tagIncest/TabooHoly Shit Ch. 03

Holy Shit Ch. 03


Okay, I guess I've had enough complaining about this one that I am, reluctantly, offering up this rewrite of the ending. Before attempting this re-write I admit to re-reading the original Chapter 3 at least twenty times, as well as the first two chapters at least five times each. It was after all of those readings that I decided to make some adjustments to my story. (I don't like to do re-writes as those lucky few of you who read my story "Coming Home" know. It was pulled after roughly 6 weeks and will never be seen on this site again. But it IS available elsewhere just as I wrote it!) Personally, if I was Stephen King "It" would not have ended up as a spider, but perhaps he feels the same as I do about re-writes. Anyway, here is the only change that I will ever make to this story. If some of you STILL don't like it, tough shit, there are tons of other stories here to read. For those of you who are daring, the original ending is still here, after the new one. Read both at your own peril. One more thing: I can now fervently state that writer's block sucks big time. Had it for over a year and still struggling to get past it.


It has been two weeks since that fateful Saturday. Becky has been a daily occupant of my bed, but never gets any sleep there. Instead she manages to give me better and better blowjobs that are simply beyond belief! She takes me deep every time and now can massage my cock with her throat as if it was a set of forty talented fingers. Not a day has gone by that she hasn't swallowed my load at least once. After using her oral skills to make sure I stay hard she climbs on top of me and fucks herself to climax, then lets me take control and fuck her until we both cum again. Most days she then goes down on me once more for more of her 'fortifying protein shake' before calling it a day.

My mom isn't quite so demanding, probably because my dad gets in the way. Still, we have gotten together about six or seven times where it is no holds barred. She is so insatiable that she makes Becky seem like a piker! I also think mom and Becky have gotten it on a few times just the two of them.

In spite of all this fucking and sucking going on the one who started it all hasn't been seen around our house since that day. Damn! I REALLY wanted to thank her for changing my world in a very big way. And I knew Mandy would enjoy the way I planned on thanking her! Oh well, I can always hope she comes over again with Becky.


For the second Saturday in a row I woke to find my naked sister sucking my cock. "Morning Becky," I said as I opened my eyes. She moaned around my shaft without stopping. I rubbed my eyes and then stroked her cheek as I told her, "In case I haven't told you, you look beautiful like that!"

Her suction stopped and her tongue stilled, then she slowly pulled off of me while staring right into my eyes. Her hand wiped her mouth before she said, "What...do you mean with a cock in my mouth?"

"Well, actually I was thinking more like with MY cock in your mouth!"

"God Ron, you can be so fussy!" she said before rapidly taking me fully down her throat about five times making me groan in pleasure. Again she pulled fully off of me and gave me a huge grin as she went on, "Okay, I was teasing you. I love sucking off my brother and ONLY my brother! But I like it even more when he fucks me."

"That works for me," I said as I quickly rolled us over and took position between her sexy legs. Her hand guided me into her slit and then with one hard thrust I bottomed out inside her moist sex.

"Ooof," she gasped.

I slowly pulled all the way out and then reversed directions and eased my rock hard shaft in to her fully again. "You mean like this?"

Becky pulled my face to hers and kissed me gently, our tongues dueling softly from mouth to mouth. Her eyes never left mine as we swapped spit, then with our lips still touching she softly said, "Oh god Ron, any way you do it is great as long as your cock is inside of me! But today I need you to hurry as I have to shower and leave soon."

I lifted up onto my outstretched arms and began sawing my cock into her hard and fast while giving her a look that asked 'what for?' "You know I have that all-day testing today for college. If you fuck me good and I have your load inside of me I know I will do great on the tests."

"Becky, you know I would do anything to help you so here goes."

Becky ran her arms all over my back and hips while her legs wrapped around my ass helping me to pound my shaft into her. I didn't really need her help but both of us were soon grunting and groaning from our exertions and pleasant sensations. Becky never took her eyes from my face as she gazed up at me with what can only be described as inescapable love.

I felt it in her pussy just before her eyes rolled upwards and she gasped, "Oh fuck, I'm going to cum!"

"Do it sis, cum for me."

"Oh god you feel so good!" Her eyes snapped back to mine as she gasped, then she looked at our joined sex as she cried out, "Yes Ron! I can feel you growing inside of me! Oh shit you are so hard....fuck me......oh god......do it...give it to me......fuck me and make me cum..."

