session was unbelievably erotic and sadly, horny as Roseanne was, her bruised and battered cunt was out of action for the rest of the honeymoon.

The return to family and church was difficult. We talked long and hard about what we should now do, return to the fold, leave the fold completely, or be two faced hypocrites and lead a dual life.

I can live with hypocrisy!

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