tagIncest/TabooHoly Shit Ch. 01

Holy Shit Ch. 01


All events portrayed here are fictitious and done by willing participants. Read to enjoy, not to believe! Dezurtdawg.


"Ron, while your mom and I are out shopping will you please replace the five burnt out florescent bulbs in the family room?"

I looked up from my college studies and replied, "Sure dad, just as soon as I'm done with my Chemistry lesson. Do we have the bulbs?"

"Yes there's a box in the garage. If you need one of the starter mechanisms you will find some on the shelf right next to the box. Thanks son." Mom gave me a hug as she started to leave then turned back and said "If we get tied up we just might spend the night in the city. I will expect you to get along with your sister!" I groaned at that and she went on "You keep telling us that you are mature...a man and not a boy any longer. Well then, tonight I expect you to act like a man and not a nineteen year old boy!"

"Yes mutherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!" I said with exasperation oozing from my voice. Dad just grabbed her and pulled her out the door.

One hour later and I had finished my homework and had changed three of the tubes. I would have had more done but one set required more than just bulbs so I went back to the garage for the other parts and tools needed for this repair. I was up on the ladder working on one of the lights when my one year younger sister Becky came inside with her girlfriend Mandy. She always enters through the kitchen and mom left her list of chores to do on the door to the refrigerator. "Shit! Damn it all mom!" Becky cried out when she read the list. "I'm sorry Mandy, just give me about 30 to 45 minutes to do this shit and then I'll be free. Um, just make yourself at home while you wait."

I chuckled inside as I heard her walking through the house cussing out our parents. Then I heard Mandy walk into the room I was in without saying a word. Turning to grab another tool I saw her standing there looking just like Daisy Duke except that her top was smaller and thinner, and her shorts were shorter! She had her light brown hair tied in pigtails and was sucking on a Slo-poke sucker! Jesus she looked HOT as she slurped on her candy!

My eyes took another scan of her young tight body and I let out a soft wolf whistle before saying, "Damn Mandy, when did you get so hot?! Holy shit girl!"

She blushed profusely before asking, "Do you really think so?"

"Oh hell yes girl! You used to be this skinny kid with braces. Now...oh my god...you have totally changed into this incredible vision," I said as I motioned at her entire body.

She stepped right up to the ladder as she blushed some more while saying, "Oh you're just saying that to tease me." Her fingers played with the opening in her shirt and suddenly I had a perfect view of her left breast, including its rapidly hardening nipple.

"Not true, you are as close to a perfect ten that I have ever seen!"

Her fingers slid across her shirt and soon I was looking at her right tit just as clearly as I had seen the left one. Only its nipple was poking out nearly an inch. "Really?" she asked as her eyes finally lifted back up to mine.

"Oh fuck yeah, I do," I said as I again spied out her perky tit. I could feel my cock slowly hardening in my cut-off sweats and worried about how this hot teen would react. She took a powerful slurp of her candy as her eyes locked onto my rising manhood. I watched in a trance as her lips and tongue worked over her candy on a stick.

"I don't think you really mean it," she said as her eyes scanned my body while I turned on the ladder. "You might just be playing with me." As she spoke her fingers trailed over her shirt pressing the cloth tight to her skin making her perky braless tits VERY noticeable.

"Mandy, I have never been more truthful with you," I said as my cock rose into a huge tent.

Her eyes locked onto it and a smile crept over her face as she gazed at my crotch. "Jeepers Ron, I guess you DO mean it! That's quite a reaction that you've got going in there."

"Sorry," I mumbled as I wondered how to hide it.

"Oh gosh, don't be sorry! I like it!" she said as her eyes finally met mine again. "I...I wanted to look good and now I know that I do!" She moved the Slo-poke from one hand to the other before taking another slurp on it as her empty hand stroked my leg up to my thigh, just below my cutoffs. I felt my cock twitch and I knew she saw it as her eyes bugged out.

"Oh-h-h-h-h jezuzzzzzzzz," I gasped as her fingers lightly slipped higher up my leg. When they slid under my boxers I moaned "Oh Mandy," making her smile up at me.

"This looks uncomfortable!" Mandy locked her eyes onto my tent as her right hand slipped higher up my leg, then brushed my balls. I sucked in my breath as she giggled before saying, "OOoooo, I think I found something!"

"Mandy! Holy shit what are you doing!"

"I'm going to check and make sure you aren't still teasing me! I need to make sure that is really YOU that created this big tent." Her fingers rubbed my balls briefly then glided higher making both of us gasp.