Becky's fingers grabbed onto my biceps as her pussy closed onto me like a vice. "Oh god sis, you're making me cum!"

"DO IT!"



"JESUS YOU ARE SO TIGHT!" I cried out as softly as possible (not all that softly though damn it) as my balls rolled in their sack. "Oh fuck sis!"

My balls exploded shooting the first of five long hard ropes into her as she gasped, "Oh god I'm cumming with you!" Each blast from my cum cannon instantly splashed against her deepest pussy wall as my hips drove me into her harder than ever. With each new pulse from my cock Becky tightened her legs around me while groaning "Oh yes, I love you so much," or some other words of undying love of me.

Finally our climaxes finished pretty much together and she pulled me down until all of my weight was resting on her. Several times her body shook as orgasmic after shocks passed through her. I thought I was crushing her and tried to move but she tightened her hold with all four limbs as she pleaded, "No Ron, stay like this...don't leave for a moment." She took several breaths then kissed my cheek as she went on, "I can't believe how you make me cum so hard! And you do it every time we make love. I am SO lucky to have you like this. Don't ever stop loving me Ron!"

"Never! That would never happen Becky! If I have anything to say about it we will do this forever!"

"God I am SO lucky to have you as a brother!" Her hips wiggled a bit and she said, "Damn you feel good inside of me. Too bad you can't stay like this all day. It really makes me feel loved when we just lie here with your cock still inside of me, beating your pulse even as you soften after making me feel so good. No, don't move. If you get too heavy I will tell you."

Still I tried to hold some of my weight off of her. Three times she complained about it and I had to ease my full weight back onto her. We talked as we held our intimacy. We have both learned so much about each other from this sort of conversation; holding each other tightly while basking in the afterglow of incredible sex.

"Oh damn, there you go," she sighed as my shrinking manhood slipped from her warmth. Our lips met and we stared into each others eyes as we kissed softly, lovingly. When our lips parted her head rolled to the side where my alarm clock was and she gasped, "HOLY SHIT! I've got to get going! Thanks for giving me such a good fuck bro, now let me up!"

I rolled off of her while saying, "You are too much sis! Love you girl, now go ace your tests!"

Her ass moved towards the edge of my bed even as her face slid down to my drooping cock. "Kind of messy bro," she said before quickly giving me four good cleaning slurps with her mouth and tongue. "Yum! I love how we taste together! Thanks!"

I admired her sexy ass as she grabbed her stuff and peeked out my door into the hallway. "Love ya!" she said softly just before she dashed quietly out my door. My head flopped onto my pillow as I thought about how fantastic our relationship had become over the past two weeks. My sister who used to just put up with me is now gushing with her love for me.....okay, love for me AND my cock! That works for me.


Becky was gone when I finished my shower, got dressed and went downstairs to greet my parents. I greeted them both and my dad asked, "Did you have a good dream before you woke up?"

"Huh?" I mumbled.

Mom moved to me with a fresh cup of coffee and said, "Here sleepy head, wake up with this!" Then in a very soft whisper she went on, "You need to hold it down when your dad is here."

"Thanks mom," I said although dad didn't know what I was thanking her for, "and yeah, I had a pretty intense dream that woke me up!"

"Lucky boy," dad mumbled as he sipped his java, "I don't have dreams like that any more."

Moments later mom grabbed her purse and said, "We'll be back late tonight. Take it easy today since you did such a good job with all your tasks that I gave you this past week." She kissed my cheek and very softly again went on with, "And you did some of them VERY well!" Much louder she said, "Come on dear, we need to beat the rush."

"Bye son," dad said and then they were off.


About three hours later I was watching a rerun of 'Rocky 4' when I heard the back door open and close. Wondering who that could be I started to get up when Mandy jumped onto my lap.

"SHIT!" I gasped as I caught her. "Oh...hi Mandy!"

"Hey Ron, how's my favorite light bulb changer today?"

I think I blushed at that even as I told her I was fine. "Becky isn't here Mandy. She's got that..."

"Testing to do today." She finished for me. "I didn't come over to see her....I see her all the time."

"Um....okay," I mumbled.

Her hands were roaming all over my chest and arms then she said, "I came over to see you." Her hands dropped to my waist and she said, "I want to see you...a lot of you! In fact, I want to see all of you!"


"You'd like to see me wouldn't you, Ron? Oh hell, I know you would! I can see it in your eyes...I can hear it in your breath.....I can feel it in your......cock!" and she grabbed my growing shaft through my shorts.

"Holy shit!"

"No shit Ron. I loved sucking your huge cock just as much as you did," she said before she kissed me. Our tongues danced for a few seconds before she pulled her lips back and she said, "I know you and Becky are fucking!"


"No silly, she never said anything, but I can see it in her face. Every time I mention your name she gets this dreamy look in her eyes that just screams out, 'I'm fucking my brother!' Well, I think that's great, but I need some good fucking too. My boyfriend is such a klutz, he can't even figure out how to make a girl wet.....like I am right now."

By then her busy hands had opened my shorts and her fingers had pulled my half hard cock out of hiding. Her hands left my cock and grasped her blue T-shirt then whipped it up and off of her baring her upper body for me. "Holy shit!" I gasped as I saw her perky tits completely for the first time.

My hands found her breasts on their own and began squeezing them as she cooed, "Oh god that feels good. Oh yeah, my nipples like that," she went on as I began pinching and pulling on those sensitive points. "Suck my tits, oh fuck yeah, just like that," she gasped as I devoured her right nipple trying to engulf her entire breast within my mouth. I couldn't but damn did I try.

While I administered to her awesome teenaged rack her hands were stroking my cock making me rock hard and standing tall. "Hold on," I said as I grasped her ass cheeks and stood up. Mandy wrapped her arms around my neck while grinding her crotch on my pole sandwiched between us. Moments later I was in my bedroom and said, "I take it this is what you want."

Her arms let loose from my neck and I eased her to my bed as she looked right at my bouncing cock. "Oooo, that is so beautiful! It's hot in here." Then her hands moved quickly as she ripped her shorts off (no panties!) then yanked my shorts down and off. "Much better!"

She couldn't talk any more as her lips were around my cock head while her tongue flicked at it rapidly. For about a minute she worked over just the first inch or two, then she used her hands to get me onto my back, her lips never leaving me. Once I was lying flat on my back she dipped her face and looked up at me, then shoved forwards and took my cock into her mouth and throat in one slow movement.

"Holy shit! Oh fuck me Mandy!"

"POP!" went my cock when she sucked hard and pulled off of me. "Oh I will, Ron! But first I just have to do this again! God I love your cock!"

I let her work over my shaft for a couple minutes before I reached down my left side and grabbed her leg and gave it a tug. She fought me for a few moments before I said "Come on Mandy, swing your sexy pussy up here for me."

"Really?!" she gasped even as she worked her body around until her bare pussy was directly above my face. I gave it a soft kiss and then managed to lick it nearly from the bottom of her slit to the top. "Holy shit! Oh my god...oh Ron, nobody has ever done that to me!"

I worked my tongue into her slit and made her groan around my cock then I pulled back and said, "Your boyfriend is stupid! Damn you taste good."

"Oh sheeez, that is SO GOOD!" she cried out as I sucked her clit into my mouth and flicked my tongue on it. "Oh my god....he's my EX boyfriend now! Oh god, don't stop!"

Mandy then slammed her mouth over my cock and began giving me the blowjob of her life! The more I licked her pussy the harder she worked my granite-like shaft. Several times her face pulled back as she gasped "Ooooooh my gawwwwwwwwwwdddd!" Then she would work over my cock even more intensely than before.

After about fifteen minutes she lurched above me and I felt her entire body tense. I pulled her pussy tighter against my mouth as I sucked down super hard on her clit. My right hand slid down into the crack of her ass and then further until I felt her dripping wet pussy. Her lips were clutching wildly and I slid my index finger into her gash as far as possible.

"OH MY GOD!" she screamed around my shaft as she spasmed above me. Her oral efforts bore fruit as my shaft throbbed in her throat and then began pumping six hard and thick ropes of sperm into her throat and mouth. I held her tight to maintain contact with her clit and gash even as she flopped over me like a trout on a hook.

Mandy never stopped attacking my cock as our climaxes slammed through our bodies even though she seemed to want to buck off of me. Finally my balls ran dry and her orgasm waned. She slowly and gently wormed her tongue up and down my cock as she gently took me deep several more times. I in turn swirled my tongue round and round her three times larger than before clit.