"O-o-o-o-ohhhh fu-u-u-u-uck Mandy!" I gasped as her fingers wrapped as far around my shaft as they could reach. "Oh shit," I moaned as she began sliding her fingers up and down my fully hard cock.

"WOW, this feels really nice!" Mandy looked at my sweats where her hand moved on my shaft under the cloth. Her right hand started twisting on me as she stroked me from end to end and she gawked at my crotch open mouthed. Almost absentmindedly her left hand brought the sucker to her mouth and she slurped it completely into her mouth, her tongue obviously going wild on it.

She pulled the sucker just out of her mouth and said, "Oh my god, your cock feels incredible in my hand! God it's so hot and hard yet soft somehow. Oh Ron, I've never seen one before, I mean I've babysat before but...not like this! Can I see it? OH god I HAVE to see it!"

Her lips clamped around the sucker again as she ripped her hand out from under my clothes and then both hands pulled my sweats and boxers to my knees before I could react. "OH MY GOD!" I gasped as she fondled my cock with both hands and took in the sight right before her eyes.

Not taking the sucker from her mouth she said, "Oh gosh, iths bewtaful! So big und hawd!"

"You think that's beautiful?" I asked in amazement.

Her head nodded rapidly as she tried to say, "O glosh yesh, I weallry do!" She watched her hands stroke my full length as a drop of pre-cum oozed out of my tip.

"Oooo, watsh thish?" I told her and she smiled up at me as her tongue moved the sucker around in her mouth forcefully. Her hands pulled my shaft down until I was pointing right at her mouth as she stared at the slippery drop of man dew.

Her thumb scooped off the drop and brought it to her nose where she sniffed at it. "Hmmm, not blad," she said around the sucker. Using three fingers she grabbed the stick and pulled the sucker from her mouth before tentatively putting her thumb to her tongue. "Hmmm, I think I like that, it's sort of sweet."

She was still stroking me with her other hand and I shuddered as I softly gasped, "It might be the sucker you are tasting."

She pondered that for a moment, then obviously used her spit to wash her tongue while she coaxed out another droplet. Mandy wiped my tip with her thumb again then once more put it to her tongue. She savored the taste then said, "Well, I still like it, but it might be just a bit salty! I need more, can you give me more?"


Mandy smiled up at me as her hand stroked my hard shaft while she stroked its tip with her sucker. "I've never done this before, but if...if I suck on you can you give me more? I really want to taste more of this stuff!"

"Oh god Mandy," I gasped in shock. My younger sister's friend wants to give me her first ever blowjob! Holy shit, things like this DON'T happen to me! "I think you'll get a LOT more if you really want to do that!"

"Oh goody!" She moved her face closer to my candy coated cock while her hand still stroked it. A grin covered her face when another drop appeared on the tip of my shaft. Instead of removing it with her thumb like the others her face moved closer and her lips slid around my cock head, just barely to the ridge. She tightened her lips around my tip and her tongue lightly flicked and swirled at the very end of my shaft.

"Oh my god," I gasped as she pulled off of me with a grin.

She again rubbed my shaft with her sucker as she said, "Oh gosh Ron, I liked getting that drop right from the source! Your cock felt good inside my lips like that...real good!"

Her hand moved the sucker from my shaft to her mouth and she sucked on it hard for several seconds before pulling it from her mouth drenched in spit. Immediately her head moved forward and she took me back into her mouth about an inch or two where her tongue worked me furiously while she bobbed gently on my shaft.

"Oooooooooooh my goddddddd, Mandy!" I groaned as I clutched the ladder tightly. "God that feels so fucking good!"

Mandy sucked down hard onto my shaft as she pulled off of my tip making me shake in pleasure. "Oh gosh Ron, I LOVED how your cock throbbed in my mouth when my tongue swirled around it! I can't believe I'm actually doing this! Um, just how big is your cock? It feels lots bigger in my hand than my boyfriend's did."

"Thanks for the, oooooh goddddd, compliment. Um, it's about 8 ½ inches long. Is that a problem?" I asked as she continued slurping at my cock's first two inches.

'POP' went my cock when her super sucking lips pulled off of me as she looked up to say, "OH my NO! For my first blow job I am happy to have one so much bigger than average! My Health class lessons said that the average erect cock...they called it a 'penis'...was only about 5 ½ inches long so you are way better than that!"