Suddenly she actually jumped about two feet to my right gasping "Holy shit...too much! Way too much!" Some of my cum dribbled from her mouth as she lay on her side clutching to her pussy with both hands. I rolled onto my side and watched her as she went through one mini spasm after another for about three minutes.

All the while her eyes were tightly closed but finally she opened them and looked at me. "Damn, I never knew it was possible to cum like that! I'm not sure my body can handle letting you fuck me after that!" Then her head dropped to my sheet and she let out a long sigh of total satisfaction.

I waited a few moments before asking, "Are you okay?"

"Oooooooooooh goddddd." Finally she lifted her head and softly said, "That was totally fucking incredible!"

Moments later she gave me a sort of grin and whispered, "Maybe I'll just crawl home and we can do more next time."

"Oh no you don't," I said as I ran my fingers along her leg making her shiver. "You started this and I'm going to finish it!"

She groaned as I moved around so we were face to face, then I pulled her to me and hugged her to my chest. Mandy snuggled into me and lightly moved her finger tips across my chest. Neither of us spoke for a few moments, the quiet broken by her soft voice saying, "God it's nice to be with you like this. I'm getting goose bumps from feeling closer to you than I have to anybody before in my life."

I turned my face and kissed her on the forehead making her coo as she snuggled into me even tighter. No way did I want to rush this. She had already made me and my cock quite happy twice and I wanted to fuck her and make her cum. But I wanted her to be into it, so I just lay there and held her allowing her to fully recover from her tumultuous climax.

We lay like that for over half an hour, talking sometimes and others just silently holding to each other. Her fingers had been slowly trailing all over my chest and face, never stopping but never fast either. I noticed they were dipping lower and lower until she brushed her finger tips against my totally soft and sticky cock.

"What's up, Mandy?" I asked as I kissed her ear.

She cooed at that then slid her fingers around my cock and said, "Nothing yet, but I think I can fix that. That is if you don't mind."

"See if you can," I said and she kissed my lips before sliding down my body and once again gently taking my shaft into her mouth. Her tongue gently swirled around my soft cock and then I groaned as it twitched and started to grow.

"Ahhhhh, that's what I want," she said before inhaling me again. Less than two minutes later I was once again rock hard and all the way down her slender throat as we looked into each others eyes. Slowly she pulled off of me while her tongue adored the underside of my shaft. Once my tip slipped from her lips she moved up my body and said with the sexiest voice I had ever heard her use, "Yes, this will do nicely! I want to fuck you Ron." Then she eased her pussy over my rock hard cock and slowly pushed down onto me.

"Oh Mandy," I groaned as her pussy swallowed nearly three-fourths of my shaft. She put her palms on my shoulders and then leaned forwards to pull her pussy off of me nearly all the way before she gasped and pushed back onto me hard and quick.

"Umph!" she moaned as I bottomed out inside of her. "Oh my god you feel so good inside of me," she said softly. "You feel so much better than my dildo." Her hips ground into me several times before she lifted up about 8 inches and then eased back down.

Her vagina was clutching to me as she moved and I grabbed her tits giving them a squeeze each time her pussy did that to me. "Oh Mandy, that's so hot! Shit girl you feel good!"

"Oh Ron, this is incredible! Don't move....just let me do this to you. Oh my lord it feels so good!"

Mom and I had done some slow fucking that was like this, but never as slowly and for as long as Mandy did it. I let her do what ever she wanted to as I paid attention to her fantastic tits with my hands, lips and tongue. Eventually her body moved more upright so I let my lips slip off of her tits as she leaned slightly backwards while her hips moved in circles on my shaft even as her hips lifted up about three inches and then dropped back fully onto me. I didn't know for sure what she was feeling but my cock loved every excruciating millimeter of her movements.

Just as I thought that I would be cumming in a few minutes Mandy snapped her head down and looked at me wide eyed. "OH GOD!" she gasped. This was followed by, "RON! Oh shit ... fucking hell ... oh god ... oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-OH-OH-OH-OH-MY-GOD!" Her body was shaking violently as her fingers dug into my shoulders as she came like a freight train. I pivoted my hips to give her just a bit more cock to fuck and she groaned as her eyes glazed over and her breath became ragged.

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