Mandy slipped my tip back into her mouth then gave me one good slurp with her awesome tongue before she pulled off slowly. She just stared silently at my cock in her hand, then at the sucker in her other hand. Her mouth opened and she slid the sucker into her mouth, not stopping until it touched the back of her mouth. Her lips tightened around the stick as she slowly pulled the candy from her mouth.

I watched mesmerized as she moved her face to my rock hard cock and slipped her lips around me once again. Her eyes moved up to mine as she pushed forward, not stopping until my tip pressed tight against the back of her mouth. I groaned in pleasure while her hand moved up to her lips gripping me firmly there. Her mouth doubled its suction onto my cock as her tongue adored my cock's underside while she slowly pulled off of me.

"WOW!" she gasped. "That felt incredible Ron, and it looks like I had only about half of your wonderful cock in my mouth. Holy shit, I STILL can't believe I'm actually doing this!" The sucker returned to her mouth and she slurped on it frantically as she stared at her hand gripping my shaft at about its mid point. Her fingers moved to the end of the stick and then she pushed it forwards, the sucker going well into her throat as her eyes bulged out.

I nearly shit when she stopped with her fingers inside her mouth while still holding onto the end of the soggy stick. Finally she pulled it back out her eyes looking at the sucker with a mixture of shock and lust.

"Oh my god, I sure hope I can do this," she said before her hand slipped off of my cock while her lips surrounded my cock's tip and then pushed onto me about three inches. We both groaned as her tongue swirled round and round my cock for several seconds. Then she stopped and just wormed it around on my shaft's underside while she pushed slowly forward.

"Oh fuckkkkk," I gasped as she pushed her face onto me and took my shaft right down her throat about two inches. She crossed her eyes as she stopped and then looked at the remaining part of my cock that remained outside of her mouth.

Mandy quickly pulled off of me gasping for breath as her face beamed with joy. "My god, you felt so incredible when you slipped into my throat!" As she spoke her hand rubbed the juices of the sucker onto my shaft once more, coating me with its slipperiness. Mandy once more inhaled me and slowly pushed forward, this time not stopping until her nose pressed tight against my pubic hair!

"Holy shit!" I cried out. Her tongue worked on my shaft where it passed through her mouth while her throat massaged the rest of my shaft. She bobbed her face on me for about a minute before pulling off of me with the biggest smile ever painted onto her face.

"Holy shit! I had you all the way down my throat," she gasped. "Oh my god I LOVED that feeling!"

"What'd you say, Mandy? I couldn't hear you," my sister called out from elsewhere in the house. "Hold on and I'll be done in a few more minutes."

"No hurry girlfriend!" Mandy called out loudly. "Take your time!" As she spoke she was rubbing the sucker all around my shaft coating me with its slippery coating. Then she dove back onto me again taking me to my balls.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD," I cried out as I gripped super tight to the ladder.

"What do you want, Ron?" called my sister.

"Oh fuck," I groaned not wanting her to find us like this. "NOTHING SIS!"

Mandy was pounding her face over and over onto my super hard cock while her tongue went nuts slurping everywhere on my shaft that she could reach with it. Suddenly she gripped tight around my base and pulled her lips from around me. Instantly she began rubbing the sucker all over my shaft as she asked, "Are you ready to cum? Oh god Ron, I want you to cum in my mouth so badly! Please cum for me!"

"O-o-o-o-o-oh god Mandy, you've got me so turned on!" I looked into her eyes as my right hand slid off the ladder and down into her shirt where I found her superb left breast and began squeezing it and tweaking her nipple. "Shit girl, I am SO close now. If you want me to cum, just take it. Suck my cock and take everything my balls have! TAKE IT!"

"What Ron?" my sister called out.

"Oh goody," Mandy moaned as she took the sucker off my cock and then eased her lips around me again. Each of us groaned as she finally stopped with her nose pressed tight against my pubic hair and my cock well down her incredible throat.

After this slow movement she suddenly began moving rapidly on me pounding her face fully on and off of my cock while her tongue slurped and licked everywhere on my shaft as I slid through her mouth.

No more than two minutes later I groaned "Oh fucking hell..." just before my first hard blast of semen shot out of my cock and into a female's body for the first time ever. My hand gripped her left nipple fiercely while I pulled on it hard. Mandy paid little attention to it as her eyes bored into mine while she frantically worked at draining my ecstatic balls. "OH SHIT YEAHHHHHHHH!" I cried out.

"What? I'm sorry Mandy, I'm nearly done!" my sister called out.

"Oh god...oh fuck...oh god Mandy," I softly groaned as she desperately worked at getting the last of my load. Even after my balls stopped pumping she kept on loving my entire shaft as Mandy both looked for straggling drops of nectar while also cleaning my entire cock.

"Okay I'm finally finished," my sister called out. "Mandy? Where the hell are you?"

"Oh Jesus girl," I groaned as Mandy sucked down onto me HARD before pulling all the way off of my purple cock. My hand loosened its grip on her tit and she smiled up at me with her cum coated face. Guess she didn't have her lips as tight around me as I thought she did.

"Shit Mandy, where are you?"

"Oh my god," Mandy softly gasped, "I fucking loved it when you shot into my mouth!" She quickly kissed my tip and then smiled up at me. "You REALLY tasted good! WOW!"

I slumped against the ladder holding it tight with one hand as I watched her use the sucker to guide some wayward cum to her mouth. "Mmmmmm." She held the Slo-Poke in her mouth as she used both hands to tuck my softening cock back into my boxers and cutoffs.

My sister entered the room directly behind her saying, "There you are! What are you doing in here with my BROTHERRR?!" Thankfully she stopped right there waiting for her still cum coated friend.

Mandy surprised me when she used the sucker to scrape her face clean of all the remaining dribbles of my seed. She used her free hand to wipe her mouth quickly then patted my crotch with it as she said, "Thanks Ron, I appreciate it!" Then she turned her head to my sister and said "Hey girl, what's your problem? I was just getting to know your brother better, is that okay with you? I think he is so YUMMY!"

"You do?" Becky asked her in shock, her mouth remaining open in disbelief.

Mandy smiled up at me as I gave her tit one last squeeze and then pulled my hand from inside her shirt. I looked at the cum coated sucker and wondered about it as she turned to look at my sister. "Yes I do, and I'm glad I got this chance to get to know him a little bit better. I think I want to really get to know him."

At that my sister's mouth hung wide open in shock as a disheveled Mandy walked towards her. "You might even want to get to know him better...MUCH better!" By then she was almost to my sister and she said, "I've had enough of this...you finish it!" Instantly her hand reached out and placed the sucker nearly all the way into Becky's mouth.

Mandy kept right on walking as she called out, "Thanks Ron, we'll continue our...talk later!"

Becky was all I was looking at, barely even hearing Mandy as I watched my sister take a couple of sucks on the Slo-Poke. She made a face and moved the sucker in her mouth as she appeared to take another slurp on it. Her face scrunched up and she yanked it out of her mouth and stared at it in shock. Her eyes went from the sucker to my crotch to the sucker to my crotch to the sucker to my crotch and finally to my eyes. "You........Mandy.........what the........" She looked at the sucker again then gasped, "Oh my god NO!"

Becky dropped the sucker like it was a red hot poker and ran from the room screaming "MANDY YOU LITTLE SHIT!"

I heard the kitchen door open as Becky caught up with Mandy and began cussing her out royally. Then the door closed and I couldn't hear them any more. I looked down at my sweats and laughed when I saw they were not only pulled up in a twisted, hurried way but right on my soft cock was a still damp cummy hand print.

Finally I climbed down from the ladder and got a Coke before dropping onto the couch to relive the preceding 40 minutes. One thing I knew for sure, I REALLY wanted to get to know Mandy better! If that was her first blowjob I desperately wanted to feel her get better at it! And it sounded like she wanted to do more than just suck my cock...HOLY SHIT! The other thing I knew was I wished I could be present for their talk once they left the house!


I awoke to my sister punching me in the stomach while shouting, "You son of a bitch! HOW COULD YOU LET HER DO THAT? My god you are such an ASS HOLE!"

By then I had grabbed both of her hands to stop her from pummeling me some more as I loudly asked "What the hell did I do?"

My sister struggled to escape my grip but I just pulled her to me as I stood up and pushed her arms around her back where I grabbed both of her wrists with my right hand. "Well...just what the hell did I do that got you so riled up?"

"Bastard! You...you...you let her....... Damn it, you let her make me taste you....your...your CUM!" Becky dropped her head to my chest as a sob choked in her throat. Much softer she said, "My god, how could you let her DO that to me? Shit you might as well cum in my mouth yourself!"

"How was I to know she was going to do that?!" I asked her incredulously. "Good grief, she's YOUR friend!"

"Seems she's REAL close to you too! God you are SUCH an ASS HOLE!"

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